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Chapter 12: Victory Calls


Min Yoongi

With smirks plastered to our faces, Jimin, Taehyung and I made our way back, conveniently finding Jungkook as we arrived.

"Good work today you guys." He smiled, opening the van door and letting us in before hopping in himself.

"You did well too Jungkook." Taehyung chimed in.

Once we entered the van, Hoseok started the engine and sped off. To avoid suspicions, I grabbed my laptop from my bag and turned it on, beginning to fix the cameras back to the way they were. I felt everyone's confused gaze upon me, yet I stayed focused on what I was doing before I asked anything. Closing my laptop and putting it away afterwards, Jimin opened his mouth to talk.

"How did you manage to hide your laptop during the bag checks?" He inquired, his puzzled look remained on me.

Letting out a light chuckle, I glanced across at Jimin.

"My bag has a hidden compartment specifically for this laptop, so whenever I venture out during missions I can safely enclose it in a concealed space." I explained, taking off my cap that was a part of my uniform. "Can't wait to get out of these crappy clothes." I muttered.

Jimin smiled in acknowledgement, laughing at my last statement. "You and me both."

"What was all that numerical code you guys came up with?" Hoseok queried from the front of the van, Seokjin sat in the passenger seat beside him.

 "Essentially it's a way of communicating and letting people know what's happening." Jungkook started.

"It's fairly simple once you've gotten the idea, and I think we may need it for future missions too." Taehyung added.

"The way the code works is that each number is assigned to a letter, in the same order as the alphabet." Namjoon began to elucidate. "So 1 would be A, 2 would be B, etcetera."

"Mm care to give me an example?" Hoseok grinned, looking into the rear view mirror for a split second.

"Order 7-15 is good example from our mission today, with 7 being G and 15 being O, it's a pretty obvious message when you think about it." Namjoon stated.

"Ah I get it now." Hoseok exclaimed.

Kim Seokjin

Subsequently, we all made it back to the safe house. It had been an awfully long day, but we still had work to do. 

Dropping the duffel bag gently on the glass table, Hoseok unzipped it to reveal the immense load of documents that Taehyung had previously stuffed into the bag. Everyone sighed. It looked like way too much effort to deal with.

"You could've packed this a little easier Tae.." Yoongi groaned.

"We were running low on time I had to be quick." Taehyung snapped in reply, running his hand through his red hair.

"It's fine guys, we can deal with this." Namjoon tried to be positive. "We've done worse, no?"

Four responses of retaliation almost belted out across the room. I stayed silent and Yoongi rolled his eyes. Immediately, the arguing was put to an end.

"GUYS!" Namjoon yelled, making everyone shut up. "It's. Fine." He continued slowly. "We can split each folder per person."

"Sounds good." I agreed, trying to ease the hint of tension in the room. "There are two extra sections as well right?"

"Yes there are. It's a little unusual, but bare with it for now." Namjoon acknowledged the atypical nature of the extra sections about KARD and BTS.

"How are we that significant to them though?" Jungkook questioned, interlocking his hands and resting his arms on his thighs.

All Namjoon could do was shrug, yet still he opened his mouth to provide an answer for his hyung. 

"Maybe they see us as a potential threat? They understand what we're capable of?" He suggested, of course not knowing their true intent for having such peculiar information inside a file dedicated to the company we worked for.

Jungkook nodded, but it was a minuscule motion - either he was deep in thought, or wasn't convinced by Namjoon's answer.

"Anyway." He directly changed the subject. "We have six sections to deal with and there's seven of us but we also need to create a plan for the next mission."

"What are you thinking?" Jimin asked.

"Taehyung, you can handle the strengths and weaknesses. Jimin, you can organise the links and contact information. Jin, you can sort out the file sections on BTS and KARD." Namjoon instructed. "Yoongi, Jungkook and Hoseok, you guys follow me for a minute."

After Namjoon had portrayed his thoughts, three of the guys left the room with him, leaving Jimin, Taehyung and I to order the files correctly.

Jung Hoseok

Walking into another space (similar to the conference rooms in H.I.T but at a smaller scale) we all sat down at the rectangular shaped, glass table that was hastily placed in the middle of the room.

On the right hand side of the room, in front of the table, a large white board proudly displayed itself to anyone that walked in; it had been fixed into the wall and this gave the room a more professional manner. The walls were a light blue/grey and the carpet was dark brown.

"Right so, we need a plan. Any basic ideas to begin with?" Namjoon started. 

"Well, we're gonna have to approach this mission quite differently to our previous ones." Yoongi mumbled, crossing his arms in thought. 

"Yeah, isn't Daekeun's office on the far side of E.C.T? Like opposite to where Mingyu's office was?" I asked in confusion. 

Namjoon nodded. I felt Jungkook tense up beside me. 

"Does that mean I have to actually walk into the building?" Jungkook questioned, his voice filled with a frantic manner. 

"Yes bu-" Namjoon was interrupted by Jungkook standing up. 

"I'm not exactly an actor, you know I'll get caught or something will go wrong." He commented assertively. 

"It's alright, surely Jin can accompany you?" Yoongi suggested. "Just sit back down."

Moments later, he sighed and sat back down.

"Wait, are we even allowed to have more people on the mission than required?" My glance shifted from Jungkook to Namjoon. 

"I'm sure it wouldn't hurt to include another person, H.I.T didn't really say anything peculiar about how many people participate in the missions, the letter was just a guideline." Namjoon explained.

An exasperated sigh left Jungkook's lips. "What are we gonna do then?"

"I have an idea I think.." Yoongi maffled. "We can go for the same format as the last mission Seokjin and Jungkook did. Of course we'll need to change up a few things, such as whereabouts both of them came from and why they'll be there. If we pull it off correctly, reusing a mission shouldn't be a problem."

"That's a pretty good idea Yoongi, nice job." Namjoon smiled. "Now we have the basis of the mission settled, we need the details."

I thought strenuously, hoping to come up with some cunning ideas to contribute to the group.

"Okay so," I took a deep breath and began to explain my schemes. "Jungkook and Seokjin could pose as Vietnamese weapon ambassadors, convey their weapons to E.C.T and when they get the chance, Jungkook can shoot Daekeun."

Namjoon's previous smile turned into a wide grin. "Admirable idea Hoseok!"

"Can I really pull this off?" Jungkook scratched the back of his neck, looking a little awkward.

"You can, Jin will be with you, he'll help you out and lead the way." I reassured him. "Don't doubt your skills." Half-smiling, I placed my hand gently on his shoulder.

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