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Chapter 18: Tension

Kim Taehyung

Even when we had finally arrived back at the safe house, the hostility between Seokjin and Jungkook was evident. No one knew when their problems would blow over and it was only a matter of time before the sarcastic comments and judging expressions were to break us apart.

As I walked down the hallway upstairs, I overheard Seokjin and Jungkook talking - instantaneously, I decided to lean back against the wall and eavesdrop.

"I don't have time for this, I have weapons to check." The youngest retorted, a snarky tone embedded in his words.

"Keep your finger off of the trigger kiddo, wouldn't want to kill someone else would you?" The eldest snapped, his manner alone was enough to imagine the shit-eating grin on his face without even seeing it.

An irritated grumble emerged from Jungkook's mouth. Rolling my eyes, I walked away from the room they were in and headed back downstairs. I needed to unwind for a little while.

Deciding to settle for a slow stroll, I made my way to the spare lounge room, where a plasma screen television awaited me, attached proudly to the wall. Frustrated, tired and mentally disgruntled, I reached for the remote control and turned on the TV. What greeted me was anything but relaxing.

"...CEO of E.C.T Inc. has been assassinated by two unidentified suspects that were the last ones to see Yang Daekeun alive. Two secretaries who claim to be devoted to E.C.T Inc. have been identified as Kim Jennie and Kim Jisoo, both women were caught disposing of evidence and are now being questioned by the Korean National Police. The murder weapon and motive for the crime have yet to be released to the public. There will be more updates soon. In other news..."

"Shit.." I mumbled under my breath, turning off the television and darting downstairs to inform Namjoon of our current situation.

Park Jimin

Comfortably seated, Namjoon and I were in the conference room, talking about the initial ideas for the next mission. Before we could converse for another second, Taehyung came barging into the room, a look of concern nearly engulfed his expression.

"We have a serious problem." Taehyung warned.

"I'm listening." Namjoon stated, focusing entirely on him.

"What happened?" I asked, feeling a pit form at the bottom of my stomach.

"The police are fully aware of our assassination, they haven't identified Seokjin and Jungkook yet but it's only a matter of time before they find out that their Vietnamese personas are fake." He explained, appearing to be nervous.

Namjoon leaned back in his chair, crossing his arms and wrinkling his forehead in annoyance. "Alright, we have to change all of our plans for the next mission."

I groaned and slammed my head into my folded arms. However, an idea came to mind almost immediately after.

"Wait, we don't have to change everything completely." I piped up, looking back at Namjoon and Taehyung.

"Elaborate." Our leader instructed.

Taehyung expressed slight confusion before I opened my mouth to talk.

"Instead of altering the plan we've established, we can substitute those involved." I elucidated, "For example, swap Seokjin for Hoseok and Jungkook for you, Namjoon. Neither of you have been involved in missions quite yet and that would reduce our chances of getting caught."

"Good thinking Jimin," He complimented me, I smiled gratefully.

"Okay, that could work..." Taehyung trailed off, "What was your original idea?"

Standing up beside me, Namjoon rotated the note-filled paper in front of us to Taehyung.

"Essentially, Seokjin and Jungkook were going to act as security advisers from another company in Singapore. They would be invited to E.C.T's secondary base that is devoted to more complex topics such as security systems and what not. When least expected, Jungkook would kill Cheon Dalhwan thus taking out E.C.T's head of security." Namjoon clarified.

"Didn't H.I.T say in the brief how we needed to go about doing the mission though?" Taehyung inquired thoughtfully.

"Yes, but it is only a guideline and does not need to be followed completely, so long as the main mission is done I don't think they will care." Namjoon tried to reassure him.

"We haven't covered details of the mission just yet but we're getting to it." I added.

"Have we even investigated E.C.T's secondary base? How do we know if it exists or not?" Taehyung questioned, he was taking this mission very seriously, and rightfully so.

"No.. But if their secondary base were fake I'm sure Yoongi would have gotten back to us with something." Taehyung's doubt of our company's loyalty caught Namjoon off-guard.

"Oh yeah, Yoongi is currently researching on E.C.T's security team and the type of base they have." I remembered, deciding to update Taehyung and back up Namjoon's point.

"Lets get a head start on the details then for now." Grabbing a chair and sitting with us, Taehyung contributed to the mission plan.

"So what details need to be covered?" I inquired, glancing at Namjoon.

He took a brief sigh before opening his mouth to talk. "We need to figure oute how to get to Dalhwan without the majority of Seokjin's input, how we're going to kill Dalhwan and the background story on the Singaporean security advisers and what company they've come from."

"That's a simple three-way split then right?" I commented, Taehyung and Namjoon agreed without hesitation.

Min Yoongi

Tapping at my keyboard, my fingers glided over the buttons - creating a satisfying clicking sound every time I came up with another research point. I made it my mission to find a good source of information about this apparent 'second base' that E.C.T had.

After a solid hour of research, I found out that E.C.T's second base is a remote warehouse a couple of miles past their headquarters. In this warehouse they store all kinds of items that they cannot stash away at their main area due to size, and they hold some meetings with foreign advisers to help better their company for the future.

What really caught my eye was that some of these advisers that went through with the mission, didn't make it back to their home country, this made me somewhat suspicious. It seemed that advisers were a certain target to E.C.T, but this was an unknown fact to the likes of BTS. I felt a pit form at the bottom of my stomach. Since E.C.T's defences were higher than ever, could we risk getting caught all for the sake of our own company?

I felt my heart sink low, would we really be prepared for this?


Pondering for a quiet moment, I phased back to reality. Immediately, I darted out of the room with my laptop in hand, knowing that Namjoon needed to be warned.