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One Hundred Meters

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The water is alive.

When you resist against the water, the fangs of the water grabs hold of your body. The longer you fight against the water, your body exhausts all its physical strength. But if you are able to be one with the water. Piercing the water's surface with your fingertips, you are able to slip into the water. Your body will be one with the water, you accept the water. You feel the water, trust what you have felt.

Jungeun raised her head from the water as her hand touched the wall. Her eyes were covered by her red colored goggles. She removed her goggles with her black swim cap. The dark brown hair fell out from her bun. Her hair tie floated on top of the water and her long hair grazed the surface of the water with light curls. She then grabbed the edge of the wall and pushed herself up. Her black and red swimsuit soaked in the chlorinated water. She just finished the 100 meter front crawl. Not a single breath wasted. She felt like she was growing slower than usual. The gap was growing larger every time she swam. Jungeun guessed that the water didn't like her that week.

A white towel wrapped around her shoulders. She looked above her right shoulder to see who it was. She had black hair and pale skin. A caring smile glistened and Jungeun went crazy. She wore a black tracksuit with blue accents. Her eyes were large and brown and she was attractive to the boys of the school, and the swim club. She was the only girl manager for the girl's team anyways, all the boys joined most likely to see girls in tight swimsuits, but some quit after realizing that the coach wanted them to do work.

God she was pretty.

"Thanks, Jinsoul." Jungeun said. She grabbed her goggles and went to the benches to dry off. Jinsoul walked with her.

Jinsoul was slightly taller than her, she had blonde hair ever since Jungeun started on the swim team two years ago. Jungeun wondered how her scalp even survived from the root touch ups. She had an intense energy that radiated around her as if she was a famous performer.

"You did really well today." Jinsoul complimented. "You got 3 seconds shaved off of your time from last time." Jinsoul gave Jungeun a water bottle.

"That's nothing." Jungeun replied. "Last time was only a minute and fourteen seconds! That's my worst, at least for this week" She was almost at an Olympian level of swimming prowess. Then again it has been three years since she started on the swim team, she had been swimming ever since she could walk. She was the fastest on the team, and her specialty?


Jinsoul giggled at her teammate. "Better than I can do. I'll be proud if you at least get under one minute during the meet."

"And what would you do to congratulate me?" Jungeun teased sticking her tongue out to the older girl.

Jinsoul put a finger on her chin thinking of a response to the younger. She smacked her fist into her palm.

"I'll buy you a fish." Jinsoul declared, her eyes lit up. "A Betta Fish! That's my favorite animal!" She exclaimed.

"Jinsoul, I can't have pets." Jungeun commented on the girl's plan. Her parents were so strict on her pet rules. She couldn't even have a goldfish for god's sake.

"Well." Jinsoul's eyebrows furrowed and her lips pouted. "I'll get you an owl plushie!"

"Is it because you like to tease me about being an owl?"

"No. Maybe. Yes" Jinsoul laughed at her observation she made of herself. "I'll buy you one though."

Jungeun smiled at her and felt her heart skip a beat. Sure, Jungeun was a pretty face and was athletic. But she could never be on par of Jinsoul, a goddess among the girls of the school. Jinsoul never even did any sports, Jungeun guessed she was that much of a natural beauty. Not that it helped that she was a senior and Jungeun was a junior. Jinsoul was popular with boys, and girls at least. Her thoughts made her feel ecstatic about herself.

"You're up Yerim!" The coach yelled. Yerim sighed and got up from the bench. Her swimsuit was purple and black, white accents dabbled on the sides of it. "You gotta do butterfly today!"

Yerim groaned.

"You got this Yerim!" Jinsoul yelled out waving at the young member. Yerim was apart of the sophomore quartet on the swim team. They were a threat when doing relays, at least. Her strongest was the backstroke. She was basically Jungeun's daughter of the team anyways.

Yerim put on her purple goggles and stood on the starting block, diving into the water. Her hands pierced the water and her body slipped into the water. She wasn't as graceful as Jungeun when she swam. Yerim was flying out of the water, her body forced itself out of the water.

Kick, kick, and pull. Kick, kick, and pull.

Jungeun noticed her form was slipping at the end of her length. The rhythm she had wasn't kick, kick, pull but rather kick, pull, kick, pull. She wasn't one with the water, she was fighting against it, she had struggled with the sense that the water must flow with you, not against you.

"Don't you think that she needs to work on her timing?" Jungeun asked her coach.

