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Declaimer before I start:

I in no way own these characters I'm just write one shots about them because I love them so much,

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"Have you seen can?" Tin asks as he reaches the football field, he looks around for his boyfriend but doesn't see him

" yeah he's just over there talking to one of the other members" techno says pointing to the small tunnel, tin nods his head and heads off towards the place techno had pointed. As he gets closer he can hear someone shouting but it's not his boyfriend 

" shut up you faggot" the voice echoes, tin hears a loud band and the familiar whimper of his boyfriend, Tin immediately picks up his pace and runs as fast as he can, after what feels like hours he reaches the tunnel and sees the small figure of his boyfriend being shadowed by a much bigger man,

"Hey!" Tin screams as his anger finally makes it's way to the surface, "Stay away from my boyfriend you asshole" 

The other person smirks once at tin before running away, without the weight of the other person holding him up can falls to the floor and starts sobbing loudly, tin quickly runs over to him and pulls him into his chest.

" it's ok can, I'm here, its ok" tin whispers in can's ears hoping to calm the boy he loves down. Can looks at tin as more tears start to fall

"Why me, what did I do? It's not my fault that i love you" he says quietly, tin wipes away his tears before placing a kiss on his boyfriends now tear streaked cheek, 

"I know baby, but it's ok, dont listen to them, just remember that no matter what anyone says I will always love you" tin says as he helps his boyfriend stand up, he wraps an arm around his waist, and they start walking to tins car but after a few seconds can stops

"I love you, so much tin"

" I know baby, I love you too" 

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Okay maybe next time" kit says, wayo nods and walks away right as pha comes to join his two friends.

"Do you know that shorty?" Pha says looking towards wayo. 

"Eh, why wouldn't we know him he's our junior" beam says before kit can stop him.

"Wait what?" Pha asks 

" nothing, nothing" kit interrupts giving beam a look that's tells him to play along, beam gives a confused look in reply but goes along with it

" yeah it's nothing" beam says 
" no I heard you, you called him our junior,why?" Pha says getting angry 

Beam and kit sigh before they take a quick look at wayo who had now been joined by ming, and beam starts to tell pha the truth 

" um little yo, from high school" beam explains 

"No...way, I would have recognized him" pha says looking behind him to wayo. For some reason wayo rubs his eyes and grabs some glasses out of his bag and slides them on his face. Pha gasps and kit and beam turn as well, they smile and turn back towards pha while waving their hands In front of his face.

" Oh My God it's him" pha says quietly, kit and beam nod and tell him to go get his man, pha walks over to wayo, grabs his hand and drags him to an empty classroom.

" Wayo," pha says 
" yes what do you want p'pha" wayo replies, wayo goes to remove his glasses but is stopped when pha pulls him into a kiss. They kiss for a few seconds before wayo pulls away stunned.

" p'pha what was that for?" Wayo asks 
" because I finally recognized who you are and to show you that I sorry love you" pha says, tears start to fall from Wayo's eyes as he starts to smile.

" it took you long enough to realise" wayo says, pha smiles too and pulls wayo into another kiss. 


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As tharn puts his ear buds in he hears the door opening signalling that type is back from his date with puifai, tharn hears a few footsteps before he feels an arm wrap around his body and try pull him closer, tharn flinches pulls away.

"I'm sorry" types voice whispers gently "I'm really sorry" tharn pulls out his ear buds and starts to speak " type sorry doesn't cut it this time, you treated me like shit and I wont take it anymore" 

Type sits up in shock, 
" type I dont want to do this anymore, you obviously dont know what you want, so as soon as you figure that out come find me" tharn says standing up and walking towards the door

" where are you going" type asks sadly, tharn doesn't understand that type was apologising because he has finally realised that he only wants tharn

" I'm staying at a friends house until you figure stuff out,I thought I would stay until you got home so I could tell you" tharn replies grabbing his bag and walking out. Type just started at the door in shock, did that really just happen?

A few days later

It hahas a been a few days since tharn left and type hasn't left the bed he just hugs tharns pillow and cries, the only thing that pulls him out of his thoughts is a loud bang at the door, he knows it's not tharn because he would have just walked in, type slowly gets up and walks to the door, its No 

"What do you want techno?" Type sighs

" well you haven't been in class for a few days so I thought you were sick again and decided to bring your work, but I dont think that's the case is it?" Techno says walking into the room, while type chooses the door, techno looks at types perfectly made bed than tharns messed up one

" tharns gone" type says almost crying" techno looks at him in confusion 

" I thought you wanted him gone" techno says 

" I did at first but now...but now...i think i might have fallen for him...well actually I know I have" type says flopping back onto tharns bed and finally letting the tears fall from his eyes

" I knew there was something going on between you too" techno says earning a glare from types watery eyes

" so what are you going to do" techno asks coming to sit down next to his mate

" I want him back but I dont know how to get him back" type answers lifting his head from the pillow

" how about you go talk to him and actually tell him exactly how you feel"
Techno suggests, type nods and says he's gonna shower than head out, he says goodbye and thank you to techno before turning on the shower and thinking about what he is gonna say to tharn

After showering and changing into some Jean's and t-shirt (dressing to impress) he heads to the music building and waits for tharn.

After what feels like an eternity tharn finally emerges talking to his friend lhong

" tharn can I talk to you" type says sheepishly, tharn nods and walks around the corner to a secluded place 

" tharn...I'm sorry for how I've treated you I know I've been horrible but that's because I was scared of admitting that I may be attracted to a man, too you, I'm here because the last few days have hell, you're all I think about, and I know this probably wont make you want to forgive me, but tharn I need you in my life...because...because"

"Because what type" tharn cuts in hopefully 

" because I love you" type finally admits to tharn and to himself, yes he is in love with tharn

"Type..." tharn manages to get out before type pulls into a kiss. At first tharn is totally surprised because type has never initiated a kiss before, after a few seconds he kisses back and type smiles into the kiss because he may have just got his man back, he pulls away and looks lovingly into tharns eyes. Tharn smiles before saying

" I love you too type, these few days have been hell to me too all I wanted to do is run back to you but I was scared." 

Type nods and let's out a breath before speaking himself " does this mean you are mine and I am yours, that you will be my boyfriend and you will come back to our dorms" thatn nods and type brings him into a tight hug not letting him go for a few minutes, 

When they do finally pull away type grabs tharns hand and they walk over to lhongs to grab the stuff tharn had taken to his before heading to their dorm and snuggling up together in tharns bed and falling asleep in each others arms with a smile on both their faces


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"Kong I need to study," Arthit says staring at his boyfriend who is lying across his stomach

"But you also need to have a  break as well' kong answers back, Arthit sighs and places his book down. Kong smiles and moves up the bed to rest his head on his boyfriend's chest.

"P'arhit" kong says quietly
"Yeah, kong" Arthit replies

"when you graduate this year what will happen to us?" Kong asks out of nowhere.

"What do you mean kong?" arthit asks really confused as to what his boyfriend means

" Well when you graduate, I'm scared you may forget about me, I mean like... you may find someone better who is your own age," Kong says looking deep into arthits eyes

" Kong that will never know why?" 

"why P'" kong asks 

"Because I love you and you are it for me, I can't tell you what the future holds but I can tell you that I will never want anyone else"

kong smiles and pulls Arthit into a passionate kiss, after a moment of shock arthit kisses back constantly whispering I love you's on kongs lips.

"I love you too Arthit" kong says as he pulls away from the kiss with swollen lips. He smiles once more before placing his head against Arthits chest.

" you know what... I can study tomorrow" arthit says starting to play with kongs hair as kong starts to fall asleep in his arms...and all arthit can think is that this is where he is meant to be...with kongpob.

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a month that's can do this type.

type thinks as he wakes up alone for the first time since he has got back together with his boyfriend. Tharn had to go home because his family wanted to see him and type had to stay due to too much school work. 

he grabs his phone and sees a text from his boyfriend saying he has landed safely. type smiles because even if he doesn't admit it he was worried about the man he has come to love.

Type gets ready for his class and leaves the condo. 

when he reaches the university he heads to the canteen and sees techno and champ sat down with plates in front of them. he puts his bags down and goes to get his own breakfast. 

"hey type where's your hubby you're usually joined at the hip" champ asks as type sits down. 

"he's gone home for a month" type replies sadly. champ and techno nod and eat their breakfast in silence, for the rest of the day, type mopes around missing his boyfriend and even skips soccer practice. 

that night as he is about to go to sleep his boyfriend's ringtone wakes him back up.

"Hey babe, how was school?" tharns cheerful voice sounds from the other side of the phone

"boring, hows your family?" type asks 

"they're okay, my parents want to see you again and so does my sister" tharn laughs and so does type, type loves tharns family they are so accepting and nice towards type which more than what he can say about his own, well his father.

" yeah it would be nice to see them again, tell them I say hi," type says 

"I miss you type," tharn says sadly. type smiles 

" yeah I miss you too, out condo is so big without you and i miss you being my pillow" type replies truthfully, tharn sighs and nods even though he knows type can't see it.

" Only a month babe then I will be home," tharn says hearing type yawn

" hey type if you're tired I will let you go," tharn says before being cut off by type

" NO, will you stay on the line with me till I'm asleep because hearing you helps me sleep," type says embarrassed. type places the phone on the bed beside him and hears tharn start singing to him, he recognises the song as the one he sang at the bar to him.

" Goodnight my love" tharn whispers as he hears types quiet snores.


A month later 


this month has been totally torture for type, he has missed tharn so much, he never knew how much he needed his boyfriend by his side when tharn left his nightmares started again but he refused to tell tharn that because he knows as soon as he does tharn would have come home and he didn't want to ruin his boyfriends time with his family.

after type's final class had finished he gets in his car and drives to the airport to meet his boyfriend. 

as more time goes on while waiting for his boyfriend the more and more excited he gets, and by the time tharns plane is announced to have arrived his legs are literally shaking because all he wants to do is pull tharn into a big hug and kiss him until they are both breathless.

after what feels like hours type spots tharn coming down the escalator, his eyes meet tharns and his legs start moving on their own when at the bottom of the escalator tharn drops his bag just in time to open his arms for type to jump into, tharn spins type around in his arm before placing him back on the floor and pulling him into a kiss. 

they only pull away when they are completely breathless

" god type I've missed you so fucking much," tharn says when he finally gets his breath back.

"I've missed you too," type says pulling tharn into another hug, they pull away a few seconds later and type picks up tharns bag and helps him carry it to the car.

