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Little Sleeping Beauty [English Version]

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Once upon a time in a far, far away kingdom, there was a royal couple. The people loved them because both were very kind and righteous. And still, they were unhappy. For years they wished for a child to complete their happiness. Unfortunately, this happiness had been denied to them. Until a beautiful day...


The doors of the room flew open and against the walls, causing the men sitting at a long table to startle. Actually, they had hoped to be able to have their conversation in peace, so it had been arranged. Therefore, they were surprised to be disturbed and even more, when they saw who interrupted them. A woman rushed toward her, the maroon brown hair falling loosely over her shoulders, dressed in a long night dress and dressing gown, thin sandals on her feet. "Zarc!!" she squeaked, smiling brightly all over her face before she threw herself into the arms of one of the men, who had risen at the sight of her.

This one was wearing next to brown boots, dark blue pants and a matching shirt a purple colored cloak. A golden circlet flashed in his silver hair . As the smaller body collided with his own, he got out of balance and almost fell to the ground but he managed to get a hold at the table at the last second. "Ray?! What's wrong? Are you alright?", he wanted to know while she covered his face with kisses. "M-Mylady! Not so fast! You have to be careful!" Two men came into the room as well, visibly out of breath as if they had made a race through the whole castle.

"What has happened?" the king wanted to know, the gaze from golden eyes now directed to the two newcomers. But before one of them could give an answer, the woman was faster then them. "I'm pregnant!" she exclaimed very happy. "We're having a baby!" His jaw dropped. "Really?" With widen eyes he looked between her and the duo back and forth. The latter nodded in sync. "That's right... Your Majesty..." one of them answered breathlessly.

On the face of the royal a smile spread out which was in no way inferior to his wife's radiance. "That's great!!" he cheered and whirled her around, despite the protests of the two doctors before he placed her on her feet again. Ray laughed and laid her hands on the cheeks of her husband to pull him to herself and kissed him deeply. Everyone in the room around them clapped and congratulated them as they parted from each other.

Continuing the conference was difficult thanks to this happy news and so Zarc ended the meeting. The doctors insisted that the queen returned to her chambers and was easy on herself to not endanger the life of the baby. It had taken so long until she got pregnant, so nobody wanted to endanger the small and fragile being. Zarc remained in the room, his hands on the papers in front of him and with his thoughts at the unborn child which was growing inside his beloved one. "Congratulations, my friend." a voice was heard and a hand was placed on his shoulder.

The man looked up and into the likewise golden eyes of his best friend, the king of the neighboring kingdom. "Thank you, Shun." The other male nodded and gave a servant who was standing at the door a sign, before he sat opposite of the silver haired one. The servant hurried out and returned a little bit later with two goblets and one carafe. "Let's start with that." he said and poured them some of the red wine from the latter. "On your wife and your offspring, no matter if boy or girl!" Both kings raised the goblets and toasted each other, before they drank from the alcoholic liquid.

"I can't describe how happy I am at the moment."

"You don't need, I see it in your face." Both laughed. "Finally I can annoy you too with stories about babies." Zarc said. Shun smirked and brushed through his dark green hair. "As if you can. And Yuto will have someone to play with. I can't get his cousin out of the library and away from those books about flowers, so I hope very much that he will spend some time with your child at least."

The silver haired grinned and leaned back. "Maybe we should introduce the two with Lord Atlas' son. He would certainly keep them busy, even Yuri." he suggested. His conversation partner raised an eyebrow while he took a sip. "Ah right, the boy has to be two years old, right? Or is it already three? And you are really sure that he will get even Yuri out of his shell?" he wanted to know and got a nod.

"Very sure. The brat could hardly walk and he has already turned the castle upside down. A bookworm like your nephew he will certainly give a run for his money, so that he won't be able to spend his time with books anymore." Zarc answered. "You know, I imagine this right at the moment and for some reason I feel sorry for the furnishing of our castles." Shun commented dryly and made sure with this statement that the other one swallowed his red wine with the wrong pipe. After multiple choughing his opponent started to laugh and eventually he did too.

