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Fire and Ice

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Elsa sat quietly in her room, finger hovering over her phone. She had been sitting there for hours, debating whether or not she should make the call. She was just about to press the green button when a familiar voice floated in behind her. 

"She still needs space, Elsa." 

Elsa turned around to see her red-haired sister leaning against the doorframe to her room, then walking in and taking a seat on the couch next to her, sitting in silence. She nodded and put the phone down, screen going dark on Rapunzel's contact page. It had been months since she talked to her other sister. She never even had the chance to apologize for killing her boyfriend. She had acted in defense of Honeymaren though, Eugene had been going for the kill and nothing was going to stop him. 

Honeymaren she thought quietly. Three weeks had passed since Honeymaren and Anna saved her from exposing herself to the humans to prompt her death at the hands of the Volturi. In that time, Elsa savored every moment she could with Honeymaren, though having withdrawn from school, that time was rather limited. And she respected Honeymaren's need for space and to do things independently. It seemed that each new day brought its challenges and hurdles for them to get over, talk through and come to an agreement on. But they were working together to rebuild their relationship and she was hopeful for the future.

"I can't believe how much has happened in such a short time, Anna." Elsa murmured finally "Rapunzel. The wolves. Vanessa is still out there doing gods know what. The Volturi could check in on us at any moment. All because I fell in love with a human?" She shook her head "How are you holding up? How is Kristoff doing?" Anna had told her that Kristoff was staying up with their 'cousins' in Alaska, grieving for the loss of his brother in his own way. Iduna and Agnarr had returned though, trying to keep some sense of order and balance in their divided family.

Anna put a hand on Elsa's shoulder, "I'm alright. I send her letters every now and then when I know she needs it, and I know Cassandra is taking good care of her... But I miss her. And Eugene. Kristoff is healing, he'll be back soon. He's almost ready." She sighed softly, "We'll be okay, Elsa. We're getting there."

Elsa nodded slowly "Thank you, for being there for me. And for keeping an eye out on Honeymaren. And I'm really sorry for what I put you through. I was hurting so badly that I didn't consider how my actions would affect the people I love most in this world."

Anna sat down beside her, "Thank you for the apology... Now, can we both agree that you deserve this chance at happiness with Honeymaren?" She smiled softly, they needed a happier topic.

Elsa nodded "I was thinking of taking her to visit her parents in Guatemala for winter break. Get away from Forks  for a bit, change in scenery. And..." she fiddled with the little black box in her hand. She had almost slipped up when Honeymaren had asked to see her keepsake box the first time she visited Elsa's room.

Anna grinned, letting out a happy little squeal, "Yes! Okay, let me see it..." She took the little black box and opened it up to admire the jeweled ring, a huge sapphire in the center surrounded by ornate golden 'petals' with little diamonds all around. "Wow... Mother's ring." She smiled softly, she might have cried if she could.

Elsa nodded "I kept it, just in case... and since Kristoff proposed to you, he didn't ask for it." She smiled and closed the box. "I still want to ask her parents for their blessing. But more as a formality, I've decided that I'm going to ask her either way. We don't live in the 1800's anymore."

Anna grinned and nudged her with a wink. "Look at you, miss modern woman... And in case it wasn't blatantly obvious, I completely approve."

"Ha ha, very funny." Elsa nudged her back but couldn't hold back her smile "Thank you. Maybe a wedding is just what we need to liven things up a bit. I mean, she has to say yes, first... and I have to ask her... but eventually."

"Keep that ring on you. You'll know when it's the right time. I'd tell you, but that would take the fun out of it." Anna winked again.

Elsa snorted "Yeah, please don't tell me... it would make me so nervous I would probably fuck up the whole situation!"

Anna nodded, "It would. So don't worry! It'll be perfect."

  Elsa smiled and checked her phone “ah, Honeymaren should be getting done with school soon. We were supposed to hang out today since she’s not working and I thought I would surprise her with making dinner. Thanks sis.” She gave Anna a big hug and bounced out of the room.


Elsa hurried to Honeymaren’s apartment with the groceries she had purchased earlier that day and let herself in, ears listening for the rumble of her motorbike while she worked in the kitchen.