" tharn I love you so much never leave me for so long again" type says as he gets into the driver's side of the car

" I love you too type and I promise never to leave for that long again" tharns says before type starts the car up and they drive back to their condo and snuggle in bed just enjoying each others company and being in each others arms again after a month.

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it's three am when Kao wakes up to go to the bathroom to throw up, it has been six weeks since he and Pete got back together and he couldn't be happier because he has the love of his life back.

"Kao babe, are you okay?" Pete asks groggily.

" Yeah, I'm fine just go back to bed" Kao replies going to brush his teeth.

" no Kao your not okay you've been throwing up for the last week, you are not going to work tomorrow," Pete says sternly. Kao sighs and agrees because he feels like shit.

" you have to go to work, I'll be fine I promise its probably just a stomach bug," Kao says. Pete tries to argue but reluctantly gives in knowing that he shouldn't even change his boyfriend's mind. They both go back to bed and snuggle up together. 

when Pete wakes up later that morning he makes Kao breakfast in bed before, leaving for work, Kao wakes about 20 minutes later because he needs to throw up again, his mother walks into his room when she hears him throwing up.

" oh, my poor baby boy, you've been like this for the last week maybe you should see a doctor,  I will give one a call," his mother says pulling him into a hug, before ringing the doctor for him. 

about half an hour later the doctor arrived and kao's mother makes her leave

" ok, Kao, your mother says you've been complaining of stomach pains for the last week and have been sick every morning, is this correct?" the doctor asks feeling kao's stomach and flinches when Kao lets out a hiss.

" Kao, I have good news or bad news depending on how you take it," the doctor says pulling off his gloves.

" w-what is it?" Kao asks nervously. 

" you are pregnant," the doctors say, kao's eyes widen and fill with tears

" but how is that possible I'm a man," Kao says as tears finally fall down his face

" well science has been trying to figure that out because there are more and more cases of male pregnancy popping up and we are not totally sure how at the moment but yes it's true you are with child, congratulations Kao" the doctor explains. 

the doctor packs his equipment up and leaves a few minutes after kao's mother enters the room.

" so Kao any idea what's wrong with you," his mother asks, Kao nods his head and breaks down into tears against his mother's chest. kao's mother tries to soothe him and after a few minutes, he finally tells her.

" mum I'm pregnant" Kao cries while continuing to tell her what the doctor had told him.

" oh Kao that's great news, but what are you going to tell Pete," his mother says, Kao shrugs and cries harder

" mum I want the baby but what if Pete doesn't we are still in university," Kao says wiping the tears away

" I'm sure he will want it too because he loves you and he will love his child as well," his mums says stroking her son's hair, Kao continues to cry until he falls asleep. kao's mum lays her son down on the bed again and texts Pete to come home immediately.


After about twenty minutes Pete walks through and instantly asks kao's mum what's wrong she points up to his and kao's room and says she will let kao explain it to him. Pete makes his way upstairs to see his boyfriend. When he enters their room he sees the man fast asleep on their bed looking extremely pale and with tear tracks still staining his cheeks. Pete strokes kao's hair until he feels the man stir awake.

" Hey babe, your mum text me and told me to come home immediately," Pete says 

"I have something to tell you, Pete, I'm not sure how you will take it and I won't blame you if you want to walk away after," kao says sitting up in bed.

"kao what is it you're scaring me," Pete says taking his boyfriend's hand in his 

" Pete, i...i...i'm pregnant, the doctor doesn't himself doesn't know how but I am" kao finally says, Pete looks at him before pulling him into a tight hug

" Is this true, you're having my child," Pete says pulling away and looking into his boyfriend's eyes

"yeah it's true, we're having a baby and Pete... I want to keep it" kao says

"me too kao... I know we're still young but I want to have this child with you" Pete says placing his free hand on kao's stomach

" I love you so so much Pete and thank you for agreeing to stay with me," kao says smiling at his boyfriend with tears of happiness

" kao I love you and this baby is part of you now so I will love them too, plus how could I leave you now that you have given me the best thing, ever," Pete says wiping my tears and pulling kao into a gentle kiss. 

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When she reaches the cafeteria and notices team sat alone del instantly picks up her phone and texts her brother

Del: is pharm with you?
                                                        Dean: no why?
Del: he's not with team
I've just reached the 
Cafeteria and he isn't here
                                                         Dean: I have a                free lesson so I'll go check if he is home

Del puts her phone down and goes to sit with her friend.

With dean 

Dean grabs his bags and drives to pharms apartment, he knocks on the door and waits but there is no replies, he tries again and this time he hears little sniffles. He grabs the spare key pharm had given him and opens the door. He looks around the room in worry only to see his boyfriend curled up in a ball between his couch and wall, he walks quickly to the boy and pulls him into a hug, gently shushing him.

"Pharm...pharm what's wrong" dean asks 

" p'dean?" The younger boys ask in a fragile voice. 

"Yeah pharm it's me, now tell me what's wrong" dean says picking the boy up from his place on the floor and carrying him to the bed.

"N'pharm doesn't deserve p'dean" pharm finally says 

" what do you mean?" Dean says stroking his boyfriends cheek

"N'pharm is not handsome, you deserve someone one better" pharm says looking into deans eyes 

"Yes n'pharm does deserve me because he is the best for me, you are really handsome, kind and you are my soulmate...p'dean loves pharm"

"But p'dean is better" pharm says slightly calming a bit

"No, pharm I love you and I wont let you go now get these thoughts out of your head" Dean says laying down next to his boyfriend and pulling him to his chest. A few minutes after pharm finally says something 

"I'm sorry p'dean"
"Its ok pharm, just know I really love you" Dean says kissing pharms cheek
" I love you so much p'dean" pharm replies, after a few minutes of silence dean hears soft snores and knows pharm is asleep.

"Sweet dreams my love" Dean whispers picking his phone out of his pocket and texting win that he won't be back today, something has come up 

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" Hey, you're ai Pete from the IC college aren't you?" a girl asks as Pete is walking towards the football field to meet his boyfriend.

Pete nods and asks " can I help you with something?"

"Yeah, you need to break up with Ai Ae," she says sternly

" umm, why?" Pete asks innocently

" you stole him from chompoo" she replies

" I didn't" 

" yes you did, you knew chompoo liked ae and you still dated him," she says, she looks around to realise that people are now looking at her, she scoffs and continues to accuse Pete

"STOP!!!" Pete hears, he looks behind himself and sees an angry-looking Ae.

" you have no right to accuse my boyfriend of anything, I chose him and he chose me, it's not our fault that we love each other" ae yells at the girl

" he stole you from chompoo"

" no he didn't I never had any feeling for chompoo apart from platonic, we are friends" ae states taking his boyfriend's hand, he turns towards Pete and smiles lovingly at him before placing his forehead against petes, the girl scoffs again and storms off. 

"I love you, Pete, you don't need to listen to them, I chose you because you are the only one for me."

" Okay, ai ae, I love you too," Pete says as ae starts giving him butterfly kisses, Pete sighs before pulling ae into a kiss, they pull away a few seconds later when people start cheering, both boys just start laughing happily and pull fully away from each other.

"let's go back to your place" ae whispers pulling a blushing Pete away from the crowd

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I have failed AGAIN,
I have failed another exam
I'm worthless 
Good for nothing

Is all team can think as he looks down at his most recent exam results, he turns to monow  and pharm and says he is gonna go back to his dorm, he walks as fast as he can back to his dorm and sits in the corner for about ten minutes crying


The voice in his head repeated like a motto, without even realising it his body starts to move towards the cupboard in his bathroom where he keeps his razors, hd takes one out and puts it against his thigh barely high enough to be hidden under his shorts and slices deeply enough to leave another scare. He falls to the floor sobbing and grabs his phone and calls his boyfriend 

" hey team what's up?" Wins voice rings after a minute. When he hears cries, asks again

"Babe, what's wrong,?"

"It hurts" team replies still crying
" what hurts team?"
"Everything, I'm a failure, I'm nothing, I'm useless" team says 

" no your not, where are you im coming to see you?"

"My room" team says before handing up without another word, win runs as fast as he can to teams room and uses his spare key his boyfriend gave him a few weeks ago to get in, when he sees that team is nowhere in sight he heads straight to the bathroom where he sees team laying on the floor, blood running down his leg, crying his eyes out 

"Team baby, its OK I'm here" win says grabbing a wash cloth and whiping the blood away, when team is all clean he bandages the leg up and picks him up bridal style and carries the younger boy to the bed and lays next to him,

" team, please don't ever do this again, your perfect, your smart and I love you so much" win whisper pulling the boy closer and kissing his head. Team nods 

" I'm sorry win, I really am, its just I failed another test and my emotions that I have bottles up just burst free and I didn't know how to stop it." Team says looking up at his handsome phi before continuing, "I don't deserve you, or pharm or monow, or dell or Dean or any one I'm nothing" win looks at his boyfriend and whispers
"Team you deserve the world and I am so happy I found know I love you so so much, promise me you won't do it again"

" I promise and I love you too phi win" team says, win kisses his lips gently then pulls away to snuggle into his boyfriend. 

"You're perfect" is the last thing team hears before dropping to sleep, with a little smile and thoughts about his and wins future on his mind 

Happy thoughts 


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Pete and ae were eating lunch with pond and TinCan when a familiar face approaches them, 


Pete hasn't seen him since he left him badly hurt in the rain and can found him, ae goes to stand up but Pete holds his and shakes his head

" oh look it's faggy Pete and his faggy friends," Trump says when  he reaches their table. tin turns to look at the guy and rolls his eyes.

" so how you been since i left you in the rain" trump asks pete, can stands up and raises his fist as if he was about to punch the guy.

" you're the one who hurt pete when i found him" can asks 

"oh, Pete who is this shorty another faggot like you," trump asks. once again ae goes to stand up but Pete stands up first, he walks around the table to his ex

" ok it's one thing to call me a faggot, but never call my friends that," Pete says with venom in his voice, the rest of the boys watch him in shock, sweet innocent Pete has a dark side.

" or what, what will you do?" 

" this" Pete replies pulling his wrist and punching trump so hard he falls to the floor, trump quickly gets up and swings at Pete, Pete manages to doge it and kicks him in the privates. this time trump doesn't get up, ae and the others quickly get up and drag Pete away.

when they are far enough ae asks

" Pete what the hell was that, I've never seen this side to you, who knew you could fight so well" 

" yeah Pete that was awesome" pond interjects, Pete giggles before replying

" um I've been taking boxing classes for the last month or so" everyone looks at him again and all burst into laughter

" hey, ae looks like you no longer need to protect my friend anymore," tin says teasing ae, Pete giggles again and they joke around for about another half an hour before tin and can say they have plans and pond says he is going to meet up with aim.

