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Chapter 13: Upgraded Agenda


Kim Namjoon

Assuming Rami had gotten here already, I opened the door without checking through the peep hole. Jimin walked up beside me. 

Yet I wasn't greeted by Rami. A woman stood before me, dressed in a dark, casual hoodie and wearing a black cap.

"I know one of your guys almost caught me." She spoke softly. "But I'm not the one that needs to be wary of my surroundings." Taking down her hood, she handed Jimin a piece of paper.

Before we could say anything, she took off, walking back into the shadows and leaving both of us speechless.

Quickly shutting the door, Jimin unfolded the paper. 

Be careful and watch out for yourselves.

                                                J. Kim

"That was... unexpected." I mumbled.

"Too right." Jimin scratched his head, confusion lingered throughout his expression. "It was that woman I was talking about though."

"I assumed so." Sighing deeply, I rubbed my forehead in a mild turmoil. 

Continuing to stand in the hallway for a few minutes more, we stayed where we were as if the woman was going to come back out of the darkness of the shadows. When we heard a car pull up on the gravelly drive way, our ears perked and we lifted our heads towards the front door expectantly. Yoongi had joined us at this point. 

Soft but prominent footsteps grew louder as a male figure stood at the door. There was a light tap.

For the second time this morning, I unlocked the door and widened it. To our relief, it was Rami.

A light chuckle escaped his mouth. "Rise and shine guys!" He displayed a smirk. "You look like you've seen a phoenix." Carrying a duffel bag and a suit case, I allowed him to walk into the house. All tension that had previously been lurking around had disappeared.

"Honestly I feel like I have." I agreed, breaking out into a small laugh. "Come on in."

As soon as he placed the bag and case down in the main room, he gave me a pat on the shoulder and greeted Jimin and Yoongi.

"How are you all?" He inquired openly.

"Pretty good." Jimin chimed in with a small smile, disregarding all the commotion that had occurred before Rami's arrival.

"Not too bad thanks." Yoongi responded.

"Very well, and you?" I returned the question, feeling happy to be reunited with a good friend of mine once more. 

"I'm doing great thank you." Rami nodded.

The small talk went on for a little while longer before we eventually got down to business. Our moment had finally arrived to pick out the weapons we needed for the mission, specifically laundered and collected from Vietnam.

Jimin gathered the rest of BTS, especially Jungkook and Seokjin, to participate in the weapon selections. It was crucial that they had more of a say in what to pick considering that they were the ones that'll be presenting them to E.C.T further on in the mission.

Placing the duffel bag and suitcase on the large table in the conference room we had, everyone congregated inside, preparing to pick out the weapons we wanted for the mission ahead.

Unlocked and nearly open, Rami lifted the top of the suitcase, revealing a slick looking knife. Its blade shone as the fluorescent lights beamed against it.

"I know this looks like one of your usual knives but this one is special." Rami explained, "It's a modernised version of a Hmong knife, which were traditionally used and located in the Sapa area of Vietnam. Technically Hmong people are an ethnic group of their own, but many of them migrated to different countries all over Asia, including Vietnam. Hmong knives were created in multiple asian countries, and this one was specifically made in Vietnam."

"Interesting, but a knife might not be too impressive for a company like E.C.T." Yoongi replied, looking over the knife that gleamed before him.

"Do you need it for your mission though?" Rami questioned, looking across at him.

"Wouldn't hurt to have another weapon I suppose." Jungkook shrugged and a small smirk appeared on his face.

Rami smiled and closed the suitcase, moving towards the duffel bag.

"There's not too much selection on firearms, just a couple of hand guns, a sub machine gun and a collection of assault rifles. The choice is all yours really." 

Jungkook was the first to peer into the bag, his eyes lit up upon seeing the weapons.

"An AK-103?! PP-19-Bizon?!" Looking through all of the weapons, he exclaimed in awe. "How'd you get a hold of this stuff?"

"Well I mean, when you launder weapons worldwide you tend to come across some intriguing items." Rami delineated, his smirk remaining prominently.

Later, after examining the pros and cons of each weapon, we came to a decision.

"Let's take the K14-VN and Type 56C." Jungkook announced, picking them up.

"Are you sure? You and Seokjin have to convince Daekeun to buy these weapons." I inquired, wanting him to be definite in his decision.

Nodding, he seemed definite. "I'll be able to sell these well, don't worry." Jungkook grinned. Along with the knife, he had the two guns in tow.

"I wish you the best of luck, I know you guys will really pull this off." Rami chimed in, like a positive light.

Guiding him to the door, everyone said goodbye to Rami and went to their respective rooms, leaving the two of us alone.

"Your group is solid, I'm sure you've carried out missions worse than this, don't stress, you'll be great." Rami reassured the pondering thoughts in my mind without realising it.

"Thank you so much Rami, we really appreciate your support." I spoke with a smile.

"No worries." He gave a short nod. Looking down, he scratched his neck and opened his mouth to continue. "I- uh..." Trailing off, the genuine grin on his face began to fade.

My eyes narrowed in confusion, I tilted my head at his hesitation to speak. Before I could question his actions, he had already enunciated.

Clearing his throat, he finally looked back up at me, "Don't get too caught up with those missions."

I took a slight pause, puzzled. "What?"

"Sometimes those you trust aren't trustworthy at all."

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