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The night was cold, scarce clothing covering him – Not that it mattered though- accompanied by the rattling sound of droplets of water, only accentuated by the eerie silence of the forest; crooked wooden bridges succumbing to the force of the storm forthcoming, shrieking against the pressure and lacking the fortitude to battle against the growing current of the stream he now passed upon, unwavering steps guided by the increasing anger that bundled along resentment and impotence in his chest as he passed through the wooden structure.

No, it was not new for him to be constantly raging, to be switching from a smiling façade of the long ago boy that he was and the motionless puppet that he had become.

“Bastards” He grumbled as he continued trailing the askew wood’s pathways, now muddled by the uprising rain. Feigning obedience and docility has never really been his forte; considering that he was always remarkably wild, raised and manned up all by himself, not that he was whining since it didn’t really made any point to do so, in any case, it was not alluring to go from having total reign over himself, relishing in the growth of his abilities, on what he was more and more capable of everyday, only to be rendered helpless to not any of his own but to please others wishes.

Then again, had he really any other choice?

His own security never held any real importance, living only to fulfill his need of accomplishment, his constant seek of power to reach his goals, for what other point there is to live fretting over what could happen? If he didn’t have the courage to do what was needed in order to hold onto his own will, then he would only waste his time. Of course, that only applied when things were concerning himself, not other’s sake, and that is really the issue in the situation. It was completely hypocritical to try and do what was done to him time ago to others as long as he satisfied his wishes; so no, he was not going to pose any possible danger towards others as long as he was held responsible for them, specially not now that he had something to care for. Therefore, he had no other choice but to complain and accept his situation.

Momentarily, that is. He couldn’t help to think.

See, being put on a state of weakness simply was just not in his nature, he never was dominated, he didn’t bent his knee nor bowed before others; he was a werewolf, and as such, the only possibility there was for him was to be the one to dominate, hunt and prevail over any other. There wasn’t any other option, and he was not going to accept otherwise. However, not being logical was not doing anything to help the situation and letting things flow, for now, did more good than wrong.

Regaining his state of mind, he looked at his surroundings, footwear sinking in gravel and mud, sniffing the ambient and identifying the varying aromas all at once, fauna and flora; acute hearing discerning all noises of the environment searching for his objective. He had been on the vampire’s heels for days, yet somehow the little shit always seemed to be able to dissuade him or keeping his distance with him, and it was pretty unnerving.

Fixating himself on all of his senses he couldn’t help but to look upwards as he did so, appreciating the moon, its pale light illuminating the scenery enough to allow him a proper glance at the area. It was really beautiful, trees rich and grand, covered in moss that trailed from large branches; which seemed to even entwine around each other over him, giving the effect of him trailing along a misty tunnel of mystical greatness, to the incipient, murky roots. He heard many different sounds too, that meddled with each other to form a comforting tune, frogs, squirrels, crickets, the current of water; all combined in a way that was only possible for nature to-

There was a rustling of leaves continued by the coming smell that he was tracking for days now, which was very odd. Escaping from him continuously during days to just appear suddenly didn’t seem like the vampire’s way to act, if anything, from what he had learnt, this particular man was very meticulous, annoyingly so, fast and witty. The bastards had given him a bothersome task this time, more than the usual prickling he was used coming from them. The task itself apparently held some sort of importance, but why would the vampires want to catch this particular one? It was obvious that he was important only judging by that fact.

Before he could continue to dwell on these thoughts, he was greeted by the sight of a pale whitehaired beauty, covered in a long robe slightly parted, allowing the view of thick garment below. The vestments apparently consisted of what seemed like chain mail armor concealed by a furry coat, leather boots and a fuzzy looking trousers. The cloak however, seemed to be a bit packed, to the point that he could smell silver –Not good- among varying kinds of metals and a small pouch of wizardry supplies.
Quite interesting indeed.

Standing slightly bent, the vampire stood several meters in front of him, white gushes of exhaling breath leaving his russet lips. The stranger’s eyes were hidden behind ivory strands, but make no mistake, our hunter could feel the glare coming from the being before him, a glare that contained power. Bubbling excitement started to overcome him, flowing from the pit of his stomach, to his chest, expanding from there to every fiber of his body, leaving a tingling sensation that he loved to feel, making his eyes change to golden, bright eyes, his gums to swell with the sharpening and protruding of growing fangs and his nails to sharpen and grow in small claws.

