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Ladies Behind Closed Doors LIVE!

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2. Prompt must include couple FEATURED PREVIOUSLY IN THE STORY: "When Ladies Meet Behind Closed Doors". NO NEW ONES.

3. Prompt can be either one word (Like 'Honey') or a single sentence (Girl A reveals to Girl B that she's pregnant with another man's baby)

4. NO Guro, Vore...just keep to what I have established in previous chapters.

5. You can include the following:

  1. Futa
  2. Impregnation/Pregnancy
  3. Marriage
  4. Cosplay
  5. ETC.

6. Can do sad stuff...BUT NOT grimdark stuff.

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Okay, first date with Tsunade. First big date. This can go either way. Ino stared at herself in the mirror. She's dressed up for this rather simple get-together at the local cafe: a purple silken nightgown But this is a date with Tsunade, the leader of the village, so Ino wanted to try and impress her in some way. The way her hands are shaking, Ino already knew that she's going to spill something tonight and it's going to stain this dress.

Asking Tsunade out almost gave her a heartattack. Like really. Her heart was bashing against her chest in a frantic attempt to escape. Seeing the beautiful (And curvy, can't forget curvy) body of Tsunade up close and personal like that, and asking her out? That had to be one of the hardest things to do in her life.

But hey, it all worked out! Ino nervously laughed to herself as she walked up to the front door of Tsunade's home. Just go up to the door, ring the bell, wait patiently, and then escort Tsunade down to the local cafe...she's taking this way more serious than she really should. Ino took a deep breath and went up to the buzzer...

...and the door swung open to reveal Tsunade in a near-transparent robe that just lovingly detailed out her well-detailed body. She looked to be a bit buzzed going by her rosy cheeks. Tsunade smiled at Ino and asked: "Why don't you come in and show me what those hands can do?"

Ino had three choices. Faint on the spot, run away in sheer fear, or go inside and ravish Tsunade. She almost somehow did all three but she did pick the third option in the end. Tsunade really appreciated Ino for making such a decision that she asked Ino to keep coming back on a daily basis.

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(Who Framed Roger Rabbit?/Cool World): "Jessica does a teasing fashion show for Holli but once she gets to the Nurses outfit, Holli can't help herself anymore."


Jessica Rabbit just had the most perfect body. She could wear a garbage bag, literally just the plastic and with some things of trash dotted around her, and she would still look absolutely stunning. So Holli just had to ask Jessica to play dressup before they went to bed together. Jessica didn't mind, Holli had some good ideas for outfits.

"I could have become a Playboy bunny actually." Jessica told as she did a spin around and shook her little rump, causing the little puffball of a tail to bounce. Holli much preferred Jessica's breasts, but her ass dancing in her face is always welcome. Jessica did a little giggle as she returned to behind the changing panel. "I apparently lost it because..." Jessica paused to let out a annoyed breath as she managed to get the tight outfit off her body. "...the other girl sucked a bigwig off."

"I would suck a bigwig off to get you to be a bunny." Holli told, her fingers dancing around the edge of her panties. She's going to rip them off at any second now.

"That's not something I would like to think about." Jessica sighed. "Alright, last one. Close your eyes..."

Holli shrugged, closed her eyes for a few seconds, and then opened them as soon as she heard Jessica walking out from the panel. Jessica had put on a candy stripper nursing outfit: it barely went past her hips and the top part looked ready to rip apart from the strain of trying to contain the breasts. "Well?" Jessica asked as she put her hands on her hips. "What do you think? This thing is a bit tight..."

Before she even had a moment to process it, Jessica had been flung onto the bed and her clothes were being ripped asunder. It took a few hours for Jessica to gather her thoughts, as Holli just worked her over something fierce. The nursing outfit had been destroyed, but Jessica just had to get another one in the future...

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"Ino repays Tsunade for saving her life"


One second, Ino is trying to keep the last bit of her blood from leaking out of her body and fighting past the pain of having a fireball going off right in her chest. The next second, she's standing up, perfectly fine outside of dizziness. Ino looked over to see Tsunade launching herself forward towards the enemy, fists raised and ready to bash in a few heads. Ino just watched on as Tsunade did just that and then some more.

With the rogue ninjas down for the count (Maybe, they could be dead, hard to tell) Tsunade returned to Ino. "How are you feeling?" She asked as she checked over the injured area. Ino just stood there, processing what she just saw and what she just went through. She nearly died, Tsunade came out of nowhere and not only healed her but also took to taking down the people that attacked them. The sexiest badass lady in the world.

How could she repay her?

"Oh..." Ino groaned, holding her head. "I feel a bit woozy."

"We better get you to a bed then..." Tsunade told as she carefully collected Ino to help her walk over to the camp. Ino moved her head away from Tsunade's vision so she could smile. Hopefully the hospital bed will be big enough for what she has planned. And as they got closer to the camp, Ino did notice a smile coming onto Tsunade's face. Looks like she has a idea of whats coming next...and she likes it.

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A continuation of chapter Chapter 70: Komoe Harumachi/Kirika Misono (Eiken)
Kirika makes both herself and Komoe futas, to impregnate each other, to get a daughter world's largest knockers, as she wished.


Well, if you first don't succeed, get the local mad scientist to give each of you a giant cock so you can complete your goal of getting a daughter!

Komoe, at first, felt incredibly unsure about going through this. It's only transforming a part of her body for a short while, but still it is a product of Kyoko...and Kyoko did have a 'interesting' track record. Kirika really insisted on trying out the potions at least once, offering up so much to convince Komoe. I'll do chores for the month! I'll take you out to your favorite restaurant for a year! I'll be bottom for a week! Anything! Please! I just want to see a big boobed baby! I want us to have a baby!

Komoe looked down at her pregnant belly. Really kinda a disappointment. Kirika wanted to be the one carrying the baby. But hey, she's getting the baby regardless! Komoe sighed as she got out of her armchair and into the bedroom, where a punchdrunk Kirika taking a sip of that special potion awaited her.

"Hey, lovely." Kirika called out as tossed the empty potion into the corner. "Come here and I'll make you feel nice and comfy..."

Being comfy is the one thing that Komoe couldn't do when it came time to give birth. Baby got stuck...twice! But all of the passing years showed that their child would forever hold the world record of having the largest breasts in the world, so hey! Let's have another one!

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I'd like to see more Yuki/Mikuru from you. Fun in the shower.


"You really want to..."

"Yes." Yuki stated in the clearest voice that Mikuru ever heard. Yuki reached forward and placed a kiss onto her lips, a mere glance. Not that she needed to go further than that right now, they had a shower reserved for that sort of thing.

Mikuru slowly undressed. She first thought that Yuki is staring her down, observing her. But a look back showed that Yuki is only not watching, but she's already gone ahead and got the shower started. Mikuru sighed and quickly finished up to go and join Yuki in the bathroom, jumping behind the curtains and into the warm and rushing water. What did surprise the time traveler is Yuki slowly pining Mikuru to the wall of the shower, staring eye-to-eye.

"I have seen at least two dozen pornographic films and two hundred public films that have shown that fornication in the shower is to be one of the highest forms of romantic interactions." Yuki told as she went in for a kiss, this one far deeper. Mikuru didn't express surprise or her usual form of cowardice, she just accepted the kiss by closing her eyes and tilting her head.

The funny thing is that Yuki didn't naturally have a 'taste' about her. But with the warm water rushing down on both of them, the steam clouding their vision just a hair, their bodies fused together and just the sense of sexual wonder...Mikuru found Yuki's flavorless lips to be the most delectable thing on the planet.

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A Futa!underage!Jamika/Lashawn story with Jamika fucking her wife Lashawn and getting her pregnant (Reworked slightly)


Kid games nowadays! Jamika couldn't believe the sort of games that kids play in these current years. 'Knock Up The Hooker', they wouldn't play a game like that when she was a kid!

Dressing up as a street-walker felt exciting for Jamika for some reason: it's not something she thought about nor has she put any thought into it. But here she is: extremely-short tank-top with the thin bra exposed, short shorts that work in tandem with the thong to ride up her ass, cheap fishnet stockings and high-heels. This outfit could be taken off at any moment just by a mere thought! Jamika giggled at the prospect.

And her laughter died in her throat as LaShawn pulled her skirt up to reveal a manhood sticking up and ready to go.

At first, she thought it to be fake, like a strap-on. But no, going by how rough LaShawn floored into her, night after night, and Jamika's now bulging belly, LaShawn really did somehow grow a penis and impregnate a grown woman. Her and her sibling's catchphrase: 'We don't die, we multiply' suddenly took on a all new meaning.

Oh well! Jamika shrugged right before she tried on a new thong. LaShawn will love this one, it's got her colors. And as long as LaShawn is happy, then Jamika is happy. Why, she's already come up with baby names for the next one!

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I would like to read Mami/Madoka. Madoka got a bad grades in school. Whe she told Mami about it, Mami decide to punish Madoka


"A low score..." Mami commented out loud as she looked over the big red number on Madoka's most recent exam. Taking the page down from her eyes, Mami looked across the table over to Madoka, fidgeting in her seat and trying to look away if not outright trying to run away. "Madoka, I thought we studied for this..." Mami sighed.

