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Chapter 4: First Moves

Kim Taehyung

After quickly getting a black van from one of H.I.T's garages, we all clambered into the van, Hoseok in the driver's seat and Yoongi sat beside him with his laptop in grasp, the rest of us sat in the back, going over the plan a few times so we were sure we knew what we were doing.

"How much longer Hoseok?" Namjoon asked innocently, peering over towards the front of the van.

"We're not too far away, but we need to find a safer place to park up." He muttered as he concentrated on the road.

"Yeah, just make sure we're out of sight from E.C.T, they're some sly bastards." Yoongi murmured under his breath, his eyes almost transfixed onto his laptop screen.

When we finally got there and found somewhere to hideout, I prepared myself and, again, went over the plan in my head a few times. A few moments of comfortable silence. Seconds later, I was snapped out of my thoughts.

"Taehyung?" Yoongi called out to me, "You'll need this." He handed me a small earpiece, I took it and put it on, making sure it was working.

"Thanks." I nodded, smiling in acknowledgment.

"Once you get inside, let me know, I may be able to track you, but we all know how unreliable it can be sometimes." Yoongi explained.

"And the second you get out, you make a run for it, you can't afford to be slow, you know the drill." Namjoon continued.

I nodded, slowly opening one of the van's back doors and getting out.

"Good luck Tae." Jimin smiled a bit.

I chuckled silently, "Thank you." I replied, before sprinting towards E.C.T's headquarters.

"So, where's the best place for me to enter?" I questioned, pressing on the earpiece gently.

"Considering most of E.C.T are on the second and third floors in a few meetings, I suggest getting in from the ground floor, you're a thief I'm sure you've got ideas." Yoongi responded.

"Wait. How do you know that?" I inquired, a little bit bewildered.

"I have my ways." Yoongi answered casually, "Anyway, don't you have a building to break into?" I could hear the amusement in his voice.

"Yeah yeah, alright." I laughed, while making my way towards the nearest window and hiding beside it.

Peering out to the window, I quickly analysed the building from where I was standing. Nobody was there.

"Have you disabled the security cameras yet? I'm not about to go in there with surveillance watching my every move." I asked Yoongi.

"Yes, chill out, I'm working on it." He responded, I could hear the tapping from his keyboard and laptop's mouse as he did what he needed to do.

I watched diligently as the red light on the security camera blinked repeatedly, seconds later the blinking stopped.

"Alright I've bought you some time, I've turned them off on a delay of 16 minutes and 32 seconds. That's good enough right?" Yoongi inquired as I began to pull my mask over my face.

"Yeah, weirdly precise, but more than enough time, thanks." I replied before moving over to the window, opening it and making my way inside.

Once I got in, I hid behind another wall, looking out to survey the corridor that led to the weapons room. An inactive elevator sat at the end of the hallway. Yoongi was right, there was nobody about. I sprinted down the hallway and until I reached the room I was after. Suddenly, I heard the elevator 'ping!', and with wide eyes I quickly tried to open the door. Locked.

"Yoongi!" I hissed. "Open the door to the room."

"Alright, could have reminded me sooner..." Yoongi muttered.

I rolled my eyes, getting increasingly impatient as I looked back at the elevator multiple times.

The door made a quick beeping sound and I took that as my cue to open the door and shut it behind me. I exhaled, thankful I was able to get out of such a situation. Light footsteps passed down the corridor, I stayed silent for a moment until they had gone. I pulled my mask down, resting my head against the wall.

"Are you in the room yet?" I heard Namjoon's voice through my earpiece.

"Yeah I am." I spoke, wiping the sweat from my forehead.

"Okay, you remember which weapons to grab?" Namjoon questioned.

"I think so." I said as I gazed around the room. It was filled to the brim with hundreds of different guns and weapons, from 9mms to MP5s, and pocket knives to bulky baseball bats.

With only a huge black gym bag, I knew I'd be able to get what was taken and maybe a little extra. After scanning the room for the second time, I approached the guns, grabbing some hand guns, shotguns and a several sniper rifles. Then I approached the other weapons, snatching a machete and a few hand knives. I forcefully stuffed the weapons into my bag, casually taking one hand gun before holstering it in the back of my jeans.

Before I could make my next move, I noticed a quiet beep and quickly looked to see where it was coming from. A fucking security cameraHow the hell did I not notice it beforeHas it really been 16 minutes and 32 seconds already?

Confused and caught a little off guard, I rapidly took out the hand gun I had previously holstered and shot the camera down. Now I was running on borrowed time. Knowing going back the way I came would be a mistake, I searched the ceiling for some sort of vent access. Nope. There were no windows. This is gonna be fucking great. My only choice was to go the way I came.

"Yoongi, is there anyone out on the ground floor right now?" I asked, pressing the earpiece a little to improve the clarity of his voice.

"A few people are about, but do what you need to do, make sure no one is able to recognise you, alright?" He informed me.

I exhaled deeply and pulled my mask back up. Here goes nothing.

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