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Jane was staring at her again and she wasn't the only one. In fact ever since she had returned, Claudette had looked up more than once to find a few pairs of eyes on her. She tried her best to ignore it. Tried to pretend that she was just imagining it and that Jane hadn't once again spoken to the others about what she perceived to be some type of relationship between their appointed healer and one of the Legion. Of course she hadn't described it exactly like that but she had insinuated more than enough times that the smiling face killer was giving Claudette questionable attention. Thankfully, there had been those like Quentin and Meg who argued that the killers often directed their interest on one of the survivors but it didn't quell the older woman's suspicion. Her constant mentioning of the topic had eventually concerned both Adam and Kate enough that they had all but ambushed Claudette the minute Jake had been pulled off into a trial.

Naturally, Claudette had assured them that all was okay and the topic, to her relief, had been dropped. Unfortunately while that was the case it hadn't diminished the fact that she was aware that some of the others still had lingering concerns with the strange occurrences she kept finding herself in when it came to the Legion. To be honest she couldn't blame them for that. It wasn't as if she was doing a good job with instilling trust with them. She still had yet to fully explain what had happened at Lérys after all. Coming up with a reason she had practically disappeared failed to come easily to her even when she could have easily said that the Legion had found her. David had defended her on the matter however, saying that as long as she had gotten out the rest was irrelevant. While she knew he meant his words she was also aware that to some extent he was bothered by what had happened. He just chose not to push it.

To make things worse, Claudette didn't feel like she could speak to anyone about the strange situation she kept finding herself in. Not even Quentin.

Why did Frank have to speak to Jane the way he had back in Badham? Of all people why her? It was as if he was looking to cause an issue. Looking to get her in trouble as payback for something she didn't even know she did.

Quickly, Claudette shook herself of the thought. That was unfair of her. Frank had no way to know what type of damage his words could cause her. It wasn't as if he had any clue about the dynamics of the survivors. There was also no way for him to know that Jane would take him at face value. On top of that there was no benefit for him to cause her any trouble with the other survivors or at least not that Claudette could think of. Sure she knew next to nothing about him but she doubted that if he wanted to do something malicious that this was the way he would have done it. After all he had been the same person, it turned out, mori-ing the others during trials simply because she hadn't been in his trials after that fateful encounter at Ironworks. If he truly wanted to make a statement he had the means to do so. That, she knew for certain.

If she could let out an exasperated sigh without being questioned she would have.

Truly this entire thing was a confusing mess and to add to her growing problems Claudette had basically agreed to meet him outside of trials. What was she thinking? Was she even thinking at all? He had killed and sacrificed her more times than she could count and now she was planning to find Mount Ormond Resort as if he had asked her out on some kind of date. She must have lost her mind. That’s what happened. The Clown had cracked her skull with his boot in her last trial and everyone knew that such blunt force was enough to do some type of damage to the brain.

Residual brain damage that the Entity didn't bother to rectify.

She let out a breath as she continued grinding down the lavender she had tasked herself to take care of. No, her choice had nothing to do with the mori she received from the Clown. It had everything to do with Frank. She agreed because he asked. She agreed because she knew those ugly bruises littering his torso were somehow her fault. She agreed because she was afraid of what would happen if she said no. She agreed because despite everything he made her feel something she didn't know how to put into words.

“He really was telling the truth about how you two have such a special relationship wasn’t he?” Jane’s voice had her snapping her head up to find the woman standing directly in front of her.

“W-what?” Claudette stuttered.

The older woman’s lips pulled back into a smile that screamed the opposite of friendly. It was a look that Claudette knew too well from her days in grade school. She hated it.

“Don't act like you don't know what I'm referring to. You were the only one who managed to escape,” the former talk show host stated bluntly as she folded her arms across her chest. "It's not the first time he's kept his hands off of you while the rest of us went down."

“I...that's not true. None of us escaped Badham and I barely made it out this time. If I had gotten to the door even a second late…” she trailed off.

Frank had warned her to stay out of his line of sight and she had done just that up until the very end. If he had gotten his hands on her she knew for certain that he was going to keep his word and hook her.

For a while neither one of them said a word as Jane eyed her, clearly trying to tell if she was lying or not. It was nerve wracking and it triggered every single insecurity she had ever had all over again right when she was getting better. Or at least she thought she had been. Had she been deluding herself all this time all for the sake of trying to keep the others from thinking she couldn’t be self-sufficient?