"I'm sorry." Madoka squeaked out. Mami waited for her to say more, like a excuse or three. But no, Madoka had apparently resigned herself to her fate.

Mami sighed, grabbed a nearby ruler and smacked it against her hand. "I will have to punish you..." She grimly told, Madoka nodding in response. Mami rapped the ruler in her palm just a bit longer, allowing the sound of the smack to echo throughout the room before she pointed it to Madoka and told: "No cake for dessert for a week!"


"And no staying up late, bedtime at eight!"


"And above all else, no sex until you make up the exam!"

"...can I at least get spanked?"


"...can I touch your boobies?"

"Only if you promise to try harder."

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Risky Boots forcing Shantae to marry her.

Welp, here she is. Dressed in a white gown, her uncle walking her down the aisle, and her friends watching on. Real shame that her wedding day is ruined by two things, her 'groom' and the groom's friends.

Risky Boots had finally done it. Took over Scuttle Town with a army of well-armed Tinkerbats. All for one goal: getting to marry the half-genie guardian Shantae! Risky had done all of this just for this? Shantae groaned as she heard the proposal; complete with Risky on her knee, hand extended with a stolen ring, her Tinkerbats supporting her by keeping others from interfering with the proposal. Shantae did accept it just to keep the Tinkerbats from attacking anyone...but that didn't mean she would enjoy any of the ceremony or the rocking party that occurred afterwards.

And then the pirates just...left. Shantae woke up the next morning to find a note from Risky and the town empty of Tinkerbats. One day, they're setting up shop and fortress while running the townfolks ragged, the next day the town looks like the guests escaped a party just so they don't have to clean up the mess they made. The note basically amounted to Risky taunting Shantae...and asking for her to come over at any time.

So did that mean that if Risky does one of her big plans to take over the world or land or whatever, Shantae can come in, wreck her plans, and then settle down to spend a special night with her?

...okay, that works for her!

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Prompt: La Muerte walking in on a needy Maria busying herself (you know *wink*?) after a long day of work

(I'm sorry, I didn't quite catch your 'drift')


"Ugh." Was the first thing that La Muerte managed to get out as she walked, or rather, stumbled into her home. She worked herself to the couch and threw herself on it. "So many stupid souls, so many..." Her head hurt (How? She's a goddess...of dead people!) so she had to stop and work out a mental clink in her head. " little stupid time."

"Welcome home!" Chirped out Maria as she walked into the living room. Muerte looked up a little bit to see Maria bouncing out of the kitchen, dressed in only a apron. A very tiny apron, one that hid all of those naughty bits but that's pushing it just a bit. The way that she's prancing towards the couch, it's like Maria is trying to expose herself as much as possible. Maria even carried in a dish carrying a massive and steaming cemita. Smelt good...but Muerte didn't have the energy to pick herself up to eat it. "You..." Maria pointed a free finger at Muerte. "...look deader than usual."


"Here, let me help you..." Maria giggled and put the plate onto the nearby coffee table before she threw herself onto her mistress, squishing her breasts into Muerte's face. Maria wormed around all over Muerte, rubbing her breasts all over Muerte's head while also pushing kisses down upon Muerte.

The goddess sighed before she grabbed ahold of the busty woman and throw her onto the couch. Muerte didn't know why she got tired...or why she just has a apartment when she's a goddess. But hey, she did have a sexy wife to play with as she saw fit so that made her day all the more interesting...and all the more reason she needed to get her workload done as fast as possible.

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Julie Bruin does a private concert for Angel and then things get sexual.


Angel's lack of feet or the general ability to be on dry land without flopping around did make meeting up a bit awkward, let alone for her to attend Julie's concerts. And Julie's agents and event organizers just couldn't arrange or find a place near a body of water. But it all worked out in the end because Julie had some free time, a beach blanket and a guitar.

"I admit, this is the first time that I have done a private concert!" Julie told as she sat down on the bleach blanket with her guitar in her hands, her breasts jiggling just a small bit of which stole Angel's attention. "You think that someone else would have done it."

"But you would refuse it if they were some sleazy guy, right?" Angel asked as she leaned her shoulders on the edge of the dock. Julie nodded before she went to tuning her guitar. Honestly, the way that Julie filled in that small and frilly bikini made Angel want to skip past the concert and get straight to the good stuff. But hey, Julie really wanted to show off her musical talent to her girlfriend, so Angel is going to let her play this out.

"I'm ready!" Julie chirped as she finished tuning her guitar, giving it a small twang. She took a deep breath, raised her hand over her head, ready to belt out a tune...

...and Angel reached up, grabbed Julie by the stomach area, and yanked the bear into the water. As Julie hit the surface, she found herself relieved of her clothes but also stuck in a state of pleasure as Angel's hands worked her over. Guess the only concert going around here is one that has Angel as the performer and Julie as a instrument delivering such fantastical noises...

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How about some more Elinor/Merida stuff?


"Hey mum!" Called out Merida as came from behind Elinor, her hands latching onto Elinor's plump breasts and doing a tight squeeze. Elinor resisted emitting a moan, but the desire to do so only increased as Merida's hands started to rotate her breasts around in small circles. "Looks like we got some time alone..."

"Cut it out, young lady." Elinor stated with a great amount of restraint. "The triplets can still be around..."

"Oh please." Merida let go of the breasts so she could run around her mother to face her eye-to-eye. "They're probably off bangin' the maid..."

"Don't say such rot." Elinor shyly stated as she meekly turned her head away, hoping that someone will come up to them and interrupt them. But with the cold halls of the castle quiet save for the sounds of the outside leaking through the windows, it's just her and daughter.

"Speakin' of bangin'..." Merida stepped up onto her tip-toes to plant a meaningful kiss onto Elinor's lips, one such kiss that Elinor did little to prevent or hide her enjoyment. "Come on. We got to get you out of those clothes..." Merida started to walk away, holding her hand out. Elinor sighed as she took her daughter's hand and allowed herself to be lead around to what will be a private bedroom.

She might not really be all that into this relationship as Merida is, but she did love her daughter. And Merida really did make her feel loved alright.

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Tawna is expecting the same thing from Coco, but this time Coco goes for something different. (Based on your short story of the two)

Tawna expected a routine when it came down to Coco. If they were alone, Coco would first direct Tawna over to something soft: like a bed or a couch. Then Coco would jump onto her, knocking them down on top of the object so Coco could play with Tawna's bouncy Wumpa fruits. That's just the start, Coco would range from either gently taking off Tawna's clothes or just ripping it off. It's like she's dating Crash again!

So, as she came home from a shopping trip, Tawna started to prepare for the eventual crashing of bodies. She dropped her bags, closed her eyes and walked forward. Tawna's ears picked up on the movement of feet across the floor. Destiny, take your course!

Instead of two hands latching onto her breasts yet again, she instead felt something cold and metallic rubbing up against her clothed backside. "Hey Tawna..." Called out Coco in a soft voice.

"What's that..." Tawna asked, her voice trembling.

"A special toy." Coco told as she pushed the 'toy' up and down across Tawna's buttocks. Tawna could sense what sort of shape the toy is and what Coco plans on doing with it. But then Coco continued. "It's going to be big on the market..." She then stood up on her tip-toes and whispered: "It can make babies..."

The only surprise here is that Coco waited this long to start using Tawna as a test subject. But hey, at least it's different...for now...

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Tyr'rahnee and Amy have some fun after awhile when the kids are out.


Finally. Frida had arranged a playdate. Well, a playdate with other high-ranking children, but it does mean she's out of the house...or rather palace, for a few hours. Perfect time to enjoy some time together.

"Well, I got the movies." Tyr'ahnee told as she entered into their private bedroom, dressed her in comfiest robe. "I think Frida has stolen a few of our DVDs, so we're missing 'Little Red Men' and 'Mars Needs Breeding'..."

"Oh we don't need a movie." Amy called out, her voice drunk with lust. Tyr'ahnee looked up to see a completely naked Amy laying down on her front on their bed, kicking her feet in the air carelessly. "I'm all of the action-packed experience you will ever need..."

"Oh, oh!" Tyr'ahnee's eyes widen as she dropped the movies, but sadly to Amy's view, not her robe. "You meant that kind of night! I could have sworn you wanted to relax..."

"This is how I relax." Amy groaned. "And besides, we're not that old just yet."

Tyr'ahnee looked down to the fallen collection of DVDs. "I mean, we could have the movies on while we..."

"Stop flapping those non-existent lips of yours and get in here..."

And within a flash, the robe came off and the palace became a rock concert of moans and groans for the next four hours. 

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Ugh. That's all her mind could come up with as she trudged up the steps of her suburban home. Peg felt like coming apart at the seams: literally just just falling into a million tiny pieces onto the floor. She's worked like a dog and now smelled like one upsetting for a cat-girl like her.

At least the workday is over. How could real estate be so damn tiring? Maybe it's all the stupid people that come up to her and try to either scam her or tear down the estates that she works on. Honestly, it gave her flashbacks to her old husband. She left him a long time ago, and now remarried to a young and perky girl. Maybe the marriage is just a way to recapture her lost youth or some nonsense like that...

"Oh, welcome home!" Frankie ran up to Peg and hugged her. "I got a surprise for you!"

