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Desire: The Truth Untold

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Taehyung wasn’t sure if it was because it was more alcohol than usual, or just his nerves, but he seemed to be drinking rather quickly tonight. Half the glass of scotch whisky was gone in what seemed like a matter of minutes. Taehyung sank into the chair – he was sitting in his usual spot, along the wall tucked into the corner. He could see the main stage clearly from here, along with a mediocre view of the two smaller stages. He bit his lip nervously. Should he go look for Hoseok? Yoongi? He hadn’t seen Jeongguk yet, either. He tapped on the glass of the table. Oh, wait. The owner was coming tonight. That was probably why he hadn’t seen either Yoongi or Hoseok since he arrived. Was the owner here now? , he wondered, and where? He looked up at the second floor inquisitively, then took out his phone.


taehyung  – 10:41 P.M.

i’m here, hyung

are you busy?

i wanted to apologize to yoongi

and you too


He put his phone down on the table and continued drinking, lazily observing the dancers who were currently on stage. His breath caught in his throat when his screen lit up a few minutes later.


hoseok  – 10:44 P.M.

we’re glad you’re here ~

i’ll send jeonggukkie downstairs for you

you can apologize later, no worries


Taehyung sputtered his whisky. Jeongguk? Being sent for him? He panicked. He didn’t ask for him, and what if Jeongguk didn’t even want to see him tonight? His eyes darted from side to side, feeling his palms prickling with sweat. Out of sheer nervousness, he grabbed his glass and gulped the entirety of the remaining whisky, wincing as the alcohol sent shivers down his spine. He shook himself to get rid of the nerves. He had quite a habit of drinking when he was nervous – he could down an entire bottle of water in seconds if it was in front of him. Unfortunately, though, right now, his option had only been the scotch in his glass.


Moments later, he looked up towards the entrance as the doors opened, and – Holy fucking hell. In strode Jeongguk, in a sultry red, strappy, leather outfit that molded perfectly to his body. Taehyung caught himself staring as Jeongguk stopped by the bar to talk to Helios. Taehyung licked his dry lips nervously as he watched Jeongguk leaning against the bar, the curves of his ass looking excruciatingly tempting. He felt a slight pressure against the fabric of his pants. He knew he was staring, but he couldn’t bring himself to look away – not before Helios pointed in his direction, and Jeongguk turned and made eye contact. Taehyung blinked and looked down, feeling his cheeks flush as Jeongguk walked towards him. “ Shit He caught me…” 


“Hey there, stranger.” Taehyung heard Jeongguk’s voice suddenly in front of him. He looked up to see him standing there, painfully close – so close that Taehyung could even see the metal clasps and chains on the red leather harness, and on what arguably was Taehyung’s favorite part of the outfit – the red leather choker, lined with a small trim of fur. He swallowed dryly. 


“Ares–“ he said, and smiled sheepishly. “Hi.” 


Jeongguk raised an eyebrow at him. “May I have a seat?”


Taehyung nodded furiously, scooting his chair to allow Jeongguk room to take the seat next to him. To Taehyung’s suprise, Jeongguk slipped into his lap, settling his arms around Taehyung’s neck. Taehyung felt his heart pounding fast in his chest, and his breathing quickened.


“Taehyung.” There it was. There was something about the way his name sounded in Jeongguk’s voice that really turned Taehyung on. “A few of us here are a little bit upset with you, you know.” He said, leaning in closer to Taehyung. Jeongguk’s lips brushed just slightly on Taehyung’s ear, giving Taehyung chills. “…Including me.” Jeongguk leaned back, shifting in Taehyung’s lap.


Taehyung coughed, straightening the lapel of his jacket. “Jeongguk, I–“ he stopped, his eyes widening momentarily. “Ares. I…” He corrected himself. At that moment, Taehyung could feel the whisky running its course. “I fucked up yesterday. It was just a long week, and I…” he smiled shyly. “I don’t normally do what yesterday was.” He saw the way Jeongguk cracked a small smile, and cautiously put his hand on Jeongguk’s lap. “I… I’m really sorry. I had an absolutely amazing time with you… I hope you don’t think that I didn’t.” He sighed, looking at Jeongguk with apologetic eyes.


Jeongguk studied him carefully, as if he was debating on whether to accept Taehyung’s apology or not. “I couldn’t tell. I figured you didn’t, since you left so quickly and without saying goodbye.” 


