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Heinous Industrial Team (H.I.T) formed a group of seven guys, BTS, each with a unique skill of their own. After an ex co-ed  group, KARD, left the company abruptly for unknown reasons, BTS were assigned to completing the last five missions that were left unattended to. Will they succeed? Or will they fail miserably?


Name: Kim Namjoon (김남준)Age/DOB: September 12th, 1994 (aged 24)Height: 1

Name: Kim Namjoon ( 김남준 )
Age/DOB: September 12th, 1994 (aged 24)
Height: 1.81m (5' 11)
Hometown: Goyang, South Korea
Role: Leader

Name: Park Jimin (박지민)Age/DOB: October 13th, 1995 (aged 23)Height: 1

Name: Park Jimin ( 박지민 )
Age/DOB: October 13th, 1995 (aged 23)
Height: 1.75m (5' 9)
Hometown: Busan, South Korea
Role: Lock Picker

Name: Jeon Jungkook (전정국)Age/DOB: September 1st, 1997 (aged 21)Height: 1

Name: Jeon Jungkook ( 전정국 )
Age/DOB: September 1st, 1997 (aged 21)
Height:  1.77m  (5' 10)
Hometown: Busan, South Korea
Role: Sharpshooter

Name: Jung Hoseok (정호걱)Age/DOB: February 18th, 1994 (aged 25)Height: 1        

Name: Jung Hoseok ( 정호걱 )
Age/DOB: February 18th, 1994 (aged 25)
Height: 1.77m (5' 10)
Hometown: Gwangju, South Korea
Role: Getaway Driver

Name: Kim Taehyung (김태헝)Age/DOB: December 30th, 1995 (aged 23)Height: 1

Name: Kim Taehyung ( 김태헝 )
Age/DOB: December 30th, 1995 (aged 23)
Height: 1.79m (5' 10)
Hometown: Seo District, Daegu, South Korea
Role: Thief

Name: Kim Seokjin (김석진)Age/DOB: December 4th, 1992 (aged 26)Height: 1

Name: Kim Seokjin ( 김석진 )
Age/DOB: December 4th, 1992 (aged 26)
Height: 1.79m (5' 10)
Hometown: Gwacheon, South Korea
Role: Distraction

Name: Min Yoongi (민윤기)Age/DOB: March 9th, 1993 (aged 26)Height: 1

Name: Min Yoongi ( 민윤기 )
Age/DOB: March 9th, 1993 (aged 26)
Height: 1.75m (5' 9)
Hometown: Buk District, Daegu, South Korea
Role: Hacker


...Let the story begin..

(A/N: Ages are based on the time the story was created, please see story notes.)