" by the way that was soo hot" ae whispers as they walk back to petes apartment for dinner.

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When pha gets the text saying wayo will be unable to join them for lunch today, pha feels sad because he misses his baby.

After he has eaten pha decides to take a walk around and spots wayo sitting with someone he doesn't recognise, the boy looks like he is very interested in what wayo is saying and is looking at his baby with gooey eyes

Pha storms over to the table and scares yo by banging his hand down in front of him

" whoes this" pha asks 
" Um this is my new friend won from the facility of chemistry he's new here" yo says 
" this is why you couldn't eat with me today and why are you wearing your glasses you only wear them around me" pha asks
" yeah I met won earlier when he looked confused so I offered to show him around and I'm wearing my glasses because I have no more contacts" wayo says, won holds his hand out for pha to shake but he just rolls his eyes 

"Pha you're not being very nice" ways states, 
"I don't care, your mine" pha replies, 
" common won let's go, I'll show you to your dorm and the classrooms" way says without another word to pha, before he leaves he turns to pha and says " don't come to my room tonight I want to be alone"

He leaves without another word,

For the next few days wayo avoids pha, declines his calls and even goes so far as to pretend he's not home when pha shows up at his dorm.

One luch time pha walks around the science building hoping to corner his boyfriend and is shocked to see won kissing his baby, wayo pushed won off and runs away, pha follows wayo into an abandoned classroom and sees his baby sat on the floor sobbing, 

He slowly makes his way over to wayo and sits down next to him before pulling him into his side, wayo pushes pha away and going to sit on one of the many desks.

" pha don't come near me, I'm a horrible boyfriend, I'm so sorry" wayo sobs

" baby its not your fault its that wons fault, I don't blame you, I saw you push him away" pha says walking over to his baby again and this time not letting wayo escape. Wayo melts into pha's embrace and breaths deeply.

" I'm s-sorry, I don't know why he did it, he knows I'm yours yet he still kissed me, did I lead him on, oh no its all my fault" wayo says 

" no its not its his and right now I want to punch that bastered" pha says

" p'pha don't its my fault, if you should punch anyone its me" wayo says looking into pha's eyes.

" I would never do that, but I want you to promise me one thing"


" never talk to that bastered again" 

"Okay p'pha I won't, do you forgive me" wayo asks still blaming himself 

" nothing to forgive, now let's go to my dorm and snuggle in bed" pga says leading wayo out of the room, wayo nods

They walk past won and pha says 
" stay away from my boyfriend or things are gonna be bad for you" won rolls his eyes and wayo and pha walk back to pha's dorm and just lay in bed kissing to get rid of that bastereds taste off of his baby

"You're mine forever" pha says between kisses 

"Yes yours" wayo says pulling him into a much more headed kiss


Chapter Text

When Kit and ming reach kits dorm, kit places ming on his bed then goes to the bathroom to get changed

"I know you're faking" kit says when he walks back over to the bed, not actually mad just curious as to what lead ming to do this, in fact, he is actually flattered that ming wants to spend so much time with him. at first, kit thought ming was just messing with him but as they spent more time together kit realised that ming had genuine feelings for him and kit has also grown feelings for the younger male.

"I will kick your ass off the bed," he says crossing his arms in an attempt to sound annoyed

"damn," he says " why is this happening to me," he says not meaning it in a bad way, why is this happening to him? why is he being forced to spend the night with his crush/the moon of the campus?.

kit sits down on the bed next to ming and flips him over in hopes to put some distance between them. he grabs a can of air freshener and sprays it around because he hates the faint smell of alcohol surrounding ming.

kit lays back on the bed and takes a sneaky look at the younger boy next to him, ming suddenly flips around and faces kit, seemingly asleep.

actually this bastard is quite handsome, still less than pha, look at his face, 

thick brows

good looking prominent nose

face so smooth


kit thinks 

ming opens his chocolate brown eyes and stares into kits eyes before placing his finger on kits lips before the older can say anything

ming leans in and presses a soft kiss to kits soft lips, it's only a short kiss but it gets kits heart beating fast, 

"I knew you were faking" kit exclaims sweeping one of his fingers across his lips

"I'm sorry p'kit, I just wanted to spend some time with you," ming says, kit looks into his eyes again and pulls him into another kiss, this time not so sweet or gentle, ming kisses back immediately and they only pull away when they are both breathless.

"p'kit?" ming asks, before he can say anything else, kit starts to speak

"I've tried so hard to stay away from you, but I can't ming," kit says

"what---what do you mean?" ming asks 

" It means I'm no longer gonna hide my feelings for you, ming if you would like to, would you do me the honour of becoming mine" kit asks looking at their hands that had at one point during the kiss become joined, ming looks at the kit with furrowed brows

" do you really mean it?" ming asks excitedly

" yes ming, I want you to be mine" kit exclaims

ming nods his head and pulls him into another kiss, this one full of love and longing

" Does that answer your question p'kit?" ming asks

kit nods his head and smiles at his new boyfriend

" ming, I'm sorry for being so rude to you, before I was just scared you only wanted me for sex" kit says placing his hand on mings cheek

" it's ok p'kit, but know that was never my intention," ming says snuggling into kits hand

"I know that now," kit says pulling the hand away and laying his head on mings chest, ming wraps his arms around the smaller man and kisses his head

" thank you p'kit" ming whispers after a minute

" for what?" kit says leaning his head up to look ming in the eyes

" giving me a chance," ming says in a drowsy voice, kit nods his head and snuggles back into mings arms as he feels ming start to drop off to sleep again.

I guess drunk ming has his perks 

kit thinks taking one last look at ming as he too starts to drift to sleep in his now boyfriends arms.


Chapter Text

"Hey babe come in here a second" sarawat yells to tine who is in the kitchen

tine walks into their bedroom a few seconds later and looks at sarawat how is holding his hands behind his back

"pick a hand," sarawat says 

"why?" tine asks kind of curious at what his boyfriend has behind his back

" come one Mr chick," sarawat says as tine steps closer to him. he thinks for a few seconds before picking the right arm, sarawat pulls his arm from behind his back and gives tine an envelope. tine looks at it for a second before opening it and letting out a gasp to see 2 tickets to scrubs live concert.

"Oh my gosh wat, do you know how much these tickets cost you, idiot," he says hugging his boyfriend really tight

" I know you really wanted to see them so I gave you the chance," wat says pulling away from the hug and kissing his boyfriend's cheek. tine stares into wat's eyes for a few seconds before pulling him into a super passionate kiss and pushing them to the bed.

" you know I love you right?" wat says as he pulls his shirt off

" and I love you," tine says pulling him into another kiss.

at the concert

tine is jumping up and down as the music plays alone but sarawat isn't focused on the music, he's more focused on the ring box in his jacket pocket that feels like it's getting heavier and heavier as time goes on, he;'s been planning this for weeks, tonight was the night he was going to propose to tine, they have been together 4 years and it feels like its the right time, tine makes him feel like he is on cloud nine every moment he is with him and he never wants to let that go.

when the concert finishes sarawat leads tine outside and taps tines shoulder and whispers to him to follow, tine looks at him sceptically but nods his head, sarawat leads him to a local park and to a small fountain

"wat lets make a wish" tine says pulling out two small coins of his pocket, they both close our eyes and make a wish and throw the coins into the fountain.

"What was your wish?" tine ask turning towards wat and seeing him kneeling on one leg with a ring in his hand

" my wish is to make you mine forever, tine we met when we were 19 and it all started becuase someone else was after you, but before that i had a crush on you since high school but was afraid to approch you because you were 'mr chick' so when i did finally get to talk to you and be your friend i felt like the luckiest man in the world but that wasnt even the best day of life because when you agreed to be my boyfriend i couldnt belive it was real, for that whole night i lay in bed thinking was a dream and even to this day i can hardly belive its true, the more time i spend with you the more perfect you get, so tine Teepakorn will you do me the biggest honour of becoming my husband and staying by my side for the rest of my life?" sarawat asks tears falling down his face, tine also in tears doesnt even have to think for a minute before he says yes and pulls his now fiancee into a loving kiss,

"of course wat, i can't imagine my life with you, im so lucky to have found you" tine says as wat whipes his tears away.

they spend a few hours walking around the park stealing kisses here and there whispering I love you's until the sun starts to set and they go back to their hotel for the night before going home and telling their friends and family the great news.



Chapter Text

It had been about a month since tutor and fighter had reuinted at the beach and fighter could not be more happy, he loves tor with all his heart. 

The only thing is for the last week tor has been avoiding him.

Whenever he wants to see him tors busy with a student, he never sees him at lunch and tor walks in the opposite direction when he sees him in the hallway and frankly he's had enough why on earth is his boyfriend avoiding him.

He drives to tor's house after school one day and knocks loudly on the door, after a few seconds tor opens the door.

He has messed up hair, massive bags and looks as pale as a ghost.

"P'fight what are you doing here" tor says surprised, fighter places his head on tor's head and feels no heat.

" I came to see you, you've been avoiding me for the last week" fight says, tor nods and steps aside to let fight in.

"Whats wrong you look sick yet, you don't feel like you have a temperature" fight says as they reach tor's room.

" I'm not sick" tor says, after a few seconds fights about to say something when tor's eyes go wide and he rushes to the bathroom, he leans over the toilet and throws up. Fight rushes in and runs tor back.

" tor you're not sick my ass, you just threw up" fight says as tor brushes his teeth, tor looks at him and shakes his head.

He leads fighter to the bedroom again and makes him sit on the bed.

" I'm not sick in the traditional way" tor says making fight confsused, tor takes a deep breath and takes one of fighers hands in his.

" fighter promise you won't be mad" tor asks 

" I promise" fighter replies with no hesitation he can never be mad at his baby.

" I...I'm pregnant" tor finally says, fighter looks at him in suprise and wonder

"P'fight" tor says waving his hand over fighters face, fighter shakes his head and looks at tor.

"Are you serious?" He asks as a smile spreads across his face, tor nods and looks at their joined hands

" yeah its real, I'm sorry fight I didn't know this could happen" for says worried.

" tutor im not mad, I'm happy, really happy, you're having my child" fighted says climbing off the bed and bending infront of tutor to kiss his stomach. Tutor let's out a little giggle.