“It truly is delightful, the moon that is; so rich and grand. Don’t you think?” He says, seeing no intention from the beauty in front of him to give part to any sort of movement, staring intently at him, until finally he hears a response:
“What do you intend following me and why are you doing so?” Slightly dumbfounded by the silky voice, its alluring tone even though serious and icy, the man wolf quickly gathers his wit and prepares to speak once again.

“So cold of you to outright ignore me, at this point, wouldn’t we be acquaintances already considering this little charade of ours?”

The ashen haired man quickly retaliates: “I do not care in any way how you regard me as, and as such, I will not partake in idly babbling. Now answer my question, my patience is not mild and you are certainly most unnerving at the moment.”

“Quite the sharp tongue there, huh. Be it as it may, although you are dazzling to the point of wonder and I hold no grudge against thou, I am not following my own desires prosecuting you, and in my stead, orders are the only thing driving my doing at the moment. As much as I resent this, I heed reason rather than tragedy. Does that satisfy your inquiring? “He responds with a small smirk of his own.

Narrowing sapphire eyes finally fixate on his and he hears: “Then, whose orders are you under?”

And as response: “And there you go, the most important question! Well, to humor you, it is actually the current head of the Zoldyck vampire family. I do not care whatever his reasons are, but what does pick my interest is why the most important count of vampires would ever want something to do with you, considering the odd scent you exude. A vampire, whom does not a vampire at the same time, interesting indeed…”

Hearing this, the man instantly stiffens, furrows his brows and adopts a wary posture: “That is none of your concern. Now, feel free to tell them to off themselves and quit the struggle, I am not ever going back and that is final. And so, I bid you farewell, we will no encounter again.”

At this, Hazel eyes lost a tiny bit of the glint they had, and the Werewolf says: “Now, now, that wouldn’t do any good to me, right?*Sighs* I am afraid that won’t do, I don’t know what kind of history you have with that family, but right now I’m not exactly in a place to choose any favorites. I hope you really understand, I seek no harm, but at the moment, I need you to go back with me.”

The moment those words were said, the tension rose quickly. On one side, the pale beauty now had an aggressive demeanor, and while our tan character himself was not truly and wholly committed to the “cause”, he was one to relish on a good challenge and the fulfillment combat provided.

Sorry Mito, seems like I won’t be able to go back without a scratch. Boy, I am bound to an earful later on *Sigh*.

Suddenly, an ivory figure was extremely close to him, enlarged claw like nails slitting his throat while his own right hand was holding the vampire’s left arm refraining the upcoming attack and his left was stopped just tearing clothes and slightly gashing his opponent’s right flank. Right at the moment, excited hazel eyes met surprised blue ones, straining muscles bulged and veins dilated and a slight rosy lips parted in an expectant smirk adorned by enlanging fangs. Confused, the werewolf just arked a brow in response.

Leaning his face closer to the werewolf, and with his eyes coloring to a deep vermilion color, the glint on his eyes now revealed mischief: “Seems like pops didn’t send a pup this time around; you seem like a bit of fun. Come now, indulge me and show me whether my judgement is precise or not. Don’t leave me hanging now… It would be disappointing to see you coming up to be just a vague promise of amusement.” Finished the vampire in a diverted tone.

“Aren’t you full of surprises? And here I thought you would be like one of those pompous fools vampires. It is decided, I like you; but no matter, I hope you can keep up. Since these last days have been quite the thwart and the fight is this promising, you being just a pretty face would be disappointing.” Answered the werewolf with a grin of his own, more cheerful than mocking.

“...Are you an idiot? Quit the rambling and fight already. “ Seemingly taken aback for a second, the vampire responded in a strained tone.

“I’ve been waiting for ages.” Came as a response and while the excitement to battle was taking over, the other man couldn’t be helped but to find endearing the bashful vampire this time around.

And so, Killua and Gon met for the first time ever.

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Days prior the rendezvous...

Behind a humongous marble castle, outside of its grounding and amongst the shadows of the looming shade trees, right in the center of the forest posed a modest shack, barely standing in clear shambles. Besides the hut laid a bundle of timber recently cut in large chunks of wood, little sunlight managed to pass through the thick foliage of the trees that huddled close to the small abode, emphasizing the rusty sensation the whole place gave off.