Taehyung winced. “I know, I’m sor–“


“Are you going to make it up to me?” Jeongguk cut him off, leaning in closer to Taehyung. He placed his hands on Taehyung’s, purposely moving it slowly up his thigh. Just like yesterday, Taehyung thought. This boy is… what a fucking tease 


Taehyung bit his lip, allowing Jeongguk to move his hand where he pleased, though becoming skittish when he reached an area dangerously close to Jeongguk’s dick. Jeongguk smirked mischievously at Taehyung’s response.


“Did you… have something in mind?” Taehyung asked, with the realization that his mouth suddenly felt very dry.


Jeongguk traced circles on his skin with Taehyung’s fingers. Taehyung’s hands were a bit clammy. “I have a few things.” He responded, with a trace of a devilish smile.


“Could we… start with some drinks?” Taehyung suggested, tugging his hand back lightly.


Jeongguk cracked his bunny smile – but there was a big hint of mischief in his eyes. “It’s a start.” He agreed, and got up off of Taehyung’s lap to pay a visit to the bar with him.




Half an hour and two shots later, Taehyung was feeling a lot more at ease. He opted for mixed shots as opposed to tequila; but still encouraged Jeongguk to drink as much tequila as he wanted. Taehyung sipped on his third drink – a Glenlivet 18 with soda – and Jeongguk had ordered a Johnny Walker whisky and sprite. His order had piqued Taehyung’s curiosity – he didn’t peg Jeongguk as a whisky guy. Not too long after, Jeongguk had excused himself, and Taehyung found himself alone at the bar. He wondered with a bit of concern as to whether that was Jeongguk taking his leave, and not having any interest in Taehyung anymore. Taehyung felt a twinge of guilt in his stomach, and drank his scotch dejectedly. 


Not too long later, a familiar cheery voice burst out to the side of Taehyung, and he nearly jumped. “Taehyung!” Hoseok smiled brightly and threw his arm around Taehyung’s shoulders. “Already going on round two, I see?”


Taehyung smiled, feeling relieved to see Hoseok and in good spirits. He hugged Hoseok, laughing. “I’m so glad to see you, hyung. Thank you for last night, and I’m really sorry.” Taehyung looked like a puppy who’d been scolded by its owner.


Hoseok giggled. “Thank you for the apology, man. Last night was a little rough.” He jerked his head in his habitual tilting motion. “Yeah, but… I’m glad you’re here tonight.” He smiled again, scrunching his face. Just then, his phone buzzed in the pocket of his suit jacket. He answered it in front of Taehyung, and Taehyung figured it was Yoongi, or else Hoseok probably would have excused himself. “Eh? Huh? Taehyung?” With a curious and surprised look on his face, he glanced at Taehyung. Taehyung peered back at him curiously, confused. “Yeah, he’s down here at the bar, but– oh? What? Jeonggukkie said?” His eyes narrowed and he peered at Taehyung. “Ares, yeah sorry, Ares… I mean, okay sure, I’ll take him up right now.” He hung up the phone, and looked curiously at Taehyung.


“What.. What was that? Did I do something wrong?” Taehyung asked, pulling his puppy eyes in nervous response to the mystery call.


Hoseok studied him. “Did you piss off Jeonggukkie last night too?” He asked, to which Taehyung looked down sheepishly.


“I think so.” He admitted with an embarrassed smile, swirling the liquor in his glass. “I told him I’d make it up to him today, but he disappeared earlier.”


A tight smile began to spread on Hoseok’s face, and he jerked his head in a titling motion once again. “Ohhhh, Taehyungie…” He chuckled. “I think you’re in for quite the night.” 


Taehyung chuckled nervously, taking a drink from his glass. “What’s going on?”


“Come on,” Hoseok grabbed his arm. “Finish that. You’re going to meet the owner.” 


Taehyung choked on his whiskey. “What?! Me? Why?” He sputtered and began to panic. After putting down his glass, Hoseok grabbed him, leading him away from the bar. Hoseok was laughing.


“You’ll see.” He smiled reassuringly. “I’m sure you’ll have a great time. We’re just going upstairs… Jeongguk said you agreed, yeah? He said it was part of a deal.” Hoseok stopped. “I won’t take you if you don’t want to go.” He offered.


Taehyung fixed his hair by running his fingers through it, and adjusted his jacket. “No, I… It’s fine. I’ll go.” He nodded. “I did tell Jeongguk that I would make it up to him for bailing last night.” 