" fight are you sure you want this your only 21 and I'm 20, we've only been together about 2 months" tutor asks 

" I'm sure, I never want to loose you, we promised each other forever and now that forever includes a mini us and to be honest I know we are young but your are going to be a great father and I'm gonna try my best, tutor I want you and this baby" fighter says tor let's out a little sniffle and pulls fightef up towards him and kisses him passionately.

" fuck i love you so much, is this why you were avoiding me" fighter says as they pull away, fighter moves them to the head of the bed and pulls tutor into his arms 

" I was scare you were gonna find out and leave me, I can't lose you again fight" tor says whiping tears away.

" I will never leave you, I love you so much tutor, I promise we are forever" fighter claims using his index finder to lift tor's face to look at him 

" love you too fight I can't wait to start our family" tor says rubbing his tiny baby bump, fight kisses his check before moving tutor in between his legs and rubbing his stomach.

" fight you are the best thing that has ever happened to me, thank you for agreeing to have this baby with me" tor says looking at fighter 

" im so lucky to have you tor" fight says before pulling tutor into another kiss

" you are the best thing that has ever happened to me too, and this baby is going to have 2 loving fathers" fight says against tutors lips as he deepens the kiss 


Chapter Text

"kit we need you to come to the hospital now" pha says when kit answers his phone after being woken up
" why what's wrong" kit says still trying to wake himself up.
"mings in hospital" pha replies and kit is instantly wide awake, ming, in hospital, what happened?, is he okay? kit thinks panicing because he was finall going to tell ming his feeling tomorow now that may not happen, kit climbs out of bed, gets changed and rushes out of his dorm, he sprints down the stairs and goes to his car, he doesnt care how fast he is driving all he cares about is seeing ming.

when he finally reaches the hospital he parks up and sees pha waiting for him
" follow me" pha says leading kit inside, the rush through the hospital until they reached the ward ming was on, the reseptionist just nods at pha and lets them go on without stopping them. 

"kit before we go in there i should probably tell you what happened" pha says stopping kit before they enter the room. kit nods and takes a seat on the floor, pha sits down next to him.

" well ming was coming home from the bar after being with his engineering friends he was sober, i should add, but a driver coming the other way may not have been and lost control of their car causing it to collide with mings head on" pha says looking down at his friend
" ming okay?" kit asks trying to hold back tears but failling.
" he a coma and has a broken ankle and 2 broken ribs and cuts all over his body" pha says, kit lets out a deep breath and nods
" i want to see him" kit says wiping the tears off his face. pha nods and they both get up and walk into mings room, when he walks in kit sees wayo besides ming crying so pha instantly goes to his side, pha whispers something to wayo and they get up and tell kit they are going to get some food, when they've left kit makes his way over to mings bed.
"ming" kit takes a deep breath and takes one of mings hands in his " i'm sorry this happened to you and im sorry for treating you so badly, i was scared of how i felt for you, i didnt want to admit that i might have been atracted to you, please wake up, i want to be with you" kit says laying his head on mings arm, he wait in hope for some change throught out the day but nothing happened, at about 6pm he was told visiting hours were over and he had to go home, he did relecutantly but he wished he could stay by mings side.

time skip a month later

its been a month since mings accident and there have been no changes in his condition apart from the cuts disappering and his injeries healing, kit visits him everyday, he misses the boy dearly and just wants him to wake up. 

"ming it's kit again please wake up soon we miss you so much, i miss you so much, please ming" kit cries holding mings hand, he feels a light squeez which he thinks is his imagination but when he feels it again a bit harder he knows it's real, kit lifts his head up and sees ming smiling at him, kit looks at ming and before he knows what he is doing he is kissing ming, he pulls away a second later and says " ming oh my gosh i missed you so much, let me get a doctor" he walks out of the door and comes back a few minutes later with a doctor and some other people following, they all start checking him over and say that he should be okay to leave in a few days, they leave about ten minutes later and kit goes back to mings side.

" did you really mean what you said about wanting to be with me" ming says hopefully, kit nods and whispers " yes i ment it ming i think i love you, ive missed you so much, im sorry for everything i did to you" ming smiles and replies " i love you kit, i promise to always make you happy" kit nods and bends down for another kiss

" ming?"
"yeah kit?"
" thank you" 
" for what?"
" loving me for who i am" ming nods and shifts over a little to make room on the small bed for kit, kit climbs on the bed and snuggles into mings arms
"you're welcome kitkat"


Chapter Text

So this is gonna be my first double parter hope its OK

Khai had been acting weird all week and its starting to really scare third because they could always talk to one one other but this week khai had been acting strange. They have been together 2 years and lived together for a year so secrets weren't common between them.

" hey baby I'm going out ill be back in a bit, love you" khai says kissing third on the lips before leaving

' love you too" third says looking at the door, he sighs and turns on his camera to do a movie review on pride and prejudice. 

As he is about to turn the camera off he gets a message from two or picture more like, he opens it and sees a picture of khai hugging some girl he has never met before, he quickly turns the camera of and runs to the bedroom, climbs under the covers and start to cry, what is khai doing with another person? Hugging her?, he doesn't even do that to their friends, who is that girl? He thinks and all his mind can come up with is the worse possible explanation 

Khai is cheating, he doesn't love him anymore...

Third cries and cries for an hour before deciding to hop in the shower and try to gwt the thoughts out of his head.

About 9oclock khai finally comes back, he gets changed and snuggles into bed with third, but third pushes him away, third climbs out of bed and goes to sleep on the couch which confuses khai and makes him sad.

The next morning khai comes to the kitchin and sees his boyfriend staring at the wall with a cup of coffee in his hands.

" morning baby, I'm sorry I was home so late last night I was hanging out with two" third nods knowing it was a lie but not ready to confront khai yet. Khai tries to give third a kiss but he pulls away and says he is off to work, khai nods and watches him leave.

Khai decides to take a shower and leaves his phone on the kitchen table, a second later he gets a text from someone called you-mi, third walks back through the door realising he forgot some of his files, he walks over to the kitchin and goes to where the files are but looks at the table when he hears a ding, he walks over to khai phone and sees 3 messages from you-mi

Hey babe can you come over tonight, ill make it worth your while 

Hey babe did you not get my message, wanna come over tonight 

Babe, if you wanna ignore me go find someone else to fuck

Third gasps and tears start to run down his face, khai is really cheating on him, he hears the squeak of the bathroom door and sees khai walk out, he turns to his boyfriend and just stands there with khais phone in his hand.

" how could you" third says shoving the phone in khais hand, khai looks at it and gasps as well, 

" i promise you-mi is just a friend, this was probably meant for her boyfriend" he says walking closer to third

" cut the bull, khai, you dont need to lie i got a picture from two last night of you hugging a girl by the way if you didn't want to be with me anymore you could have just said it" third says he walks into their room and starts packing a bag of clothes,

" please third I promise I love you and only you this is all a misunderstanding" khai begs 

" I'M NOT STUPID KHAI, YOU KNOW WHAT FUCK YOU, I'M GOING, DONT CALL ME OR TEXT ME" third yells taking khai by suprise because he never hears third yell often, third look at khai " if I decide to forgive you ill text you but for now just please leave me alone, just go back to the person you really want to be with" third leaves the apartment.

You-mi this is khai,not kam wrong number, also third saw these messages, please help me explaine to him 

                           Oh my gosh I'm so sorry khai
                                   I will talk to him i promise

Khai puts the phone  down and falls to his knees crying 

Please please please let him understand 



Chapter Text

it has been a week since the incident and third has been avoiding khai at all costs even going as far as to skip work and asking what up with the company, his and khai's company, too two when he comes home, third has been staying with two the week and everytime he sees two and un being all couply it makes him sad because he really misses khai, he does but he's not sure he can belive what he said about the number being wrong.

he finally decides to go back to work the following monday and as he is about to enter his office he sees a petite woman with dyed brown hair and brown  eyes stood inn front of the door.

" hi you must be third right?" she asks, third nods and invites her into the office
" i'm you-mi" third nods and gives a fake smile.
" yeah i've heard about you" he says with venom lasing his voice
" yeah i know, i came to tell you that khai is nothing but a friend and those messages you saw really were for my boyfriend, third i think of khai as a brother we have been friends since we were 4, so please don't break my best friends heart and please forgive him" you-mi explains, third looks into her eyes and sees the honesty they hold.

holy shit he made a big mistake

he says goodbye to you-mi  and runs out of his office towards khais, when he reaches it he lightly knocks on the door and enters to see khai on the chair behind the desk holding a picture of them kissing under the waterfall they visited last year.

third clears his throat and looks at khai, after a second khai lifts his head and notices third

"third i'm...."
"khai you don't need to appologise you-mi explained it, im so so so sorry for not trusting you, please forgive me" third begs moving closer to the desk
"there's nothing to appologise for, does this mean you aren't breaking up with me" khai says moving around the desk and standing in front of third, third nods and looks into the man he loves eyes.

" i love you so much third" khai says, third smiles and says it back

"i have one question" third says thinking back to the photo that started this mess
" yeah"
" why were you hugging someone last week outside a pub, two sent a pic?" third asks 
" oh that well i have a supise for you" he says 
he bends down on one knee and picks the ring box out of his pocket
" i wasnt going to do this today but i think its the perfect time" khai says, he opens the ring box and carries on " third my soulmate, my one true love, the most perfect man in the world would you do me the honer of becoming my husband in the near future and spending the rest of my life by my side and loving me the way i love you?" khai says, third gasps and shuts his eyes breifly before getting on his knees as well and nodding 
" yes khai i will" he replies, khai places one of the rings on thirds finger and third places one of his, they kiss each others rings as a silent promise before khai pulls third in a passionate kiss, the kind of kiss that third has been missing all week.

" i love you so much khai"
" i love you more"
"not possible" 


Chapter Text

"what if I want to date you again," mew says ignoring the jab knock just made towards him and looks at Korn seriously.

"if you want to sort out your personal stuff, you better do it elsewhere, I'm doing a report and it's distracting," knock says, mew rolls his eyes and looks to Korn again.

" can I talk to you in private?" he asks, Korn nods and they get up from the table, they walk to one of the shelves away from everyone else. mew sighs and looks at Korn.

"Please give me one more chance, I promise to be good to you, I won't make the same mistake as last time." mew says taking one of Korns hands. Korn sighs and gives a little nod because he does still like mew as more than a friend and he doesn't ever see him and knock being together so why the hell not give mew another chance.