“Alright, girl to girl,” Jane huffed as she crouched down in front of her. “What’s really going on with you Claudette? Too many strange things have happened for me to simply dismiss them as being a huge coincidence,” she spoke softly.

While it was apparent that the woman meant no harm with her question, Claudette couldn’t help but feel offended as she tightened her grip around the pestle in her hand. She was going to get callouses.

“There's nothing going on. It's like I told you all before, I don’t have any control over what any of the killers do,” she said. “And that includes the Legion.”

“Then what he’s talking about that’s supposedly between you isn’t mutual. Is it? Look I may not be a counselor but I've covered enough segments about young women being trapped in unhealthy relationships with men to know when something isn't right. And this Claudette isn't right."

The assumption prompted Claudette to look up and meet a concerned gaze. She didn’t like where this was going and it was making her panic.

“Jane I don’t think…” she tried as she released the pestle in her hand. “I don’t know what you think is happening but the Legion he’s...that’s what they do, the killers I mean. They target us sometimes because it gives them something to do.” David and Ace’s boisterous laughter rang out through the camp, catching her attention and for a minute she felt less tense until she looked back at Jane and lowered her gaze. “I don’t know what he said to you this time but I’d appreciate it if you’d just let me handle it.”

“Is that your way of telling me to stay out of your business?” Jane got to her feet and frowned. "You know he called me a rat and mutilated my face before he cut my tongue out because of you."

The words had plunged Claudette's heart into her stomach.

"I didn't-"

"What did you say to him during the trial?"

"Nothing I didn't-"

"Kitten. That's what he likes to call you," Jane interrupted as a knowing look followed with a smug smile tilted her painted lips upwards. "But you knew that right?"

"I don't want to talk about this anymore," Claudette spoke quietly as she got to her feet, abandoning the mortar and pestle altogether. She'd have to come back to it later.

"Why not? Don't you think you owe us an explanation? If not everyone else then how about me seeing as I've been on the receiving end twice thanks to that psycho boyfriend of yours," Jane pressed but Claudette only shook her head.

Her heart was pounding so hard in her chest, if she didn't get some space between her and the woman she was going to have a panic attack. Collecting the medkit she had been restocking she made to pass the woman only to feel a hand grip her around the arm and pull her back around.

"I don't know what pretty little lies he might have fed you to make you think he cares about you but he's a killer Claudette and you're a survivor."

"Fuck is goin' on 'ere?" David's voice came heated as he excused himself from Ace's side and began making his way over.

The sudden interruption had given Claudette the opportunity to shake the hand on her free before she quickly moved in the Brit's direction. Her intention was to bypass him but that was made impossible when he stepped in her path.

"Oy, love," he settled his hands upon her cheeks to tilt her head up, forcing her to meet his gaze. "Alright?"

"F-fine, I'm just going to take a walk," Claudette could barely get the words out as she felt tears begin to burn her eyes.

There was no way that David was going to let her go if she started crying. She had to calm herself down. Taking a much needed breath, she smiled and hoped that it didn’t look as forced as it felt.

“There was something I wanted to go and have a look at now that I have the time so if you could check on Quentin I’d really appreciate that.”

David’s gaze held her for a second before he looked over her head to where Jane was still standing before back to her once more.

“Just don’t be gone too long, yeah? Was hoping we could talk,” he finally spoke as he let his hands drop from her face.

“T-talk?” Claudette repeated.

“Yeah, talk. Ya know that thing we’re doing now,” David mocked but she knew he meant no harm that she laughed.

“Right, silly me,” she glanced down at the medkit she had been gripping. “We can if you I mean, when I get back..if you still want to that is.”

“Hold ya to it love.”

Funny how David King of all people knew how not to pry. Really Claudette could have hugged him for it but the last thing she wanted was to be in Jane’s line of sight any longer than she had to so she did what she was always good at. Running away.

She was angry with herself for being such a coward. Why could she stand with her head raised when talking to someone with a knife in their hand but couldn’t stomach a few questions from someone who she should have considered an ally? The more Claudette thought about it the further she walked as if compelled to do so though common sense told her to not wander too far. There had been several times a few of them had tried to map out the area around the campfire though the task was harder than initially thought. While they had been able to get a general picture of the area it hadn't been as detailed as they wished. Luckily they had been able to come to the conclusion that there were safer zones compared to others and that there were, what Dwight had dubbed, “pocket realms” scattered about. That being said, they had never been able to pen down where and when said pocket realms would be. It appeared that the Entity’s world shifted without rhyme or reason though Jake noted the Red Forest seemed to remain roughly in the same location.