Frantically approaching the wretched structure, a large and stocky man made his way in between the overgrown, old trees; ignoring the leaves they shed and rained upon him, creating a small passage of apricot and honey colored frondescense. As he moved, beads of sweat formed  on his forehead and made their way down to his temples and brows despite the cold clime, dampening and sticking the clothes he weared to his skin, aggravating him on top of the irate humor he was in.

Finally reaching the door, he pushed strongly and got into the house, and releasing poorly puffed breaths, he then moved pass the entrance. A small figure immediately stood up and managed to turn around to spot him, initially revealing the surprised features of a middle aged woman with Auburn hair and gentle brownish eyes, just to change rapidly to an annoyed expression.

"Gon! What is it with you? This is no manner to enter our home, have you forgotten Abe needs rest and quietness? " Furrowing her brows and with a strict tone she then proceeded with: "what was it they wanted that has gotten you so agitated?"

Seemingly regaining a bit of his mind state, Gon stopped and looked at her and then at Abe, slumped a bit out of guiltiness and said: "Sorry Mito, it did not intend to barge into the house in such a way, nor did I want to upset Abe any further. As for how it went, the vampires want me to go out in a hunt, treating me once again as if I am a hound and making me leave you two alone in here. I am stressing now, if I'm honest, I want Abe to recover quickly at the least, even if we can not afford to defy the bastards- "

"Language, young man." 

" Yes ma'am, sorry. Even if we can't go against them, I hoped to heal Abe as a minimum! But the pricks-"


"Sorry..." And recieving now a scolding glare he said: "The vampires are just not upholding their promises, if it was just about me I wouldn't mind to do anything but I want you two to be secure, and without the antidote Abe's state is only worsening!" 

"Gon, of course they are not going to give you the antidote, they inflicted the poisoning themselves, and in sight of it, they have you right where they want you. This is no moment to be rash, so pipe it down already! You are not a beast, for heaven's sake, think!"

At these words, Gon couldn't help but to flinch and retrieve into himself even more, leaving an amusing sight of a little woman rendering a large stud pouting like a little child in front of her.

"*Sigh* I know it is not easy Gon, but you must understand, for your sake, Abe and I don't want you to get hurt anymore than you don't want us to be so. Consider this please, and mind your actions" Mito said now in a much gentler way, seeing him now silent and looking down to his shoes, just like he would do when he was but a boy.

"I know, I know... I just don't understand it, what is so special about us? They are the almighty and most important vampire house in the continent, what is the need to have us bounded to them? It doesn't make sense, there must be something, but I haven't the slightest clue of what it could be." Gon frustratedly stated.

"It matters not at the moment, we have more important matters to think about. So you must track down something or someone, do you think it is going to be difficult?"

"Apparently they want me to chase and retrieve a vampire, which I admit is strange, but shouldn't be dangerous enough to be worrisome." Gon said mildly.

At this, Mito turned around and took a few steps back next to the bed Abe was laying, sat down on a crooked wooden chair and looked up at Gon exclaiming in a frugal way: " To have confidence is always a trait Gon, but do not misunderstand, you are hot headed and presumptuous at times. As much confidence as you have, everything you do in the current situation must be carried out with utmost carefulness... What I mean is, should you go and expose yourself to unnecessary danger, boy; no matter the confidence you have, I will give you an earful once you return, is that clear?" As she finished speaking, her semblance suddenly darkened and her tone audibly strained, leaking the littlest of menacingness. Hearing the all too well known tone Mito used when she was serious, Gon couldn't help but to shudder hearing this and quickly responded:

"But of course, Mito! How would I be capable of such a thing? Hehehe..." He intended to sound sure about himself and relaxed, but the chills running down his back made it sound all the more wobbly.

And as Mito prepared to say something more, a feeble laughter made his way towards the both of them: " Heh, as excitant as always the two of you... Gon, Mito is right, what I need right now... is to know that you are safe; you are our biggest reason to be alive, should something horrible happen to you... this old heart of mine wouldn't be able to endure it. Just promise you will come back alive, will you?" 

Hearing the ever so happy and healthy Abe of his memories rendered to such a state, Gon's temper rapidly went to waste and anger invaded him, but looking at the teary eyes that stared at him from the pile of straw that they called bed, he composed himself as best as he could.

Giving a radiant smile to his grandmother, he said: "Don't you worry Abe, before you know it I will be right beside you, and next thing you know, I will take you back to our real home and everything will be just as it was before: You, Mito and I, living happily together, all right?"

Abe smiled back at him, but did not say anything else and limited herself to just close her eyes and continue to breathe laboriously.