"She's tired, I can tell. I'm gonna let everyone go after the lap." The coach's plan was good enough for Jungeun. She nodded in agreement. Practice was difficult for them for the past week. "I'll talk to her after it. You can go." He waved her off.

Jungeun nodded and went to get her items and walked towards the showers.

"But you have to disassemble all the equipment!" Jungeun groaned at the coach's orders.

"Can I at least change first?"

"Fine. But be quick!"


The next morning came, the wind blew through the streets and the leaves rustled. It was sunny though, Jungeun looked up at the sky. Clouds scattered along the blue horizon. Her hair blew gently in the wind as she walked. She pulled her scarf up a bit higher. The chilling breeze made the fall air colder than usual. She hated it.

She always went to the trains alone, it was routine. Jungeun knew that Jinsoul came early for some reason, maybe to drop off her siblings? Jungeun met them and they seemed old enough to get to school themselves. Despite that, she always saw Hyunjin and Heejin walk together. Yerim just went on her own schedule, she lived close enough to the school to walk a short distance. And Yeojin? She was always dropped off by her parents since it was on the way to their jobs. And Jungeun was stuck taking the train to school. How fun.

Jungeun walked with her earbuds in, listening to the hottest new pop song from the latest viral girl group hit. She dreamed of being a pop star. Not that it mattered since she already had scholarships lined up from when she started to swim competitively from all the hottest schools, but she started college and her degree for teaching. Jungeun wish she could just change her fate.

A change of heart if you will.

Her gaze shifted from looking in front of her to the side. Staring at a park, the pond that gathered in the center. The water looked murky and full of algae. It was the home of many species. Jungeun smiled and looked forward. Her feet started to walk faster to the station.

She felt a rush of wind invade her privacy. Mainly by removing her earbuds from her ears and the sounds of cars and strangers talking filled the disappearance of her music. It bothered her greatly. Her scarf pulled away from her neck. The wind pulled on it harder until the fabric flew away from her back and into the pond she had noticed a while back.

She sighed.


She hurried on to campus as fast as her legs could handle.



Jungeun entered the classroom, and she sat at her designated desk. She wondered what topic homeroom would have. The train was running early. Her schedule was a few minutes earlier than expected, she just bought a cheap sandwich from the vending machines near school to snack on when she settled in the lecture hall.

Jungeun felt a tap on her shoulder.

Jungeun turned around to see Jiwoo. Of course it was her annoying best friend of years. They did meet first of all in middle school. Jiwoo wore a skirt and a pastel sweater. Her bangs covered her large forehead. Jiwoo was the opposite of Jungeun, she was like an energetic puppy. She had all the short bursts of energy but she always fell asleep. Jiwoo was someone who could make you feel better without trying. A happy pill for everyone as the TV personalities would put it. Jungeun vividly remembers the time that Jiwoo got yelled at for trying to help someone and she started to cry. Jungeun almost beat the living crap out of them for hurting her. Jiwoo, instead would have socked them in the face instead.

Jungeun was the bodyguard that Jiwoo needed. It was odd since Jiwoo has taken Taekwondo classes ever since she was able to walk. She just doesn't have the heart to hurt someone. Plus it was probably illegal for her to assault someone like that. That's why she took up a hobby like photography instead of being co-captain of the Taekwondo team. Plus it did give her excuses to go on swim meet trips for the Yearbook when she didn't need to.

"Yes?" Jungeun replied, "Ya need anything?"

"You dropped the honorifics?" Jiwoo scolded. "I was tired of you calling me Jiwoo-ssi. I'm younger than you… plus it's been over five years!"

Jungeun laughed.

"Anyways. I was uh. Wondering, if I could come to practice soon so I can uh, take photos for the school paper?" She pushed her index fingers together. "Also to help you out?"

"We're gonna have one next week. I think it's thursday?" Jungeun was unsure. "I'll ask coach at practice today."

"I should've just texted you…" Jiwoo mumbled. "But make sure Sooyoung is there."

"She's the team captain? She has to be there." The older girl informed.

"I know but-"

The professor entered with a cup of coffee and a dreadful look on her face. She slammed her hand on her desk. Jiwoo stumbled over a chair going towards her seat the professor then started writing on the chalkboard. Jungeun really didn't feel like listening and waited for the lecture to end.

She just fazed out all the students whispers and pulled out her tablet to take notes with.


