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Chapter 6: Prudence

Park Jimin

I woke up early the next morning, knowing this mission would be a lot more difficult than our last one. Sitting up, I got up out of my bed and made my way towards the mirror, my hair was a little messy but it wasn't a big deal at the moment.

After fixing up and leaving my room, I walked past the main room and through into the kitchen. Jin was the first person I saw, he looked up from his phone and smiled, placing his empty cup on the side.

"You're up early." He started, looking down at his phone to type before looking up and locking it.

"Could say the same to you." I laughed quietly. I grabbed a clean cup and filled it with water, taking a few sips before standing against the counter beside Jin.

"Ready for today's mission?" I asked, glancing at him.

"It's gonna be difficult, but I like a challenge." Jin admitted.

I chuckled, "Yeah it's gonna be tough but I'm sure the worst is yet to come."

"That's a weird way to think about it." Jin furrowed his brows, holding back an amused laugh.

"Hey, don't judge the way I think!" I nudged him, shaking my head and giggling a little.


Again we left our safe house, piling into the van and driving away. Our first move was to find a good place to scope out who we were after. Either CEO besides Yang Daekeun. From other conversations, we all knew targeting the stronger CEO of the two would work best, as the apparently weaker one would be unable to handle the pressure, especially while Daekeun would be busy. The stronger CEO was Kan Mingyu and he was our target. He was a very intelligent man and he occasionally had meetings with foreign CEOs that were allies of E.C.T. Yoongi hacked into Kan Mingyu's registration log at E.C.T last night and set up a fake meeting with him, the person he was meeting was Jin, but he was to be disguised as Ryuu Ichirō, minister of foreign affairs in the company S.M in Tokyo, Japan. We all knew immediately after this Jin would have to change his appearance, but he didn't seem to mind as this wasn't the first time and he had done it numerous times before.

Hoseok had said there was a fairly tall building that would help upon the assassination, so that was the first place we went to.

Jungkook sat in the front seat beside Hoseok, his sniper rifle in grasp. The rest of us sat in the back, going over the plan to help successfully complete the mission at hand.

"So when we get to the building, Jungkook will be dropped off and then we'll drop you off near E.C.T." Namjoon referred to Jin. "Once you get in there, make your way to the fifth floor where the CEOs are and get in there to distract them."

"Okay, how will Jungkook know when to shoot?" Jin asked.

"And how long will they roughly have to do all of this?" I chimed in.

"Alright alright, one question at a time." Namjoon hushed. "Jin, we still have the ear pieces so everyone will still be able to communicate."

"Jimin, I reckon they have about an hour or so before any suspicions rise." Namjoon explained.

I nodded.

"Will I need to change my appearance after this?" Jin inquired.

"Yes, you may need to, so think about what you'd prefer." Namjoon agreed.

"Okay, I'm here." Hoseok announced.

We all looked to him.

"Right then, Jungkook." Namjoon started as he looked towards him.

Namjoon handed Jungkook an ear piece as he grabbed his sniper rifle and stepped out of the van.

"We'll keep you updated on everything, just make sure you find the correct place." Namjoon explained.

Jungkook nodded with a small smirk on his face before shutting the van doors and making his way to a designated spot.

Jeon Jungkook

The building before me was definitely recently abandoned, but I pushed back my pessimistic thoughts and made my way inside. Keeping my guard up, I opened the door and walked down the dark, dingy corridor, it was evident the lights had only been shut off and turning them on would bring attention anyway. Surprisingly, as I pressed the arrow button on the elevator, the doors opened and I walked in.

I glanced at the floor numbers on my side, they ranged from 0 to 8.

I pressed on my ear piece.

"Uh guys, what floor number do I go to?" I asked awkwardly.

"That's what you have to make a judgement on, go with your gut, I trust you Jungkook." Namjoon replied, making me feel slightly less uneasy.

I sighed.

Now I had to think logically, I couldn't afford to pick the wrong floor and I had to be ready to aim for the CEO, I didn't have much time and I had to think on the spot.

Hesitatingly, I pressed floor number 6, and as the elevator doors shut, I felt an ominous feeling overcome me.

"Level 6. Doors opening."

I left the elevator and glanced at the three doors before me, one on the left, one on the right and one right in front of me.

I pressed my ear piece again.

"Which door leads to where I need to be?" I inquired, knowing an educated guess would do nothing in the situation.

