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They have gone through this scene in the workshop, talked about camera angles and facial expressions to the detail, yet Gulf still finds himself fidgeting nervously after pulling the shirt over his head. He is half-naked in front of the whole crew and his Omega instincts scream at him to cover himself, only allowing his Alpha this special sight. Fortunately Mew seems to understand his inner turmoil even without words, stepping close to him as if to shield his Omega from the gazes. It causes some new problems to surface as when their arms touch, goosebumps erupt on Gulf's skin without warning and he can feel his knees going weak. 


"Yai Nong?" Mew raises a questioning eyebrow, not used to such an intense reaction when on set with his co-star, especiallywhen they are out of character.


"I-I'm good." Gulf swallows, flashing a smile that he hopes will reassure everyone that he did not just almost go crazy over a touch from his Alpha. He faintly wonders if this has anything to do with them now courting each other, if his body is reacting differently now… 


"Everyone ready? Action!"


Gulf tries to switch to Type but it is not so easy currently, with his instincts going haywire and multiple cameras pointed at his naked torso. Fortunately Tharn takes the lead, pressing him to the bathroom wall as he sheds his own shirt, causing Gulf's eyes to dart down for a second. Damn, those pecs. 


He hopes he is not drooling as he channels Type's confusion and a tiny spark of curiosity that soon turns into a full-blown flame when Tharn's lips make contact with his collarbone. The touch featherlight and soft, as if the other would give him the chance to resist, to push him away if he felt uncomfortable. 


"You smell nice." Gulf can hear Mew behind Tharn, his senior's cheeky smile in place as he whispers the words, once again reminding him of this morning when he himself got drunk on the Alpha's scent. 


"What are you doing?" His voice comes out shakier than expected but they just roll with it, his fingers balled up in a fist on Tharn's shoulder but aching to return the soft touches. 


Tharn presses a sweet kiss to his cheek and Type is not ashamed of the whimper that leaves his throat, his knees buckling under him. Tharn's strong arm is there to catch him and keep him upright, pinning him to the wall as he gazes into dark eyes, glinting with a promise of something sinful. Instead of answering, Tharn cups his cheek and brings their lips together for a chaste kiss that leaves Type breathless and craving for more, much more. He melts into the liplock, chasing his roommate's lips when he makes a move to pull away and letting out a pleased hum when Tharn obliges and their lips become one once again. 


Gulf tries his hardest to remember how they planned to pace the scene - first a couple kisses, then Mew will nuzzle along his collarbones before slowly sliding to his knees, kissing a trail on Gulf's chest as he goes down. But it's very hard to remember when each press of Mew's wandering lips seems to light a fire within his core, making his body heat up and his skin tingle, his mind getting overwhelmed and numbed by the simple pleasure. His fingers find purchase on Mew's shoulders when he gets close to his nipples, a shaky moan rising from his lips as he arches his back, trying his best to offer himself to the Alpha. He can feel a smile against his skin and he knows it's Mew's, not Tharn's as he continues the slow trail of kisses down his torso. Gulf gasps for air, his head spinning and eyebrows drawn as he tries his hardest to concentrate on his acting, the temptation too strong to throw caution to the wind and give into the urges of letting his Khun Phi ravish him. He bites his lower lip, his breathing heavy and a needy whimper tumbling from his lips when Tharn takes too long.


He feels a sudden pulsating heat spread through his body and his eyes fly open in panic.

"Alpha!" His voice is entirely Gulf's, tinged with desperation and panic and Mew is with him in a second, rising up and cupping his cheek as dark eyes search for the cause of his distress. 


"Nong? Did I do something wrong? Did I make you uncomfortable?" The sweet fool, if anything he made Gulf too comfortable in his opinion. But the heat is steadily increasing, threatening to swallow him whole and reduce him to his most basic instincts so Gulf doesn't have time to voice that particular thought. 


"H-hot," he whimpers instead, needy and high-pitched from the back of his throat as he presses himself even closer to Mew, rolling his hips desperately to create some friction. To get his Alpha to notice the state that he is in, burning up and ready for him to take. 


"Gulf has gone into heat, oh shit!" He hears the voices coming from the direction of the crew but he could care less, his whole universe zeroing down on the arms that hold him, the strong body against his own and the handsome face that is currently clouded with concern. That doesn't sit well with the Omega who releases a broken whimper, nosing at the Alpha's cheek to get him to smile again. Is he not a good Omega for him, that's why his Alpha is frowning currently? Unacceptable. His eyes widen, even in his current state when Mew growls, loud and echoing in the small bathroom they are filming in. In a second the Alpha pulls him into his arms, pressing him to his chest and draping a shirt (where did that come from, he wonders in the back of his mind) over his shoulders, pulling him out of the room. 


Gulf follows obediently, ready to go anywhere where the handsome man would take him, only to see his smile directed at him again and his lips tasting his own. They stumble into a white room (emergency heat room, it registers somewhere in his mind), Mew clicking the lock on the door before pressing him against it and claiming his lips in a fierce kiss. Gulf's whole body shudders, knees giving out as his body grows weak, moaning into the kiss as the only thing keeping his upright are the veiny arms wound tight around his waist. Gulf is dizzy, his limbs feeling heavy and feverish with the most of the heat concentrated at his groin.


"A-alpha…" He hopes his voice conveys his desire and he seems to succeed as Mew picks him up effortlessly and in the next second, his back hits the nest of soft blankets. He lets out a pleased hum, lips pulling into a small smile even as he gasps for air, the bliss of being surrounded by fluffy things clearing some of the fog from his mind. 


2 things register in his mind at the same time: 1, Mew somehow triggered his heat in the middle of the scene, that's for certain. 2, if he doesn't get to have the Alpha's dick in him in the next 10 seconds, he might as well die (figuratively speaking, of course?). Disregarding discovery number 1 for now he sets out on a quest to prevent discovery number 2, his shaky fingers tugging on Mew's pants and adding a couple desperate whines for good measure.


"I know baby, I know." Mew seems to understand him without words, his gentle tone a soothing balm to his overheated senses. The Alpha's fingers make quick work on his own pants, tugging them down along with his underwear and allowing his erection to spring free. Gulf swallows at the sight, his hand moving on their own accord to wrap around the base, giving it a few experimental strokes that has the Alpha groaning and rolling his hips to seek more. This seems to fuel Gulf's desire as he tugs his own pants down too, pulling the other man down until he is covering him with his body, their erections sliding against each other with delicious friction. The Alpha braces himself on his forearms, his gaze suddenly gentle when he finds the Omega's half-lidded eyes, dropping a small kiss to the corner of those irresistible lips. 


"Are you sure you want to do this?" He whispers, never ceasing the grinding to keep up the building fire in his own core, his cock aching to be inside his Omega and feel the sinful tightness of his butt.


"I want to be yours, Khun Phi." The sweet words are paired with the filthiest state Mew has ever seen Gulf in, with drool dribbling from the corner of his mouth as he pants, pupils fully blown and cheeks flushed as he releases breathy whimpers, his body trembling against Mew's own. "But I don't want to mate you just yet." 


"I understand. I will help you through your heat but I won't do anything you are not comfortable with." Mew promises, his trademark cheeky grin in place as he reaches down to wrap his hands around Gulf's erection, smearing the glistening precum on the tip and giving it a few rough strokes that has the Omega's body writhing, his hands fisting the blankets around them. Mew leans down, effortlessly capturing the other's pink lips in a kiss, one that is full of adoration and the promise of mind-blowing pleasure. "I will take care of you, baby."