"Okay, but if you hurt me again I will never forgive you," Korn says, mew nods and places both of his hands on Korns cheeks and stares into his eyes. 

after a few minutes of just staring at each other Korn starts to get impatient and says " kiss me damn it" before pulling mew into a kiss, the kiss starts out soft and loving but as it progresses it gets more and more heated until they are practically eating each other faces off. 

knock pov

mew and Korn have been gone a while, so I grab my crutches and walk around the library until I walk passed the isle they are in and i see them making out, a first glace I think mew is forcing Korn until I see that in fact Korn has his arms wrapped around mews neck and is giving just as much to the kiss, a weird feeling gets stronger and stronger in my stomach and all I want to do is pull them apart and kiss Korn, what is this feeling is it jealously, no it can't be I have pleng. 

I shake myself out of the thought and clear my throat loud enough to make them notice me when they pull away they turn towards me and I can see they both have swollen lips. 

" So what's this, I thought you two broke up in high school," I say. 

" We did but he just agreed to give me another chance," mew says happily looking at Korn, they feeling grows again so I nod and go back to my seat, they come to sit back down but instead of sitting next to me, Korn sits next to mew.

after about an hour they both get up to leave, they bid me goodbye and walk away holding hands and slightly leaning into each other

I wish Korn was doing that to me

1 month later

for the last month i haven't really seen korn and its made me realise that I may have more than friend feelings for him and I want to be with him.

I walk over to pleng in the cafeteria and ask to speak to her alone, I lead her to an empty classroom and when she tries to initiate a kiss I push her away gently.

" what is it knock?" Shs asks not really showing any emotion, I look at her and sigh

" I think we should break up" i say as kindly as I can
"Why knock?" 
" I don't love you anymore" 

" its because of that korn isn't that basterd stole you away from me"

"Yes its because of korn but he doesn't know, I've not seen him much lately because he is always with his boyfriend and that made me realise that I have feelings for him." I say she slaps me and walks away but before she leaves she utters "this is not the end", I roll my eyes and walk out after her, I walk around the facilities building looking for korn and when I see him, I push him against a wall and kiss him, he pushes me away.
" knock what are you doing, why aren't you with pleng" he says looking around to see if she is near , which she is obviously not 

" we broke up and I know you have a boyfriend but" I start but he cuts me off 
"We broke up" he says, my eyes go wide and I have a look of wonder plastering my face
" we broke up because he cheated again i caught him kissing a guy in his facility" korn says looking at me with no trace of sadness.  Without even thinking about it I pull him into another kiss, 

" be mine?" I asks and he nods before pulling me into another kiss

" I've always been yours" he says against my lips before making the kiss deeper not caring that we can be caught at any moment 

None of that mattered all that mattered was me and korn together at last


Chapter Text

Authors note: if you have any requests please pm me I love to hear your guys ideas


Pharm knocks on the door and a second later del opens the door and helps him carry some of the supplies, they head to the kitchin and start preparing the ingredients, del invited pharm over to help her make tom yum soup with coconut milk for her family, dean doesn't know he is here but it will be a nice suprise when he wakes up, del and pharm focus on making the dish when suddenly pharm feels some arms wrap around his waist and thay familiar longing feeling.

" what are you doing here?" Deans low voice whispers in his ear, 

" helping me cook, now go away so we can focus" del says, Dean rolls his eyes and unattaches himself from pharm with a pout.

" it will only take a while longer, why don't you go do some work or something and I'll come see you when I'm done" pharm says kissing Dean quickly, dean gives a slight nod and walks out of the kitchin.

Dean pov

I walk out of the kitching with a fake smile since no-one but don and del know about pharm and I and I run into my mother.

"Mother I'll be in my room doing some work" I say.

"Wait son can I ask a question?" She says, I give a quick nod because out of both my parents my mother is the one who I have always been closest to.

" do you like dels friend who is hear today" the question suprises me but I know I cannot lie to her 

" yes mother, I love him actually"

" i could tell, you're different when he is around, your eyes don't leave him, you smile more and you are way more focused, just know son, I don't mind I love you for you not your sexuality, on top of that pharm seems like a very sweet young man and he is so friendly, I'm glad you found him" mother said, I nod and give her a quick hug before making my way to my room.

Pharm pov

"Del do you mind If I go freshen up before lunch" she nods and tells me the directions to the bathroom, I walk upstairs and as I walk what I suppose is deans room due to the swimming posters on the door, I get pulled in, 8m about to let out a squeek of suprise but stop when I realise that it is dean, I breath a sigh of relief and give him a small smile.

His room is so him, swimming posters, tons of books, a big desk and a big closet.

" p'dean lunch is ready we should go downstairs" i say grabbing one of his hands.

" i want my reward for this month" he says leaning closer to me

" p'dean your family is waiting" i say looking towards the partically open door, he shakws his head once 
" they can wait a minute longer" he says before fitting his lips to mine in a passionate kiss, we kiss like this for a minute before the kiss gets deeper and he is asking for access which I glady accept.

We are so in the moment we don't realise there is someone at the door, the only thinh that makes us part is when that someone clears their throat, we both look to the door and stare in total horror to see deans father, I gulp loudly while dean looks anywhere but his father.

"You too downstairs NOW!!" deans father yells, we both nod abruptly before rushing downstairs.

"DID YOU KNOW ABOUT THIS" deans father asks deans mother when we get downstairs.

"Know what hun" she says in a gental voice.

" their relationship" deans father says looking at us 

" um..well I knew dean liked nong pharm but I didn't know they were together, they are a great couple though" she says smilling at us.

" great couple my ass, this kind of behaviour will not be accepted in my house " he yells " there will be no more making out in bedrooms under my roof"

" honey calm down, they are young and in love leave them be" deans mother butt's in.

"Im sorry Mr Wongate, I love your son and we may have gotten a bit carried away,.I havent seen him all week" I say in a small voice 

"After today you are not to interact with eachother, this relationship ends now" he says and I feel tears start to form in my eyes,  no I cant lose dean, no, dean grabs my hand and looks at me he also has tears in his eyes 

" please father I love him so much, I cant live without him" 

"Hun its 2020 please be more accepting, pharm is a sweet boy and can't you see our son loves him so much" deans mother says trying to help us.

" i do not accept of this" he says letting out a sigh " but...dean if you do love pharm with all your heart I will try to come to terms with your relationship, but no more make out sessions in our house, okay" deans father says calming down a little.

" father I love him more than I thought possible I plan to marry him one day" dean says, he looks over to me and gives me a small smile, 

" okay whatever" deans father says, he walks out in a huff with deans mother falling close behind,

" im so sorry pharm, I didn't know he was going to react that way, just know I won't let you go i love you so so so so much" deans says placing his hand on my cheek

" its okay p'dean, not everyone is going to accept us but we will deal with it together, I love you more than I have ever loved anyone" I say, I look around the room to check no-one is around before pullinh dean into a light kiss

" let's go have lunch" i say pulling away, and giggling at deans shocked face.

" yeah let's" he says grabbing my hand and leading me to the dinning room where the rest of his family are sat

We sit down next to each other, I sneak a little glance at him and place my hand on his thigh and give it a squeeze

We are gonna be okay



Chapter Text

"Babe let's go see a movie, it's our only day off and I don't want to spend all of it in bed," Pete says kissing his boyfriends cheek

Kao let's out a grown but gets up, actually, a movie did sound nice because it's quiet and dark so he can cuddle into his boyfriend of 4 years without any judgment.

Kao and Pete get changed and drive to the movie theatre, they buy the tickets to some corny romance movie and go get some popcorn and drinks.

They walk into the room their movie is being played and sit in the back corner and snuggle into each other.

" kao..."Pete says when he hears faint snores under the movie playing. Petes looks down at his boyfriend and sees he has fallen asleep, Pete kisses Kaos head and gently starts to brush his hand through his hair, they stay like this until the end of the movie, Pete wakes kao up and they decide to go for a walk in the nearby park.

" Something just occurred to me," Pete says intertwining their hands

"What's that?" Kao says as they sit down on a bench and places his head on petes shoulder still keeping their hands joined while playing with their fingers.

" our love is just like a romance movie," Pete says looking out at the quiet park.

" How so?"

We started off hating each other than fell in love and although we have had our ups and downs we always find our way back to each other" Pete says pulling their joined hands to his lips and kissing them.

" and I wouldn't have it any other way because you are the love of my life, my soulmate and my partner," he says after a second

" same here Pete, you are the best thing that has ever happened to me, and although we have been through some tricky times, I love you more and more each day," kao says looking deep in petes eyes

"I love you kao," Pete says tearing up
"I love you too," kao says back before pulling Pete into a sweet kiss that conveys all the love they have for each other.

I guess it's true they have a movie like romance but this one is different from others because this one will last till the end of time


Chapter Text

italics- arthit

bold - kongpob



" 0062, KONGPOB WHAT DID YOU JUST SAY TO ME" arthit yells looking at his secret boyfriend 

"I said I will run those laps for may you cannot force a girl to strain herself like that so I will do the laps for her" kong says looking into arthits eyes with determination

"SHE MADE THE MISTAKE SHE WILL DO THE PUNISHMENT," he says getting angrier, why did his boyfriend always so nice? why can't he just let things be?

" no I will do the 100 laps, I will not let you bully her like this" kong says not backing down,

"NO KONGPOB YOU IDIOT GET IT THROUGH YOUR THICK SKULL THAT PEOPLE HVE TO ACCEPT THE CONSEQUENCES FOR THEIR ACTIONS" kong gasps and looks away from Arthit because his boyfriend has never been so harsh during hazing sessions and he could feel tears starting to form.

"SCREW YOU" kong screams at the head hazer before walking out of the hall, as soon as he feels the cold air of the outside hit his face he lets his restraint go and starts to sob. 

he walks back to his dorm and locks the door not wanting to be disturbed tonight, he cries for about an hour before he climbs out of the bed and grabs his computer to do some work while blasting his music through his headphones at full volume.

Maybe I am an idiot arthit, maybe I'm an idiot for falling for you, for believing you could change. kong thinks as he thinks about everything that happened today. 

kong works on his assignment until he feels a buzz next to me signalising someone was ringing him.

It's M, he quickly answers and says that he wants to be alone tonight before saying goodbye and hanging up.

he shuts his computer down, takes a shower, changes into his sleepwear before going out on the terrace looking up at the stars. he feels something hit his arm and looks down to see a paper aeroplane, he opens it and sees.

