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Chapter 16: Treacherous Deceit


Kim Seokjin

"Why are these so high in demand?" Daekeun questioned, an unsure expression remained on his face.

"Is it not obvious?" Jungkook asked with a confident smirk, "If other rival companies get a hold of these weapons in particular, they can upgrade them into better weapons to be used or sold for profit." I was surprised at his quick thinking, but persisted in character.

"Conversely, they can strip each weapon for parts and use them elsewhere, the interior of these guns are really not bad. But it is your choice." I continued, "Either let these weapons go to their first buyers..."

"H.I.T." Jungkook chimed in with a reminder.

"Or buy the weapons yourself.." I finished, making direct eye contact with Daekeun.

I could feel his stare burning in the back of my skull, as if he were trying to read me, but I didn't change character once and I stood my ground. Jungkook was coping and following along well. In an almost defeated manner, the CEO deflected his gaze away from mine, looking down at the weapons that were neatly compacted into the suitcases.

Taking a brief pause, Daekeun looked back up at us again. "I will buy the weapons, but there is something you need to know, about a few work-related affairs in your company S.S.E." He stood up from the sofa and walked behind his bar, grabbing a bottle of Korean Ginseng Whiskey and pouring some into a small glass. He took a few sips.

"J.Y.P is targeting your company, all thanks to a mafia trainee transferred from H.I.T." Daekeun started, "He trained up there before moving to J.Y.P and they've come up with a targeted plan because of his influence and now your company is going to get attacked."

"Be careful guys, this might be a mentally taxing trap." Yoongi warned.

"Why were we not made aware of this sooner?" I inquired, my slight fear and confusion was not an act this time, but it served well to help me remain in character.

"I don't know, it may just be hearsay, but there's a chance it could be true so don't let your guard down." Daekeun suggested to us, it was a weird situation to be in, being advised by your rival company.

"Who is this mafia trainee?" Jungkook asked innocently, but kept to his demeanour.

"Jeon Junghyun, I believe he's the older brother of Jeon Jungkook, who is a part of one of the most successful mafia groups, BTS." Daekeun responded.

I felt Jungkook tense up beside me, the shock on our faces was without a doubt resounding.

"Whatever you do, react cautiously, we're treading on thin ice at this point." Namjoon instructed.

"Junghyun is a cunning bastard for sure, but I assume your company will beat him to a pulp along with J.Y.P. The little fucker won't stand a chance." Daekeun let out a loud laugh after he had slurred his ill-intended words, turning his back to us and pouring himself another drink. "If you guys need any help taking him down, I was going to hire a few of my men to... take care of him."

The short pause communicated everything we needed to know, and soon the air in the office began to feel hot and heavy. If we didn't put an end to this, we'd have the blood of Jungkook's brother on our hands.

Right now, this was more than enough motive to put an end to E.C.T.

From peripheral vision, I noticed that Jungkook had his fists clenched, he was getting very angry. His eyes remained shut for a moment as he tried his best to regain his composure and calm down. I gave him a stern look, hoping he wouldn't blow our cover.

Daekeun glanced at us expectantly, waiting for a response to his offer.

"I'm sure we can handle him alone, we've been in this business for a long time." I recovered smoothly, hoping to ease the tension in the room. 

"Fair enough.." Daekeun trailed off, taking a sip of his fresh glass of whiskey. "Anyway, about those guns, how much are they going for?"

"Both guns are 7.5 million won, totalling to 15 million won." I explained, while Jungkook did his best to stay in character.

Still keeping to the plan, Jungkook piped up, "Quite a bargain once you think about it, considering how high in demand these weapons are." His comment carried a little taste of anger.

"Okay, I'll take them." Daekeun accepted our offer after only a few moments of deliberating, clearly our price was considered dirt cheap to him. If only he knew how much he was really going to pay. "Bring them to my desk."

Turning his back on us again, he approached his own desk, we clipped the suitcases back up and carried them to him obediently. We gently placed them on the desk, watching the CEO diligently. Daekeun leaned over to his left-sided desk drawer, revealing a photo for a few seconds. The CEO paused as his eyes lingered over the three smiling figures. One was a young woman, she looked tired but her smile was completely genuine and her entire expression was heart-warming. On either side of her were two small, joyous children. At that moment, I made the connection. The little boy looked just like his father. 

Daekeun closed the drawer with the key to the safe grasped in one hand. The image of his wife and children remained in my mind. We've killed so many people in the past without caring about their personal lives, so why should I care if one family loses a single member? A deceitful member at that. I wonder if his family even knew what he did as a job, how many people he's hurt, how many lives he's ruined. All of these ridiculous thoughts came rushing through my head, I was pensively trying to convince myself that it was okay to ruin another family. 

With his back turned toward us, Daekeun began to access the safe.

It was at this time I noticed that Jungkook had put on his black gloves, there was no doubt he was ready, and he was going to savour this moment as if it were his last.

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