After calming down, the two kings just sat on their chairs and looked out of the window. "What are you thinking about?" the silver haired male wanted to know after a while. "About the future of our children and our kingdoms." his best friend answered after a moment. Zarc raised an eyebrow when he recognised the tone of voice of the other one. Slowly he turned his head and looked at him. It was quiet, until...

"Seriously, Shun?! Now?" Zarc punched with a fist on the table and jumped up. "My child hasn't been born and you want to pair it off with your son?!" he was upset. The other royal stayed where he was. "Sit down again and calm down." he said, waiting until the man followed his words and sat down, scowling. "And now remember our dream from years ago. Our two countries, not only neighbours but as one nation and our people united as brothers and sisters." he continued.

Once again, the expectant father jumped up. "Due to our children?! As heirs to the thrones they will have enough stress!" he protested. "Do you have a better idea?" Shun wanted to know calmly. "For years we're looking for the right way to make our dream come true. What speaks against it if our children are this way?" Zarc stopped and stayed where he was. Slowly he turned to the other one. "And if my child will be a boy? Or if Yuto doesn't have an interest?" he asked.

The other king was silent for a moment. "It wouldn't be anything we could solve." he said. "If your offspring will become a male, there will be the possibility of adoption, if you are thinking about grandchildren. After all, I was adopted by my parents as well. And I will make sure that Yuto will have interest." His best friend continued to look doubtful, so he tried with another argument. "What's better for you? Someone you don't know and need to know first before you can be sure that your offspring really will be happy, or my son, who you know already and will be meeting in the future?"

He gave him time to think, waiting silently, until the silver haired male sat down with a sigh. "You're right! In everything that can be sacred, Shun, you're right. And your boy is a self-respecting, little guy." He grabbed his mug and drank the rest of the wine. For an moment he looked at the juwels which had been incorporated into the gold of the drinking cup, then to the man sitting opposite of him. "Beside, where would be the meaning of uniting our countries if our families don't even do it?" The dark green haired one grinned lightly. "That's what I was thinking. I' sure Ray will agree with me."

"Of course. Ray is a smart woman. Guess why I married her." The grin became bigger. "Because at least one of you will be the smart one in your relationship?"

"Don't get cocky!" The two men laughed, then they shook hands to seal their deal.


Several months a healthy boy was born by queen Ray. The whole country cheered about the birth of the little prince who was named Yuya by his overjoyed parents. To celebrate this happy event king Zarc organised a big feast and invited from far and near. Even his own people were stopped to lay down their work for this day and to celebrate.


"Do I really have to?" Shun stopped on the spot and looked to the two boys who were some steps behind him. One of them had pink-violet hair and pink eyes as well as a bored expression. He had crossed his arms and was busy looking at a painting. The speaker returned the look of the king out of steel grey eyes under a wild, black mop of hair with lavender bangs. "I think we have discussed about this topic more than enough, Yuto. Today, we will celebrate with king Zarc and queen Ray the birth of their son and you will meet your future bride and you will show your best behaviour." he said.

"I don't want to marry the child of your friend!" the boy replied and glared at him. "I want to decide for myself who I'm going to marry when I'm older."

"Yuto." The expression of his father told him that his patience was near the end. "You're not the son of some nearly impoverished noble who had free choice with choosing his bride. You're my son and I expect you become aware of the responsibility you carry in your position. In addition, you know about prince Yuya only his name and that he's king Zarc's son. Until you two are going to get married, a few more years will pass to get to know each other. And Yuri? Don't smirk this cocky! As my nephew, you have certain responsibilities as well." the man said authoritatively and nodded in the direction of the big hinged door just a few meter away from them. "And now come! They are waiting for us."

Yuto had a snappy answer laying on his tongue but he hold it back to not anger his father anymore. Instead, he gave his cousin a bitter look whose grin disappeared for a moment. "Don't look so stupid." he hissed at him. "And you do not look so grim or your bride will crawl away from you before you can say "cheese cake"." Yuri replied quietly with an even bigger smirk. The black haired boy had to wait for an answer because the voice of a herald already sounded who loudly announced their names so that everyone in the hall behind the doors knew that they had arrived.