"The Grim Reaper came early?" Peg groaned.

"Nah, nothing of the sort." Frankie held up this...toy. This robotic looking toy. "Our Coco Bandicoot product has arrived..." Frankie trailed off as she left a kiss onto Peg's cheek.

Suddenly, all of the worries and troubles that plagued Peg today faded away. Like a hurricane in a dessert. Peg knew that she made a good choice in picking Frankie...and even a better one being the one to carry their child. Nobody, no matter how stupid or evil or even stupidly evil they are, will argue with a pregnant woman...

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I love Maria x la Muerte, it’s my favorite book of life pairing that’s also a rare pair, the next chapter that you make, can It be futa la Muerte impregnating Maria on they’re honeymoon to start they’re family?

The cold halls of the underworld were greatly unnerving to Maria. This is the place where the dead roam, but she still retained her soul...provided that she never let go of La Muerte's hand. Their marriage, as a result, was a bit of an awkward endeavor to make sure the two never let go, least Maria's soul goes off a-wandering.

But in the end, they went to a different location. Heaven! Sort of, it's like some lower level that allows for gods and goddess to go to...basically, a angel's beach resort. Had the most beautiful sky that the mortal Maria's eyes ever took in: a carpet of purple velvet with gleaming silver stars as a wave of dark blue washed over the dimming orange of the setting sun.

"Now." La Muerte started up as she took off her insanely impossible cool hat. "I must tell this." And with a puff of green smoke, Maria now gazed upon not only a naked La Muerte, but a La Muerte packing 'heat'. "Once I do this, there is no turning back. Your womb will no longer be able to carry the seed of any mortal, so if you wish to hold a child with a mortal man..."

"No." Maria sighed as she started to work on the back of her wedding dress. "This is where I belong. Next to you, my goddess..."

La Muerte giggled, snapped her fingers, and the same green smoke took away Maria's clothes. Maria giggled as her wife approached her. "There might be a issue here..." La Muerte told as she put a quick kiss onto Maria, pushing more weight to put Maria onto the bed. "My seed might produce more than one child, on more than just one occasion..."

Maria didn't mind that. She rather loved the prospect as the distinctly warm parts of La Muerte carried her throughout the night...

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Maybe Viola convinces Alexa to have a little fun out in public (Exhibitionism?)

"Really?" Asked Alexa as she was shown the trenchcoat, hanging in the store front's widow. "That?"

"Yeah!" The bouncy Viola bounced her head up and down. "I mean, we've tried everything but..."

"Exhibitionism." Alexa sighed as she turned to her sister. "Look, that's a whole new level there. We could get into some real trouble." She walked over to the nearby cafe, trying to not be too unnerved by her sister's glaring eyes, her sister's eyes glaring holes through her outfit, her sister's beautiful eyes gleaming onto her body as she thought about all of the sexual acts the two could do. "Imagine what will happen if we get caught." Alexa continued as she sat down in the busy cafe. "I just prefer the anonymity of hotel rooms. They don't question sisters..."

"Nobody questions sisters." Viola giggled as she scooted up a chair to her sister, her hands immediately wrapping onto the breasts. Alexa panicked slightly, feeling as if every pair of eyes in the cafe is watching her. But her sister's hands worked that nasty pedigree of thoughts away, even more so when Viola started to snake a hand down Alexa's pants. "See?" Viola whispered right before she started to nibble onto Alexa's ear. "You'll enjoy it."

As she could feel her sister's hand worm next to her private place, Alexa wondered if anyone is recording this. The scandals this will cause...

...she's going back and getting that trenchcoat. Might as well enjoy herself while going down.

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Flannery/Maddy "Road ahead" Maddy wants to form a family, proposes to Flannery.

Maddy put on a coy smile as Flannery exited from the changing room. "We-well?" Flannery quivered out as she got into the pose that Flannery had told her to: hand behind the head, other hand on her hips and pushing her hips out to show off her flame-print bikini that appeared to be a size too small...a perfect fit from Maddy's perspective. "Ha-how does it look?"

"Like a bridal gown." Maddy licked her lips, taking a moment to realize what she said before remarking: "Oh, sorry..." She giggled as she dug into her pocket and pulled out a velvet black box. "I spoiled the surprise."

"You want us to get married?" Flannery gasped as her balled-up hands covered up her growing smile.

"Oh yeah!" Maddy threw open the box and revealed a rather colorful ring. "I want to start a family with 'ya! You got a great body..." Maddy licked her lips again, looking all over Flannery's body. "Great ass..."

"Hey..." Flannery meekly chuckled as she look over to the side, rubbing a hand up and down her arm.

"Come here!" Maddy grabbed ahold of Flannery's arm, yanking the nervous redhead close to her. Maddy basically slid the ring up Flannery's finger before going and pressing a deep kiss onto Flannery's lips, directing the girl over into the changing room. The sound-proof changing room.

The future isn't as much different from the present, at least to Flannery. But to Maddy, there's so much to do...and so much fun to be had...

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Prompt: Kiki and Jenny bond while closing up shop

Kiki sighed as she saw her parents exit the store, leaving her and her sister to clean up. As usual. Might as well go ahead and jump ahead to the start of the line. Kiki took off and hung her apron before going to the windows to shutter them close, giving her and Jenny some private time.

"Good girl." Jenny whispered into Kiki's ears, having snuck up on her sister. Kiki's skin crawled, but she got herself under control before Jenny got her hands all over Kiki's body, working to free her slim body free of those nasty and confining clothes. "The smell of pizza on you is so..." Jenny took in a big sniff of Kiki's flour-soaked hair. "...exotic."

"We have beds at home, you know..." Kiki breathed out. She could feel her nipples starting to erect underneath her bra...her now exposed bra. That's soon going to be coming off once Jenny's nimble fingers work on the strap.

But Jenny took a break from undressing her sister to instead run her tongue down the side of Kiki's neck, drawing a cool moan out of the close-to-topless girl. "Because this is way more exciting!" Jenny told as she snaked a hand down Kiki's pants and down into her crotch. "What if Dad forgot something and has to come back? What if Gunga decided to barge in? Imagine..." Jenny paused before diving one of her fingers inside of Kiki, this action getting Kiki's entire body to obey that one little finger. "...if we got caught?"

Unbelievable. Okay genius, what if they do get caught? They would never work here again, at least not together. Might be sent off to a camp to get those impure thoughts out of their heads. But as Jenny drove Kiki over to their favorite table (The one that Kiki had to clean all day long to make sure the smell of sex doesn't tip anyone off), Kiki couldn't think about the consquences.

All she could think about is now her sister's fingers and eventually her tongue are going to be driving her up both the literal and the metaphorical wall...

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Wanted 2 wait until you were active. Could you do one with Fran and Jessica meeting up after the party to continue things? I know they're your favorite couple so I thought you might enjoy writing about them.

When they returned back home to their worlds, both Jessica and Fran assumed they would be fine...but then a great pang came into their hearts. While the normally stoic Fran could work with and hide it well from her allies, the more emotional and headstrong Jessica fell into a unique depression. One that she couldn't shake no matter the encouragement she got from her friends and family. It's like a fierce storm cloud had picked her head to hang over and wasn't going to leave anytime soon.

News spread around, thanks to a certain bandana-wearing hero seeking a way, any way be it physical or magical, to help his friends. The word somehow spread to different worlds, and then to Ivalice where it fell upon the ears of a certain sky pirate.

"You should go and see her." Balthier told point-blank to Fran as he approached her leaning on the bow. Fran's long ears perked and she stared rather confusingly towards her partner. "Ah, don't give me that look. Go and see your red-head flame." Balthier sighed as he scratched the back of his head. " want me to go and give you a bigger reason..."

"I'm fine." Fran stood up straight. "Thank you. I will return soon." She nodded as she went over to her cabin to go and get a bag packed. 

"No, take your time!" Balthier waved over to her, shouting. 

Fran didn't want to spend too long away from her home, but as she arrived to see Jessica...time flew past. What felt like a minute really lasted a hour. A day turned into a week, and week evolved into months. Jessica's sad state faded away like a flame in a hurricane, and Fran didn't want to leave that smile alone ever again...

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Ok, how about Ada Wong/Ashley Graham from Resident Evil with Ada becoming pregnant with Ashley's child after the pair are married?

The marriage felt political and convenient despite the two actually sharing a interest in each other. But Ashley saw some signs: Ada used a series of false names to arrange the wedding and the following honeymoon, she avoided going out into large and public places, and there's that not-so subtle hint of Ada packing heat everywhere they went. Sometimes just that emergency pistol, other times she went full-auto.

Ashley walked into their living room, carrying a spot of tea for Ada. "Thank you..." Ada sighed as she sipped away. "You're getting better at making tea."

"You're welcome." Ashely did a little bow. "Hey...Ada..." Ashley started to ask, getting Ada's attention away from her tea. "You're not being pursued by anyone, are you?"

"Of course." Ada nonchalantly stated. "Always. I betrayed and used a lot of people in my various pasts, and those people are not going to stop until I pay up or die." She shrugged before reassuming sipping.

"But aren't you the least bit worried?" A slowly-encroaching-onto-panicking Ashley asked, her hands shaking. "About us?"