Practice today was the relay. This practice puts emphasis on the diving portion. The timing and touch of the wall is the most important. The timing is if you were either early or too late. If the teammate doesn't touch the wall and you fly off the block too soon, you can get disqualified from it. Too late and your time is going to be a few seconds late, and in swimming? Every second counts.

There are also less important things such as a strong kick and the powerful force that pulls you through the water. The practice really helps out with the team's diving skills. This particular relay called the medley relay. The four primary strokes are used. First comes backstroke, the stroke that is easy. The breaststroke, a harder stroke to master due to the timing and synchronization you have to have with it. Third is butterfly, the stroke that was the hardest to learn and took a toll on your body.

And lastly was freestyle, the fastest and most reliable stroke. The stroke is easy to learn but the breathing technique is different. Jungeun liked it because of it. The stroke was free, free flowing. She had a sense of freedom from all her daily stress when she swam the stroke.

"Alright everyone, we need to make teams for the meet. I want at least one strong swimmer on your team." Coach concluded. "So that means you and you cannot be on the same team."

He pointed at Sooyoung and Jungeun specifically. Jungeun pouted that her trusty butterfly swimmer would be helping out the other's time in the relay.

"Yes! Coach Kim!" Jungeun and Sooyoung replied in synchronization.

"That's fine." Sooyoung replied. "I think Yerim can do butterfly for Jungeun quite well." She laughed patting the younger's head. "I'm kidding you can do backstroke if you want."

Jungeun scanned the pool area to see who she could put onto her roster for the meet. Her eyes glanced at the team.

The first comes up to Hyunjin, does good at freestyle. Her butterfly can do some work. She's kind of like a cat in water, but a cat that likes water. An odd combination that could be made. Jungeun checked her off the list to go to Sooyoung's team, she needed a strong end to their heat.

Hyejoo, loves butterfly to no end. She says it reminds her of someone dear to her. Thus she swims it for her and only for her, but she does like to sable in the other strokes. Hyejoo only responds to be called Olivia, it was a nice name. She reminded her of a character off of adventure time, was it Marcie?

Sooyoung was already swimming butterfly for the second medley relay's heat. She was put onto Jungeun's imaginary roster.

Yeojin, the ace breaststroke swimmer. Her timing is impeccable and she was the youngest on the team. Yeojin told Jungeun that she practiced breaststroke only for so long since she thought it reminded her of frogs, her favorite animal. Jungeun gave her a keychain of a popular anime frog character from the latest popular shonen anime. She feels like she would be a good addition but she had trouble with timing off the blocks.

She chose her anyways.

Last but not least was Yerim, the one who had backstroke down to a science. The recovery, the pull, the kick, and everything. Jungeun realized she took all the young swimmers. It was odd that they were so good at such a young age.

Coach Kim looked at Jinsoul. "You wanna time Jungeun's team? I'll time Sooyoung's if you want."

"Sure." Jinsoul grabbed a timer from Coach's hand, grabbing her clipboard as well. Walking towards Jungeun. "You ready?"

"Always." Jungeun smiled, staring off at her team for the medley.

"Jungeun are you okay?" Hyunjin asked. "Hyejoo I'm scared." She grabbed Hyejoo's arm.

Hyejoo pulled her arm away from the older girl. "Don't touch me." She growled.

Jungeun shook her head and stared at the water. Sooyoung had chosen her team already and coach instructed them to practice their exchanges.

Yeojin laughed. "Oh my Hyejoo you growled like a wolf. I think I'm gonna call you baby wolf!" Yeojin poked her side. Trying to grab her cheeks when the older almost bit her fingers off.

Hyejoo smiled at the youngest member, creepily.

"Guys pay attention. Yerim you're up for backstroke." Jungeun gestured to the pool. "We're gonna do a fifty meter, take a break and then do a one-hundred."

Yerim nodded grabbing her goggles from her forehead and pushed them firmly over her eyes. Diving into the pool soldier style. She broke through the water with her toes and pulling herself up to the bar. She then grabs the blocks grips to start.

"All right. You ready Yerim?" Jinsoul asked the girl. Yerim nodded in response and Jinsoul got the timer out hovering her thumb over the start button.


Yerim pulled herself up. Her face close to the block and her back pulled up from the water.


Yerim was determined to go her fastest. The warm up they did was amazing. Her body felt it was at its peak.

"Go!" Jinsoul pressed the timer.