King Zarc approached them, a proud sparkle in his golden eyes. "Shun! Good to see you." he greeted him. "And prince Yuto and Lord Yuri. Welcome!" Yuto really didn't feel like it but under the watchful eye of his father and the present of the feast he hold himself back. "It is good to see you, Your Highness." he answered the greeting and bowed. Yuri followed his example. The silver haired male nodded, then he led the trio to the two thrones which were raised slightly at the other end of the hall.

Queen Ray smiled at them while standing next to a cradle and after another welcome she nodded to the prince. "Come. I would like to introduce you to someone." For a brief moment Yuto was wondering that she left his cousin out but then he became aware that the woman was aware of the marriage plans of the two male royals and agree with them as she led him to the cradle and introduced the tiny bundle as her newborn son Yuya.

The baby was asleep, not bothered by the bustle and the many voices around it. Tiny fingers stretched out of the sleeves and a little face with a small nose and rose colored lips was to be seen between the fabric folds. Not much to get a better impression. His gaze was very disappointed. He should marry this midget in whatever-how-many years? Ray smiled when she saw his expression and leaned slightly towards him. "A first impression can always fool others. Don't worry too much." she whispered to him. She could see that he wasn't happy about already being engaged in such young years. Yuto raised the head and returned her gaze. The woman was like a mother to him after his own died a few months after his birth because of illness. Because he didn't want to offend her, he nodded.

In the meantime Shun had greeted Lord Atlas and his family after seeing that his son was with the baby. The blond man stood with a little boy at his hand and his wife just a few steps away from the other king. He wasn't smiling, he rarely did, but he seemed to be relaxed. "My son Yugo." he introduced the small child after the obligatory welcome. Big, light blue eyes blinked at the dark haired male from under blonde bangs and blue hair. "Hello uncle." The man looked baffled while the little one's parents looked embarrassed. Yuri giggled behind his hand. "Yugo, this is the king of our neighbor kingdom. You can't call him uncle." Lord Atlas explained the boy who looked at him innocent-questioning. "Not? No uncle?"

A smile spread out on Shun's face. The little one with his cheeky mouth was really refreshing. "It's okay." he said when the couple tried to speak again with their offspring, then he pushed his nephew forward. "Yugo, that is my nephew Yuri." The violet haired inspected the younger child in front of him before smirking. "Nice to meet you, Yuugou." The face of the smaller one darkened. "It's Yugo, not Yuugou!" he protested. "Cabbage head!" Then he showed Yuri his tongue.

The other male glared at him. "Banana skull!" he countered immediately. Zarc almost douled over from laughing behind Shun's back. "I've told you." he said while Lady Atlas tried to calm down the duo who threw some niceties at each other. "Right. Your son has it fist thick behind his ears." the king turned to the noble. The other man frowned deeply. "He spend a lot of time with a friend and this friend doesn't know always when to hold back with certain words."

Shun wanted to say something when the herald could be heard again. "The ladies Ruri, Rin and Serena!" Yuto returned to the side of his father and Zarc joined his wife when a beam of light shined through one of the windows, together with different colored, sparkling dust grains. Those grains grew und came closer until they took the forms of three women. The first one wore a yellow dress. Long, dark violet hair fell over her back. The second one had beside short, green hair a mint green dress and the third in the group wore her blue hair into a ponytail with a matching blue dress. She was the only one of the trio, whose expression was serious. Her companions smiled when they all floated over the floor of the hall, carried by their wings.

"The three fairies of good." Shun whispered to Yuto and Yuri, who stopped the childish bickering with Yugo. The younger male stood with his parents and pouted into the direction of the violet haired. "Their visit is something special." Well, special it was definitely because normally the royal couple was greeted first before the guests could look at the newborn prince. The fairies flew to the cradle first and cooed about how sweet and cute the baby was. Even Serena's expression softened and a little smile danced around her lips. "Your Highness, I would like to convey our congratulations on behalf of us three. And everyone of us has brought a present for your son." Ruri spoke after the fairies raised from their bow in front of the royal parents. She was the first who returned to the cradle und lifted the thin rod which everyone of the fairies had.