Honeymaren headed home after school, happy to see the familiar silver Stingray parked at her apartment complex. She bounded up the stairs and flung open the door, "I'm home!"

Elsa emerged from the kitchen where she was preparing handmade meatballs "Hey babe! How was school today? I'd hug you but my hands are covered in goop." She tossed a raw meatball between her pale hands to get the air bubbles out.

Honeymaren snickered, "What? You don't want to smear raw meat all over me? I'm disappointed." She set her backpack down and kicked off her shoes.

"Ummm. No. That's really gross." Elsa snorted and placed the meatball on the tray, quickly forming another. "I hope you're hungry... I kinda made enough to feed an army."

"I'm starving, and I know Ryder will be happy to tackle it too."

"Of course! Is he coming over, too? I need a Mario Kart rematch if he is." Elsa chuckled and started forming another meatball.

Honeymaren grinned, "He's coming over for exactly that reason."

Elsa warmed a little. Things had been a little tense at first with Ryder, but she was convinced he had the biggest heart of anyone she knew, second only to Honeymaren of course, and he had warmed back up to her relatively quickly. Yelana was a different story, but she wasn't at all surprised by that.

Honeymaren washed her hands, "Want me to get some pasta started?"

"I'd love that. Thanks." Elsa grinned and snuck a quick kiss as Honeymaren was at the sink. She was looking forward to game night. Honeymaren had allowed her to splurge and buy her a whole new gaming system, which included the latest XBox, PS4 and Nintendo Switch, a 60 inch monitor, and rumble chairs.

Honeymaren had only agreed to the gifts because she knew it would bring Ryder around more often, but she had gotten quite into Assassin's Creed as of late, so she certainly wasn't complaining. She started working on pasta when there was a knock at the door. "Come on in!" She shouted. Ryder had a key, of course.

Ryder bounded in with a grin, having been dropped off by Yelana, "Ready to get your butts whooped in Mario Kart?"

Elsa snorted "Oh you wish! Benefit of being awake all the time? I get to practice while you humans get your beauty sleep." She didn't mind that Ryder knew what she was, in fact she was grateful she didn’t have to be so secretive about it. She didn’t like it when Honeymaren had to lie on her behalf. And to his credit, he had only ogled at her for a couple hours as he asked her a million questions the first time he saw her after they returned from Italy. She had even allowed him to poke her in the arm. Once. But then he had gotten over the novelty rather quickly.

Ryder snorted, "I would've thought our newfangled technologies would be too much to handle since you're like, you know, old ." He grinned, enjoying the teasing.

Honeymaren gave him a look.

Elsa snorted but didn't have a come back. "I...... have nothing to say to that."

Ryder beamed, "Whacha making?"

"Nothing for you after that comment!" Elsa joked back "Honeymaren is going to enjoy spaghetti and homemade meatballs… I'm joking, I'd never withhold food from someone."

Honeymaren smirked, "But you're getting your plate last since you made fun of my girlfriend."

Ryder rolled his eyes, still grinning, "Fine, fine... I'll get the game going, maybe a few practice rounds."

Elsa chuckled and turned back to the task at hand. Once she finished making the meatballs, she set about to heating up the pan to cook them. As she waited for the oil to heat, she was finally able to give Honeymaren a proper hug, now that her hands were clean again, clinging to her from behind like a backpack and making it very difficult for her to finish the pasta.

Honeymaren finished up the pasta and got to work on some sauce, Elsa still in tow, and soon enough dinner was ready. Honeymaren grabbed a plate for herself first, then let Ryder load his up.

Elsa watched them eat, it still fascinated her how much food they could both put down. While it was possible for her to consume food, there was nowhere for it to go and her body would start to immediately reject it, so she would inevitably be sick shortly after eating.

After they'd knocked down a couple plates of spaghetti and meatballs each, Honeymaren grinned, "Time for a showdown."

Elsa tried to keep up with the cousins, but mostly her goal was just to finish the course. She still was not very good at controlling the joysticks and had actually broken several controllers because she didn't realize how much strength she was using. Often times she just sat back and watched the two compete. Their banter was equally entertaining to her.