Sharing a look, Mito gave Gon a last glare before turning back to Abe; that glare showed worry for him as well as a warning. Gon stared back at her reassuringly, with a fierce look on his eyes and quickly turned around to off himself from the little shack. Once outside, Gon first looked at the roots that managed to be seen emerging from the small sea of leaves and slowly began to look upwards until he saw the downside of the tree branches over him, appreciated the view, breathed deeply and started to hunt down his objective.

Present day...

While Gon rapidly recalled the events of a few days ago, his body collided agains a forge  inside a blacksmith station; he saw sparks of fire spreading wildly at all directions from the remaining burning coal of the forge amongst the ashes that filled most of the place and gave it a rusty sensation. 

So much for keeping a damn promise, Mito is going to be angry. I don't regret anything though.

Standing up, Gon couldn't help the little giggle that left from his lips. This man is amazing, he's so strong! They has actually made their way through the woods during their fight until they reached the outskirts of a small village, and not even for a moment Gon thought the fight was getting any easier, thing that obviously excited him even more.

Right outside of the building, said man was looking at him with expectancy and excitement, interested that Gon apparently didn't take any damage whatsoever from the previous attack, fact that made his blood burn and lungs expand in shaky deep breaths because what the hell, every opponent he's faced until now outside of his family would just have lost consciousness, but that werewolf shrugged it off like nothing ever happened to him. It had also come to his attention that his contender wasn't actually fighting with any goal in mind, he was just enjoying it, like a little kid playing with his toys. This matter, he found really amusing and it intrigued him because, how is a man like this attached to my family? Didn't he mention heeding reason over tragedy? What exactly does it mean? That, and the fact that fighting against him just felt boisterous, attracting, like he wasn't fighting to kill but to just thrive in battle, and that is something that Killua never heard of before.

Amidst the debris and dust, Gon suddenly dashed out of the station and his body was changing noticeably by a small margin, the muscles of his limbs swelled and a bright and rich yellow colour sparkled within his eyes, so bright it was; that even in the dark night it seemed like strings of gold flew out and left a ghostly afterimage lingering in the air as he moved. Hair was growing more thick and abundant along his arms and legs as his nails were now morphing into proper claws. During this, his smile only widened even more.

Seeing this,  Killua couldn't manage but to be dumbfounded, because he hadn't really noticed before but the man in question was clearly handsome and not the least bit dull, having sharp and masculine features, expressive eyes and a childlike attitude; it felt as if his tan skin glowed at night too, accompanying the pair of golden arises that left Killua aghast before. The vampire felt he was entrapted looking at a mirage, because clearly the sun can't be seen during night, right? And he called me a beauty?

While Gon approached, the vampire managed to regain his bearings and pushed forward to attack again, but this time he couldn't help but to comment: " You know? You are really weird."

Hearing this, Gon's smile enlarged even more: "Well, that's good. I really don't like boring, and usually, weird is the completely opposite of boring, wouldn't you say?"

Almost colliding now, the ashen haired said: " Can't really disagree with that, since you are showing that things with you seem to be everything but boring."

Now punching each others' face, the force of the impact made them go back a few paces: "I wouldn't be so sure about that, these last days have been quite boring. Regardless though, that's not the chase at the moment, right now I could stand here and behold beauty if I am honest."

Aiming a kick at Gon's head, Killua said: "Oh? You can't be underestimating me now, can you? Or is it that you are actually more mutt than man when you're under the moonlight?"

Waiting for the coming attack, Gon grabbed the vampire's leg and tugged while he tucked his foot against the back of Killua's heels, making him fall and dragging them both to the moist soil, sending dirt blowing everywhere and creating a small crater by the impact: "Although I admit the moon is quite beautiful, since a little time ago I've found that she can be greatly outshined, considering that the pale beauty I am so stunned about is under me right now" He said, as he looked at the other man directly in the eyes.

Astounded by what he had just heard, Killua spluttered: " H-Ho-How shameless of you! What's it with all the flattery? We are fighting, damn it!" And as he finished, Killua struggled against Gon and managed to roll their positions, with him now on top of Gon and constricting his arms.

"You were right about me being sort of weird, but something you apparently haven't acknowledged yet is that I also like to admire pretty things. And so, my words can't be held against me, if anything the fault is completely yours." Said Gon with a cocky smirk.