Hoseok smiled. “Great. And… You know we will take care of you, Taehyung. will take care of you, man.” He put his hands on Taehyung’s shoulders. “I got you, bro.” He said, pronouncing each word diligently in English. “Just try to relax and have fun tonight. You don’t owe anyone anything,” he paused, “But you definitely owe it to yourself to let loose, man.”


Taehyung smiled, and nodded. “Thank you, hyung. I trust you.”


Hoseok giggled. “Follow me!”



Taehyung wasn’t sure what he thought upstairs looked like, but he figured it would be just as nice, if not more beautiful than the main floor – and it was. Upon entering from a stone spiral staircase – and not the elevator, for whatever reason, because there was an elevator – the second floor was open and wrapped around so that you could look down to the main floor. There were cocktail tables just like downstairs, except the chairs upstairs were bigger and nicer, and tables lined the railing for patrons to observe the stages from upstairs if they wished. Obscure, curtained booths lined the walls, and Taehyung caught sight of a few closed pairs of large double doors. In the center was a statue carved of stone. It was a lot to take in.


Hoseok laughed, seeing the shock on Taehyung’s face. “Welcome to upstairs VIP.” He grabbed his arm. “Come on, we’re not there yet.” 


Taehyung followed Hoseok past the tables, down the right. He glanced down over the railing, getting a faint glimpse of the main stage. The second floor was pretty high up – it made him dizzy. He felt a twinge of the scotch whisky coursing in his blood. Hoseok led him to a pair of large double doors, which felt intimidating to Taehyung for some reason.


“The rest of the night awaits you.” Hoseok smiled, bowing and opening one of the double doors. He gestured for Taehyung to enter. 


What Taehyung saw upon the door opening made him swear that his heart had stopped, at least for a few seconds. A champagne room – did they all look like this one? – splayed out before him. He had never been in one before, so he didn’t know what to expect, but holy shit. If the extravagance of the suite didn’t blow him away, the sight of Jeongguk straight ahead definitely did.


Jeongguk, still clad in his red leather outfit, was on his knees, on a small podium against the wall directly ahead. He had a red blindfold tied around his head, and upon seeing that, Taehyung felt a moment of panic. What the fuck was happening here? Jeongguk didn’t seem to be in pain, or displeased, and the next thing that caught his eye was the twinkling reflection of a chain – fastened to the red leather collar that Taehyung had so feverishly admired earlier around Jeongguk’s neck. His eyes followed the chain, which seemed to be anchored to… the wall? Taehyung felt beads of sweat on his brow. He was nervous. Was Jeongguk waiting like this… for him?


Hoseok pushed on the small of Taehyung’s back slightly, and with a jolt, Taehyung stepped forward into the room. Upon entering, he was able to see the room fully and felt his body surging with shock. Straight ahead, to the right of Jeongguk, was a lush velvet sofa – on it, an impeccably handsome man, lounging and relaxed with a glass of champagne in his hand. And, to the right of that man – Who the fuck is that?


A man, smaller in stature than Jeongguk, but chained in the same fashion, was standing on the other side of the couch. Though chained to the wall, he stood normally, on the floor and not on the podium to the right of the sofa. He faced towards the man on the couch, his left side to Taehyung, and Taehyung studied his profile quickly. Taehyung’s head spun; this was a lot to take in. He didn’t know whether to look at Jeongguk, the man in a suit on the sofa, or the other man – a dancer too, maybe? – on the right. The man on the right was blonde – a pretty platinum blonde it looked like, but the lights were too low to tell. A leather outfit mirroring Jeongguk’s adorned his petite figure, except the leather on his outfit was white. Pure white, with glistening gold clasps, and – Taehyung swallowed hard – a choker to match. 


The blonde man didn’t have on a blindfold, and looked up towards Taehyung at the sound of him entering.


Taehyung swore that in that moment, when his eyes met those of the man in white, that time collectively stopped for what seemed like forever. The blonde man’s eyes were piercing – nothing like Taehyung had ever seen before. As if that weren’t enough to make him feel like his breath burned hot in his chest, enough to choke him to death, the man’s face – all of him, but particularly his face – was beautiful . Taehyung, ripping his eyes from their contact, immediately focused on pink, luscious lips. He reactively moistened his own, still looking directly at this blonde man whom he had never met before. 


“Good evening, sir. You are?”