Ryder went full tilt, not wanting to be bested by Honeymaren. "So, I don't know if I should tell you this, but I'm going to anyway... I know you’re not exactly on speaking terms with her, but I was talking with Seth the other day and he said he's really worried about his sister... she keeps disappearing for days on end, and as far as I gathered, it's not been sanctioned by Sam. Like, she's going rogue or something..."

Honeymaren frowned, "Really?" She kept her eyes on the screen, trying not to let her worry for Leah keep her from winning the game, but concern built inside her. "Do you think she'd even want to see me?"

Ryder shrugged "Maybe... I mean, you do have a little thing called a cell phone. I can understand if that one" he winked over his shoulder at Elsa "isn't used to making a phone call... but I expect more from you. At least you were born in this century!"

Elsa rolled her eyes and tried to keep Princess Peach from going off the side of the track into the ocean barrier. "Ha ha, enough with the age jokes. And for the record, I can make a phone call... I just prefer to talk in person."

Honeymaren steered Bowser narrowly around one of Ryder's banana peels, barely keeping her cart on track. When it was just her, she played as Rosalina, she reminded her of Elsa. "I'll text her. Feel it out."

Ryder nodded and threw a couple bombs strategically behind his cart, urging King Boo forward toward the finish line with a victorious whoop. "Ha! Eat my banana peels and bombs!" He got up to get another plate of spaghetti while he waited for Honeymaren and Elsa to finish.

Honeymaren threw up her hands as she hit a bomb, losing any chance she had at winning. "Damn it!"

Elsa just chugged along, pretty much beyond last place if that was even possible, though she made up ground when Honeymaren kept hitting the bombs. She was thinking about her role in the Leah drama. She didn't like having Honeymaren stuck between them, but Honeymaren was free to make her own choices. She might not trust Leah and liked her even less, but she trusted Honeymaren and she knew that Honeymaren was safe with Leah, even if she didn’t want to admit it. She could tell that Leah loved Honeymaren and just like her, would do anything in her power to protect her and keep her safe. Selfishly she was glad that Honeymaren chose to let her back into her life. But if she had gone with Leah, she would have respected the choice and faded away. "Not like it's my business, but I think you should reach out to her..."

Honeymaren nodded, "I will. I still care about her. I want to make sure she's okay."

Elsa nodded "Do what you need to do, I don't want to make things more difficult for you. I'll be here when you're done, okay? I just... it's probably best she and I stay away from each other."

Honeymaren smiled at Elsa, "Thank you. I understand that, and you're right." Elsa had made such strides in respecting Honeymaren's choices, in supporting her instead of just telling her what to do. Despite Elsa’s quiet protests, she still wanted to be turned, the idea of having forever with Elsa was more and more and more appealing.

Elsa nodded and leaned over to kiss her quickly when she finally got Peach across the finish line.

Honeymaren got Bowser across last and chuckled, "You and your bombs, Ry..."

Elsa smiled "Well, I'll admit I am pretty terrible at this game, but no one can out drive me in a real car."

Ryder laughed, his mouth full of spaghetti and gave her a goofy thumbs up.

Honeymaren chuckled, "That's the truth."

Ryder groaned "I would kill to drive that car of yours. I still dream about it sometimes!"

Honeymaren smirked and looked at Elsa, "Well, maybe you could take him for a joyride sometime? Happy medium."

"I told you I would let you once I was convinced you wouldn't crash it." Elsa chuckled "And sure, we can go for a drive in it...."

Ryder balked "Fiiiiiine... Oh, hey, Mare! I bought a little VW Rabbit, but it needs some work. If only I knew of an awesome mechanic who could help me? Maybe you could bring Elsa along? I know it's a little tense, but I think ma's coming around to her again."

Honeymaren smiled, hopeful. "If I can get Yelana to agree, then of course. I mean, I'll help regardless, but hopefully Elsa can come along too."

Ryder grinned and plopped back down in his chair "Sweet. You up for another round?"

Elsa politely declined, watching the two battle each other long into the night. She stayed to clean up the kitchen while Honeymaren drove him home later, mulling over what she and Anna had talked about. She planned on suggesting the trip to Guatemala later that night when Honeymaren got back.