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Clegane Keep

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5 years later

"Pod, Sansa I'm back. Where are you?" Arya bellowed as she stumbled into the Keep dropping her bag and jacket in the entryway. 

It had been an exhausting trip to the Faroe Islands to research for the new project. Arya knew that eventually she and Sansa were going to have to hire a photographer to take pictures for the websites they created, but right now she still enjoyed that part of the process. Sansa hadn't gone with her this trip, and Arya had done double duty and taken extra detailed notes so Sansa could write the text.

"Anyone around?"

"Quit yelling, I can hear you."

Arya whirled around to see Sandor standing in the doorway. "How was the trip?" He asked.

"Great, beautiful, exhausting. I hope Sansy can decipher my notes to write the text. Where is she anyway?"

"She and Pod went into Glasgow, they were saying something about needing new muffin tins or cupcake tins, or something like that. You know how they are."

Arya rolled her eyes. "Yea I know how they are." Arya regarded Sandor fondly. Who would have thought this big scarred man would have such an effect on the life of her sister. 

Five years ago, Sansa thought her life was over, but this cranky giant had brought her back from the abyss, and today Sansa could not be happier, and for that Arya would always be Sandor's biggest fan.

If she was honest though, Sandor had changed her life too. Arya would never forget that day when Sansa announced that she was not going back to the United States, instead she was staying here, in Scotland, with Sandor. 

In the next breath, Sansa suggested that Arya consider staying too. After all, she could develop websites anywhere, including here. Pod looked at her hopefully, and Arya had to admit that was just what she wanted to do. 

The first year had been a challenge. Establishing residency, setting up a business, cold calling for jobs, and millions of little details that neither of them had thought of when they were working for someone else. Now that they were the owners, they had to figure it out. Every step of the way Pod and Sandor were there to support them; whether it be carrying equipment, driving them to a job or just listening to them rant and rave about something, they were truly the best boyfriends ever.

The turning point came after the launching of Sandor's, then Jamie's, then Bronn's websites. Pod received a phone call from the village's mayor. Mayor Daenerys Targaryen requested a meeting with 'Direwolf Web' to discuss the possibility of them creating a website to raise the profile of the village with tourists and other residents of Scotland.

The village website was an overwhelming success. It brought increased business to the village AND the fledgling company and resulted in Sansa and Arya  being featured on a local Glasgow TV station. Today they had the luxury of picking and choosing their projects. There was more work than the two of them could keep up with, Arya knew that the time was coming for them to hire help.

"We're home, is anyone here?" Arya heard Sansa shout from the entryway. She turned to see a visibly pregnant Sansa and Pod enter the room, followed by a toddler with a huge smile and grey eyes.

"Aunt Arya you're back, I missed you."

Arya squatted down with her arms outstretched "Oh Nell I missed you too, were you good for Mummy and Uncle Pod?"

"She was an angel." Pod replied, walking over and kissing Arya quickly on the lips. "I missed you too."

"Sansa, I can't believe you wore that shirt to the city, it's positively indecent," Arya quipped.

Sansa looked down at Sandor's favorite Thundersoup t-shirt that was stretched to bursting over her belly and grinned. "What? You know it's my favorite, besides nothing else fits me at this point."

Arya smiled back at her sister, marveling at how joyous and content she looked, then slid her eyes to look at Sandor and Sansa's wedding portrait that hung over the fireplace. She looked just as joyous and content that day too.


Sansa and Sandor hadn't planned to get married so quickly. As soon as they'd made the decision to be together, everything snowballed, and within just a few months Sansa was the new Lady Clegane.

Sansa and Arya had used their original plane tickets to return to the States, but it was only to pack up everything they needed to move to Scotland. Their plan was to spend about 3 weeks at home with their family, saying goodbye and deciding what they would need for their new lives.

Sansa had it much easier than Arya, most of her life was still in boxes from being moved out of the apartment she shared with Harry. Arya spent weeks deciding what she would need to bring with her on the plane, and what could be shipped. 

One of the last things Sansa did, before she returned to Scotland, was schedule  an appointment with her gynecologist. Her explanation to Arya was that she needed to be absolutely sure that she was clean, since Harry hadn't exactly been monogamous. She and Sandor were using condoms faithfully, but they really didn't want to bother with that step anymore. Besides they were going through boxes pretty quickly, Sansa added with a wink. Arya responded that she really didn't want or need to know that much about their sex life. 

The appointment went fine, fortunately for all his faults, Harry had managed to use protection and stay disease free. But, to Sansa's amazement, the doctor announced that she was about 3 weeks pregnant.

Sansa argued that it wasn't possible, they'd used protection, she was on the shot, how could this happen? The doctor merely shrugged and replied that nothing, except abstinence, was 100% effective, and passed Sansa some prenatal care information.

When they did return to Scotland and Sansa broke the news to Sandor, he wanted to drive to the town hall immediately to get married. Relieved, since she didn't know how he would react, Sansa managed to convince Sandor to wait a few weeks so her family could come over and meet him and witness the ceremony.