I'm sorry


he looks up to see arthit looking at him with pleading eyes, kong shrugs his shoulders before crumpling it up into a ball and heading back into his dorm.


a few minutes after getting into bed he sees his phone light up, he sighs and looks at the message.

please forgive me, I didn't mean any of it, I promise, I'm so so sorry kong

                                                                                                                   I need time to think  

okay whatever you need, I love you kong 

kong looks at the message and feels more tears to form because it was rare for arthit to tell him he loves him but when he does he really means it. kong puts the phone back on the desk by his bed and stares up at the ceiling. 

for the next few days kong skips hazing sessions telling M to tell the hazers he is unwell as well as skips classes, M brings him notes at the end of each day so kong doesn't fall behind. 

when Friday finally comes kong hears the knock on the door which signalises M is here with the notes and he opens the door to let his friend in but is shocked to see arthit. kong tries to close the door but arthit stops him and begs him to talk to him, kong sighs and lets arthit in.

"I came out," arthit says 

" what?" kong says surprised

"I told everyone that I like men and that I'm in love with you," he says looking at his hands

" why would you do that?" kong says knowing that this could get arthit hurt

"I did it for you, I couldn't go in pretending to hate you, I couldn't go on being horrible to you, i couldn't lose you kong," arthit says looking lovingly at kong, kong lets a smile plaster his face and pulls arthit into a hug.

"I forgive you arthit, I love you too," Kong says, arthit wraps his arm around kong and kisses his shoulder.

" thank you 0062, kongpob," arthit says laughing a little at the way he said it, they both start laughing and pull away from the hug, to just look into each other's eyes.

"no more secrets, or lies" kong says, arthit nods 

" no more secrets, no more lies, just you and me against the world," arthit says, he leans in a little but stopping before their lips can meet to make sure kong wants this, kong smiles before pulling arthit closer so their lips for the first time in like a week.

Chapter Text

as kong reaches the dorm he hears a familiar yell coming from the opposite direction, he ran as fast as he could and when he reached the screams he saw his boyfrind on the floor with a swollen lip and cuts over his face, kong texted his friends who showed up about 2 minutes later and they made their way over to the men

" stay the fuck away from my boyfriend you twat" Kong says punching the main bully's face so hard that two teeth came out.

" oh the fag has a boyfriend" one of the others say, M growls and lauches at the guy

" don't ever call my best friends boyfriend a fag, don't ever say that word, you mother fucker" M says as he pushed the guy multiple times, oak joins in to get the other guy, they all beat the three bullies up and onky stop when the three men run away.

Kong thanks the guys and kong terns to see his boyfriend passed out, he feels his head and kisses his cheek before asking oak and M to help take him to the nurses office,

When they arrive the nurse gasps and intantly starts to fuss over them, she helps clean kong, M, and oaks faces of blood before getting arthit comfortable, she puts an ice pack on his swollen lip and asks kong to hold it.

After about an hour arthit finally comes to, M and oak has left earlier to go to class and tell the professor that kong won't be in class and the nurse rang arthits professor.

" k-kong what happendd" arthit stutters, kong explains everything and arthit scoots over so kkong can lay with him, the nurse said he has a concussion so had to stay overnight, she gave arthit some pain meds and takss her leave to another student, 

" how you feeling?" Kong asks as arthit lays his head on kongs chest 

" my head is banging and my lip is sore but other than that I'm okay, if you weren't there to save me i don't know what would have happened" 

" no arthit don't say that, someone would have helped if it weren't me." 

" you're my hero kong, my Knight in shining armor" arthit says, kong let's out a scoff and kisses his boyfriends cheek.

" and you are my everything arthit" kong says pulling arthit impossiblely closer, they lay like this the whole night, the nurse doesn't make kong leave because she knows that arthit needs him and they just keep exchanging words of love until arthit falls asleep still cuddled into kongs arms 

My hero is the last thought on arthits mind as he drifts into the dreamland

Chapter Text

"Forth it was just a drunken one night stand, a mistake, it meant nothing," beam says, I look at him and shakes my head.

"you're an ass, you're never gonna find someone when you teat people like this," I say giving beam one more look before walking away, 

why would he do this to me, I thought last night meant something to both of us I think walking towards the local bar and texting ming


need company can you meet me at the campus bar- forth 

                                                                                                                    sure dude u okay? - ming

just boy troubles - forth 

                                                                                                                       okay see ya soon - ming

I pocket my phone and walks into the bar, I sit down and asks for the strongest thing that they have, I chug that down and asks for another. I order 3 more before ming arrives and when he does ming orders his own drink and after he has had one we decided to go to a local club.

I order another drink then goes dancing with a pretty dark-haired guy, I recognise him as a guy from my practical engineering class. we dance and dance and dance and I ask for his number at about 12 pm ming tells me we should head home (he is designated, driver). 

when we reach my dorm ming helps me to my room and helps me change ect before leaving for the night.


the next morning I wake up, get changed and text Ohm (the guy from last night) and we agree to meet up before class, I walk out of my dorm with a splitting headache.  

beam pov

that night after telling forth our drunken sex was just a one night stand I go to meet pha and kit at kits apartment to work on a project together. 

to be honest, it wasn't a one night stand to me either it's just my parents are stupidly homophobic and I'm scared they will hurt forth and I can't let that happen.

" pha...kit...i made a big mistake," I say still looking at my computer.

" what did you do?" pha asks 

"I slept with forth and told him it was just a one night stand when I don't feel that way because I'm scared of my parents"

" fuck man, what ya gonna do, if ya like forth be with him, you're parents are just gonna have to get used to it," pha says patting me on the shoulder. I look at him as tears escape my eyes.

" he won't forgive me he was so sad and angry," I say, kit sighs and gives me a game plan to get forth to forgive me



a week later forth pov

its been a week since the incident with beam and to be honest, I feel much better, I've been hanging out with ohm a lot and he is a really nice guy, he's sweet, has some of the same interests as me and actually cares about my feelings.

ohm and I are walking to class together on Tuesday when I see beam stood by my facility building, I give him a fake smile and try to walk past him and into the building but he stops me.

" c-c-can I talk to you," he says timidly, I sigh and tell ohm to go on without me, ohm gives me a hug for some reason and enters the building

" who's he?" beam asks sadly

" a good friend" I answer shortly, he nods and looks towards the door.

" can we go somewhere quiet" I sigh again and lead him  to a bench in around the corner of my facility building

" what do you want beam I have class in a bit," I say looking anywhere but beam.

"I'm sorry," beam says almost too quiet I couldn't hear him]

" what was that?" I ask wanting to say it again

" I'm sorry" 

" for what it's not you're fault you don't feel the same I can't force you to like me" 

" but I do" he mumbles and I am in utter shock

" what...if you feel the same why did you tell me I was just a one night stand and it didn't mean anything" 

" because I didn't want my parents to find out they are really homophobic and they may hurt you if they found out I was liking a boy" 

"I can handle myself"

"I know pha and kit talked some sense into me"

" what are you saying beam" 

"I want to be with you if you still want me that is," beam says hopefully

a massive grin splits across my face and I pull him into a tight hug " of course I still want you beamie" I say, beam lets a giggle out at the nickname and I smile. I pull away and lean into him when our lips touch this time it's not lust and want fauling the kiss it's love and longing.

" Does this mean I can finally tell anyone who flirts with ya to fuck off?" beam says and I instantly know who he is talking about. I let out a little laugh.

" Oh I don't think Ohm is a problem he is just a friend"

" good because you're mine Mr head hazer" I smile widely and pull him into another hug, this feels right, this is where I am meant to be.

" yes yours"




Chapter Text


 pharm pov

" but team I really don't get the big deal with this app, I told you before I always feel like I'm looking for someone so that app will be useless for me," I say when team starts on about love alarm again. I believe the app is helpful for some people, for example, it helped deans friend confess to manow and win confess to team and they are all happy but it won't help me because i am already looking for someone, I don't know who I just know I am looking for someone.

" well this app may help you find that person you are looking for" manow buts in, sigh and look at them both. They have a point but I don't even know if that person is at this university. oh, what the hell I may as well try. I get my phone out and download the app. I show them my phone and they both smile. 

"damn i'm gonna be late for practise, meet me after and we will all go our for dinner, plus manow ya probably wanna see your hubby right" team says manow smiles before saying 

" actually pruke wants me to watch practise today so pharm said he will join me" I smile at them and we all get up, I turn the volume up on the app and wait for any dings, as we walk past Alex it ding and I roll my eyes but continue walking with my friend I hear a few more dings but ignore them since I know its not who I'm looking for because they were girls and I'M GAY.

When we reach the pool manow and I sit down on a bench and heres and teams alarms go off and i smile but due to their dings I didn't realise mine is going off, I feel a vibrate and decide to see who text me, its mum saying she will ring me later with news. I look at my notifications and see i have one from love alarm, I open the app and look around, the only person apart from manow is dean everyone else is doing laps. I look at him and see he's looking at me as well, I quickly drop my bag and run away from the pool terrified because DEAN, DEAN RATTATHON WONGATE is the person I've been looking for. 

I go to the benches outside of the swimming clubs pool and sit down breathing heavily. A few seconds later I feel a tap on my shoulder.

"P-pharm" dean stutters, I look at him my heart starts beating a mile a minute


A voice in my head says excitedly 

"Korn" I say looking at him with teary eyes

"Intouch," dean says helping me stand up. He pulls me closer to him and it feels right.

"Pharm- intoch - you're the one I've been looking for" dean says suprised and I shrug my shoulders not knowing what to say.

Dean pulls me into a hug
"Thank god its you I've liked you since I saw you at the bleachers, I felt guilty for liking someone when I was already looking for someone" he says as he pulls away and looks into my eyes 

" p'dean- p'korn you found me like you said you would" 

" i found you and now I have im not letting you go, be mine, be my boyfriend"

" im already yours, always have been" i say he whips a tear from his eyes and leans in for a kiss, its starts out gental but becomes more and more passionate until we pull away breathless.

" I love you p'dean"
"I love you too my handsome pharm"


Chapter Text

" ok guys I need to introduce you to someone before we leave  everyone welcome suh hes just moved here and is joining our team" dean says, suh looks around and gives a smile to everyone but stops when he sees team, his eyes go wide and he walks over to him. The rest of

"Hi" he says sweetly
"Hi I'm team, welcome to our uni, so where you move from" team asks, not noticing the grimace his boyfriend is giving suh.
" i just moved here from Chicago, my family had business there but we decided to come back" suh says, team nods and smiles 

" since your new would you like to join us for lunch, its usually dean, deans boyfriend/ my best mate, me, win my boyfriend, deans sister and her girlfriend manow"  team asks 

" um ywah sure thank you I dont have any friends here yet, so what major you in" suh asks as they walk to the changing rooms

" im in econ, how about you?" Team asks

" im a music major" team nods and they start talking about other things, they meet up with dean and win when they have gotten changed and they walk to meet everyone.

