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Aggressive Empathy in the Abyss (AEITA)

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“Try this one.”

Leo attempts to blink away the bright, swirling shapes from his vision, squinting through them to see the purple leaf (at least, it looked like a leaf) posed to his lips. His thin tongue, once bright pink but now a mottled brown from the special batch of brownies Raph made, slipped out to draw the new toxin in, his teeth closing around it once the emerald and brown fingers were pulled away. The purple, papery alien pleasure crunched pleasantly, filling Leonardo’s mouth with a sweet, almost sugary flavor. His first swallow was of juice and saliva, his second of purple much that made Raph’s eyes pink and his skin red. The colorful shapes danced and blended with the backward tint of the world and he couldn’t help but giggle at the relaxed, happy grin on his brother’s face. He bobbed his head slowly, eyelids drooping slightly as the drug took effect, a slow, deep, soothing thrum echoing through his head as his nerves began to tingle and a hot touch of arousal licked at his loins.

“Guess I’m gonna hafta ask Mona fer some more’a it, huh?” Leo didn’t really know what was being said to him, but giggled and nodded anyway. Raph was happy, and he felt good , so why shouldn’t he be happy? Did it matter what was going on if Raphael was smiling that easy, serene smile?

Raphael smirked at the blissed-out, completely gone turtle in front of him. He could tell that Leo wasn’t actually answering him, probably didn’t even realize he was being spoken to directly. He’d tried the leaves himself a few days prior and hadn’t, according to Mona Lisa and Slash, couldn’t tell left from right or up from down. “You don’t even know what the fuck I’m sayin’, do ya’?”

A small chirp left the leader in response and he bared his throat in invitation, closing his eyes. A red and violet hand reached out and caressed his neck, sticky fingers playing along his swollen scent gland. The giggly turtle churred happily, his wet tail thumping a gentle song against the ground beneath him. The ruby digits danced up to his chin and squeezed gently, prompting him to open his eyes. He stared wide-eyed and dumb at the white and pink orbs.

“You’re so cute when you’re all doped up, ya’ know that?”

The pink irises of his brother’s eyes were becoming more and more swallowed by the dot of white within them, taking over the space until there was little more than a small ring of fuschia surrounding the lumps of coal. Another hand rose to caress the leafy face.

“Yer lips are all swollen from that prickly one ya’ like so much…” a thumb pulled delicately at his bottom lip.

His mind, inhibited by the sweet poison Raph had him so very attached to, registered the appendage teasing his mouth as a treat--subsequently, he opened his jaw, wrapped his tongue around it, and dragged it inside to gnaw on.

“Ouch! Fuck, Leo, don’t bite it!”

The treat--it must have been one of the buggy ones, like the slugs they’d slurped the innards out of earlier--tried to retreat, pulling from between his lightly clenched teeth. He ran his tongue along it and absently noted its soft-and-then-hard texture. A backward slug?

Slug = bite, suck, swallow; backward-slug = swallow, suck, chew?

He tried it, swallowing around the thick sweet and then sucking to get the firm innards out. A soft moan escaped him as the backward slug ( guls? ) pressed and rubbed against his tongue. Its dull teeth (tooth?) slid across his taste buds and he sucked harder, flexed his tongue to trap it against the roof of his mouth. Leo panted, the thick scent of his brother’s arousal making him churr blindly-- cinnamon, ash, whiskey .

“Damn, Fearless… ya’ even know what yer doin’?”

Raphael’s voice was deep and warbled in Leonardo’s ears--and maybe the olive-colored splotches on his otherwise red neck had something to do with it.

The over-buzzed turtle moaned gleefully, slurping up the saliva dribbling down the portion of the treat not in his mouth. Raphael huffed and shook his head.


He whined as the sopping drug was pulled from his maw, spit connecting the red “slug” to his tingling tongue. Disappointment pulled his shiny lips into a pout. He’d been having fun with that one! And it tasted so good !

With the leaf and other intoxications fading from his system, he tried his brain for an intelligible protest, but all it gave him was a zap of heat to his already excited cock and pulsing vulva. A pathetic whine tore from his throat and a bubbling, lust-driven churr followed.

Raph chuckled and slid his tongue over his front teeth hungrily. Leo couldn’t see it, but his irises were as swallowed by black as the Earth was six years ago.