The thought made Claudette freeze mid-step as she gave a cursory glance around her. She was still well within the safe zones but if she remembered correctly if she veered further right the air would get colder. Colder air meant colder weather and colder weather once it hit a certain degree usually meant snow. Mount Ormond was the only realm so far that had snow. She almost took a step back.

Was she really doing this? Apparently she was more naive than she thought. Walking straight into the arms of a killer or at least metaphorically. Whether Frank greeted her with open arms was up for debate and as much as she shouldn’t be, Claudette was curious about the type of reception he'd have for her. It frightened her. A smart girl like her should know better. A part of her yelled at her to head back to camp. That she still had the chance to turn around and find David to have that talk he wanted. Besides it wasn’t as if she promised Frank that she would come and even if she had she didn’t owe him anything.

Do it and I’ll consider us even.

Okay, maybe she did owe him something. For a while she just stood there, adjusting and readjusting her grip on the medkit’s handle before she finally took a hesitant step forward. If Frank wanted to hurt her he could have done it already, it’s what she told herself as she took a deep breath and nodded. She might have been unable to stand up to Jane but she wouldn’t hide from someone who kept showing her goodwill no matter how skewed it might have been. With that decided, Claudette turned towards an unseen path and began forward.

Fog. Lot’s of it.

That had just been one of the many thoughts that had flooded Claudette’s mind as the temperature dropped around her. That same voice from before was yelling at her to turn back but as a large structure appeared through the dense sheet of fog she realized it was way too late for that. She had made her decision so needed to see it through. Maybe if she was lucky Frank wouldn’t show up. If she was really lucky he wouldn’t show up and she could return to the campsite without any of the other Legion members stumbling upon her. Oh, now there was something she hadn’t given adequate thought about. There was a high chance that she’d run into one of the other masked killers and an even higher chance that she’d get stabbed for simply being there. But as her foot sunk into the surprisingly soft snow she knew turning around was no longer an option.

This Ormond was much different than the one she was used to seeing during trials. From what she could see as she drew closer, the resort didn’t have a single destroyed wall. It looked completely intact and for the most part in good condition. Though the grounds were free of any generators, the broken down snowcats still remained. Standing there now all alone, Claudette couldn’t help but feel as if she had walked into some type of horror movie.

Perhaps she shouldn’t be standing out in the open like this. Frank told her that he would find her as long as she showed up so if she were to find somewhere with more cover he would be able to find her right? This was his territory after all.

Deciding it wasn't in her best interest to go inside, Claudette found the emptied out structure that she assumed must have served as some type of rental booth at one point in time. She had never been to a ski resort so was a bit shaky on the proper terms for things about this particular realm but she did know that despite the small building having its doors pried off that it was much warmer inside than it was outside. A chill ran through her body as she took a seat on the wooden floorboards and drew her legs up against her chest. In hindsight she probably should have dressed warmer but then again she hadn’t planned on leaving the campsite or at least not as abruptly and definitely not to come here. Jane ambushing her had really triggered her fight or flight response and none too surprisingly, Claudette had chosen to run.Truly she wanted to not give the whole thing a second thought but in that instant it all seemed to crash down all around her as tears welled up in her eyes and eventually spilled over.

Even in this strange world she couldn’t seem to get normal life right. Why did she have to be so weak all of the time?

Pushing her hands up and under her glasses she did her best to hold in a sob but failed as she willed herself to stop crying. Her distress eventually overtook her to the point that she was virtually deaf to the footsteps along the outside ramp and ignorant to the person watching her.

“Well shit, you really did show up,” a slightly muffled voice came.

Startled, Claudette quickly looked up to find Frank standing in the doorway.

“F-Frank,” his name left her mouth as she scrambled up on to her feet and pressed her back against the far wall.

He didn’t say anything to her then. Just stood there and the longer he did the more her embarrassment mounted along with the budding regret of even showing up. Before she could utter an apology he finally moved. Instinct made Claudette want to take a step backwards but she was already up against the wall and so she simply watched him close the distance between them until he stood directly in front of her. With him this close she could hear the soft pulls of his breath echoing from behind his mask before he grabbed her by the shoulders and all but yanked her forward. A surprised noise left her as she crashed into his chest and arms wrapped around her. She didn’t know what he had planned to do but this certainly wasn’t it but for one reason or another the action calmed her. It was like Ironworks all over again.

It felt like hours had passed as they stood there before he finally pulled back and looked down towards her left.

“You plan on playing nurse with me kitten?” amusement coated his voice.