"Oh no." Ada shook her head. "I've set up a million different safeguard for us. And hey," She chuckled. "I could always teach you a few things..."

"Not in that body!"

"Now, whose fault is that? The pregnant woman, or the woman that knocked her up?"


"Good girl!"

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Hello Nurse giving Minerva a "check up" (sexually of course). Though I'd finish up the loony toon style of characters.

"Say ah." Hello Nurse asked as she pulled out a dildo.  

"Ah." Minerva giggled as she laid out onto her back, spreading her legs out. 

 "Uh-huh." Nurse wagged a finger around. "You first need to strip." Minerva shrugged as she threw herself back up into a sitting position on the edge of the bed. The mink reached under her shirt and threw it off, revealing a distinct lack of bra. "My, my..." Nurse sighed as she grabbed ahold of her own breast to give it a small squeeze. "Feeling naughty...or prepared for my visit?"

"Both..." Minerva cooed as she slid her skirt off, also revealing that she chose not to wear any underwear in that part of her body as well. Went full commando! Nurse licked her lips. 

"Let me do a little oral exercise..." Nurse told as she just ripped open her top, causing some buttons to fly off in different directions...including into Minerva's eye. Minerva let out a shrill cry of pain as she clutched her eye. "Oh no!" Nurse dropped the act as she jumped onto the bed to go and check out her girlfriend, who's currently squirming around in pain. "Let me see it..."

"Why did that hurt that much?" Minerva groaned, slowly taking her hand off to show her reddening eye.

"Hmm." Nurse sniffed. "We're going to need put some ice on it..."

"Ah, ah..."

"We can screw later..." Nurse placed a small and gentle kiss onto Mink's forehead. "It's okay...

Chapter Text


Aunt Cass and Go-Go gettin it on while Hiro is out!

"Well, he's gone." Go-go clapped her hands as she made the pre-caution of locking the front door just a few seconds after Hiro walked outside. "You know what that means..."

Aunt Cass sighed. Hiro could come back at any moment, perhaps to get something he forgot. But Go-Go with making some suggestive motions with her hips, Cass had no choice. There's no denying that girl. Cass quickly started to undress in her own kitchen, right in front of Go-Go. Go-Go watched in awe, her hips shaking side-to-side as Cass's clothes were flung off, leaving the older woman dressed in only her white underwear. "Oh, don't forget the underwear..." Go-Go told as she licked her lips and as she worked on her own belt.

Cass nodded as she turned around, her big fanny being on full display as the rest of her modest underwear came off. Cass kept her naked ass facing towards Go-Go as she put on her apron. She turned back around, completing the look of the 'naked apron'. Go-Go clapped her hands together as she hopped over the counter. "You fill out an apron incredibly well..." Go-Go commented on as she groped Cass' ass.

Cass let out a sharp coo as Go-Go's hands worked wonders on her body. It's so weird: Go-Go is demanding and oppressive; if Cass had left her underwear on or didn't even comply with the decision to strip, then Go-Go would have punished her. Possibly spanking her or even forcing herself upon the older woman...

...and yet, Cass wouldn't have mind being punished. The way that she's already close to spilling her juices, it makes her relationship with Go-Go only the more better...

Chapter Text


Rangiku gettin toppy with Rukia

"What's this?" Rukia blankly asked as she stared at the fuzzy pair of handcuffs spinning around Rangiku's extended finger. 

"A new friend!" Rangiku chirped as she quickly spun Rukia around with one hand. Before Rukia could escape or even come up with a retort, she got her hands directed behind her and then promptly cuffed. At least the fuzzy pair felt nice on her skin. Rangiku grabbed Rukia by her contained hands and pushed her over to the bedroom, where she got launched onto the bed. "Shoot..." Rangiku sighed as she snapped her fingers. "Should have stripped you first."

"Oh, I get it now!" Rukia growled as she tried to break free. "You want to top for once!"

"Hey, I deserve to be on top!" Rangiku huffed out as she played with her breasts. "My breasts say so!"

"Your breasts need to be on bottom!" Rukia groaned. 

"Doesn't matter!" Rangiku told as she pulled apart her white shirt, causing some buttons to fly out. "Come on, we're going to have a long night..."

Well, as long as a hour could be. Rangiku forgot the most important part of the fuzzy cuffs, the key. Once Rukia found it, the tables very quickly turned and then it turned into a long night in Rukia's favor.

Still, she didn't mind allowing Rangiku to lead. Just not being on top, 'dem boobs be too heavy.

Chapter Text


Sam and Alex "Naughty Sleepover"

(NOTE: From here on out, it's just one couple per prompt. Sorry, cannot let one guy get two for one.)

"So, where's Clover?" Asked Sam as she entered into the bedroom from the side-bathroom, dressed in a deep purple slip that looked ready to come off. Alex almost applauded at how well the red-head filled out that little piece.

"She's off with a boyfriend." Alex shrugged as she patted the pillow next to her, her hand grabbing the remote to the TV in front of them. "Rich guy, probably some sleezebag that wants to knock her up and then willingly pay for child support."

"Yeah, but she'll make sure to get another boob-job before she agrees to go to bed with him." Sam remarked as she sat down. "Now, what kind of movie are we watching tonight?" She then asked as she took in Alex's own idea of sleepwear...nothing at all. "I'm guessing something special."

"Something to set the mood, yes." Alex nodded as she turned the TV on, the movie 'Lesbian Lovers in the Land of the Lazy Lounge Lizards' already starting. Perfect timing! "So!" Alex clapped her hands together. "Shall we get started or..."

Sam's answer came in the form of pushing Alex down onto her back, a hand on her breasts and locking lips. The movie went on unnoticed as the two's bodies fused together for the next four hours...

Chapter Text


Hi can you do Athena and Janey messing with chocolate?

"And done." Athena sighed as she pulled her hot batch of chocolate cookies. The steam emitting off it could blanket the sky, if there was a atmosphere outside of their moon-home to keep the steam going. "Janey?" Athena called out. "Are you done yet? Or should I grab a fire-extinguisher?"

"Uh, no, don't bother!" Janey replied from down the hall. "I'm all done! Come and check me out!"

The word 'me' got Athena wondering what exactly Janey did. Her limited imagination couldn't think of the most obvious answer, so she went off to go and check Janey out. Hopefully this didn't result in Athena having to go off on a fetch quest again. She found Janey walking out of her lab.

Covered in chocolate. Only her face was left uncovered from the chocolate sauce staining her body brown. But even, there's big globs of chocolate dotting around her face and in her hair. (As if the hair couldn't get any more messy). Oh, and she's completely naked too. The chocolate did an amazing job of outlining her nipples and her clit.

"Oh, oh." Athena shook a finger in the air. "That's what you meant about the chocolate."

"You made cookies?"


"We can eat them while we go horizontal..."

"That works."

Chapter Text


Can you do Trixie and Susan on a beach together?

Wow, can she fill out a swimsuit. A pink butterfly-like top and a fairly small bottom pair? Susan Long can really make a swimsuit...well, swim! 

"You must really like it." Susan remarked as she playfully flicked Trixie on the forehead. This got Trixie to pull her head out of her thoughts and back into sunny reality. "C'mon, if you want to do it..." The older woman motioned with her head over to the rather dense foliage of tropic trees. Shady enough to avoid the rays of the sun from beaming holes through them, dense enough to hide some...activity...consensual activity between a unhappily married woman and her underage lover. That she took out of the country to this beach resort.

Well, at least Susan got permission from Trixie's parents, who seemed to be blissfully unaware of their daughter's relationship with the woman in question taking her out of the country.

"We just got here!" Trixie laughed. "Let's enjoy the beach first."

"Well, we might not have a chance later." Susan pointed over to some scantily-clad ladies and even guys (Wow, a guy!) running around, also eyeing up the spot.

Trixie shrugged. "Eh, one cannot get enough out of you..." She reached over and gave Susan's breasts a playful slap, causing them to jiggle. Susan let out a little yelp that sounded more sexual than painful. That prompted Susan to grab ahold of Trixie and yank her over to that secluded spot.

They did have a five day vacation to get started after all. There would be plenty of time to hit the beach...and enjoy each other.

Chapter Text


Agent K putting on a show for Sierra as she watches through a spy camera.

That wasn't there when she left for school this morning. Sierra raised a eyebrow as she set aside her backpack and stared at the laptop on her desk. It's unlike any model she has seen before: bulky and rather simplistic looking on the inside. The term 'military' came to mind. And that's where Sierra knew exactly the how and who.

Might as well play along. Not like she hasn't already been buying up underwear in bulk to make up for the ones that K kept nicking.

Sierra sat down and gave the space bar a smack, turning it a camera? Sierra peered closer, noticing that the camera is pointing inside of a small bedroom. Questions that were forming inside of her head were answered as a next-to-naked Agent K walked into the shot. That underwear is not only the same color as her flesh, but it just hung onto her slim but athletic body. Agent K seemed to not notice the camera as she started to... and strip. Hips swaying, her breasts jiggling ever so slightly but the camera could pick it up...