A voice snapped Taehyung out of his daze. Startled, he stood up straight and looked at the source – the man lounging on the couch. He noticed Jeongguk straighten up slightly and cock his head, still on his knees and blindfolded on the podium. Taehyung then noticed that Jeongguk’s hands were behind his back, and he wondered if those were chained, too. Jeongguk looked like he was listening intently for a reply.


Taehyung roughly cleared his throat. “I’m Kim Taehyung, sir.” He placed his arms firmly at his sides, initiating himself into a deep, long bow. He took the opportunity to glance down at a large, oval glass coffee table with gold framing and white marble legs. Two ice buckets with two bottles of champagne – Taehyung wasn’t certain, but it looked like at least one of those champagne bottles was of the Bollinger Vieilles variety, which Taehyung knew were not even in production anymore – at least not to the public. He also caught sight of a sleek, tall, brown bottle – undoubtedly Don Julio 1942 tequila, and… at least six very loaded lines of crisp, white cocaine on the glass. Next to that, an ashtray with a cigar resting but still lit, the swirls of heavy smoke wafting off it into the air. Behind him, the door had closed. Taehyung felt his hands trembling.


“Ah, so you’re a Kim!” The man on the sofa flashed a bright smile, with a sing-song laugh that sounded beautiful and comical at the same time. “Eros, if you will, please.” He said, motioning to the man on the right who Taehyung had to try extremely hard not to look at again. He couldn’t help but watch as the man obediently took a champagne bottle on the table and poured it delicately into a crystal flute. The man on the sofa rose, taking the glass from him and approaching Taehyung.


“No wonder you’re so handsome. It precedes us,” The man winked, offering Taehyung the glass of champagne. He smiled warmly at Taehyung, who accepted the glass timidly. “I’m Kim Seokjin,” He said, “The owner of our beloved Parthenon.” Seokjin clinked his glass against Taehyung’s, taking a large gulp of his champagne and finishing half the glass in one swill. 


Taehyung raised his eyebrows slightly, nodding politely and taking a sip of his champagne. The bubbly drink felt light, crisp, cold, and refreshing as it hit his tongue – he immediately gulped down more. “ So, this is the owner…" He thought. As he drank, he looked past Mr. Kim and at Ares behind him. He didn’t know what he had gotten himself into, but it was much too late to back out now. 




“Please, take a seat, Mr. Kim.” Seokjin extended his arm, waving over the room. “Anywhere you like, make yourself comfortable.” He smiled, walking over to Jeongguk. Meanwhile, Taehyung opted for a chaise lounge immediately to his front and on the opposite side of the sofa, across the coffee table. He felt the blond man’s eyes burning holes into his face, but purposely did not look his way, and clutched onto his drink, making a point to drink and avert his eyes instead.


Seokjin pet Jeongguk’s hair fondly; Jeongguk instinctively flinched and leaned into the touch. Moments later, Seokjin removed the blindfold from Jeongguk. Jeongguk blinked, his eyes adjusting to the room. He immediately locked eyes with Taehyung, and smiled. Taehyung smiled in return – Jeongguk’s smile was too cute, and reassured him that whatever was happening, Jeongguk was not in any danger like Taehyung had previously been wary of. 


“Hi, Taehyung.” Jeongguk greeted sheepishly. A second later, he made an audible gasp as his breath hitched in his throat – the crinkle of chains rang out as Seokjin jerked his chain in sharp reprimand. Taehyung’s eyebrows rose in shock, and he looked at Jeongguk worriedly.


“Where are your manners, Ares?” Seokjin asked, his voice twinged with a slight hiss. “Mr. Kim is our guest.” A smile returned to Seokjin’s face. “Don’t be such an animal.”


Recovering his breath, Jeongguk nodded, bowing his head. “Forgive me, Master Kim.”


Taehyung’s eyes widened. Master?! What was going on?! He had never heard Jeongguk speak in such a tone, nonetheless use the word “Master”. 


Just then, Jeongguk looked up at Taehyung. “I’m sorry, Mr. Kim.” He said, bowing forward. “I am so happy to have you join us.”


Seokjin relaxed into a warm smile once more. “There. That’s better.” He chuckled, returning to his seat on the sofa. He took the cigar from the marble ashtray and put it in between his lips, inhaling deeply. “Eros.” Seokjin patted the lush velvet of the sofa, and said nothing else.


