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Chapter 9: Prying Eyes

Park Jimin

The entire day went like a blur. Before we knew it, it was Friday and midnight had arrived, we had a plan and we were near E.C.T headquarters. 

Our plan was fairly simple. Posing as a maintenance guy, I would first go in and let the receptionist know that I was here to repair a light fixture. Previously, Yoongi hacked into E.C.T's electricity mains and cut off one of the light fixtures on floor 7 - very close to the room containing the top secret files. He also disabled several cameras on floor 7 prior to our mission so that there would be no traces. But as there are lots of cameras on different floors, the disabling of some cameras would most likely be invisible at night. After completing this, he left a receptionist's note on one of the computers, notifying the next receptionist on shift that a few maintenance guys would be showing up to E.C.T the following day. He made sure it looked legit and that no suspicious employee would believe it was a forgery. 

While I'm supposedly re-installing the light fixture, I have to use my tools to lock pick the file room. Once it's open, Yoongi and Taehyung will have arrived in their maintenance uniform, posing as my trainees. While the light fixture is being repaired, Yoongi and Taehyung would have to sneak into the file room. Yoongi will have to try to disable the cameras from his current position. This is where it would become treacherous... In the time Taehyung has to retrieve all the files about H.I.T, Yoongi and I have to stay alert. If the plan goes smoothly, we should all be able to get out of there as soon as possible without interference. If not, it will make things a lot more difficult than expected.

Namjoon went over the plan with everyone in the van, while Taehyung, Yoongi and I were preparing ourselves to begin the mission. We needed to appear as genuine as possible. Although our acting skills weren't as immaculate as Seokjin's, we had a few tricks up our sleeves and we were given advice by the perfect actor himself.


I walked towards E.C.T headquarters with caution, my heart pounding in my ears. To say I was nervous would be an understatement. With my duffel bag of tools, my left hand grasped the fabricated handle tightly - it almost slipped out of my hand due to the mass amounts of sweat that had formed. Re-positioning the cap on my head, I tried my best to forget about the uncomfortable uniform I had on.

Approaching the main entrance, I strolled through the automatic glass doors with a forced sense of confidence. Immediately, the receptionist's desk greeted me. The atmosphere appeared to be much more tense than Seokjin had described it, which made me even more nervous; I knew I had to act oblivious from the moment I walked in.

The receptionist looked up at me with big, brown eyes as I reached the desk. "Oh hello! Are you a part of the maintenance crew that is fixing the light fixture on floor 7?"

Flashing a charming smile, I responded. "Yes, two of my trainees will be arriving soon too if that's okay?"

"Of course, we appreciate all the help." The receptionist beamed, her crescent-like eyes displaying sincerity. "Just sign here please." She handed me a pen and clipboard, clearly to keep track of who is entering and exiting the building.

I nodded, putting down my duffel bag momentarily and signing a name down.

Seo Hyojun

Handing back the clipboard and pen, I picked up my bag of tools and listened to the receptionist's further instructions.

"Okay, so the elevator is just down the hall." She explained, "When should I be expecting your trainees to arrive?"

"About fifteen minutes from now." I replied.

"Alright, thank you."

The conversation ended as quickly as it started, and thus I made my way towards the elevator down the hall.

Once the elevator arrived at the ground floor, I entered, relieved that I was the only person to be in there. Luckily for me, there were no cameras or audio devices.

"Suga, V, there's a signing clipboard when you first enter, so be wary of that and have a name prepared." I announced calmly, using their nicknames to keep their identities a disguise, just in case.

"You got it."

"Thanks for informing us."

"No worries, see you soon." I finished, just as the elevator reached floor 7.


Revealing the corridor, the elevator doors opened. I stepped out and made my way to where the light fixture was supposed to be, conveniently in front of the file room door. Swallowing the lump in my throat as I arrived at the light fixture, I hid my fears and placed my duffel bag down gently. With subtlety, I glanced around the corridor, acknowledging that the security cameras were already down, but being aware that anyone could walk through the corridor at anytime. A small step ladder was leaning against the wall. They were certainly awaiting my arrival.

Crouched down to access my bag; I unfastened it, grabbed a screwdriver, sneaking out a few bobby pins, and I zipped it up quick enough to avoid any suspicions. Grabbing the step ladder that was leaning against the wall, I positioned it underneath the light fixture. Stepping up and unscrewing some nails, i took down a minor attachment; that made it look like I was doing some work. My hands seized a fairly long metal bar from the fixture and placed it carefully on the floor after I had gotten down from the step ladder.

A quick scan of my surroundings was all I needed before I was already onto what I do best. Lock picking.

With my bobby pins at hand, I slid my screwdriver into my jacket pocket. Now was the best time to be aware of my surroundings, since anybody could easily catch me in the act. Persisting attentively on the initial first step of the plan, I became alert - even at the slightest sound that could be portrayed as something to intrude on the plan. Finally, the door was unlocked.

Pretending to talk on my phone, I proceeded with the mission. "I'm in need of Order No. 715 for E.C.T's maintenance work."

"On it."

I smirked.


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