Yuto frowned while he was wondering what a newborn should do with beauty and a voice like from an angel which was gave to him by two of the women. The other guests seemed to be impressed by the gifts of the fairies and some of them started to think about how these gifts would show themselves in the future. The black haired boy didn't know what was more annoying for him at the moment: That young parents in the hall were already thinking about how the younger prince would look in the coming years so that they could pair him off with their own children or that his father and his best friend would use Ruris and Rins gifts to bring Yuya and himself closer to each other.

Serena had just taken her place in front of the cradle to follow the example of her two friends, her wand raised as suddenly all candles went out. Shocked outcries followed, especially when in the middle of the giant room a weird, garish pink light appeared out of nowhere. It seemed blurred but it quickly became clearer and turned to a flame which grew until it took the form of a woman. A skintight, black dress with gloves covered her body and two crows sat down on her shoulders from which a floor-length cloak fell. One of them had bald spots in the plumage, the feathers of the other one were bleached on the head. Pink hair was bound into two ponytails. An icy smile was under blue eyes.

"Your majesty, it is good to see you." the woman said and bowed in front of Zarc and Ray. "Yuzu... How do we get to the... "honor" of your visit?" The expression of the silver haired male was like frozen. Slowly he took a step forward to get the attention of the pink haired female durable. Shun had pushed Yuto and Yuri behind himself while Lord Atlas hid his wife and son from the new guest. "The message reached me that Your Majesties became parents of a prince. A day of joy without doubt, it can be seen to the guests present here. Kings, Lords, countesses and-" she interrupted herself when her gaze fell on the fairies positioned in front of the cradle as if they could protect the baby with these gesture alone. A mocking laugh floated between her lips. "Yes, even the common mob is here."

Rin's brown eyes narrowed in anger and she clenched her fist but Ruri and Serena held her back. Zarc coughed and Yuzu turned back to him. "Forgive me, Your Majesty, if I have offended you." She bowed while the crows on her shoulders flapped with their wings. "Oh how I would love to pluck out Leo and Roger's feathers. These stupid beasts!" Rin mumbled so quietly that only Ruri and Serena heard her.

The green haired female regarded the two birds with all the hate which had accumulated over time by spiteful pranks and nastiness of the animals. Her longhaired friend patted her shoulder without letting Yuzu out of her eyes who lifted one hand and stroke the head of the bird with the bald spots. The other hissed in the direction of the fairies whereupon Rin was visibly fuming with more rage.

Yuzu looked at Zarc. "I thought that I am invited as well to this celebration though I didn't get an invitation. I am heartbroken that it probably got lost." she said with a candy sweet voice. The golden eyes of the king narrowed but when he opened his mouth to answer her, Rin forestalled who didn't hold back anymore. "No one here would invite you willingly!" she snapped. "No one here?!" the woman echoed visibly suprised as if she couldn't believe it that she was ignored like that. "Well, if that's it~ Then I will leave." Her face darkened as she turned around.

"Please wait!" Ray's voice resounded through the hall. Yuzu stopped and turned to the queen. "It wasn't our intention to offend you. It was assumed that you wouldn't be interested in this kind of festivities. This faux pas won't happen again, I assure you." Zarc gave his wife a sharp look. He hadn't invited her on purpose. The pink haired woman was a fairy like the trio in front of his son's cradle but no one who used her magic to help humans. She had committed herself to evil with her body and soul. He didn't want someone like that near Yuya.

On the face of the dark fairy another smile spread out. "I understand, Your Majesty. So it was just a missunderstanding and I am very happy that it could be got out of the world." she said. "And to prove that it is and as sign of my good will, I will give a present to the prince as well." At the first moment the words sounded friendly but at the next the feeling of a threat sank into the minds of those present. Ruri, Rin and Serena retreated to the cradle, their arms outspread and determined to protect the young life in the furniture.