Yerim pushed herself off the block. Her arms moved above her head. The tips of her fingers pierced the water's surface and she slipped into the water. She dolphin kicked until her body rose up to the surface. Her strong strokes through the water created a rift and she felt the presence of a wall coming soon.

Yerim noticed the flags and counted her strokes to the wall.






And Six.

She turned herself over. Tucking in her chin and flipping over. Her feet touched the wall and she pushed off with no hesitation.

Yerim started to use her arms again.

Jungeun listened to the water.

Yerim was flowing with the water. No fighting against the water. Backstroke was her specialty and Jungeun sensed her intentions for the water.

She touched the wall at once.

Yeojin barely drove herself off the block into the water. It was late but she drove perfectly into the water. Underwater, she was able to go almost halfway without breathing. Her pull, straighten out, and kick technique felt like second nature. Her kick strength is really what helps the team out so well. Jungeun really admired her form. She was quite fast for the slowest stroke. Jungeun guessed that she used her core and hips to snap her legs when she kicked, making her push the water out instead of in.

It was only the short lane, Jungeun noted Yeojin was always best at that.

Hyejoo stood on the starting block. Her presence was no doubt mesmerizing. She didn't look like a student but like a professional, she made a fairly good impression on Jungeun when she first did the relay.

Once Yeojin pressed her hand against the wall, Hyejoo dived in with a large splash. She forcibly assaulted the water with her strength. She swam with all her power. That's what she did. It made her feel alive.

The few meters left between her and Jungeun's start. Jungeun grabbed the edge of the block. Hyejoo touched the wall and off the block, Jungeun went. Her body fluttered in mid-air.

She dove into the water as if she was an eagle diving for its prey.

Her strokes didn't feel any different. She grazed the water's surface gently. Nothing to hurt such a delicate being. Jungeun's intent never seemed to fail her as she would always swim gracefully.

Jungeun flipped to go her last twenty five. She barely felt tired during the first half. She kicked faster, her strokes stronger, and she pulled the water behind her. The water welcomed her as if she knew the water would.

Jungeun touched the wall, standing and removing her goggles from her eyes.

"Well, that was about the best I've seen all year from you guys." Jinsoul complimented the four, she smiled at them.

"How did we do chief?" Yeojin asked.

"Your time was…" Jinsoul showed the paper to the three girls out of the water. Their eyes sparkled gold, mouths open, and Yeojin grabbed Hyejoo.

"One minute and fifteen. Hyejoo you got one minute and five. Pretty good for practice." Jinsoul put a star on their times. The fastest they have done ever since they started on the team.

"You know what this means?" Yeojin shook the poor sophomore. "We can finally get that meat barbecue!"

"Why do you think like a teenage boy?" Hyejoo retorted, she pushed Yeojin off her and Yeojin went into the water. Hyejoo dove into the water and started splashing the younger girl. The banter they had was usual.

Jungeun looked at Jinsoul, her breathing regulated from the short swimming session.

"What was my time?" Jungeun asked.

Jinsoul looked at the timer. Showing the younger girl the time notes on the device.

45 seconds.


"Amazing huh?"

Jungeun's words were taken out of her mouth from Jinsoul.

Great minds think alike.


The meet came faster than expected, all the girls piled into the school bus. Counted by a woman who looked young, but older than the rest of the girls. She was a former member of the girls swim team, and volunteered at the school to coach the team. She had started college earlier than Jinsoul, being the same age as her. Her younger sister, Yeojin had joined the swim team this year. Mainly because it annoyed Haseul that Yeojin would literally only do breaststroke like a frog because she thought it was funny. And may or not be because Yerim asked her to do it because they needed more underclassman to participate. Yeojin was short and slim, she looked like a younger version of Haseul at least.

Haseul, had a short bob and wore wire-framed glasses that framed her face perfectly. Her monolid eyes and high bridged nose were accentuated by her frames. She had a deep voice that was soothing and helped calm people down. Being the older sister of Yeojin, she felt responsible for her since she couldn't reach the driving pedals. She held onto the wheel tightly as the swim team felt rowdy after their long bus ride to some high school on the other side of Seoul. They were hungry teenagers anyways.

"Haseul! Can we get McDonald's?" Yeojin asked. Her friends looked at her and nodded. "I want a happy meal."

"No. This is the fifth time this month, you need to eat less junk." Haseul scolded. "Plus, we'll get some barbecue after the meet, I'll get you extra beef if you don't prank someone today."