Sierra looked back towards her door, quickly jumped up, slammed and locked it shut and ran back before she missed any of the show. Agent K just got to the part where she reached into a dresser drawer to find her 'special' friend. Sure, she might find Agent K to be a invasive pervert, but she is hot! Sierra did have a long day at school, so it's time to take off her skirt and relax...

Agent K giggled as she avoided looking at the big obvious camera hanging up in the corner of her room, the complete opposite of the four hiding in each corner of Sierra's room. Watching Sierra getting off to her made Agent K feel all warm and fuzzy

Chapter Text


Lulu gives Rikku a reward for being a good girl.

"Well done." Lulu happily sighed as she observed the battleground. A Malboro dead, and that's always a good thing to see. And it's all thanks to Rikku keeping her tonics going and bombarding the hell out of that disease-spewing beast. Rikku looked so tired following that near hour-long battle. Her body is drenched in sweat, putting a shine onto her mostly-exposed body. Lulu held back from licking her lips as she saw Rikku's breasts bobbing with each breath.

"Thanks!" Rikku managed to get a weak thumbs-up into the air right before she got back to placing her hands on her knees to try and actually catch a breath.

"You deserve a reward, don't you?" Lulu brought up in a sexy tone. That caused the blonde to perk up and lean up. "How about something I know you want..." Lulu blew a kiss towards Rikku, right before she placed her hands on her top, giving it a small shake. Rikku's eyes locked onto the bouncing boobies. "What do you say? Got enough energy..."

Lulu didn't even have time to finish the sentence as she got dogpiled by a horny and energetic girl. Rikku pulled her head out of the crevice so she could properly yank Lulu's breasts free of her dress so she could properly nuzzle up towards the massive melons! 

Mind you, Rikku is planning on going all the way on a bloody battlefield. But Lulu all could do is sigh and allow Rikku to play with her 'reward'. Ain't no stopping this girl.

Chapter Text


Can you do Spectra rockin out with Jazz (like Ember get? no OK probably should go to bed It's like 1:00 where I live lol)

"First rock concert?" Spectra nudged Jazz. Jazz rubbed her sore shoulder, both from the physical interaction but also because Spectra dressed her up in a skimpy rock groupie outfit, complete a mini-skirt. At least Jazz had the forethought to grab her own underwear "Come on, I won't bite...much."

"But it's with Ember." Jazz pointed up to the stage, as the fiery blue-haired goth ghost goddess started to go nuts on her guitar. "She has done a lot of bad things across town..."

"So have I." Spectra pulled Jazz into a hug, causing their breasts to press together and with Spectra applying pressure. "And yet, here you are, dressed up in the way that I want you to do..." Spectra paused so she could start to nib at Jazz's neck, causing the little red-head to start shaking in ecstasy and sniffing out moans. "It's like you're attracted to danger..."

"I..." Jazz tried to hide a moan, but she ended up letting one out. But it did get drowned out by the audience roaring in support for Ember. "...I'm just..."

Spectra giggled. "So, you're about to partake in an American classic..." She started as she snaked a hand under Jazz's skirt and found fabric there. "...losing your virginity at a rock concert!"

Jazz didn't resist. She liked how aggressive Spectra could be. What she didn't like is the second part of the American classic: being knocked up at a rock concert. 

Chapter Text


Okay prompt this time! Kida and Chel having sex by a waterfall (Weird I know but I like nature sex)

The waters surrounding the lost city of Atlantis were always this distinct crystal clear blue, and the water only got more beautiful the further Chel went inside of the city. Everything about the city itself is beautiful, even if it's not covered in gold. Chel also found herself marveled by the nature of Atlantis, and most of all, the waterfalls. The sound of rushing water didn't trigger her to take a break, it splashed so neatly down, and it felt so nice and cool on her skin.

But nothing, absolutely nothing, could compare to seeing a naked Kida bathing underneath a waterfall and inviting Chel in.

Chel's clothes practically left her body upon seeing the invitation. As the cool water ran down every inch of their bodies, Chel and Kida locked lips and their bodies together, sharing their heat. Fused straps of wet hair got into their eyes and even into their mouths, but that didn't stop either of them.

Kida's hands wandered around to behind Chel's back and onto her buttocks, taking a firm squeeze out of both of the mounds. Chel's moans were cut off by Kida running her tongue all around inside of Chel. Chel retailated by pressing Kida up against a rocky wall, pinning the white haired princess and holding her up. Kida did manage out a moan, signfying just how much she's truly enjoying it.

Shame there isn't anything like this back in El Dorado...not that Chel can return there ever again. Atlantis is her home now and she couldn't be any happier.

Chapter Text


Can you do Elena and Mika. Prompt "Special Training"

"I'm ready!" Elena breathed out as she burst into the room, dressed in the latest exercise gear. A white tank-top, black nylon shorts, and some comfy tennis shoes. Took her a hour following Mika's texts to get her this outfit, but she's ready now! "So what kind of trrraiinnninngg...what are you wearing?"

"Oh this?" Mika giggled as she reached under her own breasts and bounced them with the palm of her hands. "This is lingerie."

"But..." Elena pointed a weak finger towards Mika. "That's...not good for training..."

"Oh, I'm sorry." Mika giggled as she jumped off the bed to allow Mika to get a better look at her outfit. Velvet-red silk, various hearts woven around her naughty bits, and it came complete with a red version of Mika's mask. "I didn't mean that kind of training, I meant this kind of training." She smacked herself on the ass before shoving it towards Elena, who backed away like that butt is carrying the plague. "Don't be like that..." Mika fumed, puffing out her cheeks.

"I'm not too sure..." Elena looked away. "I kinda want to exercise..."

A very coy smile. "Sex is a good way to exercise. And makes friends..."

Those two things convinced Elena to strip down completely. She's not stupid, just a bit naive. But once she got going...Mika had not one regret. The way that slender girl could get her hands to go all over and explore each inch of a body...oooh...

Chapter Text


Babe kids prompt: Leon accidentally catching Leshawn balls deep in his mother and is embarrassed.

He would be surprised...but this has gotten past the point of it being a running gag and now a daily routine. Leon returned home to find LeShawn balls deep in his mom.

"Welcome home honey!" Jamika waved with one hand, the other hand holding onto her balloon belly. Her pregnant form excellently filled out that hooker wear that LeShawn had somehow managed to replace all of Jamika's wardrobe with. Not that Jamika minded that, or the fact that she's currently carrying not just a underage girl's child, let alone how LeShawn got that to happen in the first place! "I left you some lunch on the table..." Jamika right before she got spanked by LeShawn.

Leon sighed as he went over to the kitchen to collect his lunch: a PBJ sandwich. At least this time it's made correctly and didn't have any 'extra ingredients' this time. He mindlessly munched on it as LeShawn continued to slap both Jamika's insides and her ass. It's funny Jamika treats this whole thing: like she's playing a make-believe game with the little hellspawn. She's lacatating right now (With LeShawn taking a break to go and take a sip) and she still believes she's playing along!

"Alright, I'm heading out." Leon sighed as he stuck the sandwich into his bag. "Going to go and see a guy..."

"I didn't know you swung that way!" LeShawn grunted as she pressed herself up against Jamika, finishing up. "Good on you!"

"Alright, stay safe and make sure you look both ways! Bye honey!" Jamika waved to Leon as he leaved. If he staid any longer, he would go nuts. And he just knew that he would be the one to raise their baby...or rather, babies, with how horny LeShawn is and how willing Jamika is...


Chapter Text


(Wuya) and Katnappe prompt "bad kitty"

"My, my..." Wuya breathed out as she ran a hand through her sweat-soaked hair. "You really messed up big time..." She commented towards a exhausted and tattered Katnappe. "You lost not just one, but two of my Shen Gong Wus..."

"I'm sorry mistress..." Katnappe weakly told as she tried to get back up to her feet. Wuya chuckled as she placed a palm flat out towards the cat burglar, sending out a shockwave of magical energy that not only sent Katnappe flying off, but it also locked her onto the tree that she crashed into. Harmlessly, but not so much for her clothes. The remains of her outfit got blasted apart, leaving Katnappe naked and at Wuya's mercy. 

"You're going to be." Wuya sighed as she calmly dug her fingers underneath the straps of her robe and flung it off, leaving her just as exposed as Katnappe. "I'm going to enjoy your slender body. And who knows..." Wuya giggled as she got up close to the trapped Katnappe. "Maybe you'll receive a 'reward' after all..."

Katnappe didn't intend to lose to those brats at the temple, but now her regret up and faded away with how Wuya treated her body. The way the witch played with her and basically used Katnappe's body as a toy...Katnappe loved it. There's no denying the sheer amount of pleasure that came with how Wuya's tongue would take complete dominance of her mouth and her insides...

Chapter Text


Can you do Penny showing Greta that SHE'S really the boss? Prompt "Innocent Dominat"

"Are you, or are you not, going to reveal the locations of the secret Nazi volcano bases?" Penny asked as she pointed a finger at the bound Greta. "We have all day here! I can keep going as long  as necessary." 

"I will never tell!" Greta huffed, turning away. If only she wasn't bound to this study chair and with this good rope. Shouldn't the America's chairs and ropes be inferior to German's? 