Taehyung knew that the blonde man – Eros, did he say his name was? – had his eyes on him this entire time. Taehyung could feel his face burning hot. He watched the blond man as he draped himself delicately on the sofa. He reminded Taehyung of a graceful, dangerous feline. Taehyung’s eyes darted nervously from the blonde man to Jeongguk, and back again.


Seokjin, following Taehyung’s gaze, raised his eyebrow. “Oh?” He smirked, exhaling a large cloud of smoke before continuing. “Have you yet to meet?” He said, gesturing to the man sitting prettily beside him. “This is Eros.” He took another inhale of his cigar. “Eros, darling, introduce yourself to the kind man.”


Eros, who had his eyes on Taehyung from the minute he walked in, nodded. He got up from his seat, bowing deeply towards Taehyung. “Hello, Mr. Kim. My name is Eros. It’s a pleasure to enjoy your company tonight. Thank you for having me.”


“Having him?” Taehyung thought. What exactly in hell was going on? “Maybe he’s just being polite… But… What kind of shit is this? 


Taehyung, snapping himself out of his thoughts, stood up and bowed in return. “It’s nice to meet you, Eros. Thank you.” 


Seokjin observed their interaction closely, as did Jeongguk, who almost seemed to be seething off to the side. Seokjin took note of this too, and seemed amused. “Wonderful, dear. Would you serve Mr. Kim another glass? Let’s not leave him thirsty, shall we?”


Eros immediately obeyed, circling the table with the champagne bottle to fill Taehyung’s glass. “Of course, Master.” 


The way Eros arched his back as he bent to fill Taehyung’s glass; the way he leaned in quite close, to the point that Taehyung could smell the sweet scent of the perfume wafting off of his glittering skin – all of it seemed extremely intentional, and made Taehyung nervous. Taehyung held his glass with both hands as Eros tilted the champagne bottle. Before pouring, Eros placed on hand on Taehyung’s own to steady the glass – he poured delicately, and slowly, keeping his hand on Taehyung’s. Taehyung swore he was already seeing double and his breathing was shallow and uneven. He noticed then that Eros had very small, delicate hands. Petite, like the rest of him. Except, from what he could see, below the belt… Taehyung bit his bottom lip. He stole a glance at Jeongguk, still on his knees and chained on the podium, who looked displeased.


No sooner had Eros stopped pouring that Taehyung downed his entire glass. Seokjin raised his eyebrows, looking impressed. “You’re quite thirsty, aren’t you, Mr. Kim?” He laughed, exhaling a cloud of thick smoke from his cigar. “Well, I suppose we’ll have to make sure you’re well attended.” At this, Eros began to move to return to Taehyung’s side, but Taehyung stopped him.


“Thank you,” Taehyung said, nodding, and looking insistently at Jeongguk, continued, “Actually, if I may…” he paused. “Would it be possible for Ares to join us?” He licked his lips out of habit. Seeing Jeongguk chained and isolated, forced to just watch them made Taehyung uncomfortable. Jeongguk looked so… vulnerable, and Taehyung had never seen him like that.


Seokjin smiled, and Taehyung could have swore there was some kind of sadistic twinge to the man’s grin. “Of course, Mr. Kim! What a good idea.” He laughed, getting up and puffing on his cigar. The smoke was beginning to sting Taehyung’s eyes a little. “Let’s have some real fun together.” Seokjin said, producing a key from the inside of his suit jacket. He pulled on Jeongguk’s chain, and Taehyung winced as he saw the veins protruding in Jeongguk’s throat. Jeongguk had to be uncomfortable, and in pain. Seokjin released the cuffs that held Jeongguk’s hands, and his arms limply dangled at his sides as he regained feeling in them. “Should we unchain them too, Mr. Kim?” Seokjin puffed on his cigar, blowing his smoke purposely into Jeongguk’s face. Taehyung grimaced, but composed himself and immediately replaced his expression with a smile, nodding. Seokjin seemed to be a man who enjoyed playing a dangerous game –– Taehyung knew it was in everyone’s best interest if he played along.


“Yes, sir.” 


Seokjin grinned at him, pointing in a friendly manner. “Alright, Mr. Kim. Whatever you say, you are our delighted guest after all.” He pulled at Jeongguk’s collar, quite roughly – yanking him as he worked the key to unlock the chain from around the choker. He then offered the key to Taehyung. “Would you, please?” And he gestured to Eros on the other side of the sofa, who sat patiently watching them. 