“Oh I…” Claudette looked down to the medkit she had brought with her. Admittedly that was the furthest thing from her mind when she had left the campfire. Having healing supplies on hand had become something of a security blanket for her. “You’re injured right?” she asked as a shiver wracked her body. She missed the heat of his boys already. “I could look at them for you if you want.”

“Yeah?” Frank seemed slightly surprised before he shrugged. “Alright if you want to be a fucking Saint, who am I to tell you no but first we need to go inside,” he turned for the exit.

“Inside?” she frowned to be regarded once more as a hand gestured towards the thin long sleeve shirt she had worn with her skirt and stockings.

“Can’t have you freezing your ass off ten seconds into this thing, now can I? Besides, I need to get you covered up if I’m going to take you out.”

While she should have questioned exactly where he would be taking her, Claudette grabbed her medkit and obediently followed after him across the resort grounds and into The Chalet. The warmth that greeted her as they made it inside was more than welcomed though she couldn’t help but remain on edge as she threw a look every which way. It didn’t look like anyone was there or perhaps they were and were simply hiding.

“Kids are gone so don’t worry about anyone seeing you here,” Frank’s voice made her blink and look back to him. He was already climbing the stairs when he glanced over his shoulder. “Room’s this way.”

If someone were to tell Claudette that one day she’d find herself conversing with someone who usually spent most of their time hunting her down she would have smiled politely and inwardly thought them crazy but that was exactly what she was doing as she was ushered through a doorway. It was a fairly large room but upon thinking it over it made sense. Frank was clearly the leader of Legion so probably had claimed one of the nicer rooms for himself. If that was indeed the case then she didn’t blame him one bit. The bed looked more than comfortable. Quentin would probably cry over a bed like that if he saw one now.

“How do you want to do this?” Frank was in front of her again after getting the door closed and locked. “Should I undress or do you want to do it?”

Her confusion must have been written plainly on her face for him to continue as he stepped closer as if that was even possible. Another inch and he’d be directly against her.

“Show and tell, remember? Or did you change your mind?”

“No I didn’t, I just…” Claudette avoided looking directly up at his mask though it didn’t detract from the fact that she felt his eyes boring down on to her. “We can do it however you want.”

Frank made a noise then, something low in the back of his throat before he leaned down towards her.

“Gonna hold you to that kitten.”

The words were practically purred before he moved for the bed leaving her speechless and staring. It wasn’t until he had started pulling at the zipper of his leather jacket that she remembered that breathing was necessary.

Why was it so warm in this room?

“So what were you? A med student or something?” Frank spoke as he peeled the leather from his arms and tossed it onto the nearby recliner.

“Um no, I was studying botany actually,” Claudette answered as she directed her attention around the room.

“That’s like plant science, right?”

“You’re familiar with it?” she looked back as she felt a rising excitement.

“Not really. Had a foster mom who was really into plants,” the other shrugged as he started on his hoodie. “Plus I had like a one year phase where I was sort of big on science but it was just because I wanted to set things on fire.”

The confession was unexpected and in some way charming. As she stared at the Legion she could picture him with that mask burning things down with chemicals. For some reason it didn’t appall her as much as it probably should have. She tilted her head as curiosity got the better of her.

“What ended the phase?”

Frank paused as he had gotten his hoodie down his arms. He wasn’t wearing a shirt.

“Got my ass sent back to foster care. That and I found out matches and lighter fluid worked just as well and didn’t require any studying,” he answered bluntly.

“Sorry,” Claudette lowered her gaze though she wasn’t quite sure if she was apologizing for what he said or for the fact she was now staring.

She had, by now, seen enough shirtless males that it didn’t really surprise her anymore but this was a completely different scenario for her. Not only was she standing in a room with a shirtless killer but she was standing in a room with a shirtless killer who was covered in a plethora of what looked like scorch marks. To think, back in the basement those marks looked terrible but seeing them now in better lighting they were a lot worse than she had initially thought. What in the world happened to him?

“Come ‘ere,” Frank spoke then as he took a seat on the side of the bed.

Somehow just him sitting there, shirtless and with his mask still on was more intimidating than when he was fully dressed and wielding a knife. It gave Claudette pause and made her rethink her choice of coming here but it was far too late to change her mind. Trying to hide her nervousness she stepped forward until she stood before him.

“What happened to you? I mean there’s no way that one of use could have done something like this to you in a trial,” she asked as her gaze tracked a hazy dark strip that stretched along his shoulder and down to his bicep.