Blushing out of embarrassment or anger at the lack of sense of hat he had just heard, Killua took action affirming his hold over the werewolf but was left unprepared when Gon pushed upwards with his lower body and flipped them into a stand, leaving them really close to each other, still linked by the hold the vampire had over his arms.

Then Killua said: " How is that even my fault?" 

"Why, of course it is your fault when you are this beautiful, how couldn't it be? You're so pretty that I am now able to just ignore the moon and stars to fawn over you." Said Gon happily, as if he wasn't fighting at the moment.

Turning red from top to bottom, Killua fastly retracted himself and put distance between Gon and himself, then followed with: "Enough! If you are not going to fight, then at least let's talk business!"

Arching a brow, Gon relaxed his footing and said: "Hm? And what would this business be?"

"Since you don't seem to be happy following orders and you talk so deceptively about the vampires that are the cause of this, I can assume you hold a grudge against them, yes?"

Now seeming more interested, Gon responded: " That would be correct, yes."

"It is also clear to you that I recent them as well, so in sights of this, you and I working together is the best and most profitable option we have to retaliate as of now. We both know nothing of each other, but by what I assume, we both want to eliminate them and free ourselves of that family's influence." The vampire continued saying.

Hearing this, Gon got even more confused, who was this vampire, really? What was he trying to do with just two persons against the most powerful vampire family and how does he think he can accomplish whatever he was thinking?

No matter, Gon couldn't dwell anymore in his cavitations before Killua then continued and said:
"...So, do you accept?"

To be continued...

Chapter Text

Waiting for an answer, the vampire looked at Gon directly in the eyes, now not holding the sparking mirth of before but showing seriousness and shrewdness. On the other side, the werewolf no longer acted his flirty and humorous self, at the moment, Killua saw a complete different spectrum of the man in question; his eyes dulled and face hardened although his wolfish features were diminishing until he was fully back to his human form. 

They stared at each other, drenched by the heavy rain and, parallel to the little rain of before; now a raging rainstorm, tension rose to envelope them. 

In the back of his mind, Killua admired the man in front of him, whose presence changed gradually from an endless sea of laughter and glee, to one comparable to the presence he felt from his father, though slightly different. See, his father usually was a cunning creature; one to seek power and allegiance in rare occasions, to thrive and overcome every existence that opposed him or presented a threat to their family. Of course, he used despicable methods too, on the basis that "The zoldycks do not involve ourselves with other filth, we dispose of and use them, as that is their purpose as lowly beings weaker than us." The thing with Gon was that, while Killua felt the pressure he gave off, it wasn't completely the same as the one Silva showed; Gon's was more permeated by a very strong will and determination, that was no foreigner to death but was repellent of ruthlessness and nihilism. Clearly, while Gon was a being that posed extreme danger and potential of mayhem, he wasn't cynical and mindless about cruelty.

Feeling water washing down his pale nape and collar, wet hair sticking to the corner of his mouth and dangling in front of his eyes, Killua waited for the werewolf's answer.

Finally opening his mouth, Gon said with a rough and sober tone: "As interesting as I find what you propose, even though bold and impulsive, I am not enterily reckless and so I ask of you..." He furrowed his brows at the albino " ... How is it, that you wish us to accomplish what you say?"

At this, Killua stood his ground and responded: "However reckless it may sound, if one thinks about it, this is actually our best scenario to act. First and foremost, I don't know why or what they're scheming, but there must be a reason to send you specifically to retrieve me. Sure, you are strong, but it's impossible for them to act so carelessly."

Hearing this, Gon recalled the demeanor of the vampires and, while pompous and arrogant, they surely didn't act by impulse. The observations were well noted.

Killua continued: "Second, it has been a moderate amount of time that they have invested following my trail. Normally this wouldn't be a matter to give importance to, but considering that you seem to hold a grudge and we haven't met before, your connection with them should not have been conceived long ago. Looking at it, your recent involvement and this strange behaviour of them are most likely connected. How? I haven't the slightest idea, but if one thing is certain, it is that they know I have to go back sometime but I wouldn't go willingly, and that... That is the best asset that can be used against them, because not only  I'll go willingly without them knowing, we will attack together when they are least expecting for something to occur."

This all sounded good and pretty, but before Gon agreed to anything, he asked: "From what I assume, you are actually one of the zoldycks. As suspicious as it is, I don't doubt what you just have said, your strange essence is probably something related to what they did to you. No matter, this all sounds plausible, but as much as I want to kill them,  I need to ensure that I obtain something from the count."