"Then I will be forced..." Penny told as she moved the interrogation table off to the side just so she can be face-to-face with Greta. "To take drastic measures!" She reached forward and latched her hands onto the shapely Nazi's tits, playing with them like how a kid plays with the yet-to-be-invented play dough. This drew a moan and a faltering face expression from Greta.

"Ja..." She ended up whispering out, before she shook her head a few times to get her thoughts back up to her head. "I will never keep in! No matter how much you touch me...caress me..."

"I will do more than that!" Penny pulled away so she could rip off Greta's uniform, causing her milky-white breasts to bounce about. Penny groaned as she ripped open her own top as well just so she can lock breasts and then lips together...

"Huh." Rex commented with a mild gruff towards the slack-jawed commanders. "And you thought I was the Nazi Smasher..."

Chapter Text


Katherine and Catherine on a date night

"That looks like fun!" Catherine grabbed ahold Katherine's arm and yanked the girl over in the direction of a bright and booming nightclub. Katherine's nose scrunched up as she the sort of people hanging around outside the entrance: guys with wallets thicker than their erections and girls dressed in a way so they can stop being dressed within a second's notice. Not her kind of fun.

"Well..." Katherine sighed as she motioned with her head over to a more quieter club. More like a high-society one where they serve tea and biscuits to customers. "That's more to my liking..."

Catherine put on a big pouty face. "We're not going to do anything like this." She told after a few seconds. Suddenly, a big lightbulb went off in her head and she dug into her purse to find a coin. "Okay, call a side!"

"Heads." Katherine shrugged as Catherine gave the coin a significant lift in the air. The two watched the coin...right before Catherine ducked in and locked lips with Katherine, surprising the girl. Catherine continued the kiss as she drove Katherine up against the wall. Katherine was caught massively off guard but ended up giving in and just allowing the blonde to have her fun.

The coin got left out in the middle of the street as Catherine got Katherine over to a nearby hotel. The first person that first picked it up found it as tails. 

Chapter Text


Ivy having passionate sex with Iroha

The day had been long and had been besieged by a oppressive grey and rainy sky. It seemed like the storm had chosen to stay. It brought down Ivy's mood on continuing her research. Hard to concentrate with the rain punching against the glass and the roof and with the loud and rather demeaning cracks of lightening coming out every minute. 

So, sex time.

Iroha didn't expect anything as she set down the tray set of tea and therefore got off guard by her mistress locking lips against hers and pressing her up against the wall. Ivy's hands quickly worked on undressing the scantily-clad maid. "Undress me..." Ivy told as she temporarily broke the kiss off. Iroha squirmed just a bit out of a knee-jerk reaction, but she slowed and started to do as her mistress asked.

Soon they were straddling each other on the table, legs working across the other. "That's it..." Ivy breathed out as she pinched her own nipple. "Iroha, I want you to go as long as you can..."

"Yes mistress!" Iroha moaned out, sadly she's already hitting her limit. Ivy could tell, but she decided to go at the same time.

It's true that Ivy can be demanding and rather sadistic. But Iroha knew better. Ivy really did love her, and Iroha willingly gave the white-haired lady her heart.

Chapter Text


Couple: Kim/Ann Prompt: "Study Session"

"Alright, Kim." Ann sighed as she carefully made sure that her lab coat was on her correctly. "Do well, and..." Ann threw open her coat to reveal all of her naked body. Kim's eyes grew as Ann bounced on her feet to make her breasts jiggle ever so slightly. "Glad to see we found the right sort of motivation for you." Ann giggled.

"Surprised you haven't done that for the boys." Kim told as she grabbed ahold of her notebook and pen. 

"I thought about it." Ann held up a finger. "But I realized they would just try to hump me and would forget about everything I said."

Kim allowed herself a giggle. "That's true." She sighed as she looked down at her pajamas. "You mind if I disrobe?"

"Go ahead." Ann shrugged. "Regardless of how you's going to end with us naked and in one bed."

Kim hummed as she pulled her shirt over her head. "Yeah, and you call the twins horny..."

Ann threw open her coat again to show off her naked breasts, even going through the effort of doing a little dance and running her hands up and down her breasts. Kim got stunned. "Well, time's a-wasting." Ann told as she got her coat to cover her naughty bits again. "If you do well, you can top tonight..."

"I top every night."


Chapter Text


Android (18) rewards Videl for winning a tournament 

She couldn't believe it! Videl was in a state of complete shock as the announcer held her hand up and declared her the winner. All that training actually paid off! It took Videl a few moments for her to catch up with the excitement of the crowd, and she did so in the locker room. She danced around, pumping her arms up and down, cheering herself on...and then she ran smack into a pair of nearly exposed breasts.

"Hello there, champion." Breathed out a familiar voice. Videl peered upward to see the rather coy smile of Android 18. Videl peeled herself off the woman and took in how 18 dressed herself today: A cheerleader uniform. Not an real uniform; the top part is barely containing 18's massive breasts, the skirt isn't hiding the panties at all, and speaking of her's a thong. A thin one that could be broken with a single finger.

"Now then..." 18 did her usual thing of running a hand through a strand of her hair. "Do you want a trophy, or me?"

"You, you!" Videl excitingly repeated before diving back into 18's cleavage, her hands joining her. She ended up pinning the moaning 18 to the wall.

18 had to pay off a lot of people to be alone with Videl, let alone getting a custom uniform like this. Well worth it as Videl tore up the outfit so her fingers and tongue can run uninterrupted...


Chapter Text


Brit and Jenny 'fun at school'


"Don't be like that." Jenny told as she pulled down both of Brit's bra-straps. "We're all alone here..." She spun her head around on the axis just to make sure. Yup, math class at lunch time. Not even the teacher would be here, not even the most ridiculous of nerds would be here. " was your day?" Jenny told as she laid her hands onto Brit's bare breasts.

"Well..." Brit sighed out, closing her eyes in anticipation. The distinct mixture of cold metal and warm engine in Jenny's hands sent a powerful mix of waves all throughout Brit. "I got out of dissecting a frog by saying that my parents will sue the teacher..."

"Oh, don't be like that!" Jenny repeated as she pressed Brit up against the wall a bit firmer. Brit stifled out a moan. "You could have asked me to do it..."

"Jenny..." Brit sniffed. "I would prefer to be at home doing this than at school. If we caught, think of the scandal!"


"Just shut up and fuck me."

Chapter Text


Gaige and captain scarlett "Who's Caiptain?"

I hope I did it right

The crew working under Captain Scarlett had a bit of a problem with the 'other' captain: Gaige. While Scarlett loved to go out and pillage like a true pirate and dance in treasure, Gaige was more into creating robots and pranks. Talks of mutiny were coming up, and Scarlett couldn't kill everyone...again.

"Honey?" Scarlett asked as she entered into the bedroom. "The crew is threatening to throw us off the ship again."

"Ah, don't worry!" Chirped Gaige as she jumped down the chandelier, pushing Scarlett down onto the ground. "I'll make sure that their cut will be half." Gaige continued before she started to mash her hands against Scarlett's boobs. 

Scarlett took a second to recompose herself. "Gaige." She sighed, working out a small moan as Gaige pinched onto her nipples. "We have already done that."

"Hey now!" Gaige stopped playing with her girltoy for a second to hold up her hands. "They have to obey..." She reached over and grabbed ahold of Scarlett's hat, throwing it onto her hat. "The captain!"

Scarlett sighed, rolled her shoulders and allowed Gaige to undress her. The crew assumes there's two captains aboard the ship, but it's more of the young captain and her loyal lover...

Chapter Text


Couple is Esmeralda and Megara, prompt is " A Special Dance"

The lights had dimmed, the music slowed. A dark-skinned woman walked up to a lighter-skinned girl and took her hand. Megara let out a satisfied sigh as Esmeralda lead her into the middle of the dance-floor. Meg is not really a good dancer, but Esmeralda is a professional. Right now, Meg paid attention to two things: Esmeralda and Esmeralda's cleavage. 

This sort of dance, a slow mix of ballroom and club, is completely different from what the two do when they're alone. They had set up a long pole in their room for Esmeralda to show off her curvy body to her beau. She would start that dance out dressed, slowly going down to nothing while Meg tried to contain herself. Not that mattered at all, one way or another, Esme is getting naked and the two are going into bed.

Eventually the two's bodies melded together on the dance floor, with Meg's hands immediately wrapping around and taking a cheeky pinch. "Not now, dear." Esmeralda told as she nibbled jsut a bit on Meg's ear. "We got all night."

"I cannot wait." Megara whispered back as the two broke off the hold, but with Megara taking ahold of Esmeralda, bowing her over and placing a deep kiss onto her lips.

Chapter Text


Yuuko and mai - Cosplay!
Mai somehow convinces yuuko to dress in cosplay and teases her about it ^^

"Do I have to?" Yuuko groaned as she pushed down her skirt to try and hide her shame. 

"You lost a bet." Mai shrugged as she held up her camera. "Go on Yuuko."

"Okay..." Yuuko sighed. She took a deep breath before doing what she assumed to be a pose that Sailor Moon would do. "I'm Beautiful Warrior Magi-Chan! I'm here to fight against injustice and show the power of love!"

"Brilliant." Mai held up a thumbs up. "Now I have fap material."


"I fap to you, Yuuko. You're sexy."