Taehyung felt his hands getting clammy. “S-su–” He stopped himself quickly, and cleared his throat. “Yes, Mr. Kim. It would be my pleasure.” Bowing deeply, he took the key with both hands. Approaching Eros, he fiddled with the key in his hand. If he had learned anything about Eros so far, it was that he was really damn good at keeping eye contact. Taehyung couldn’t maintain it – Eros’ eyes were too piercing, like they were looking into his soul. His filthy, lonely, ravenous soul. 


Eros turned his back to Taehyung, and bowed his head, offering the lock in the back of his neck which connected the chain to his choker. Fumbling with the key, Taehyung worked to unlock it. After a few clumsy seconds, he heard the click ; the chain crinkled as it fell to the floor. Taehyung lowered his eyes to look at the curvature of the man in front of him; his bit on his bottom lip gently at the sight of Eros’ round and perfectly plump ass. A second later, he looked away.


Seokjin smiled. “Now... Let’s have some real fun, shall we?” 




Taehyung clutched his glass of champagne and did his best to keep his vision from splitting into two; he swore he was drinking more tonight than he had in his entire life. He steadied himself on the chaise lounge – his eyes nonchalantly drifted downwards as he watched Master Seokjin rail two large lines of cocaine off the glass table. Seokjin’s eyes rolled back in satisfaction as he finished inhaling, and smiling devilishly at Taehyung. He held out a rolled up bank note, offering it to Taehyung.


Taehyung raised his eyebrow, leaning back in his seat. “Oh, I–“ He felt everyone’s eyes on him.


Seokjin, looking greatly amused, let out a laugh. “Oh, Mr. Kim,” he chuckled. “You don’t have to be shy.” Two lines remained on the table; Jeongguk and Eros sat to either side of Seokjin on the sofa. Seokjin leaned back, taking a drink of his champagne. “Go on then, boys. Let’s clear the table a bit.” 


Obediently, Jeongguk and Eros got on their knees on the floor. Eros took the note from Seokjin, glancing at Taehyung before bending over the table and clearing one line of cocaine. He then straightened up, handing the note to Jeongguk, who seemed to hesitate for a second before hunching over to clear the second line. Seokjin, looking pleased, smiled. “Let’s show our guest how to have a good time.” He picked up the bottle of tequila, and Eros caught on quickly; he began clearing the table.


“Eros, darling. If you will,” Seokjin puffed on his cigar, which was nearing its end – Eros obligingly laid himself down on the table, on his back. He beckoned to Jeongguk. “First, the lime.” Jeongguk reached in a cocktail glass that held lime wedges, grabbing one. Taehyung watched curiously, unable to peel his eyes off of Eros. He watched as Eros’ plump, pink lips parted, allowing Jeongguk to place a lime in his mouth. 


“Next,” Seokjin’s voice, “the salt.” Jeongguk took a shot glass full of salt, kneeling down and hunching over Eros’ torso. Taehyung bit his bottom lip as he watched Jeongguk’s tongue run down the length of Eros’ stomach. Jeongguk sprinkled salt on the spot where he licked. Seokjin smiled. Taehyung decided he wasn’t the most comfortable with Seokjin’s smile – he seemed to enjoy some things too much. “And finally…” Seokjin tipped the bottle of tequila, the liquor traveling down its sleek neck to pour into Eros’ belly button. “Ares loves tequila,” Seokjin added. “Don’t you, Ares?”


Jeongguk looked at Taehyung, locking eyes with him even as he responded to Seokjin. “Yes, Master.” He said, and Taehyung could feel fire in his gaze. Jeongguk maintained eye contact as he lowered his head, before making contact with his tongue on Eros’ body once more. He licked the salt, slowly, still locking eyes with Taehyung – only when he kissed Eros’ stomach to drink the tequila did Jeongguk break his gaze. Afterwards, he made his way to Eros’ face, where he bent down to take the lime from Eros’ mouth. Taehyung watched as their lips made contact, and felt his blood running hot in his veins. Fuck, this was hot. He felt a craving – an animalistic hunger, and he couldn’t tell if it was for Ares, or Eros, or both of them. His mind wandered to the thought of having both of their lips on him – all over him


Seokjin looked pleased. “Mr. Kim, your turn.” 