At this Killua suddenly began to understand the situation Gon was in, because as a werewolf, there were just two ways to be controlled: One was to be turned into a werewolf by the influence of another werewolf, forming a pack and being adjusted to hierarchy. This wasn't an uncommon strategy that his family implemented to have werewolfs submit to them, but this particular one was too strong to be a pup and didn't seem to have formed a pack with any belonging member of the palace, so that was pretty quickly discarded.

The only other reason to control a werewolf, is to have some kind of adventage over them being on terms of strength or so, but this man's behaviour let it be clear that he wasn't one to submit under any circumstance and, with the determination to be or be killed by the vampires he exposed earlier; that didn't apply either. The only other possibility was to have something valuable, irreplaceable to the man in front of him, and judging by what he said earlier about tragedy, this most likely meant that someone precious to him was held captive, in danger or was probably going to be killed by Killua's family if he didn't follow  waited enough for it to happen. Knowing his family, Killua was almost completely sure that this was what was happening, and it wasn't going to be a long time before blood was to be spilled.

After Gon finished speaking, Killua immediately said, " Thinking about killing them all is certainly madness, and the way I see it, both of us need to obtain something rather than solely attack them. So, to answer your question, the way I think to get this done is not a direct confrontation, it is actually an in and out procedure, taking advantage of the situation. Sounds plausible to you now?" 

For a few seconds, Gon remained stoic, analyzing Killua with the utmost scrutiny and not making the faintest of sounds. Killua actually got a bit worried, but as sudden as he changed a few moments ago, Gon let out a cheeky smile and said: "Seems like with you, beauty doesn't come alone, does it? It looks like I've been smitten by luck, finding such an astounding individual."

Flustered by this, Killua said in a strangled voice while an eyebrow twitched ferociously: "You are really the most shameless man on earth."

Unfaced, Gon continued: " It is a pleasure to meet you, my name is Gon!"

Which got him as a response by his counterpart: " Killua."

"Killua... Never heard it before, but surely suits you, if I may say so. Now, I hope we get to be really good friends Killua!"

"Friends? I think you are misunderstanding something, Gon. We are certainly working together at the moment, but that's as far as it is going to get to, do not fool yourself by getting the wrong idea. Now make haste! We've got a lot of planning to do." And saying this, Killua turned around and started pacing rapidly towards the direction they had come from before their fight began.

Stunned by a moment, Gon started to walk behind him at a much more calmed pace: "Huh? And what of it? We may be working together but that doesn't mean we can't be friends. You are so weird Killua."

Ahead of him, Killua snorted and responded: "Am i the weird one, I woder? You are conscious that we just met hours ago, fought and were trying to incapacitate one another, right? Aiming to become friends is just an idiotic notion."

Seemingly irritated by this, Gon said in an annoyed tone: "Well that's exactly my point! You are so fun, Killua! With you, I don't feel like I have to hold back at anything and the way both of us relationate is just fluid and pleasant. Why is it idiotic to want to be a friend of someone as amazing as yourself? And if it makes me an idiot, then so be it, I am an absolute idiot!"

"Amazing? Are you a masochist and enjoy getting your ass kicked or something?" Said Killua, trying to conceal his embarrassment, hoping to not let it be known that he was putting distance between them just because he hadn't really interacted with people outside his family and other vampires before, and even so, communication was scarce. He just didn't know what to do, and in front of someone as dazzling as Gon, his only way to mask this was by trying to distance them for the sake of not dealing with these strange feelings that he felt in his chest.

"Hm, doubt it. I wasn't certainly getting my ass kicked, moments ago I am quite sure that a pale and gorgeous albino man was beneath me and between my arms looking very flustered and excited while on the ground. It was a pretty charming sight. So no, I don't think that I was getting a beating, that wall getting destroyed was just a scratch Killua! I thought we were playing with each other for a bit before we got to the actual fight?"

Blushing a deep red, the vampire frustratedly looked at the werewolf and said: "Urgh! You are just SO embarrassing, does that trap of yours not have a filter? And of course we weren't actually fighting, what would be the point of actually killing you instantly when situations like this arrangement could have taken place?" So he said, but in reality, Killua didn't really want to kill Gon; the idiot could be a bold and shameless moron but it was surprisingly pleasant to interact with him, it almost felt like he was getting dragged towards the other man and he willingly wanted to follow him just because it was already a promise for something exciting to happen. It was also because Killua didn't want to reveal his real strength in front of anyone, that was a basic rule of life, considering it gave more disadvantages to reveal your strengths and let them be know to your enemies. This, also combined with what he was taught, relentlessly ingrained on him that "Feelings are of no use to you, nor is anything else concerning that matter, everything you need is your family." Obviously he wasn't following his teachings, but some things are hard to overcome, and being one of the only beings in a household full of hollow hearted creatures, had its sequels.

