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Chapter 10: Interference

Min Yoongi

Alongside Taehyung, we walked towards E.C.T, thoughts of doubt and self consciousness overtaking my mind. Sensing my discomfort, he literally spoke my mind.

"These uniforms suck." Taehyung groaned.

"You can say that again." I chuckled lightly, becoming frequently irritated by my jacket.

Being greeted by the obnoxious receptionist, Taehyung and I noted down our fake names on the clipboard - the woman then directed us to the elevator. Heaving internal sighs of relief, we entered and ascended to the 7th floor, finally reuniting with Jimin. Or should I say Hyojun?

"So, what needs repairing on this fixture?" Taehyung asked curiously, holding onto a hand sized box, which I assumed was Order No. 715

"Just a light bulb, maybe a few decorative features that might need some touch ups." Jimin explained. "Other than that we're good as gold."

"Alright, well, you're the professional here." I held in a laugh.

"Yeah." Jimin grinned. "You guys just hang back, watch and learn."

Taehyung and I nodded in acknowledgement. 

Silently and while no one was watching, I fell back into the file room. One in, another to go.

Darkness was completely surrounding me. Thin strips of light cut through the room, giving it a minimal glow. Removing my rucksack from my shoulders, I picked up my trusty flashlight, just as Taehyung stepped quietly into the room. And right on cue, he switched the blinds, so now there was no more light shining through, this also meant there was no one to spy on us either.

I turned on my flashlight, throwing it to Taehyung for him to find the crucial files while I took my laptop from my backpack. 

Since there were no tables or dependable surfaces, I placed it carefully on the floor, opening it up and immediately beginning to access the security cameras to check if they were still offline on the 7th floor.

"All is well at the moment." I stated quietly. The room we were in wasn't sound proof, so any loud noises could bring unwanted attention to Hyojun.

Quietly, Taehyung was flicking through multiple filing drawers, it appeared he was having some trouble.

"This is certainly not as easy as I was expecting." He sighed.

"What's the problem?" I asked, slightly agitated that we had already ran into a problem.

"Each filing cabinet has information on a company per drawer, since E.C.T has covered a lot of corporations, there's probably five to ten filing cabinets in here somewhere.." Taehyung explained.

I groaned, "Fucks sake.." Leaning my head back, I exhaled. "You gotta be quick V, these cameras won't be off for long and Hyojun can't stay occupied on the fixture for longer than necessary."

"I know, I know." He sighed, his pace becoming a bit faster as he worked to find the crucial files about H.I.T.

"Speed it up guys, the corridor's becoming busier." Jimin whispered. "We've got company."

"I fucking get it, let me do my job!" Taehyung hissed, he sounded stressed.

At this point, my nerves began racking up, I hadn't been this nervous during a mission in ages. Yet here we were now. I felt a lump form in my throat. What if we really can't do this?

I was drawn out of my thoughts by a flurry of papers falling to the floor, Taehyung threw his hands up in frustration.

"None of these are about H.I.T!" He seethed, running his hand through his red hair in defeat.

"Just keep at it V, you're good at this stuff, we haven't failed missions in a good couple of years now." I tried my best to reassure him, but clearly my efforts went to waste.

"Wow. Did you forget about our mission in Luzon?" Taehyung retaliated quietly, sarcasm dripping from his words.

I opened my mouth to answer back but was interrupted by a firm voice through the earpiece.

"Enough with the arguing guys, we've got a mission at hand, save the bullshit for later !" Namjoon instructed, a strong tone to his voice. This made Taehyung and I sigh in compliance.


Park Jimin

Despite feeling tense over Yoongi and Taehyung's brief argument, I remained in character, taking a few deep breaths to persevere through this mission. Twisting a screw out of its place with my trusty screwdriver, I acted as if I was doing some work. At this point I was just taking the fixture apart and putting it back together again. However, I had to look like I was doing something useful.

Concerned and possibly a bit too aware of my surroundings, I felt a pair of eyes analysing me. My hands kept a hold of the fixture above me that was now one screw down; I shifted my gaze naturally to the suspicious individual.

She was a fairly short woman but seemed to average out upon a further glance. Her dark, straight hair framed her face and tucked behind one ear, showing her face shape in more detail. A black, notably expensive, fabricated dress shaped her physique in a form fitting way. There was no doubt she had a high profile in E.C.T. With striking, brown-grey eyes, a mildly confused expression appeared on her face, curious at what I was doing.

"Heh, amazing, how many times is that light fixture gonna break in a month?" The woman lightly smirked and chuckled, crossing her arms.

I laughed and played along, "A lot more than necessary apparently." Turning back to face the fixture, I held it carefully as I continued unscrewing the nails that were keeping it all together.

"What's wrong with it now?" She questioned, stepping forward and staring at me, or more specifically what I had planned to do.

"I think the light bulb has blown, so I'm just taking the fixture apart to replace it." I explained, making everything up as I went along and adding some logic to it. "There's an awful lot of architecture for a fixture." I joked.

"What do you expect from a company with a lot of money?" The woman flashed a small smile, "I bet this makes your job so much easier."

"Unfortunately so." I grinned.

Studying her body language, I noticed she was holding a small, black notebook that faintly branded the colours orange and blue in the size of a stamp. This made me extremely suspicious, yet I knew gesturing towards it would blow my cover, why did she have H.I.T's official colours on her notebook?

Immediately, she seemed to have caught on that I had spotted the colours on her notebook. In the blink of an eye she flipped it around and held it tighter, hiding it away from me and anyone else who could pass by. Opening her mouth to say something, she was disrupted by a co-worker stepping out of a nearby room, a few yards away from us. 

"Miss Kim?" A short lady who was also dressed in formal attire and looked to be an assistant, called out. "Dalhwan-nim has found a connection." 

Dalhwan?? Isn't he the head leader of security?!

'Miss Kim' glanced at me with a gentle smile, the expression in her eyes telling me a different story, but I couldn't quite catch on. 

Without another word, she walked away, the sound of her heels fading out as she entered another room.

• • •