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Daddy punishes his bad girl

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“You should have known better than to try and run from me, (Y/N),” Jotaro growled hotly in your ear, his chest pressed firmly to your bruised back. You whimper quietly, face pressed harshly into the cold hardwood floor beneath you, your hips jerking slightly with how hard Jotaro thrust his fingers inside your quivering pussy, “You think you could just leave Daddy, hmm? Did you really think I wouldn’t hunt you down and punish you for this?”

“Da-Daddy, please!” You sob, desperately, your cunt fluttering as the coil in the pit of your belly tightened sharply. You felt delirious with need, you were so, so close to coming, your juices drenching Jotaro’s thick fingers as they continued to drill into you. With a heated grunt, the dark-haired older man pulled his fingers from you, making you whine and buck your hips desperately, “No, no, no, no, no, ‘m so close! Please, please, lemme cum, please!” You whimpered loudly, clit throbbing almost painfully with how many times you’d been brought to the edge only to be denied your orgasm, “Please, pleasepleasepleaseplease-!”

Jotaro’s free hand tangled in your messy hair, yanking your head up painfully so he could glare down at your sweaty, flushed face, “You think you deserve to cum after what you’ve done?” He sneered, rage and lust warring across his features as you cried out with pleasure-pain, your back arching to try and ease the grip on your hair. Jotaro studied your hazy, slack face, the tears in your eyes glittering prettily, “You think bad girls deserve to cum? I treated you fairly, gave you everything you could ever want, and you try to run away from me?” His words were a snarl, a ragged sob leaving your throat in response, your thighs shaking with the force of your need, a puddle of wetness growing between your thighs as your juices dripped to the floor, “I should tie you up and leave you here without giving you what you want, maybe then you wouldn’t be such a spoiled brat.”

“No, no, no, please!” You begged loudly, voice thick with tears and lust, wincing in pain when Jotaro’s grip on your hair tightened, “Please, please, I’ll be good, Daddy, I’m sorry, ‘m really, really sorry, I’ll be good, please, please, Daddy,” You couldn’t help but babble, your rational mind completely overwhelmed by the lust coursing through your body, the need to come the most prevalent thought that rushed in your mind, “Please, Daddy, please, I’ll be good, please!” You emphasised your pleas by bucking your hips back, grinding your soaked cunt over the hot, leaking head of his cock. A shudder of lust rocked through your body at the feeling of hot precome dragging over your clit. You whined, eager and needy, your whole body feeling flushed with arousal.

Jotaro hissed, the slick glide of his cock between your drenched labia seeming to bring him to a rapid plan. He slammed your face back down to the cool floor, ignoring your small cry of pain as he cocked your hips higher, forcing your body down in submission, “Oh, I’ll make sure you stay good,” He growled, shifting his hips so his cock ground against your entrance, pulling back for a moment before slamming his huge dick into your less than prepared pussy, relishing the loud, desperate scream you released. You felt like you were being split in two, your cry quieting down into soft, muffled sobs, thighs quivering as your cunt tightened and tried to get used to Jotaro’s thick length, “Can you feel me, so deep inside you, (Y/N)?” Jotaro rumbled darkly, one hand holding your torso down against the ground, his free hand moving down to rub and massage around the slight bulge in the pit of your belly. You whimpered; he felt so deep, the head of his cock grinding into the sensitive space just outside your cervix, your inner walls already feeling bruised and tender from the dark-haired man’s hard fingering, “It feels good, doesn’t it, having Daddy’s big cock buried in your pussy, rubbing up against your fertile little womb.”

You sobbed, voice ragged and mind numb as you spoke, muffled and thick, “Yes, Daddy,” You whimpered, your cunt sore but slowly growing used to Jotaro’s girth, your breath hitching up in a hiccup when he pulled back and slammed into you once more. Your hands clenched tightly as you warbled with pleasure, hips rocking back into Jotaro’s hard, slow pace, “’m sorry Daddy, ‘m sorry f-for running aw - hic - away - hahh, ahh, ahh, hmgn!” You moaned raggedly, arching your back even further, your hips pressing insistently into the hard grind of Jotaro’s pelvis, “Oh fuck, oh g-god, Daddy, please,” You begged, breathy, your juices making lewd, wet sounds with each of Jotaro’s thrusts.

“That’s it, good girl,” Jotaro murmured, shifting his hips slightly so the head of his dick thrust over your g-spot, smirking darkly when you cried his name reedily, “Daddy’s so deep inside you, darling, it feels so good, doesn’t it? How could you try to run away when it’s so obvious you need Daddy’s cock inside you…” He trailed off, thumb stroking over your soft, sensitive middle, admiring the curve of your back, “Hmmm, I suppose it is partly my fault though. After all, I’ve been too soft on you, too willing to give you what you want without making you work for it… but don’t worry, darling, Daddy’s not going to make that mistake again, gonna make sure you won’t even want to leave me when I put my baby in your belly.”

You froze at Jotaro’s words, your eyes going wide. You tried to jerk your hips away, only for the hand on your abdomen to grip your hip tightly and force you still, “D-Daddy, what - hahh, hmng, what are-?” You cried out when he increased his force and pace, thick cock dragging over your sensitive walls as he jackhammered into you. You couldn’t think anymore, your mind overwhelmed by the pleasure that rushed through your body, the only word you were able to moan being “Daddy!” Over and over and over again. Jotaro chuckled darkly, both hands now clutching your hips, encouraging you to rock back into his thrusts with no resistance. You face was slack and your mouth open and drooling as you cried out for him, the coil in the pit of your belly growing tighter and tighter with each thrust, burgeoning you up to the peak of your orgasm.

“Good girl, such a good girl for me, you love this, you love having my cock pounding inside your tight little cunt,” Jotaro panted harshly, his pace faltering as he also grew closer to his end, “Gonna cum so deep inside you, fill you up with my cum and plant a baby in your womb, make sure you can never leave me,” He growled and you mewled softly when one of his large hands reached between your spread thighs, rubbing harshly over your clit, “Cum for me, let Daddy feel your pretty pussy milk my cock, make Daddy cum in your creamy little cunt, yes, yes, fuck good girl (Y/N),” Jotaro praised lightly as your body tensed, hips snapping back into his one last time as you came.

“Daaadddyyyy!” You whined, voice slurred and reedy, your cunt tightening like a vice around the thick dick still pummeling your inner walls, juices gushing out and drenching your thighs even further. Jotaro grunted, hips coming to a hard stop as he pressed his pelvis firmly into your ass, hot, sticky cum spilling into your sensitive cunt. You mewled quietly, keeping still as the older man continued to hold you down with one hand, his other cupping and massaging your plumped belly as his seed filled your womb. You were quiet, tired and defeated in a way you never thought you would be, whimpering softly when Jotaro pulled his spent cock from your cum filled cunt, his thick fingers pressing into your twitching insides to keep his seed plugged inside you. He shifted your hips up further, using gravity to make sure his cum would remain buried deep inside you, right up against your bruised womb. 

“You better relax while you can, (Y/N),” Jotaro’s dark voice hummed idly, fingers crooking and rubbing against your sensitive walls, watching as your shuddered bodily with lust, “’Cause once Daddy’s hard again, I’m gonna fuck you full until I’m sure it sticks.”