"Hold on, just bringing up a general view of the building you're in." Yoongi paused, I could hear the tapping and clicking of his laptop's keyboard and mouse. "Right hand side takes you to the back end away from E.C.T, and so does the door in front of you, so your best bet is the left door, good luck." Yoongi elucidated.

"Alright thanks." I answered briefly before heading towards the door to my left.

Opening the door slightly, I leaned in to check if there was anyone in there, the building may have looked abandoned but you can never be too sure. Yeah, this building is definitely deserted. This room barely contained any furniture, mould had begun to grow in patches along the ceiling and down the walls.

Knowing I had to be quick, I quickly made my way to the biggest window in the room, conveniently facing E.C.T. I set up my sniper rifle, positioning it so I had a good enough shot and also making sure it was not visible to possible bystanders; I attached a silencer to reduce my chances of getting caught or drawing attention. I began to feel a little more confident. Looking through the scope, I could see Kan Mingyu's office across the street, our target was focusing solely on his computer, typing at a rapid pace and seeming to be invested in the work he had to complete. Probably emails to other companies or something like that. I took a deep breath as I prepared myself.

"Okay, I'm ready." I announced, pressing on the earpiece.

Kim Seokjin

"Alright, you ready Jin?" Namjoon asked.

"Yeah, I'm ready."

"Good luck." Everyone chimed in.

Namjoon handed me my earpiece, which was slightly different to everyone else's, it was less visible to the human eye so unless very close inspection occurs then the plan should continue smoothly.

Once I left the van, Hoseok sped off, looking to find a discreet and nearby place to stay put. Controlling my breathing, I made my way towards E.C.T and approached the entrance.


When I walked in, I noticed it was fairly quiet. Approaching the desk, the receptionist looked up at me with a welcoming smile; I smiled back and informed her of my meeting with Mingyu.

"Ah, Ryuu Ichirō?" The receptionist questioned.

"Yes." I nodded.

"Take a seat, he'll be available in a couple of minutes." She elucidated, gesturing to the black leather sofa behind me.

"Thank you." I smiled faintly and took a seat, practicing some Japanese in my head in case it was needed.

It didn't take long for Mingyu to be available - as told by the receptionist, he was ready in a couple of minutes. Eager to see me are you?

I rose from my seat as Mingyu approached me, shaking his hand with some firmness.

"Follow me to my office." He said with a smile.

With nerves rising, I tried my best to appear confident as I let him lead on to his office.

After a few flights of stairs, we finally arrived at his office; he allowed me to walk in first and also shut the door behind me. The strong but soft aroma of coffee hit my nose as I walked in. Sitting down in front of his desk, I looked around at his office curiously. Instantaneously, I noticed security cameras. My eyes wandered to his dark brown desk, which was positioned near three huge windows, letting natural light in and brightening up the office profusely. A small plant, along with a laptop, a few notepads, a mug filled with coffee and a small container filled with pens complimented the dark desk nicely, while two dark brown leather chairs occupied the desk in front and behind it. To complete the decor, a larger plant sat in the corner of the room, beside a two-seated black sofa and paired with a white coffee table. His office wasn't too big, but it was certainly homely.

"I'm surprised to see you so early Ryuu!" Mingyu started, offering me a seat as he sat behind his desk. "Didn't we plan to meet in May?"

"We did, but an important meeting came up for that date, so I had to reschedule pretty quickly." I chuckled.

Mingyu laughed a little too, and proceeded to ask questions.

"So why so soon? What do we need to discuss?" He asked, crossing his arms and leaning back on his chair.

"Well, I think we should work together and invest in getting more weapons." I suggested, mentally thanking myself for such quick thinking.

"Nice cover, that was pretty quick." I heard Namjoon through my ear piece.

I held back a smile discreetly as I waited for Mingyu's response.

"You think so? What kind?" He inquired.

"Fast-firing weapons, preferably automatic guns." I explained. "They work pretty well, and there's more pros than cons with its uses."

"Good point." He agreed. "H.I.T already stole a mass load of our weapons, should we steal them back?"

I refrained letting any shock or similar emotions show on my face as I quickly thought up of a response.

"Whatever you do, do not agree with him, motion him away from that idea immediately." Yoongi warned.

"It depends." I began. "Are you really looking to endure a long stealing match? Or would you rather get weapons without repercussions?"

Mingyu opened his mouth to speak but I spoke before him.

"I suggest making deals with other companies, there shouldn't be any problems unless you make a dodgy deal, it's your best bet if you want my honest opinion." I finished.

"Alright, I'm about to shoot, make sure you act scared." Jungkook cautioned me.

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