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Chapter 3: Preparation

Min Yoongi

Everyone had left the conference room now, and we were all making our way to our current safe house. Each group that worked for H.I.T had a designated safe house – it defended us from suspicious citizens but kept us near and close to H.I.T's headquarters. To keep our identities a secret to the outside world, we wore all black and either covered our faces with masks or some type of accessory to hide a certain features of ourselves.

 To keep our identities a secret to the outside world, we wore all black and either covered our faces with masks or some type of accessory to hide a certain features of ourselves

When we finally approached the house, located near a suburb-like area and a 5-10 minute drive from H.I.T. We walked in, sighs of relief filled the mere silence.

"This is gonna be one hell of a week..." Jungkook murmured, pulling down his mask.

"Yeah, but like Jin said, we've dealt with way worse." Namjoon stated, taking off his glasses.

As everyone started different conversations, I silently slipped away and walked into my room, wanting my own space for a little while.

Resting my head back on the closed door, I let out a sigh and took off my mask, sitting down at my desk where my notebook lay, untouched and just the way I left it. Glad no one has managed to look through this, I best keep it on me next time though, gotta keep it away from prying eyes. I grabbed a pen from inside the container which was on my desk and opened my notebook.

I flicked through each page until I reached a clean one and began writing. I had a habit of writing things down, whether it was how I was feeling, what I was up to or what I was thinking about. No matter how uneventful my day was I always found something to write down. There were just some things I couldn't share with my members, but it was something I had to note down, to be forgotten and never found again.

After I finished writing, I clicked my pen and put it back in the container.

I couldn't stop thinking about certain events, they kept circling, like sharks in the deep abyss of the ocean. 

I felt a tear roll down my cheek as I flashed back to reality. Tensing up a little, I stared at my notepad, memories began to re-flood my mind but I tried desperately to erase them againThe past is not important anymore, you have to focus on the present, cut it out! I told myself.

My thoughts were interrupted upon hearing a few soft taps at my door, I quickly wiped my cheek, closed my notebook and looked back at the door.

"Yoongi?" Namjoon called out, gently opening the door. "You alright?"

"Yeah I'm fine.." I lied.

Namjoon seemed skeptical at my instantaneous response, he knew I was lying but also knew that I wouldn't want to talk about it right now. He knows me all too well.

"Okay. Do you have your equipment ready?" He asked politely.

"Kind of. My laptop is ready, I just need to pick up a few other things." I replied. "Has Taehyung got his stuff ready?" I raised an eyebrow, an amused smirk forming on my face.

"Heh, nowhere near." Namjoon laughed, shaking his head.

"What a surprise." I stated sarcastically, breaking into a smile. "He's the least organised of us all."

"I suppose that's what happens when you get easily distracted." Namjoon shrugged and smiled, his dimples displaying themselves proudly. "Everyone else is beginning to get their stuff together, we're gonna have a meeting in around a half hour."

"Alright." I nodded understandingly as Namjoon left the room.

I finally stood up and began to gather the things I would need for the missions at hand.

Park Jimin

Everyone started gathering things together, items they would need for the series of missions we had to complete.

We all gathered in the main room of the house, we needed a plan, a good one. Our main objective was to complete the mission without getting caught, that was a challenge in itself, but we knew we were capable of doing this.

"Alright, so we need a plan for this first mission..." Namjoon declared, "This may thoroughly involve Yoongi and Taehyung but if we apply the knowledge we all have then it can come in handy."

"I should be able to hack the security system from one place, I don't need to move much, and I just need a good connection." Yoongi explained.

"That helps, if Taehyung ends up in a difficult situation then we may be able to help him out of it." Namjoon nodded.

"What if there's a locked door that is not connected to a security system?" I asked, scratching my head.

"I highly doubt H.I.T would assign us missions with false information, if Yoongi and Taehyung are the only ones necessary then we have to take their word for it." Hoseok stated.

I shrugged in response, not knowing what else to say.

"Okay, this is what we'll do." Namjoon started, "We request a black getaway van from H.I.T, hideout outside of E.C.T's corporation where we should have a good signal and be under cover of darkness, Yoongi can hack the security system from the van, while Taehyung will make his way into E.C.T and retrieve the stolen weapons."

"Okay.." Taehyung seemed a little uneasy, "But how will I know the quickest ways in and out?"

"Yoongi should be able to get a map view of the corporation right?" Jungkook suggested, crossing his arms.

"I think so, requires a bit of work but... It'll be worth it afterwards." Yoongi muttered, exhaling silently.

"Well, that's our plan sorted, thank god." Seokjin laughed to himself.


With our plan now in place, we waited until the darkness of the evening had overtaken the lively atmosphere of the day. The first mission had begun.

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