“Ỹ̵̯̖̌ḛ̶̱̆͂́r̴̖̺̈́̀ ̷̭̪̝͈̩̆͘s̵͚͖̪̟͉͘͠o̴̜̱͔̫̽͐m̴̪͗͋ē̵̘̞͖͚͓t̶͍̩͂h̵̦͔͉̽̃̎ͅi̶͚̦͋ñ̸̪̈̑g̸̡̱̯̠͒̃̆͒ ̵̤͓̈̏̕͝ẹ̷͕̩̳̣̒̿l̷̬̯͙̊̈̑s̷̱̝̗̈́̐e̷͎̳̗̟̱̓̿̔͒̐ ̴͖̅͌͘w̷̲̮͈̘͕̾̽h̴̫̦͉͂̆̍͋e̵͓̳̩̜̠̋̍̊̉n̴̨̛̫͚̥ ̴̮̩͎̬̤̐͗̀̈́ỹ̵̭̩͈ê̵̟̈́̓͝r̷͎͈̎ ̴̜̳̂̈h̸̰̙̋̑i̶̝͗̈̄̓̓g̷̬̅̓̆͜h̷̢̜͓̾́͐̂͛ͅ,̴͎͕̪͚̓̈́ ̴̣̟͉͇̔y̴̡̝̔a̷̓͑̏́͐ͅ'̶̢̤̹̳̏̌̇̐ ̴̢͖̣͖͖̏̄͛̈́k̷̜̣̿̾̈́̚n̴̨͇̲̮̐̎̈̒̕o̸̡̖̟͕̊w̶͍̞̜̿̎̚͝ ̸̀̍͜t̸̮̳̾̇ḩ̴̪͈͖̎͑̽͆̂a̷̢̝̼͚̻͋͌͘͘t̵͓̫̪̹͒̄̎͝ͅ?”

Black kissed away at Leonardo’s vision until he was swaying, the off colors and happy shapes bubbling and melting away into nothingness that left him shaking and empty feeling.



The first thing Raphael registered when he woke up was the distinct scent of an unsatisfied female. The second thing he registered was that the pleasant aroma was Leo and that the other turtle was perched on the rock beside Raph’s head.

It was no wonder the sai wielder had awoken from what seemed to be a relatively short nap--Leo, ever the oblivious fool, had planted his wet tail right by Raph’s nose . He could already feel the ridges of his cock pulsing with need.

“Leo, get’cher damned tail out’a ma face. Yer soaked.”

As expected, the leader let out an undignified squeak, pitching forward and into the water he’d been swinging his legs in. The splash that resulted was welcome over Raphael’s body, cooling the heat that tugged at his gut and waking him fully. Raph bit back a laugh as Leonardo erupted from the water, spluttering and squawking angrily about almost having a heart attack.

Raphael only smirked in response.



The walk home from their cave was quiet and riddled with sexual tension. The elder of the two brothers had begun his monthly heat cycle, his tail twitching agitatedly as he fought to keep it pressed tight against his dripping sex.

Raph liked to believe that he would’ve been able to make some sort of conversation if he wasn’t stuttering on every other breath trying not to churr. The sticky, sweet-smelling wetness clinging to the inside of Leo’s thighs didn’t help but it was more so due to the hazy vision of his leader, higher than Mount Everest, sucking on his finger like a damn pornstar.

He wasn’t sure if such a thing actually happened, having been more than doped up himself, but it seemed like it had. Every time he closed his eyes, he saw it, bright green lips pulling at his thick index and tongue playing with it like some sort of candy.

It was for these reasons, and the aching hardness being ground raw against his own dampened slit, that the hot-head opted out of communicating this maybe-memory to his sibling. The fear of a reprimand, or worse, scaring the easily flustered turtle off, was present as well, though he’d never admit the selfish worry was a motivator. Their relationship was ever-changing and he was anxious to see how things played out.



Dinner was tense and quiet, a simplistic spread of several pizzas.

Despite Leonardo’s best attempts, he couldn’t catch his father’s eye, the rat seemingly refusing to meet his son’s worried blue gaze. It was nerve-wracking and made Leo question whether or not he and Raphael had been cautious enough in their drug use. Was something staying in his system longer than he thought? Had he been high this morning when his father had confronted him about his distracted and bizarre recent behavior? Was that what he’d seen when he looked into Leo’s eyes?

It might explain his constate state of dazedness--but didn’t that start before he began using? Leo couldn’t recall. At any rate, he figured the older man would bring it up if it was truly an issue. He decided to bring the subject up with Raphael tomorrow. The red-banded ninja would know what to do.

The leader was startled out of his thoughts by a light brush against his ankle. Confused, he swung a leg of his own, gently, and searched his family’s faces.

Raphael was seated across from him, head down with his expression hidden. He tilted his head up briefly, a quick flash of mirthful green setting the swordsman’s beak aflame. Was Raph playing footsies with him?!

He attempted to hide his bashfulness as anger, forcing himself to glare at his brother.

A wrapped foot brushed gingerly across his ankle again, the toes wriggling to tickle him The forest green limbs retreated under their owner’s chair. Azure eyes glared confusedly over the tabletop and Raphael quickly found himself lost in them.