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Chapter 17: Sharp Twist


Jeon Jungkook

Quietly, I took my right arm out of my coat's sleeve, feeling the handle of my new knife inside its holster that was cleverly hidden underneath my formal trousers. Adrenaline rushed through my veins, creating a feeling of nerves and excitement inside of me. The indentations on the handle of the blade made my fingertips tingle. Taking the life of someone so malicious was always satisfying, it was like playing God, I felt powerful. Seokjin's stare burned into me, but whatever kind of emotion he was trying to endorse to me, did not phase me. I had a mission to complete and that's what I was going to do.

Whipping the knife out of its holster, I charged at Daekeun, violently shoving the knife into his upper back, fairly close to his neck. He jolted at the feeling of the blade entering his body. Pushed to the door of the safe by my grip, I grabbed the handle of the knife with pure anger and slowly twisted it into the wound. As he choked on his own blood, Daekeun struggled to make any noise besides the painful gurgles coming abruptly from his mouth...

"Daekeun-nim?" The door opened and closed before anything could be done. 

A woman I did not recognise had entered the room, both Seokjin and I jerked our necks towards the door in shock. I was still holding Daekeun up in my arms.

"Jisoo you can't-!" Another woman's voice called out from behind the door, she quickly walked in and shut the door behind her. We knew her all too well.

Both women stared in shock, I looked at Seokjin with a hidden plead of guidance, he tilted his head to the side a little, gesturing me to let him go.

Ripping the knife from Daekeun's back, I pushed his body to the floor behind his desk.

"You guys need to get out of here." Miss Kim spoke up, "We'll cover your tracks from here, but it's not us you have to worry about."

"How can we trust you?" I questioned, breathless from the adrenaline that had begun to fade.

She sighed and looked at the woman beside her, Jisoo, who gave her a stern glance. Then she gazed over at Seokjin first, before looking over to me. "I give you my word."

"You have no choice, all we can do is believe her, for now." Namjoon added.

After wiping the blood off of the prized weapon that Rami had given me, I re-holstered it and made my way to stand beside Seokjin. 

"I know you know where I came from, my friend beside me also started where I did." Miss Kim confided vaguely. "I'm Jennie."

"I'm Jisoo." She confirmed with pursed lips.

With quick nods of acknowledgement, Jennie aided us with how to escape.

"Down the corridor on the left, there is a fire door exit, go out from there and you should come across a maintenance elevator.." She explained.

"She's right." Yoongi stated.

"You'll need this." Jisoo handed Seokjin a key card.

I grabbed the larger locked suitcase, to make it seem like it was carrying money.

"Thank you." We mumbled before quickly making our escape.

As we left the room, we shut the door behind us. Walking calmly down the corridor to avoid drawing attention, the fire door was on the left like Jennie had explained. Once we walked out, we spotted the maintenance lift, a key card scanner just below the buttons for the elevator. Pressing the down arrow button, it requested for us to scan our key card.


Kim Seokjin

It was the longest elevator ride we had ever been on, passing 17 floors was a mission in itself. I felt so nervous I thought I was going to vomit.

"You went way too far with that." I commented, sighing deeply.

"Let me enjoy something for once.." Jungkook rolled his eyes, holding his suitcase firmly.

Anger errupted inside of me. "He had young children!" I hissed.

"And?!" Jungkook retaliated, "It's never bothered you before!"

Opening my mouth to talk, I was completely interrupted.

"Need I remind you of all the families you've torn apart, single-handedly?" His words were laced with sarcasm and contempt, "Does death really have to be the only thing that destroys a family?"

Jungkook's words rendered me speechless, of course early in my career, my job role was limited to manipulating female suspects. As my job became more permanent, my distraction tactics continued to extend the longer I worked with H.I.T. 

"That was... Different." I insisted defensively. 

Before anything else could be said, the elevator reached the ground floor. 

"Hm." Jungkook scoffed, unwillingly walking at the same pace as me.

On our way out, Jungkook's suitcase was checked.

"Daekeun decided not to buy the K14-VN and only bought one of our weapons." I explained, making sure my Korean sounded a little broken to enforce that I was foreign.

With a nod of approval, we were let go. Remaining, calm, we walked out of E.C.T's building.

Though we kept our pace slow upon leaving the company, we gradually increased our speed as we crossed the parking lot. Approaching the van where the guys were waiting for us, the tension between Jungkook and I was thick enough to cut. Swinging open, the van doors widened to reveal the rest of our group; Taehyung, Jimin and Namjoon sitting in the back while Yoongi and Hoseok sat up front. Their smiles of relief faded when they noticed the cold expressions on our faces and the grave atmosphere around the two of us.

As we jumped into the van, we were bombarded with questions.

"Is everything okay?"

"What happened?"

"How did you get out?"

"Were you undetected?"

Namjoon lowered his hand to make everyone hold back on their questions. "Did the mission go smoothly?"

Glancing at each other with irritated stares, we turned our heads to our group.

"We'll explain later, let's get out of here before they realise what's happened."

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