“Gotta get down on your knees and ask me, baby doll. I don’t like when people stand over me, makes me fucking antsy.”

“O-oh I...right, sorry,” the words flew out of Claudette’s mouth as guilt hit her. She hadn’t even considered the possible implication of her actions as she settled down into the space provided between camo clad legs. Well at least not until she looked up to come face to face with that smiling mask. “Is this better?”

“Yeah...perfect,” Frank finally answered eventually as he took a firm but gentle hold of her chin. “You can work like this right or do I need to lay down?”

“No, this should be fine if this is the extent of your injuries.”

“It isn’t.”

And as if to make his point he hooked his thumb into both the top of his bullet belt and pants and tugged his hand downwards that even with the minimal give Claudette could see that what she was seeing was in fact, not, the extent of his injuries. A noise of surprise left her as she just sat there and stared. There was no way her mere presence at Ormond could make up for that. With how bad everything looked she was amazed he could stand let alone do a trial without any outward signs of discomfort.

“Aren’t you in pain?” she asked, finally moving her eyes back up.

“Why? Are you going to kiss it all better for me? If so maybe I should lay back.”

As ignorant as she could be when it came to the opposite sex Claudette had quickly caught on to the not so subtle tone that had wrapped around his words. It made her heart pick up its pace ever so slightly.

“Salve,” she said and fumbled with the latches of the medkit. “I have slaves that I can put on them or at least most of them. I don’t know how well it will work on you but lavender and arnica usually do well with bruising.”

“What are you waiting for then kitten? You were jumping to touch me back in that basement so here’s your chance. Daddy’s willing and ready to go,” Frank sat back some, opening his legs up wider.

If it wasn’t for the fact that Claudette had always taken the act of healing seriously she might have balked at his choice of words. Instead she told herself it was just the way he was before grabbing one of the tins and unscrewed the cap. Looking back up she took a moment as she stared at the bare skin displayed in front of her. Usually she was only needed to take care of a moderately sized wound or bruise. Sitting there looking at Frank she didn’t know where to start.

“What?” the lighter tone he had been using with her before had been replaced with the harsher, combative edge she remembered him having back at Ironworks.

“It’s uh...nothing,” she shook her head and carefully reached for his right arm.

She flinched when he held it out to her and nearly apologized for it but caught herself at the last minute. Gently she took a hold of his arm and looked the marks over before she noticed the bloodied bandages around his hand.

“Can I take these off? I have some clean ones I can give you afterwards.”

For a second it seemed that the killer had tensed up before he withdrew his arm.

“Yeah, let me do it,” Frank muttered before he set to work unraveling the filthy wraps that he deposited on the floor before presenting his arm again.

From what Claudette could see, the dark markings didn’t extend past his wrists but as she turned his hand over she paused. While she had expected his hands to be rough she hadn’t expected the number of old scars littering the other’s palms. Curious she reached for his left hand to find it just as scarred up, if not more as several circular marks stood out along his palm. Absentmindedly she ran her fingers over them before black ink caught her attention. Roman numerals. It was small, no larger than a half an inch. Tilting her head she read the numbers: 12.25.90. A date. Frank’s fingers closed around her own just then, stopping her gentle caress.

“As much as I like the attention I thought you were supposed to be rubbing me down,” he teased.

“Sorry I was just-”


“Just a bit,” Claudette admitted as she collected a small amount of salve on to her fingers and took Frank’s right arm into her grasp once more. This time she didn’t let herself become distracted as she began to carefully work the balm into his skin.

“Have you ever made a promise to yourself? Like something big enough that everything you do going forward is shaped by it?" Frank's voice came softly as she continued treating his wrist and forearm.

"No, I don't think so."

"Yeah, well that's what that date is for me. That day while all the other kids were ripping into wrapped presents thinking some fat fuck in a red suit actually gave a rat's ass about them I was making a promise to myself. I told myself I was never going to feel sorry for myself again. That I was going to control my life," he explained airily though something told Claudette that the topic was a sore spot for him.

"Were you able to keep the promise to yourself?" she asked as her hand slid up a toned bicep. For someone with such a lithe form he packed quite a good bit of muscle.

Frank laughed.

"Yeah. Haven't broken it yet with the exception of ending up in this place. Though I gotta admit I’m doing a pretty good job making it work for me."

“How so?”

“Got you here don’t I kitten?”

There was something about the way he said those words that made her smile as she leaned up on her knees to focus on the darkened flesh just above his bicep. The bruises there blocked out most of the tatted words encircling the appendage. This time she couldn’t read it.