"Yuuko, show me your panties. I need something a bit more risqué."


Chapter Text


Glad you're back!
Prompt: "In Heat"

It's the time of the year again. Jane is ready this time. She had taken her anti-viral medication, she left out a medkit full of bandages and painkillers, the goose-down blankets and pillows were replaced with cotton as that's easier to clean up, and the walls were padded.

Amelia is in heat again.

It's rather nightmarish to see her go from calm and composed to this feral and rather horny creature. Amelia would normally walk into their home from work while announcing how her day went down, and once she goes into heat, she just rips the door off the hinges. In fact, Jane forgot to do one thing: reinforce the door.

Amelia pounced onto Jane and started to rip her clothes off. Amelia did have a little bit of control left within her; her claws were kept down. That's just her natural strength tearing the cheap white shirt off Jane. Amelia let out a low growl as she forced Jane onto the bed, using her teeth to rip the panties off her. Jane hissed and kept her ground the best she could. It's hard to do that even with the more-in-control Amelia.

But despite the precautions to make sure that she doesn't end up in the hospital, Jane truly loved this side of Amelia. The way she went down on her in this's so good...

Chapter Text


Can you do Tinkerbell/Crysta prompt "A Bit of Fairy Dust"

"What's that?" Crysta asked as she looked down to what Tinkerbell had cupped in her hands. "It's...dust?"

"Fairy dust." Tinkerbell giggled as she breathed some dust onto Crysta. "A special kind..."

Crysta coughed a bit, trying to fan the air around her to keep the dust off her. But it's too late. The dust had taken affected. She suddenly became more lighter on her feet and floated off the ground. Tinkerbell cooed. Crysta gasped out loud, but then she devolved into an sexual giggle. Her hands started to shake and her nipples were erecting. It's like those two wanted to meet up! And without an second thought, Crysta wrapped her hands onto the breasts, kneading them. "This..." She sniffed out before letting out a moan. "...that dust..."

"It's makes you fly in more than one way..." Tinkerbell sighed as she started to slip off her dress. "And I wanted to spend some quality time with you..."

Crysta should be more annoyed that Tinkerbell tricked her...but the way that Tinkerbell's hands were undressing her and caressing her skin...she's glad that Tinkerbell took charge., the pregnancy afterwards is a bit too much...

Chapter Text


How bout the Hooligan Sisters giving their thanks to Patty?
Prompt "Thanks Bro"

No matter where Patty went today, the sisters were right there and wanted to 'thank her'.

Twintail Bubbles was at the laundromat, and she was making a big deal about showing off her and her sister's underwear. She even offered to allow Patty to take one! Even the ones she's currently wearing! Ponytailed Joanna waited for Patty at the cafe that Patty frequented. She wanted to pay for the meal...and for the dessert. The first part, yeah, Patty didn't mind. She did mind being delivered a chocolate sauce-covered Joanna.

Medium-length haired Sandy was at work, and Patty had to deal with her all day long. At least Sandy did her job, but honestly? All of the fondling, rubbing her body against Patty, whispering sweet nothings in Patty's ear, Sandy was lucky that Patty didn't have time nor patience to call up HR and start a legit sexual harassment case. Patty went home and ran into curly-haired Scarlet...adorn only in a towel and making various excuses about needing to or really wanting to showering with Patty.

So became no surprise to Patty as she discovered the last sister, spiky bobbed Rocky in her apartment, having broken in through the broken window. Patty just sighed, grabbed Rocky and took her over to the bed. Rocky liked it rough, and when Patty broke out the handcuffs. Despite being the harshest out of the sisters, she's the only one that actually have some common sense to sleep behind closed doors. 

Plus, breaking Rocky's rocky expression is Patty's favorite bedtime activity...

Chapter Text


Shantae x Risky
Prompt: "Pirate's Booty"

"Just once?" Shantae asked, putting her hands together in prayer. Risky hissed as she turned away, her arms still crossed. "Please? I'll go easy on you next time...and hey, you still owe me..."

"Owe you what?" Risky again hissed. "You've done nothing for me, missie...or rather, you've done too much against me!"

"But I really want to play with your booty!" Shantae asked. "It bouncy! And I'm feeling all hot and bothered and I just..." She started to make grabbing motions with both of her hands. Risky made the mistake of looking back behind her at that. "...I think it would be fun for both of us!"

Risky felt perturbed about this. Isn't she supposed to be the scary one? But on the other hand, she could use some stress relief, and Shante probably has good, the half-genie is offering something, something that could be turned into something a bit better than 'go easy'. Without a word, Risky turned herself over and gave her significantly-shaped rear-end a small slap, a nonverbal agreement to Shantae. Shantae squealed as she got her hands to play with Risky's buttocks, starting out with a small massage before going into like she's playing with clay.

Risky did reward Shantae with a small and pleasant moan. She could get used to this.

Chapter Text


Couple: Kayley and Juliana
Prompt: "My Knight"

Kayley turned her head as she entered into her mom's quarters. Before her is her mom, Lady Juliana, dressed down next to nothing. She went from a royal lady to a lowly concubine. And based around the sultry look on her face, she's acting out that part as well. Juliana let out this...moan that sounded happy, as she got out of her bed and approached Kayley. "So, my lovely knight..." She breathed out as she traced a finger underneath Kayley's chin. "What do you think about my outfit?"

"Mom, what's going on?" Kayley asked, getting flustered .

"I'm not your mom now..." Juliana reached down to her chest and handled her own breasts, pushing them closer to Kayley and bracing them against her daughter's chest. "I'm your lady. And do you know what a knight and a lady will do on their own time?"

"They..." A sore throat Kayley managed to squeak out. "Do things?" She flashed a cheesy smile, but Juliana didn't get angry. She instead reached down, took ahold of her daughter's right hand and moved it up to make it so that Kayley is touching her mom's breasts. "Something to do with our bodies?"

"Oh, there's much you need to know." Juliana sighed. "My knight...I need you to ravish me."

Kayley never understood how her mother worked. One hour, she's the traditional mother who cares for her young. Next, she wants to do things that adults do when they're alone. But this is what knights do. They make love to their ladies. Juliana did enjoy when Kayley got down onto her...

Chapter Text


Ship: Galko x Otaku
Prompt: "Hentai Collection"

"What's this?" Galko whistled as she snatched the magazine out of Otako's hand. It took the blonde only a few moments to see what exactly the magazine is all about. The naked lady with the impossible figure should have clued her in immediately. "Oh, wow!" Galko gasped, dropping the magazine. "This is so dirty!"

"Dammit Galko..." Otako grunted as she retrieved the magazine. "Yes, it's a dirty magazine. I didn't invite you over so you can critique my..."

"There!" Galko pushed Otako to the side, noticing the box where the magazine came from. She pulled the box out and was surprised by how heavy the box is. Galko had to use both hands and all of her strength to yank it free from under the bed, the recoil sending her onto her bum. "Porn!" Galko groaned as she rubbed her backend. "It's nothing but porn!" She browsed over the box, seeing all of the plus 18 material: naked ladies, ladies with big boobs, and big boobed ladies naked! "All of this hentai, and it's all yours, isn't?"

"Yes..." Otako sighed as she flapped her arms by her sides uselessly. "Look, schoolwork is keeping me down, I haven't been getting much sleep..."

"Then let me help you!" Galko declared as she tore off her shirt, taking off her bra at the same time. "I'll help you get that frustration out of your system!"

So Otako lost her virginity that day. Not what she expected to happen; she just wanted to study. But hey, she got a hot girlfriend who's ready to blow off some steam at any time. She can act out her hentai fantasies! Somewhat. 

Chapter Text


Lina and Naga prompt "Hot Springs"

"Ugh, you boob beast!" Lina groaned as she pulled herself out of Naga's chest. "Do you have to do that?"

"Why not?" Naga whistled as she held up her breasts to the surface of the water while blowing kisses towards Lina. "You want it! That's why you invited me to this private hot springs..." She used her breasts to send a small wave towards Lina. "You want to play with my boobs, now don't 'ya?"

"No..." Lina looked away, her cheeks becoming flushed with color. "I'm not blushing because of your rocking body, it's because of the heat!"

"Right, fire mage." Naga teased as she swam over to be right next to Lina, rubbing shoulder against shoulder. "Come on, we're alone. No one is here, so..." She wrapped a hand behind Lina's head, just so Naga can have Lina's head to snuggle up inside of her massive breasts. "You can ask me do anything you want. You want me to be your love slave, go ahead and just say so..."

"Wait, really?" Lina asked, her voice all muffled.

Naga just giggled. The heat of the hot springs had gotten to her,  and she really wanted to have some fun now. And Lina is quite a imaginative sort, no matter what she came up with, tonight is going to be one for the books...

Chapter Text


Jessica and Fran prompt "Mating Season"

[No futa pls]

Jessica had never seen Fran like this before. Fran is usually the calmest person on the planet, if not the world. But now she's sweating hard, she's baring her fangs, and she's easily irritated. Any attempt to get her to calm down got a brush off, or a glare back.

