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Bl one shots

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Third pov

OK maybe getting drunk and deciding to do truth or dare wasn't the best idea but hey if it possibly gets me to kiss my boyfriend who am I to say no. 

Its our graduation after party at twos House and we decided why the hell not.

"Third truth or dare" a random girl asks when she has finished her turn, I think about it for a second before saying truth which started loads of moans, its the forth time I chose truth today, I roll my eyss and just say ill do a dare instead to make them happy.

" the pocky challange with...khai" ok now I'm happy because I get to do this with my "secret" boyfriend, I think everyone knows they just want us to admit it. 

Khai moves towards me with an evil grin and places a pocky stick in his mouth. 
As soon as he is close enough I place the other end in my mouth and start chewing on it so i get closer to khais lips as if this was the spaghetti scene in the lady with the tramp except khai and I ain't dogs.

Once our lips are about 10cm apart I stop and look in his eyes for conformation. He nods his head and i move closer and closer until our lips meet, the kiss starts out sweet but within seconds it gets more passionate with khai kicking my lips and me opening my mouth to grant access, my tongue meets his and soon I start to explore his mouth.

" okay guys break it up before you start fucking in front of us" I hear un grown, I pull away and blush like a little kid.

Khai just smile and grags me into his lap, he keeps kissing my neck and cheek.

"What was that" two asks, referring to the kiss khai and i just shared

" third has been mine for about a year now so all you girl who have a crush on his better back off" khai says without hesitation, I start blushing even more but turn to face him, I give him a small peck on the lips and whisper yeah i think they guessed that im yours, khai laughs and I ask the next person (who I chose to be two) truth or dare, and when he said truth I asked a ultra embarrassing question to get the attention off khai and I 

So maybe just maybe getting drunk and playing truth or dare isn't so bad after all