“I’m not interested in preserving the status quo; I want to overthrow it...Machiavelli.”

She must have had a surprised look on her face because he snorted.

“Let me guess, you pegged me as only a guy with good looks and a hard on for violence.”

“I didn’t say that.”

“Don’t have to but you probably would have thought it eventually. Most people do,not that I can blame them. I mean look at me,” Frank made a brief gesture towards himself. “I don’t exactly scream academically inclined.”

“Well you know what they say,” Claudette moved over to his left arm. “Never judge a book by its cover.” She gave a light hum then as she came to a particular ugly set of crisscrossing marks. “So can I ask you now what happened to you?” she cautiously pressed the subject. The last thing she wanted to do was aggravate him but he had said that she had to ask without standing over him and right now she was on her knees.

“Let's just say that the fucking Spider Bitch didn’t take too kindly to me throwing my trial for you so she thought a little bit of corporal punishment was in order.” He shrugged then. “It’s just one of the ways she tries to keep us in line but I don’t regret what I did so don’t you dare try to pity me over this.”

“I don’t pity you,” she stated simply. She honestly didn’t. She did however feel guilty.

“Good, keep it like that.”

For a while they were both quiet as she finished up his arm which meant it was time to get to work on his chest and abs. Heat crept up the back of her neck as she tried to decide how she wanted to go about this.

“Um…” she began but thankfully Frank seemed to be aware of her conundrum.

“Work your way up and then you can get my back,” he instructed and so she did.

Strange how it was only now that she realized just how warm his skin was. Perhaps this is why he seemed so nonplussed about walking around such a cold place without a shirt under his jackets. He probably ran hot. Or perhaps it was just because the resort was adequately heated that the shirt would be overkill but then again he could have just worn a shirt without his jackets. It was such a silly thought to be so consumed with but Claudette had always been prone to getting fixated on things no matter how inconsequential they appeared.

“Hey,” Frank's hand twisted loosely in her hair before he pulled her head back to better look at her. “I asked you a question.”

“Sorry, what was it? I didn’t hear you."

“You were crying earlier and I want to know why.”

The way he said it didn’t leave much room for debate but still Claudette found herself hesitating as she lowered her gaze.

“It’s just that I was upset but I’m fine now,” she answered, hoping that he’d be satisfied with that but the way his hand remained in her hair told her that she wouldn’t be so lucky.

“That nosy bitch said something to you again didn’t she?” Frank sighed in annoyance as he moved both his hands to cradle Claudette’s face. “What did she say? Actually no, don’t tell me. It’s obvious she didn’t get the fucking memo after the last lesson I taught her so it looks like another one is in order,” he leaned in just enough where he could press his mask against her forehead. “Legion 102, you don’t fuck with what’s mine.”

His thumbs brushed over her cheeks then, sliding back in forth before he abruptly stood up though he kept a hold of her. The action had forced Claudette to crane her head back further as she looked up at him while her mind became a chaotic mess.

“Come on, let me get you something to wear,” he removed his hands finally and stepped around her.

Unsure of what she should do, Claudette climbed to her feet and simply watched as Frank threw open the closet door and began to rifle through it. Kate would be jealous to know that one of the killers had a wardrobe to store their things in even if they didn't have much. She couldn’t help but smile at the thought as she let her gaze settle on the back of Frank’s head. Brunette. For some reason or another she had expected that. She had also expected to see a large tattoo taking up the expanse of his back but aside from those same ugly bruises and a few scars that dominated his right side it was surprisingly bare. The only ink he seemed to have was what looked to be two words just under a trimmed nape.

Wrong Way.

“Here, put this on and then we can go,” Frank spoke then as he turned back around with a dark zip-up hoodie in one hand and a shirt in the other. He held the jacket out towards her.

Taking the jacket, Claudette pulled it on as she watched the other get the shirt over his head before he went to fetch his discarded jackets and to her concern, his knife.

“We’re going somewhere?” she asked as she tried to stamp down her nervousness.

“Told you I was going to take you out didn’t I?”

Nervously Claudette watched as he pulled the roll of bandages from her medkit and set about rewrapping his hands. His experience was obvious with the way he had finished in a matter of minutes before he grabbed something from the dresser. Sliding it into the pocket of his hoodie he proceeded to tuck his knife into the back of his belt as he approached her.

“Don’t worry kitten, you’re gonna love this,” he insisted and with that tugged the hood up over her head and pulled her towards the bedroom door.