The portrait on the wall had been Arya's gift to the couple. Sandor had begrudgingly worn his Clegane tartan kilt, with fitted black jacket, and doc martens (instead of those poncy shiny shoes, he sneered). And Sansa had, of course, worn the dress she'd found when she was in the attic that first time with Sandor. It had taken some doing to get it cleaned and altered for the ceremony, but Pod had miraculously found a seamstress to work with Sansa (and her constantly changing body) to have it ready in time.

Once the date was set, and the Stark's plane tickets to Scotland booked, the entire village got involved in planning the wedding. Bronn offered up the Pub for the rehearsal dinner the night before the ceremony, and the Baratheon's insisted that they host the reception. Uncle Ilyn surprised the couple by getting his license to perform the ceremony, which took place in the small unused stone church in the village. 

The Starks arrived several days before the wedding, and immediately fit right into life in the village. Jon and Rob spent evenings at the Blackwater, while Ned and Robert Baratheon became fast friends; playing rounds of golf and discussing the latest Brexit debacle. 

Pod took charge of making sure Catelyn, Bran and Rickon enjoyed themselves as well. Pod and Rickon went for long rambling hikes through the forests and streams, and Bran was given free access to the massive library at the Keep. Pod and Catelyn bonded over baking. Every morning, everyone would gather in the Keep's kitchen to see what wonderful pastries Pod and Catelyn had made for them. It was as if they'd all been family for years.

On the day of the ceremony, the church was beautiful, having been thoroughly cleaned and decorated by the women of the village. In a centuries old tradition the local women, organized by Brienne and Ros (who surprisingly held no ill will towards the Stark sisters, especially after meeting Arya's older brothers at The Blackwater), swept out years of dust, cobwebs and grime. The pew ends were swagged with lengths of the Clegane tartan and the altar was a riot of heather and thistle; chaotic but glorious. 

The entire church was crammed full of villagers and Starks. As Ned walked Sansa down the aisle there wasn't a dry eye in the entire building; including the groom and his best man Pod. Tears streamed down Sandor's face as he promised to love, honor and cherish Sansa for all the days of his life. A loud sob, which turned out to be Bronn, could be heard when Sansa wiped the tears from the scarred side of Sandor's face as she clearly and loudly said her own vows.


"I'm sorry, what did you say?" Arya asked, realizing she'd missed what her sister had said to her while she was looking at the wedding photo.

"I asked if you and Pod wanted to stay here tonight instead of driving back to the village."

While Pod still worked with Sandor and managed the Keep and the other daily activities, he and Arya no longer lived on site. A year or so ago they'd purchased a small house in the village, so they could be closer to an aging Uncle Ilyn. The house was cosy, but big enough for Arya to have a room dedicated to her computer equipment.

Most of the work of  Direwolf Web was still done at the Keep, with Sansa and Arya sitting side by side at laptops. But Arya liked having the flexibility to work whatever time of the day or night she wanted, without disturbing Sansa's sleep.

"Nah, we can just go home, I want to sleep in my own bed."

"Are you sure I can't tempt you? I just changed the sheets in your favorite Victorian love shack upstairs." Sansa said with a smirk.

"As tempting as that sounds, I think we'll just go home." Arya replied snarkily.

After prying Nell off Aunt Arya's legs "but I don't want you to go" Nell wailed. Pod and Arya collected her bag, and started back to the village.

"Pod, we'll really have to go to the Faroe's sometime, they're just beautiful. There's lots of hiking trails, you would just love it."

"Aye, if business ever slows down, maybe we can take a vacation there."

Arya grinned "Yea I'm almost sorry we came up with all those ideas to make Clegane Keep THE place to visit in the greater Glasgow area."

Pod glanced at Arya, picked up her hand and kissed her knuckles "it's okay. I'll take being overworked as long as I get to spend all my free time with you."


Hours later, after eating dinner, and putting Nell to bed, Sandor sat on one of the stools in the kitchen, watching Sansa put away the new pans she and Pod had purchased.

"Did you have fun in the city today?"

"Sure, it's nice to go every once in a while. I dragged Pod to a bunch of children's clothing stores, Nell is growing out of everything, and this one will be here sooner than we think." Sansa said, patting her stomach. "By the way, did you think anymore about boys names?"

"I dunno; Jamie, Rory, Cameron, Podrick?"

Sansa considered his suggestions. "I was thinking, since someday he's going to be Lord Clegane, what do you think of Alistair? after the first Lord Clegane"

"I'm thinking I shouldn't have let you research the Clegane family tree."

Sansa lightly smacked Sandor on the shoulder. "Oh, shut up, what do you really think?"

"I think that, whatever you want to do is fine with me. There would never be ANY of this if it wasn't for you, so Alistair sounds like a perfect name."

Sansa smiled up at Sandor, and cupped his cheek with her hand. "Ready for bed, Lord Clegane?"

"Wherever you go Lady Clegane, I will happily follow."

Sansa's grin widened, and she led Sandor up the stairs and to the rest of their lives.