When they reach the table team introduces everyone, dean goes to sit next to pharm and instantly takes his hand in his own and team goes to sit next to win who slings his arm around him protectively. The whole 9f Lunch win gives suh dirty looks. He also continually kisses teams hands, neck and cheek which he never usually does since he knows team isn't very good with PDA

Why they have finished eating team pulls win aside 

" win what was that" team asks 

" what was what?" Win answers faking innocence

" you kept giving suh dirty looks and you never kiss me in public because you know I don't like PDA" team states

"I was staking my claim"

"Why everyone knows im yours and your mine"

"Suh obviously he keeps giving you doe eyes and smiling at you" 

" win you're just being paranoid and jealous suh is new he has no friends yet so he's probably happy I invited him to eat with us"

" well I still needed him to know you are mine"

" OK but now you have please stop being so jealous I think he gets the idea, plus I love you and only you, you're all I want so stop worrying okay" team says putting his hands on wins cheeks and pulling him closer so his can give him an Eskimo kiss.

" promise me you won't get so jelous anymore"

" okay I promise and I love you too, we may not be joined by a red thread like pharm and dean but that doesn't mean your not my soulmate I just don't want to loose you"

" youre not gonna loose me EVER" Team says kissing both wins cheeks, his nose and finally his lips

" lets go back to my dorm and snuggle and watch a movie" team says dragging win away to his dorm

" OK baby but I get to chose the movie"

" no horror"

"Okay no horror, but I do want long cuddles"

" okay long cuddles it is" team says smiling 


Chapter Text

"Can I get a mocha to go please" the customer asks mork and sun instantlu turns around 


" oh my gosh Park is that you, long time no see man" sun days when he turns around to face the man, the man perks up and gives sun a handshake.


" yeah way to long, I didnt know ya worked here"


" i own this place actually, HEY RAIN COME HERE A SEC" Sun yells into the hall that leads upstairs. Rain enters the room and his eyes light up as well.


" wow rain look at ya last time I saw ya was what 5 years ago good to see ya" mork looks around and says to sun hell cover so him and his friend can catch up.


" hey rain who is that guy" mork asks when sun is far enough he can't hear


" oh that's park hes one of suns exes from high school and a good friend of the family" rain says not realising that mork has gone wide eyed.


" why they break up" 


" he moved to england with his family but I guess he's back now" rain shrugs, mork gives him a tight fake smile, what has he done hes let his fiancee be alone with an ex


" be right back just gotta ask sun something" mork says, he walks over to his fiancee and wraps his arms around his waist


" hey babe, where is the spare suga, we've ran out" sun looks side ways to him and gives a big smile


" under the counter somewhere now youre here let me introduce you to someone mork this park, park this is my fiancee mork" sun days kissinh his cheek sweetly


" wow man that's amazing, nice to meet ya mork" he shakes hands with park and gives a fake smile 


" hey babe, I better get back to work" mork says trying to unwrap his arms from sun, sun shakes his head and sits on his lap


" no you are staying with us and rain can handle it, we ain't busy" mork rolls his eyes but nods 


" so how you too meet" park asks 


" oh im a friend of rains from uni but we met at a party and hated each other at first but I fell for this man within a few weeks and we've had our ups and downs but i know i will always love him, hence why I proposed" mork says, sun smiles and snugges into him


" aww thats sweet"


"What about you hows you're life, last I heard you were part of the education facilitie at a English uni" sun asks 


" im a teacher at the local high school, and I'm married to a man called Harris and we have an adopted son called joe" park says, mork let's out a small breath of relife knowing this guy ain't gonna come after sun


Park looks at the watch on his wrist before saying he has to leave due to having class in 30 mins.


Park leaves and sun goes to get up but mork pulls him back down and wispers in his ear " i love you" sun lets out a gigle and gives him a small kiss on the lips


" love you too but we need to get back to work" sun says and they both go back to the counter, they work until about 5 before closing the shop and going out for dinner, 


One ex is enough let's hope no more show up 


Chapter Text

It was an ordinary day for tin, wake up get ready, ignore his family, drive to school, meet Pete go to class or so he thought. They were in their second lesson of the day and tin was doodling on his arm when he looks down and sees "you're really good at drawing" written beside his doodles. 

Tins heart does a flip in his chest

His grandmother used to tell him stories about how everyone had a soulmate and how you can communicate by writing on your arms.

Tin never believed it because when he turned 15 and came out as gay he tried to communicate with his soulmate but never got any replies. He assumed it was just a silly story his grandmother made up to make him belive he would find someone who loved him as much as she did.

But its real, he has a soulmate, a real live soulmate.

"Thank you I'm Tin what's your name" tin writes excited to learn more about his soulmate, 

Hi tin I'm cantaloupe but please call me can" his soulmate replies, happiness bubbles more and more in his stomach as he get to know his soulmate

Over the next hour he learns 
Can is a boy, goes to his uni and studies sports science while also being part of the football team, tin writes his number on his arm for can and a few minutes later gets a text from the boy.

They continue texting all through lunch and their next classes and during that time tin feels more ecstatic because his soulmate seems to be a genuinely nice boy with a heart of gold, someone who tin could love with all his heart and not worried about being hurt.

Over the next few days they don't stop texting and can invites tin to the next football game so they can finally meet.

Tin gets more and more anxious as the football match gets nearer,

What is can doesnt like him?

What if can is actually a jerk, or someone he already knows using a fake name?

"EARTH TO TIN" pete yells at him as they sit down to watch the match

" whats wrong with you, youve spaced out" pete says worried

" my soulmate is playing today, long story I found out I had a soulmate a few days ago and we are meeting today what if he hates me pete, what if I'm wrong for him?" Tin says looking around, pete let's out a sigh and pats tins back

"Tin stop worrying you're his soulmate, you've been talking for a while and he likes you, so please calm down and watch the match" pete says, tin takes a few deep breaths and slowly calms his racing heart.

The match went well with the sports science team winning 2-1 to the engineering team which made pete a bit sad since petes boyfriend ae was on the losing team, but tin was happy that his soulmates team had won.

Meet me by the locker room in a few minutes- can

The text makes tin excited and worried all at the same time, its time, he's finally going to meet his soulmate, he is finally going to meet his can.

He says a shaky goodbye to pete who wishes him luck and walks to the locker room which was empty now or almost empty.

Tin takes a deep shake breath and says

" c-c-can" the boy turns around and smiles at him

" tin" he says in a asking tone, tin nods his head and starts to feel tears form in his eyes 

His soulmate, his soulmate is so handsome. He has dark brown hair, sparkling deep brown eyes that glisten as the light hits them, plump pink lips and a small, fragile looking body.

Within a second can is walking towards him and wrapping his arms around tins waist, 

Tin let's out a sob of happiness and wraps his arms around can

" I cant belive you're real" can says into tins neck, tin let's out a laugh and pulls away slightly looking into the eyes of his handsome soulmate.

" I cant belive it either, you're so handsome" tin says slightly embarrassed.

" tin, I'm sorry for not replying to you all those years ago, I was freaked out, if only I knew how amazing you were" can says placing his forehead against tins

" its okay, youre here now and I'm so lucky to have you...can please be my boyfriend" tin says closing his eyes 

" yes tin of course I will" can says leaning in closer but stopping about half an inch away from tins lips

Tin groans and pulls can into a kiss. The kiss sets tins heart on fire and feelings that he could never thought existed rise in his stomach.

This is what love feels like 

Tin thinks as he kisses the boy who he was meant to find, tin pulls away a few seconds later tugging can into a hug.

" can" tin mutters against cans neck
"What is it tin?" 
" thank you for being real and giving me a chance" 
" no need to thank me, I'm your soulmate and I couldnt be happier" can says smiling and hugging tin tighter kissing his neck a few times.




Chapter Text

it's been a month or so since knock had chosen pleng instead of Korn and they haven't spoken since which made Korn both angry and sad because knock and he have been friends for so long and that is all over because of his stupid feelings.

"Korn you coming tonight?" farm says pulling korn out of his thoughts.

"what sorry?" Korn says confused and distracted

" you coming to my party tonight?" farm says again, korn looks around at his other friends who are nodding like maniacs, he gives farm a small smile and nods his head.

"sure why not" korn finally says, the rest of his friends let out a small cheer and they start to talk about that night and what they need.


later that night at the party


korn arrives at the party about twenty minutes late since he had been called by his mother and didn' t want her to worry if he didn't pick up.

he walks in and sees all his friends sat on the floor in a circle with a bottle in the middle, he looks around and sees knock is there but no pleng, he shakes his head and turns to leave not really ready to face the person who broke his heart into a million pieces. unfortunately, farm had already spotted him so he pulls him to sit next to him.

" as you can probably guess we are playing truth or dare, since you have just joined you don't have to spin yet," farm says, korn nods and his heart skips a beat when his eyes meet knocks who is sat in front of him.

he sends a small smile at the handsome man and looks down at his feet, after a few people had gone it was knocks turn and he spun the bottle and gasps when it lands on korn, everyone looks around at each other 

"truth or dare korn?" knock asks gently

"dare," korn says without a second thought scared what knock would ask if he said truth.

" well, I got nothing someone else chose a dare for him," knock says looking at the others in the room, Korn's heart beats faster and faster as the silence drags on.

"I dare you to do seven minutes in heaven with a knock," a girl from their practical engineering classes says when the silence starts to get awkward, korn is about to object but knock is already stood up and dragging him to the guest bedroom.

Korns feels like he is going to be sick with the amount of nervousness he is feeling right now, the last time they were alone was when knock told him he was choosing pleng. knock pushes him on the bed and locks the door before coming to sit next to him.

" you were right pleng was lying to me, that attack that happened to us earlier this year was her doing, she wanted to get me away from you," knock says after a few seconds of awkward silence.

"I'm sorry that you had to hear that," korn says once his heart has finally started to slow and go back to normal

" it better this way, I told her never to contact me again, I should be the one who is sorry you told me not to trust her and I ignored you and pushed you away" korn looks down at his hands and nods his head in understanding. knock put his finger under Korn's chin and lifts his head to look in his eyes.