Making a pouty face, Gon followed: "Why are you so intently trying to lie, Killua? I might go a bit crazy over battling sometimes, but I'm not blind, you were enjoying yourself as much as I was back there. What's the point?" 

Adding salt to the injury, the ashen haired man bristled and coldly said: " I don't have to explain myself to you. Your questioning is futile and as I said earlier, this just doesn't make sense to me. Feel free to try and be amiable, but see where that gets you. Now, move!"

Being questioned on that particular topic didn't sent well on the vampire, and that only resulted in him raising up walls around his heart, trashing everything "unnecessary" that he felt and not letting himself feel any of it, just like he was raised to do.

Sensing the abrupt change, Gon was taken aback for a few breaths of time: "Okay Killua, I won't push it. I understand that this topic is delicate for you and I apologize if I offended you in any way, that was not my intention. Regardless, facts aren't going to change,  and us being friends is something that's going to become a fact very soon. So cheer up, while your angry face is still pretty, I bet that a happy face would be much more so."

Now grumbling, the vampire lowly whispered: "Unbelievable... This embarrassing idiot!"

And like this, a red faced vampire and a smiling werewolf trailing behind him, could be seen under the moonlight, Their destination? Zoldyck castle.

A few days after...

A burly man with long, white hair and strong features sat on golden colored throne, right in the middle of an spacious room that was spectacularly decorated with paintings on each side of the room's walls; symmetrical to one another,   guards standing in front of the thick and enormous pillars that supported the massive ceiling above them. A bright red carpet descended from the base of the throne, to the gate that gave way to the room itself. Before said door was a spiky, black haired man holding on his shoulder what seemed to be a person covered by a black, bloody mantle; body tucked away from the eyes of others.

Standing from his throne, count Silva exclaimed: "Tell me, mutt, did you successfully come back having completed what was ordered to you? Is that my son, the one you are presenting before me now?"

Standing there, the werewolf did not answer the count and instead, he began to slowly walk, passing pillars and guards who stood obediently on place, directly to the vampire in question.
Irked by this, the vampire frowned and said: "Who gave you permission to move, you disobedient dog? And why didn't you answer when spoken to, just now? Is it perhaps that you lack desire on seeing your family breathing again?"

Still walking, Gon didn't utter a word in response, but his eyes instantly placed themselves on Silva, glowing furiously and exuding a menacing aura sensed by everyone in the room, making hairs stand out of wariness and palms to begin to sweat.

Now, stopping a few paces away of the vampire and sensing all the eyes in the room placed upon him, Gon bowed and slowly said: "In response to Count Zoldyck, this one presents you what was asked from thou before."

And as he said this, Gon cradled on his arms the figure he was holding and began to unwrap the bloody mantle from them. What was seen by the vampire wasn't silvery hair, it was the corpse of what seemed to be his wife, with large slashes that ran along her skin, ripped clothes, marks of bites and flesh mangled all over her body and a wooden stake thrusted into her chest.
Infuriated and confused, Silva just managed to sputter: "YOU!"

And Gon followed: " In regard of the previous threats, this one dignifies himself to respond to count Zoldyck..." And now with changing features, growing fangs and a rumbling voice he said: "What was asked from you was nothing more than death, and in sights of the evil acts that were inflicted over my precious ones and I, I shall repay what you owe a thousand fold!"

Stupefied, Silva stood there and nearly melt out of anger, but before he could muster a word, out of nowhere, he heard a gentle and smooth whisper right next to his left ear:

"And so, we meet again... Father"

Even if Silva could have turned faster, it would be put to waste, because just by the corners of his eyes, he managed to see icy blue turning to vermilion red and not a breath later, his chest was pierced ruthlessly and his heart was instantly destroyed by the sharp claws of his own son.

Falling to his knees, Count Silva Zoldyck and died in the middle of his castle, gurgling on a puddle of his own blood. In the span of a few breaths, the Zoldycks and their captive servants didn't have someone to reign over them. And like this...  Chaos ensued.

To be continued...