It's not the usual effect of the mist, Fran is in heat. Vieras get into heat and, like the rabbits they resemble, feel the need to breed. Despite cutting herself off from the Wood, she still felt the needs of her race. But she's kept it in control. Jessica isn't someone who could last against a viera...let alone be able to actually properly breed. Fran already planned a letter of apology once it passes over...

...and then she walked onto Jessica after one of her baths. Jessica felt comfortable enough to be naked around Fran. So seeing the most beautiful woman in the world wet and naked...Fran lost it.

Not that Jessica minded too much. She had figured what was going on with Fran, but she never expected the coolheaded Fran to be so...sensual. Sure, some pain came in the form of Fran's sharp nails raking her back, or when Fran bit into the side of Jessica's neck. But a little pain is easy to work with how Fran's hands and tongue worked her over. Fran did have some degree of control so that she didn't tear Jessica literally to shreds. 

That was their first time together. Fran apologized profusely the morning after, much to a deaf Jessica's ears. Jessica then jumped onto Fran and started their second time...

Chapter Text


Tia and Sun-Sung "Vacation"

I'm a sucker for anything Bleach

Going to a beach in the Living World turned out to be idea. On one hand, it's a relaxing vacation they more than deserved. But bringing the complete Tres Bestias around might have been a bad idea. Since they landed, Appaci and Mila haven't stopped bickering. They bickered about the other one, they bickered about what's the most fun thing they could on a beach, who can make the highest score on volleyball...

"Like children." Sun-Sung commented as she and her commander witnessed the two tearing up the beach both literally and figuratively.

"Yes, we should punish them at some point." Harribel sighed as she rolled her neck. Not just to get the kinks out of her neck, but to get a better angle on Sun-Sung's choice of swimwear. Unusually for the more reserved member of her group, she chose to wear a banana-styled swimsuit with a snake-skin pattern.

"Only children stare." Sun-Sung giggled as she motioned with her head over to their beachside cabana. "Unless you want to be an adult and..."

"Say no more." Harribel spoke up quickly as she got up, scooped Sun-Sung up into her arms, and hustled over to their home...or more specifically their bed. Mila and Appaci could do what they want for now, provided they don't interrupt their 'parents'. Each side could have their own special vacation...

Chapter Text


Sheeva and Mileena "Blood thirsty"

Mileena is such a child in so many ways. She had become a headache for Sheeva, her appointed babysitter by the Khan himself. Mileena's delusions about her being the true heir to the throne only made things worse when going against those trying to rebel against Shao Khan. She could be talking about making herself all pretty for a meeting with the appointed lords (AKA Shao Khan's lackeys) and then the next, she's tearing out someone's throat for making a slight comment against her.

On the battlefield is where the real Mileena needed to be. Not the pretender of the throne, but a carnivore of warriors. Sheeva actually felt delight in watching Mileena tear down opponent after opponent. The way that blood rained down like actual rain, splattering the ground in such unusual patterns whenever Mileena went on the offensive; it's like a master artist and a canvas. Hearing Mileena's sick-sounding cackle as she had her fun...made Sheeva...feel...

...horny. No other word for it. She felt sexually excited. In fact, because she had orders to do whatever she wanted to keep Mileena from going completely ballistic, Sheeva could easily take Mileena to bed. Mileena at first held some objections about being forced into a bed, but after Sheeva showed how good she is with her four arms, Mileena started to look forward to spending some time with her babysitter. 

And Mileena's long tongue did wonders on Sheeva. Even more so right after a battle. So now Sheeva's Shokan blood boiled over two things: proving the might of her race in bloody conquest and then taking her prize to bed with her...

Chapter Text


Can you do Barbra and Olympia prompt "Life of A Queen"

Barbara's life is awesome. She's a queen! And not the boring 'sit-on-my-butt-all-day-and-give-orders' queen, she's the proactive queen. Orc trouble? She'll go out and smash them over the head! Tax trouble? She'll rob the orcs' stronghold for their obviously stolen treasure! Marriage issue? Well, orcs cannot help with that...directly, but you know what will help you the troubled couple work better together? Simple! Go on an adventure and defeat a bunch of orcs! The orcs might not be happy with them being victimized constantly, but the people of Barbara's queendom were! 

Olympia's life is troubling. She's a queen. And she's the boring 'sit-on-my-butt-all-day-and-give-orders-while-my-wife-goes-off-to-fight-orcs queen. Her adventures are over for the most part. With Barbara running off to deal with the orcs, Olympia had been left behind to handle the actual affairs of the queendom and its people. Paperwork bundled up all day long for things like  repairs to structure, tax issues due to the increasing amount of money coming into the city, orc related troubles, and other such issues. Olympia started to develop carpal tunnel syndrome.

But when the two reunited at night, Barbara covered in the blood and guts of orcs and Olympia's hands covered in blisters, the two turned their attention onto the other. The queens' bodies locked together, fused by heat and sweat, and they made love the night away. For tomorrow is another day of orc-hunting and paper-signing. 

The people of the queendom loved both of their queens. Barbara for the fun and Olympia for keeping the queendom actually functioning. They just wished that the two would keep it down at night, it's hard to sleep with how Olympia squeaked out moans...

Chapter Text


Tiana and Charlotte prompt "A Special Meal"

The letter just said: 'come by and get comfy'. It didn't say anything about what's in store. But Charlotte just shrugged off any bad notions that she had about entering into a empty Tiana's Place in the middle of the day. What exactly did Tiana have planned, Charlotte couldn't tell. But she didn't want to guess herself and ruin the surprise! Whatever Tiana is going to do, Charlotte knows she's going to love it!

"You there, 'Lottie?" Called out Tiana from within the kitchen. 

"Yeah, Tia!" Charlotte called back, looking around the restaurant floor. Yup, still barren. Tiana is losing out on a lot of money to close this place down, so this better be something...

"Ta-da!" Tiana announced herself as she stepped out of the kitchen, and in front of a now shocked Charlotte. Standing before her is her good friend decked out in nothing but a apron, nothing but a small apron that did little to hide her natural body's curves and even less for her naughty bits. "It's..." A blushing Tiana started to speak, looking away shyly. "...a bit of a trend in France I heard. Naked apron..."

"I love it..." Charlotte started, licking her lips in a excited manner.

"Well." Tiana huffed out. "I figured, seeing how we closed shop for the evening as we're setting up for a major banquet tomorrow, we could use this time together..." She fanned over the bottom of her dress. "So, I'll cook for you anything you want..."

Charlotte already decided what she wanted when she saw Tiana walk out of the kitchen. She jumped out of her seat, grabbed her meal and set her down onto her back before digging in...

Chapter Text


Stockning and Kneesock's "Special Tea Party"

The tea parties aren't anything special for them. It's a meet-up where they discuss various topics: like their lives, books and other activities they recently did, and how their bitchy sisters were being bitches. Kneesocks didn't want to go any further than that right now; relationships between angels and demons were against the RRRRRUUUULES after all. She enjoyed her talks with Stocking, but honestly, a deeper and more meaningful relationship just wouldn't happen...

...until today. Stocking came decked out in this stunning black gothic dress that had a cleavage line as long as a water-dam. Stocking's breasts bounced ever so slightly with each step she took, and she made sure to put plenty of weight into each step as well making her journey over to the tea-table far longer than it had any right to be. The gluttonous angel giggled as she sat down, her breasts being braced up by her edge of the table. "You look ravishing today..." Stocking commented as she blew a kiss towards the perturbed Kneesocks.

"Do angels go into heat?" Kneesocks had to ask.

"Oh, perhaps." Stocking giggled again as she purposely did a little jump to make her breasts bounce. "I think we'll make a good couple..."

"It's against..."

"Ssh." Stocking leaned over the table, pressing a finger against Kneesocks' lips. "Instead rolling that off your tongue," She paused to press a kiss against Kneesocks' lips. "Roll your tongue off me."

It's hard to resist such a tempting offer. Just one time, right? One time, and nobody but them will know. But Kneesocks knew, just knew even then, it wouldn't just be a first time...

Chapter Text


Oh! and can you do Miranda and Samara the the prompt "A Learning Experience"

The energy flowing through the air, with the occasional crackle. Miranda looked up to see some thin element zero mist just hovering around her bed. This must be what is like to be making love with a powerful biotic. Good god, that explains so much about Shepard's condition whenever he comes from Jack's room.

Miranda didn't expect her relationship with Samara to get this far so quickly, let alone get anyway to begin with! Samara remained adamant about sticking to her Justicar faith at first. No deeper connections beyond business, and absolutely nothing romantic. Given her past, Samara would just immediately shut down any attempt by anyone to get closer to her...but Miranda stuck around and well...

...they're naked. In bed. Together. For the last seven hours at least. Samara is right next to Miranda, sleeping soundly. There's a faint growth of a smile on her face. So she did enjoy it, good to know. Miranda had come up to Samara for some training in biotics. Some real ones, not some Cerberus-designed training sim. That's it. Miranda did find Samara attractive like anyone else, but she never expected her to say such things to get Samara into bed.

There's so much to process here. Does this mean that Samara has turned her back on her Justicar duties? For her? Is this a one-night stand? Did she do something wrong? Is Samara going to end up pregnant?

Miranda exhaled as she brushed her hand against the cheek of Samara. There's so much to learn here. She's got to be patient here...