Yeojin always annoyed her older sister, it was a given anyways that the younger one had the tendency to prank. It was basically an instinct for the small girl.

"Remember the last time Yeojin pranked someone?" Hyunjin piped up. "She took all the towels from the other team and had to apologize to everyone." Hyunjin laughed.

"Don't remind me of that." Yeojin protested. "I didn't know that was the other team's towels."

"It had their school's emblem on them? You must've gotten the slow genes."

Yeojin sank into her seat. Yerim tried to cheer her up with the meme videos she downloaded on her phone, but her attempts failed. Jungeun noticed something. Jinsoul sat next to her and she was passed out. Her head tilted onto her shoulder, and Jungeun noticed her lips parted slightly, her nose reddish, and her eyelashes looked long. Jungeun felt that she should not move an inch in order to not disturb the sleeping girl.

"Why are you so stiff?" Sooyoung whispered in Jungeun's ear. Jungeun felt tense.

"N-no reason." Jungeun stuttered, she felt herself curse to herself in her mind. "I don't want to wake up Jinsoul."

"Of course." Sooyoung replied. "You didn't want to wake her up so you can have an excuse to be with your crush." She whispered again.

"What are we in high school?" Jungeun pouted.

"It's just fun to tease ya Lippie." Sooyoung stuck her tongue out. "Jinsoul likes to be in the fun too."

Jungeun felt like a tomato after that. Sooyoung went back to her phone and took a photo of the blonde and brunette for "blackmail". She giggled at how cute the girl looked in the photo.

"Guys we forgot Olivia." Hyunjin paused. "again" Hyunjin lifted up her phone. "She just texted me about it."

Haseul's head snapped back, taking her eyes off of her book. She already felt something was off about the bus ride. There was no brooding teenage angst aura in the back of the bus. Haseul whipped the car around almost tipping all of the girls over onto the left side. Jungeun didn't want Olivia's mom to scold her again when she had called to pick her up for the 5th time.

Haseul turned to the team captain, Sooyoung.

"You told me everyone was on this goddamn bus." Her finger pointed at her. "And you forgot Olivia. She doesn't even know how to drive!"

"You really don't need to call-" Haseul's glare turned itself in the direction of Yerim.

"I swear to god. I will kick you off this bus and you will walk there." Haseul smiled and turned her head to the bus driver.

Haseul wasn't the type to do illegal substances, but she had the ability to bribe everyone."Hey sir can you drive us back to the university? I'll give you five bucks and a bucket of KFC." Haseul bribed the driver. Sliding him a bill and a free coupon for a bucket of chicken, she somehow had. He whipped the vehicle around and left the road in shambles. The girls barely held onto their seats for dear life.

Jinsoul? Still sound asleep.

"Can we just totally agree that Hyejoo is basically a furry with Hyunjin." Yeojin laughed. Yerim punched her shoulder playfully and Hyunjin growled at her. Jungeun chuckled at their antics.

"You said this the last time we were at a meet at YG." Jungeun pointed out. Hyunjin pouted. "Hyunjin can you stop sulking? You really don't need to be so sad about that meet all the time." Jungeun reassured her. Barely moving to not disturb Jinsoul's rest. "Besides at least Heejin will be here this time."

"I hope." Jungeun murmured.

Hyunjin's eyes lit up at the mention of her best friend, and supporter of the team. She looked like a cat whenever she sees her food at the mention of Heejin. Yeojin, again tried to comment about how she looked like a yiffer. Until Yerim put her hand over Yeojin's mouth and told her to shut her mouth. Jinsoul stirred in her sleep, her head nuzzled into Jungeun's shoulder.

"You're still a furry though." Yeojin repeated.

Yerim gave her a piercing gaze. "Yeojin you have been saying the same joke ever since we've trained together in high school."

Hyunjin tried to strangle her. But instead scratched her leaving a mark on her cheek.

Jungeun looked ahead and tapped Jiwoo on her shoulders and she turned around.

"Jiwooming, are you okay?" She asked the girl.

Jiwoo took out her earbuds from her large ears and looked at Jungeun with curiosity. Her puppy eyes stared into Jungeun's soul. She was a cute girl no lie in that. Jungeun reminisced of the time that Jiwoo was crying with Yerim about a cockroach that Haseul accidentally stepped on during a sleepover. A horrific scene for everyone when they heard the ear-piercing scream of Jiwoo's, and Yerim crying. Nothing out of the ordinary now for the group.

