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Flash Fic

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Mary sipped the tea as she patiently waited for Ririka to arrive. It was a surprise when Ririka informed her that she'd be running late but nonetheless she waited. It has been a while since she got some time alone. Away from all her friends both true to her and would stab her behind her back. She wanted to cherish it.

"Mary." a stern voice she knew so well spoke.

"You actually managed to come here, huh, Vice President," Mary replied as she directed her glance from her tea to Ririka who still wore her mask. "Tsk. Did you already forgot about our agreement?"

Ririka held her mask firmly as she replied in a timid manner "No."

Removing it from her face Ririka could feel the wind caressing her face like it somehow missed her. She sat at the opposite end of the table glancing at the tea sitting on the table to which she immediately glanced at Mary who was sipping her tea gracefully. Feeling the intensity of Ririka's gaze Mary had somehow regretted their agreement. Those icy blue eyes spoke to her down to her deepest core. She forced a cough before shooting her daze to Ririka.

"I took the courtesy," she replied. "Do you not like tea? I figured you would."

"I don't mind at all. Thank you, Mary." Ririka replied, holding the cup on her hands she took a sip. It wasn't warm enough to contradict the cold feeling the weather was giving her but it was satisfying.

Despite all the trials and gambles, they have encountered together the wall that kept them apart since day one stood still. It was like nothing they could do could crumble it to dust. They could simply leave a dent on it. A mark of their effort to destroy it. The silence immediately wrapped them on its claws even the busy buzz of the students fell on deaf ear. Ririka threw short glances at Mary every now and then to which the latter noticed.

"Is there something you want to tell me?"

Ririka bolted in surprise and tried to hid her embarrassment but seeing her situation where her mask is nowhere near her face she failed which only gave her much more reason to be embarrassed at her current situation.

"It's just a little surprising that you agreed to meet here seeing you mostly decline my invitation," Ririka said in a timid manner yet her choice of words was of a confident young woman.

"Oh? So you thought I'd say no? No need to worry, Vice President... I'd be sure to decline the next time-

Ririka cut her off with panic in her voice. "No!" then upon realizing her sudden rise of voice, she shrank in her seat before she could continue. "That wasn't what I meant."

Mary twinkled upon seeing Ririka in that state. Leaning closer she grasped and pulled Ririka's hand gently. Ririka could not care what Mary planned on doing. She was embarrassed enough to function. Mary then cupped Ririka's wrist putting a silver ring on Ririka's pinky finger similar to hers. She then kissed the lady's hand not bothering to give a deadly glance at anyone who could possibly see them right now.

"It was just decent tea," Mary answered Suzui's question, well mostly everyone's question for a while now.

But of course, it wasn't just tea.