"You who are here listen to me!!" Yuzu's voice echoed through the masonry and nobody dared to move. The temperature seemed to fall by several degrees. "While the prince grows up, he will become beautiful, lovely and kind. He will touch the hearts of all who he's going to meet and those will love and adore him. Even the most beautiful birdsong won't be able to compete with the melody which will spring off his lips like every stream and river does in the own fountain." the pink haired woman began and let her eyes wander around until they focused on the cradle, ignoring the three friends als if they weren't existent from the very beginning. "However! As soon as the sun sets at the evening of his 16th birthday, he will stab his finger on the needle of a spinning wheel..." The smile in Yuzu's face became diabolical as she slightly tilted her head. "... and then he will die~"

The queen screamed in sheer horror und drew her child in her arms as if this could be enough to avert this terrible curse while at the same time there was movement in the multitude of guests. "GUARDS!!!" Zarc roared whereupon soldiers with lances in their hands appeared between the people directing their weapons at the fairy. "ARREST THIS WOMAN!!!" Yuzu only laughed. "Oh you fools!" she called out while pink flames licked up on her body and she eventually disappeared in a big flame. Leo and Roger flew through one of the window and for a short moment it was dark before the wicks in the whole hall ignited up again and send their warm light.

The people were totally upset, voices called mixed up, younger guests weeped. Yuri, like Yuto one of the few children who weren't crying, looked to the side and observed how Lord and Lady Atlas tried to calm down their offspring who had heavy tears rolling down his cheeks. For a moment he stayed hesitant, then he stepped to the little family and patted Yugo's head. The boy looked up and stared at him, then he threw himself into the arms of the other. The violet haired male was so suprised and irritated that he reacted a little late and continued to pat the younger one's head till he had calmed down. In the faces of Yugo's parents was gratitude. In the meantime Yuto kept an eye on the queen who cradles her whining newborn in her arms. He felt sorry for her.

"Your Majesty." Serena's voice turned the attention to the blue haired fairy who now stepped forward. "I haven't delivered my present." Zarc, kneeling with his wife and son, rose. "So you can take this curse from Yuya?" he asked hopefully. "I am sorry, Your Majesty. Yuzu's power is bigger than mine." she answered slightly dejected. The king lowered his head. He didn't want to believe that his only child should have only 16 years on earth. His best friend looked at him full of sympathy. "But that doesn't mean that I can't do anything for your son." Serena said whereupon all eyes turned back to her. Ruri and Rin nodded when she raised her wand. "I cannot take the curse of evil from you, little prince, but I give you a light that will bring hope. When the needle brings you death, so it will protect you and you will fall into a deep, deep sleep out of which only the kiss of true love will awake you to new life."


King Zarc trusted the three fairies but the fear about prince Yuya's life was so great that he ordered at the same day that all spinning wheels in the whole country should be destroyed. Not a single one was left over. He hoped that this action was enough to defend the child. And so the flames blazed up and fed on the wood given to them.


From the window of the guest rooms, in which they were housed, they had a good look at the inner courtyard of the castle. Residents of the country stood there and watched how the huge pile was consumed by fire. Although there was already late evening, the reddish light made it difficult for the two cousins to sleep. Therefore, Yuto stood at the window and looked down while Yuri had made himself comfortable on the sofa and was now reading a book. For a while there was silence between them. The only sounds that could be heard came from outside. "Does it not getting boring watching how all those spinning wheels are burning?" the little violet haired one wanted to know without looking up from the pages. The other boy looked to him. "Mhm... I don't know, what I should do." he answered and turned away from the windowsill.

It was on Yuri's tongue to suggest to find Yuya's chamber and spend some time with the child but he hold himself back. Since Yuzu had pronounced her curse, the tension in the palace was nearly tangible. Nobody knew when it would become too much and there would be the first fight. "How about a book? Or you ask your father if he has an idea." he said. Yuto remained silent for a moment. "Yeah, you're right. I'm going to ask father." he decided eventually and left the room while his cousin satisfied turned the page.

Though he had no idea where Shun was and so the black haired male walked through the corridors until he reached a half-open door, where he could hear a female voice behind it, talking with somebody. As he stepped closer, he could hear a child crying. Curious, the boy looked into the room and spotted queen Ray with a tiny bunch wrapped in light cloths in her arms. She didn't notice him, her whole attention was on the baby who she cradled gently back and forth. After a few moments she put the little one into the ornate cradle. "Mama will be here soon, my dear. Shh, everything is alright, Mama just need to get something, then Mama will be with you, Yuya." she said soothing, then the woman let off the furniture visibly unwilling and left the room.