"Please forgive me" knock asks, korn nods and pulls knock into a gentle kiss, the kiss gets more and more passionate as the time goes on. korn tries to pull away but knock doesn't allow it, instead, he licks Korns bottom lip and asks for entrance which korn opens his mouth to within a few seconds. 

" guys 7 minutes is up" knock hears, he quickly pulls away from korn hesitantly and looks at korn.

"you're mine now," knock says dragging a speechless korn out of the room and back to the group, he sits down on the floor and pulls korn onto his lap. 

everyone looks at them and begins to cheer loudly.

" it's about time," yihwa says smiling happily, both men who lips are slightly swollen laugh and look at each other lovingly

" yeah it's about time," korn says placing his head on knocks shoulder and kissing his neck gently 




Chapter Text

It started out as a gental kiss but as the time ticked past it got deeper and more heated.

"Can i take this off" sarawat says pullinv tines shirt up a little, tine nods and sots up so sarawat can remove the shirt, tine pulls sarawat back into to the kiss and lays down away.

They have only been dating a week but damn it is so hard for them to control themselves which is why whenever they are alone they end up in this position, tine laid on this back with sarawat straddling kissing so deep that you would not be able yo yell where one ends and the other starts.

The kiss gets deeper and deeper until a noise makes them pull apart, both men look to the door and see tines friends all looking at them, tine gasps and quicky rushes to put his shirt back on.

" not what it looks like" tine stutters

" really because it looks like you were getting your face eaten off by the person you said you were not dating"Phuak says, tine looks at his feet and then back to his friends 

" I was scared you would be against it" tine says quietly, sarawat sits next to tine on the bed and pulls him against his chest 

Tines friends smile and awww at the scene in front of them

" tine its your choice who you date, we don't really  care who it is as long as your happy and right now you look really happy so we approve" ohm buts in, tine smiles at his and jumps when he feels sarawat kiss his cheek which makes the others laugh

" just to know sarawat if you break times heart i swear to god I will kick your ass" fingers says seriously 

"Wouldn't dream of it" sarawat says lookimh lovingly into tines eyes 

" ok this is sweet and all but I think we are gonna leave and leave you 2 love birds alone, we'll see ya in class later tine" ohm says pushing the other 2 out the door

" im sorry wat" tine says placing his head more into sarawats neck

" for what tine" 

" for not telling them"

"Its okay, plus it was kinda fun sneaking around, that won't be happening for much longer because its gonna spead really fast if one of your friends tell someone else"

"Youre forgetting the whole campus already thinks we are dating thanks to your plan" tine says lifting his head for a second before dropping it back on sarawats shoulder

"It worked didnt it, I finally got you to fall for me" sarawat says with a laugh, tine smiles and lays back on the bed, sarawat following him

"What you wanna do till I have to drop you off at class" sarawat asks, tine does a small fake thinking face before pulling sarawat into another passionate kiss.

Yeah sarawat is really happy he asked green to fake being in love with tine because it got the boy he has loved since high school to finally notice him.


Chapter Text

As misu is walking out of the main school building he spots shingyouji wearing a black outfit heading towards him. Shingyouji gives a slight bow and goes to walk past him but is stopped when misu says

"Shingyouji that promise you talked about the other day, I have some free time next week" Shingyouji smiles and turns to the older man
"No. Its fine dont force yourself...arata san please don't think to much about me. I have a date, arata san see you around" shingyouji says giving one last smile before running into the building.

Misu looks towards the building and his body starts to ache

A date...with someone else... what?

Misu feels his heart beating erratically , but doesn't know why, he walks to the place he was originally gonna meet his friend and when he sees him studying at an otherwise empty bench he goes to sit next to him

"Hikaru have you ever had a weird feeling in your chest that appears when you're around one specific person" misu asks 

"Depends on what kind of feeling" 

"Heart beating really fast, undeniable happiness and a fluttering in your chest"

" misu you're in love, who is it?"

"Shingyouji" misu says too quiet for the other male to hear 

" what was that?"

"Shingyouji" misu says again louder this time, a smile spreads across his face and he knows he is hooked.

" well you better tell him before it's too late, lots of other guys in his class have been after him" Hikaru says, misu let's out a deep breath and gives a slight nod, he goes back to his dorm to get changed into something more casual. 

But when he opens the dorm he sees Shingyouji sat with tamaki, 

"Tamaki can I please talk to Shingyouji in private", tamaki nods and leaves the room presumably to go see gii

" sorry hayama san said he would help me wirh math I didn't mean to go behind your back" Shingyouji says slightly worried.

Misu pull Shingyouji closer and whispers "why am I so in love with you" in Shingyouji's ear, Shingyouji pulls away and gasps 

"Arata san" 

"Shingyouji I love you, I'm sorry for treating you like a pet, if you will allow me to im ready to show you my feelings" Shingyouji smiles and kisses misu gently

" by the way I cancled the date, I was going to beg your forgiveness for being a bad pet" 

"You were never just a pet to me, i just never realised that it was love I felt for you" misu says after they pulled away

"I love you arata san" 

"I love you too Shingyouji" misu says as he is pulled into a tight hug
" and please tell anyone who tries to come near you that you are my boyfriend now not just my pet, ans I will not share you" he adds on after a second.

"Ok arata san i will" 


Chapter Text

"Gii" takumi says in a fearful voice as they stand outside his childhood house. Gii and takumi had come home to introduce gii to takumi's parents and to say that takumi was terrified is an understatement because his heart was beat so hard in his chest he is sure the whole neibourhood can hear it.

"I know takumi" gii says softly, he takes takumis hand and squeezes gently. Takumi takes a deep breath and starts walking to the door. He knocks lightly and waits for one of his parents to answer.

"Oh takumi my son, come in come in, whoes this boy you have with you?" Takumi's mum says when she opens the door, gii gives the woman who looks to be hin her 40's a small smile before looking to takumi

"Mother this is my friend from school saki giichi" takumi says, gii looks at him and he gives a little shake of his head to say not now, the woman smiles and shakes gii's hand.

" well nice to meet you saki, I'm hiro and this is my husband ena" gii nods and they all take a seat on the couch, hiro informs the two boys that they will have to share a room which obviously doesn't bother them before saying they should go unpack.

Takumi shows gii the way and gii notices there is a room with takumis brothers name on the door, gii doesn't bring it up because he doesn't want to upset takumi. When they reach takumis old room, gii can see that it isn't a very big room but does have a big enough bed for both of them, he places his bags down and sits on the bed.

"Friend ey,?" Gii asks
" im sorry gii I thought it would be better to tell them at dinner" gii nods and starts unpacking, once they have unpacked they cuddle up on the bed and watch a movie, gii often leaves little kisses on takumis head and after a while they start to drop off to sleep.

"HAYAMA TAKUMI" thunders through the room waking them both up from sleep, they both bolt up and see Ena at the now open door, takumi looks over to gii starting to hyperventilate.

"FATHER UM..." Takumi stutters after he has managed to calm his breathing.

"MY SON IS A FREAK, I SHOULD HAVE GUESSED AFTER WHAT HAPPENED WITH YOUR BROTHER" Ena says looking at the two. Gii looks over to his boyfriend and sees tears filling his eyes.

"Ena-san its not what it looks like" takumi shakes his head and looks to his father

" Actually father it is, gii and I are in love have been for 2 years" takumi says truthfully, gii looks at takumi proudly and takumi takes his hand in his own.

"IT'S ALL YOUR FAULT YOUR BROTHER WAS A FREAK" ena yells, takumi wonders why his mother still hasn't come up but soon realises she has probably gone out.

"STOP" GII yells at the older male. Both takumi and ena look at gii

" lets leave, we can go to my home, my parents already love you like their own son so lets get out of this place" gii says, takumi nods and starts packing their bags

"TAKUMI YOU ARE NOT MY SON, NEVER COME BACK" ena says before leaving, takumi and gii pack their bags and make their way out of the house, on their way out they bump into hiro

" takumi where are you going?"

" leaving father doesn't accept gii and I and i want to be with people who will love me no matter what" takumi says looking at gii and kissing his cheek in a way to tell his mother.

" I accept you son, call me when you find somewhere i will try talk some sense into your father" takumi nods and hugs his mother

" welcome to the family saki I hope to see you soon" she says gentally to gii, gii nods and shakes her hand once more before grabing takumi's again and walking away

" im sorry takumi"
"Its okay gii at least my mother accepts us" he says with a small smile
" well we already know my parents accept us" gii says with a small chuckle

" I love you gii" takumi says facing gii
" I love you too" gii says pulling takumi closer and kissing him gently

"Lets go" gii says pulling away a few seconds later
" yeah lets go"

Chapter Text

Third pov

OK maybe getting drunk and deciding to do truth or dare wasn't the best idea but hey if it possibly gets me to kiss my boyfriend who am I to say no. 

Its our graduation after party at twos House and we decided why the hell not.

"Third truth or dare" a random girl asks when she has finished her turn, I think about it for a second before saying truth which started loads of moans, its the forth time I chose truth today, I roll my eyss and just say ill do a dare instead to make them happy.

" the pocky challange with...khai" ok now I'm happy because I get to do this with my "secret" boyfriend, I think everyone knows they just want us to admit it. 

Khai moves towards me with an evil grin and places a pocky stick in his mouth. 
As soon as he is close enough I place the other end in my mouth and start chewing on it so i get closer to khais lips as if this was the spaghetti scene in the lady with the tramp except khai and I ain't dogs.

Once our lips are about 10cm apart I stop and look in his eyes for conformation. He nods his head and i move closer and closer until our lips meet, the kiss starts out sweet but within seconds it gets more passionate with khai kicking my lips and me opening my mouth to grant access, my tongue meets his and soon I start to explore his mouth.

" okay guys break it up before you start fucking in front of us" I hear un grown, I pull away and blush like a little kid.

Khai just smile and grags me into his lap, he keeps kissing my neck and cheek.

"What was that" two asks, referring to the kiss khai and i just shared

" third has been mine for about a year now so all you girl who have a crush on his better back off" khai says without hesitation, I start blushing even more but turn to face him, I give him a small peck on the lips and whisper yeah i think they guessed that im yours, khai laughs and I ask the next person (who I chose to be two) truth or dare, and when he said truth I asked a ultra embarrassing question to get the attention off khai and I 

So maybe just maybe getting drunk and playing truth or dare isn't so bad after all