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Chapter 7: Decimated

Kim Seokjin

Taking a deep breath, I prepared myself for what was to come. Everything began to almost fade out as I paid no attention to Mingyu's words and went through a quick plan in my head; yet I still tried to maintain a focused expression on my face meanwhile.





As the sound of smashing glass rung throughout my ears, I jumped violently and immediately noticed the bullet wound through Mingyu's skull. Nice shot Jungkook. I disguised my smirk inwardly and let out a loud yell moments after I 'realised' Mingyu was dead. An alarm sounded throughout the entire building.

I ran straight towards the door of the office, ignoring the quiet conversation going on through my earpiece and concentrating on getting out of the building. With an impression of shock, I bumped into an employee on my way out, immediately triggering my acting skills and knowing very well that I was being watched.

"M-Mingyu... Mingyu is dead," I shrieked, pretending to be in a serious state of shock. "There was a shooter, from outside."

"Everyone is evacuating as we speak, there's a hideout room on the ground floor, make your way there." The guy explained, "Be careful."

"Thank you." I bowed in respect and made my way towards the elevator.

Just when I thought I wouldn't get a chance to be alone, the lift doors opened and there was no one there, I sighed in relief and walked in, letting the doors close. Taking a quick glance around the elevator, I noticed no security cameras or audio devices and quickly decided to communicate with Yoongi before the lift reached its stop.

"Yoongi, switch off the security cameras on the ground floor for about 15 minutes please." I elucidated.

"With pleasure." He chuckled.

I smirked and waited for the lift to reach the ground floor, when it did, the doors opened and I saw plenty of people running down the corridors to get to the hideout room. Glancing at the security cameras, I noticed there was no blinking red light (which meant they were off) and I began to feel more confident. I played along with the current scenario and while no one was paying attention I sprinted out of the building and began to look for the getaway van.

"I'm out, where are you guys at?" I asked, just beginning to catch my breath.

"Same place as last time." Namjoon stated.

"Jungkook? Are you out of that building?" I inquired, wanting to know that he was okay.

"Yeah, I made it back to the van about 5-10 minutes ago." Jungkook reassured me.

"Alright, good." I sighed in relief and smiled.

Kim Namjoon

Jimin quickly flung open the van doors as Seokjin hopped in, within seconds our van sped away and we were finally out of sight.

"Great job Seokjin and Jungkook, that's our second mission complete." I smiled, feeling relieved that the plan went smoother than expected.

They both nodded in acknowledgement before someone else spoke up.

"Everything definitely went better than expected, good job." Yoongi started, "However, I do think we may need to lay low for a day or so to keep suspicions to a minimum."

"I agree," Hoseok chimed in, focusing on getting back to the safe house. "Our deadline is early morning on Monday, we have enough time to take a couple days off to disguise ourselves a bit, change registration plates, appearances etcetera."

"Okay then, we'll take Wednesday and Thursday to rest, create another plan and change a few things, does that sound good?" I announced.

Everyone concurred.


Once we arrived back at the safe house, we all took a few moments to rest; it had been a long day.

"You did well today Seokjin, nice job!" Hoseok smiled and complimented him.

"Thanks," He replied. "I'm pleasantly surprised myself."

"Have you decided what colour to dye your hair to yet?" Hoseok asked curiously.

"I'm not sure yet but I'm leaning towards a dark colour, like black or something. I haven't had that colour for a while now have I?" He explained, a nostalgic smile appearing on his face.

"Ah! I remember that, it was iconic." Hoseok laughed.

"Is everyone going to dye their hair? In case anyone else has been spotted?" Seokjin inquired, scratching the back of his neck.

"That may be a good idea actually..." I chimed in. "Who knows if any of us could've been spotted by E.C.T."


"Yeah I agree."

"Glad we're on the same page about this, I'll let everyone know." I stated. "And Hoseok?

"Yeah, what's up?" He questioned, turning to look at me as he almost walked away.

"Meet me outside in about five minutes, we'll need to switch the number plate." I instructed.

"You got it." He nodded, walking into the other room where everyone else was.

Jung Hoseok

A cold breeze brushed past my neck and made me shiver slightly as I leaned on the wall on the porch, waiting for Namjoon. The early evening sky had already began to darken and it was peaceful out, a few birds creating quiet chirps of conversation as the day came to a close.

Just as I had finished admiring my surroundings, Namjoon finally came out from the house.

"Alright, let's change this number plate." He smirked.

I followed Namjoon towards the van, opening the back doors and accessing a compartment hidden under one of the back seats. As the compartment was unlocked and now wide open, I picked up the collection of random number plates, favouring one of them and grasping the other identical one right when Namjoon handed me the current number plates that were being used. Once I'd safely put the old number plates in the compartment, I closed it up and made sure it was not visible unless further inspection was put to it. I provided Namjoon with the new number plates, he gratefully fastened them to the vehicle and it was as if the number plates had not been touched in the first place.

Closing the van doors, we both headed back inside.

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