Other than that, Jiwoo was a big softie for everything basically.

"Hm?" The girl sounded. Her hand still holding her white earpods. She looked down and saw the two girls. Her mouth shaped like an 'O'.

"Oh, you're-"

"Shut up."

"You really need to chill." Jiwoo smiled, "with her." She moved her eyebrows suggestively.


Hyejoo wasn't mad. She was sitting outside of the school sitting on a bench. She didn't mind their forgetfulness, but it did annoy her to an extent. She played with the ends of her black hair.

"Did they forget you again?" A soft voice asked.

Hyejoo looked around to see Park Chaewon. The girl who would come to swim meets to support her friends. Chaewon wore a grey beanie and a scarf around her neck, her black overcoat indicating she was finished for the day. Chaewon was one of Hyejoo's classmates.

"It's really not a big deal," Hyejoo sighed. Moving her black hair from her face.

Chaewon frowned.

"You shouldn't think like that. I'm sure they're coming back to get you." Chaewon reassured the girl. "Your team would never let you down. I know that. They love you too much."

Hyejoo looked at Chaewon and she scoffed. "This has been the fifth time this season. I just hope to god they remember me this time."

Chaewon hugged Hyejoo, Hyejoo's head fell into the crook of Chaewon's neck. "it'll be fine. Don't worry. Your team supports you. I support you. I-"


Chaewon was startled and jumped from the hug. She cursed to herself as everything doesn't go her way. Hyejoo looked and saw Yeojin roll down her window. She knew what she was gonna say.

"Get in loser we're going shopping!" She yelled out. "You too weeb! Sit on Hyejoo's lap we have only one more seat left!" Hyejoo and Chaewon both glowed red in embarrassment. Chaewon looked at Hyejoo and nodded.

"Yeojin I swear to GOD!" Yerim yelled "This is a BUS NOT A VAN-"


"Don't call me Hyejoo!" Hyejoo whined to the short girl. Running to the bus, Chaewon shook her head and walked to the bus instead. Laughing at the antics of the team members bickering.

"Shut up before we leave you here again!" Hyunjin yelled at the two.

"You wouldn't be able to do the relay then!" Hyejoo replied back.

"Well… Shut up!"

"You two stop yelling at each other and sit your asses down!" Haseul scolded the girls. Angry Haseul was not something you did want to mess with. "Olivia! Get on the bus. Gowon you go on here too I think you'll put everyone in check!"


Traffic felt like a boring documentary that you had to watch in History class without your phone or laptop to distract you. Sure you had paper and pencils, but lacked the artistic skills to even start something. The girls sat near each other on the small bus.

"Guys should we play a game?" Hyejoo asked. "Any suggestions? I wanna play imessage games."

The girls looked at her with an odd look. "How are we going to play iMessage games ?" Asked Sooyoung. "Jinsoul has a Samsung..."

"How does it feel to have an inferior phone to iPhones Soul?" Sooyoung teased.

Jinsoul looked up at the captain, showing her phone. "My phone can do all of your stuff at half the price."


The two bickered over the superiority until Yerim grabbed both their phones. "We can play truth or dare." Yerim suggested. "No crazy things or like things that will hurt us. Maybe would you rather? Or we could play like the soulmate game?"

The girls weren't too keen on the soulmate game. The suggestion blew over the younger girl's head. Truth or dare sounded much more appealing to the girls. Never have I ever felt like they would all confess, Haseul shrugged at the idea, she didn't care at all and chose the latter.

"Okay I guess we're playing never have I ever" Jinsoul announced to the team, briefly explaining the rules. "Who shall start?"

"I'll go first." Hyunjin raised her hand. She scanned the bus for the victim she shall choose for the question that will plague the girls. Her eyes locked on to one person.

"Never have I ever eaten frog legs."

Yeojin and Haseul put a finger down.

"Never have I ever, uhhh… played the legend of zelda?" Haseul confessed.

That got the juniors of the team bitten in the leg.

"I have never had a crush on my best friend."

Hesitation filled the air.

Jungeun had her hands still fully loaded. Jinsoul had one finger down.

"I'm tired of this can we play truth or dare?" Jinsoul whined.

"No." Chaewon replied.