Yuto backed away using the darkness behind the door to hide himself until he was sure that nobody except Yuya was in the room. Slowly he entered and walked quietly to the cradle to look inside. Two big, ruby red eyes returned his gaze, still slightly wet because of the crying and emerging curiosity who it was with him. The older prince blinked, momentarily captured by this red until a little sound got him out of his consideration. "Uhm.. hello. Well... So we meet again." He didn't know something better to say. "I don't think that you got that, after all you're still way too small, but I am the one you should marry someday. It's not from me, honestly. That's an idea from my Papa and yours."

Yuya looked upon him and made "Dabu?" without continuing to cry, so that he just spoke again. "But between the two of us, I believe that they're getting panic. Papa said something about a dream they both have. But because they can't fix it, we two have to take care of it." He rolled with his eyes and heard a giggle. Grey met red and this time Yutos mouth corners turned up while watching how the smaller male waved his little arms and kicked with the tiny feet under the blanket. Carefully he stretched out a hand and brushed over soft cheeks. "You're actually really cute." he mumbled. "Even if I don't know much about you."

For a few moment he was silent observing the little human bundle. The picture of Yuzu looking at the cradle and smirking maliciously while speaking her curse returned to his inner eye and his face darkened. "If this witch believes that she will get you, then she has bad luck. I'll kick her where it really hurts if she comes near you. I promise."

Yuya squealed and tiny finger groped for the bigger hand. It was difficult to keep up the bad mood and so the smile returned. It stayed when the bright face twisted because of tiredness. "Then I will let you sleep." Yuto waited till the little one closed his eyes after a heartful yawn, then he pulled his hand back. "Good night." he whispered.

The black haired boy didn't notice that Ray had already returned and stood hiden behind the door. A soft smile had appeared on her lips while watching the children and she was happy that the older prince reacted better than thought at first. Silently she withdraw as Yuto quietly crept out of the room again to let Yuya sleep.

At the same time in another part of the castle...

"This damn...!" Rin's wings flapped like they had to set a new record while Serena stood as cool as a cucumber at the window and watched how the mountain of spinning wheels burned to ashes, and Ruri sat at the table with a cup of tea in her hands. Magenta red eyes followed the green haired fairy who flew back and forth. "Calm down. It doesn't matter if you get upset." she said finally. The addressed female turned around. "Aren't you upset about what that bitch had done?!" she asked. "Of course I am, Rin. Like you I think it's not okay that Yuzu made prince Yuya her next victim. But what's the point of getting upset?" The fairy took a sip.

Her friend raised her arms to clarify her fury. "But that's not right! Why does this stupid cow always make such troubles?! Isn't it enough that she and her troublesome beasts make constantly problems?! Really, Ruri, how often did they destroy your birdhouses or devastate Serenas garden? Why does she have to bully a BABY? The prince hasn't done anything to her!" A sigh escaped Ruri and she exchanged a gaze with Serena. The blue haired woman smirked slightly. Even if they both didn't say it loud, they agreed with Rin. But in contrast to the green fairy they didn't ignore the fact that king Zarc obviously didn't invite Yuzu on purpose and she took even small reasons to harm someone. The best way to do this to the ruler was to target his child...

"And what are you suggesting, Rin? You know that we can't do much against Yuzu." the blue haired one intervened in the conversation. She was glad that her magic could affect the curse a little bit, at least she hoped it. She didn't know how well her present would help against the pink haired female. Years would pass until she could see the effect. Her friend turned to her. She opened her mouth and closed it again. "Good question." Rin answered calm since she used her energy for thinking. "But only sitting around isn't something I want to do as well as watching when an innocent child has to suffer. And who knows what this witch will do in the mean time to harm him."

Ruri put her cup to the side. "This is unfortunately to be feared that she will made his life a living hell until his 16th birthday arrives." she sighed. Serena moved back from her place at the window and flew to the darkviolet haired to sit down on a chair and drink something. "Well, here in the castle there are too many places where she can spy on him without difficulties. And then she just need to think about something and..." She snapped her fingers. Rin let herself fall on a chair. "The king will need more people to clear away Leos feathers. He will leave them everywhere while hiding during spying. Roger will do that as well but he doesn't loose his feathers." she grumbled.