The bus arrived and the opposing swim team was outside to greet the girls. They were all tall. Compared to the short BBC swim team, the JYP team had some girls that towered over even the tallest of them all, Hyejoo. They did all look like they were at least sophomores. Some being seniors at the time.

The team captain of JYP waved at the team.

"Welcome!" Her smile was contagious, Jiwoo couldn't even handle it. She felt threatened that she wasn't the cutest thing in the room. Or say, the meet? She felt like kicking her shins in for some odd reason.

"Is she ok?" The captain pointed at Jiwoo. She was growling.

"Oh, Her? She's fine. You're just threatening with how cute you are." Yeojin explained. "You'll probably want to like… protect your shins, or joints."

The captain went pale and turned around. The JYP group looked at her a shrugged. The coach, or roach looking man went up to the BBC swim coach. And firmly shook his hand.

"I apologize for the scene." The man said. "She is not usually like this."

"God, who is this geezer?" Yeojin groaned.

"That "geezer" literally founded this school." Haseul replied back to her sister.

"So what? He could be like my grandpa." Yeojin mumbled.

"I'm only forty-eight…"

"Well that's older than me so… you're a grandpa."

The team had to pull away Yeojin away from the other team.

The man looked behind to his team. All the young girls looked at him.

"I'm not that old. Am I?"

The girls looked away from the man. Attempting to avoid all response from his gaze.

"I'm gonna make you guys do perimeter swims again."



Jungeun sat on the bench. Looking at coach, she was almost ready to do the hundred meter free. She was observing the two-hundred meter butterfly come to a close. Knowing that this was the hardest stroke for half the team to do. There were one or two that could do it well enough for their times to be almost as good as the top three schools in the country.

Those schools were the richest schools in the country though. And they had the nicest pools since they won the districts they resided in so much money and sponsorships that they were able to buy the best equipment and hire the best coaches.

Former Olympian coaches for that matter.

But oh so poor BBC Academy's poor swim team. They had to fundraise for everything since their school was so poor. They have a cult following of fans for their team though. It was weird, they were all from different countries.

Maybe because of their stupid viral internet show that happened a while ago.

They were still unknown in their country though. It was odd to say the least, how did an unknown Korean swim team get noticed by so many people around the world?

Jungeun snapped out of her trance.

"She's mine!" A boy yelled at a black messy haired boy. He was slender and his height was only a few inches taller than the boy he was yelling at.

"No." The other pushed the boy back. He regained his balance from the impact. "She's mine!" The boy who pushed the black haired boy had blond hair, unnaturally dyed and Jungeun noticed how fried it looked. Similar to Jinsoul's old blonde hair.

Jungeun noticed the adults trying to apprehend the two boys. They were just too rowdy for the staff on duty to even get a hold of the two. They were barely even punching each other. Pushing each other back and forth, it was annoying to keep seeing them do the repeated attacks to each other.

Who in the hell were they talking about anyways?

Jungeun scanned the room to see if she had a candidate for their bickering. She had nothing really. It was a bother for the girl to even think. But it was distracting her from the water sport she was so passionate about.

The staff still trying to even find a way to get them to stop their antics. Jungeun just wanted to swim. Jungeun sighed and looked at the scene. Looking at Jinsoul.

Her beauty was something else, huh.

Those two boys were getting awfully close to Jinsoul.

Like really close.

Super duper close.

Really, really, really close.

Jungeun didn't think of it as anything too serious.


Her eyes closed from flinching as if the water was scary to Jungeun. Opening her eyes to see that Jinsoul wasn't standing there anymore. Jungeun looked into the water and saw Jinsoul underwater. Her eyes closed and body in a fetal position. She saw her flail her arms in the water to try and stay afloat. And she was probably one of two people on the team that had actual lifeguard training. Jungeun then realized that Jinsoul was drowning.

Her mind didn't think.

She threw her towel to the side and her feet ran at an alarming pace. She might've slipped if she stepped in a wet spot. She felt her body slip into the water as if it was nothing. She didn't fight the water, but embraced it. Jungeun opened her eyes under the water. She didn't care about the burning sensation that she felt when her eyes came into contact with the chlorine. Jungeun swam up to the surface. To see the Jinsoul was flailing her arms around and to see no one to help her but herself.

You're at a goddamn swim meet, with people who can swim, pretty well but can barely even save a girl (a pretty girl that is.) who's probably drowning at a swim meet? A disgrace to all swimmers out there. What felt like minutes lasted for only seconds. It wasn't that bad.

Or maybe it was?

She couldn't even see the girl. Her only senses were probably touch and hearing. And hearing? That's limited to when she's above water. She felt something in the water. It felt like fabric. It was most likely Jinsoul.

Jungeun grabbed the girl under the armpits and pulled herself with her free arm towards the pool's wall. Her teammates helped her to bring the older girl up to the edge of the pool. Jungeun pushed herself up onto the pool's ledge. And starting the procedure to see if the girl was even remotely alive.

Is this the time to do CPR?

Jungeun checked the pulse. Checked her breathing. Looked at her chest for signs of breathing. She wasn't thinking.

God, she did not want her crush to die today.

Jungeun felt her whole team help her. She moved Jinsoul's head side to side. Draining any water that might have seeped into her ears and mouth. She checked once again for breathing and pulse. The pulse was faint and her breathing barely noticeable to the swimmer.

Jungeun started the chest compressions. Her fingers interlocked on the black haired girl's chest. She pressed, one and a two. It was like an eight step beat count when dancing. Three, and four. Her heart was about to burst out of her chest. Repeating the same action for almost twenty more pushes. She had to do it. She had to do it. Of course she had to.

She pushed Jinsoul's mouth open. She pressed her mouth to Jinsoul's.

Jinsoul's arms wrapped around Jungeun's head. Was she faking it this whole time? Her heart skipped a beat at the bold action. Jungeun's brain was trying it's hardest to compute the situation.

Jungeun tried to push herself off the girl. Jinsoul let go of her. Her wet hair and glistening skin made her eyes brighter than ever. She stared at Jungeun and realized her mistake.

Her face went beet red at what she had done. An awkward moment for all of the team.

"Let's get back to swimming everyone!" The coach said. "Stop looking at the scene we will fix all of it!"



"I mean, Yerim how the hell did you beat all the top schools in backstroke?" Haseul asked, her mouth full of food. The celebratory dinner after the meet. A tradition that the team had anytime someone got first in a heat. Her paint of chopsticks pointed at the girl.

Yerim grabbed a piece of meat off the grill. "I dunno. Guess I just really got lucky." Yerim noted.

"They were probably sophomore racers." Hyunjin piped up.

"Probably, they did look pretty young to me though." Haseul replied. "But I look like a baby."

Haseul looked over at Hyunjin. Her head was down and she looked at her shoes.

"Why are you sulking?" Jiwoo asked. "Eat some meat." Grabbing a piece and sliding it on Hyunjin's plate.

Heejin looked at Hyunjin.

"God you need to stop being so goddamn jealous of that Ryujin girl, you were on the same team for a little bit in high school. It's okay goddamn it. only like you." Heejin pecked Hyunjin on the lips and everyone's eyes widened.

Heejin looked over at the team.

"You know we have been dating since senior year of high school right?"

Hyejoo looked at them.

"I've known that for years. Can we like, talk about the elephant in the room?"

Everyone looked around. Jinsoul looked around the table.

"I don't see anything wrong about anything." Chaewon responded.

Hyejoo almost slapped her face off her head. Her bumbling idiots of a team. She sighed and pointed at Jinsoul and Jungeun.

"You realize. That those two, had kissed."

"I thought they were just doing CPR."

Yeojin snickered. Yerim looked at her.

"What did you do?" Haseul asked. Her stern tone startled the team.

"Nothing" Yeojin's singsong voice radiated.

"Yeojin didn't do anything." Yerim replied. Saving her friend from her sister's wraith.

Haseul pinched the bridge of her nose. God she was about to get a headache.

"Then what happened?"

The whole team looked at each other. Except for Jungeun and Jinsoul, who oddly enough are confused at the odd behavior the team is putting out. Who is going to fess up to the crime?

Chaewon couldn't handle even trying to hold it in. She was barely able t ok keep a secret from a little fly.

"We paid two guys to fight specifically for Jungeun to save Jinsoul. We just didn't think that Jinsoul would actually kiss Jungeun. Like full on. I dunno. Don't kill me Jinsoul-" Chaewon defended herself from the manager.

"I'm not even going to-"

"You go babe."

Jinsoul giggled and pulled Jungeun closer to her. Jungeun blushed and Jinsoul smiled.

"Ya know Lippie?" Jinsoul poked her arm.


"You're kinda cute, you say… go on a date this sunday?" Jinsoul asked. Her finger rubbing circles on the young woman's arm.

"Of course."