"Of course. Yuzu will want to know exactly what is going on here in the castle." Serena agreed and closed her green eyes. "Yes, too many hiding places..." Ruri mumbled suddenly. She had become thoughtful and finally she raised her head. "Come." She stood up, swung her wand and her body shrank instantly in a shower of sparks. With the size of a few centimetres she flew with her friends who followed her example to a big music box which was given to queen Ray as a present some years ago. "Rin, close the cap. Nobody should hear us."

"What's going on?" the blue haired female puzzled wanted to know while Rin controlled again if they were really sealed off well from the rest of the world. Ruri waved both to her. "Imagine this: Three female farmers are raising an orphan child. Hidden in the deep forest." The green haired one raised an eyebrow. "And this is helping our problem how?" Serena frowned as well, until she got an idea what's spoken of. "Unless the orphan isn't an orphan." Rin needed a second moment til even she understood what her friend meaned. Her eyes sparkled. "Everything alright. And who are those farmers?" The adressed one smiled and lifted her rod. Sparkles enshrouded the three and as they disappeared, their dresses changed, were simply cut with aprons, spots of dirt and repaired areas in the fabric. Their hair were covered by triangular cloths.

"We are those female farmers." Ruri revealed and watched how Rins jaw dropped when she saw herself. "We?!" she echoed. "Are you really sure?" Serena enquired. "Pretend to be farmers, that can be made but we don't have any idea how to take care of a baby." Her friend smiled. "We can still change that if we learn it." she optimistically answered. "Right and if necessary we can still use our wands-"

"No!" The short haired stopped startled as their leader interrupted her. "Under no circumstances should we use magic. We would betray the prince maybe to Yuzu and we can't risk that, no matter what."

She extended her hand. "Until prince Yuyas 16th birthday we will give up on magic, so give me your wands." she explained determined and took these to herself. "And now hurry, we need to talk to the king and the queen." Ruri opened the music box and climbed out using the magic of her rod to made herself big again. "Wait for us!" She smiled. "Don't worry, I'm not forgetting you two." she said and swung her wand again when the other two fairies left their hiding place. Then she let the magic expedient disappear into the pocket of her skirt.

A few hours later three women hidden in brown cloaks ran through the dark corridors of the castle. Their goal was a side door. "Only a moment." Ruri whispered and looked to her friends. Rin made the rear light, Serena was between them. In her arms she held a tiny bundle protectively against her, visibly determined that nothing bad happen to it. "Sleeps like an angel." she whispered and gave the little being a small smile before she looked to Ruri. A nod answered her and the dark haired female turned to the path in front of them, took a few steps and stopped. The two fairies behind her were confused but tensed up as a person came from a side passage.

"Lord Atlas. What are you doing here?" Rin asked suprised and eyed the tall man who was carrying his son in his arms. "I've heard your conversation with the king and the queen." he answered and nudged the boy lightly to wake him up. Yugo yawned and blinked when returning from the dream land. "What's up, Papa?" The blonde carefully put him on his feet. "It is time, my son. Do you remember what I told you?" The blue haired male blinked even more. Then he looked to the fairies. "Think so, Papa. I have to go with the aunties there." he said and turned to his father. He nodded. "Exactly. And be there for the prince. He will need you. As a friend, comrade and protector."

Yugo nodded even if he rather wanted to sleep now. "I will, Papa." He rubbed his eyes and yawned. "Good night." With this words he padded to Rin and leaned against her, closing his eyes. The fairy lifted him up and pressed him gently to herself. "Are you sure? Many years will pass until he will return." Ruri wanted to know. "An additional pair of eyes that will watch the prince can't be wrong. Yugo is a little bundle of energy but I know that he won't disappoint me." the man answered.

Behind him Lady Atlas joined them from the corridor, something in her hands. "This is for Yugo. So he can understand why we aren't with him and that he knows that we love him." she said quietly and gave Ruri a letter. The long haired one gave the document into the pocket of her skirt. "He will receive it, I promise you."

"Take care of yourself." Lord Atlas put his arm around his wife's shoulders who was nearly crying when the fairies continued on their way, disappearing with the two children into the dark of the night.

And so the years passed...