Taehyung stood up, eager. He was here, and this was his situation tonight – who was he to say no? Hoseok’s words echoed in his mind. I got you, bro. I will take care of you. Taehyung trusted him – he trusted Hoseok with his life – and he knew that making a good impression on Hoseok’s boss was imperative. So, throwing any inhibitions aside, he decided then and there that wherever this night went, he was going to go with it. With that, he took a lime, looking down at Eros’ face. He was able to get a proper look at the man in white leather – his face, particularly, and fuck, was he beautiful. Eros looked like a doll – he looked unreal. Taehyung, feeling a fire burning in his chest when he locked eyes with this man, reached down and ran his fingers through his blonde hair. He smirked at the fleeting response of surprise on Eros’ face before he placed the lime delicately in his mouth.


Taehyung got down on his knees to replicate the ritual he had just seen Jeongguk do. Grabbing a pinch of salt, he parted his lips, snaking his tongue above Eros’ navel. Eros’ skin was soft, his core toned, and he swore he could feel the chills prickling on Eros’ skin as he licked him. Sprinkling the salt, he waited for Seokjin to pour the tequila, watching as the liquid spilled over and ran down Eros’ sides. Taehyung knew that tequila was definitely not his thing –but, drinking it off of Eros’ skin made it worth it. After deeply licking the salt off of his skin, Taehyung kissed his body and sucked the tequila into his mouth. He could taste the mixture of alcohol with a sweet kiss of sweat, and Taehyung swore that it made tequila taste a hundred times better. Feeling the burn penetrate his throat, he made his way up to Eros’ face, hovering over him for a second. He gazed into Eros’ piercing eyes before lowering his head, and making contact with his lips on Eros’. 


At that moment, Taehyung swore his body lit on fire. He felt his heartbeat hammering in his chest – blood rushed through his veins, like a wildfire spreading with no inhibition. He deepened into the kiss, tasting the bitter skin of the lime wedge and wishing it wasn’t there. He wanted the hint of sweetness that he could taste on Eros’ lips. A moment later, he felt Eros’ tongue push the lime wedge against his own, and Taehyung received it, breaking the contact and standing up. He chewed down on the lime, grimacing at the sour juice. 


Seokjin clapped and laughed. “Was that your first time, Mr. Kim?”


Taehyung threw the chewed lime in the ice bucket. “It won’t be the last, sir.” He said, wiping his mouth and chuckling. 


Seokjin’s eyes widened, grinning widely. “That’s what I like to hear, Mr. Kim.” Eros was about to get up, before Seokjin nudged him back down. He produced a bag from inside his suit jacket, full of quite a large amount of white powder. Opening it, he poured the powder in a sloppy line on Eros’ chest, smack in the center. Reaching for the rolled up bank note, he offered it once again to Taehyung.


Without hesitation, Taehyung accepted, nodding towards Seokjin. He could feel Jeongguk’s eyes on him as he got down on his knees and hovered over Eros on the table. Lowering his head, he stuck one end of the rolled up note in his nostril, plugging the other. With the knowledge that he was in way over his head, Taehyung inhaled strongly, clearing the mound of white power on Eros’ skin.


Fire burned through his nostrils, igniting fireworks in his brain. Taehyung’s eyes rolled to the back of his head, sending searing pain shooting through his nose. His blood boiled, surging like a voracious river of venom through his body. He felt the rapacious fire that he kept tucked away to himself suddenly rip itself free, coursing a sensation of euphoria through him. When he opened his eyes, everything looked brighter. The low lighting of the champagne room was unimportant – he could see even the most minute details. His eyes focused first on Jeongguk, who seemed to be looking more intently at him than he ever had before. He observed each strand of Jeongguk’s chocolate hair, gazing into his sparkling eyes. Taehyung then looked down at Eros on the table. The curvature of the muscles on Eros’ body seemed more defined – as if he had been carved of stone. Taehyung’s vision focused on the glittering sheen of sweat that adorned Eros’ skin. His eyes settled on the v-cut of Eros’ hips, admiring the depths of the dips in his body. 


“Taehyung,” he said, feeling a sharp chemical taste drip down the back of his throat. He grimaced slightly, swallowing hard in an attempt to rid himself of the taste. He brought his eyes up in a dangerously focused stare under hooded lids, to make contact with Seokjin’s. He no longer felt nervous, or afraid.


Seokjin was ashing his cigar when Taehyung spoke. “Hm?” He said, raising an eyebrow at Taehyung.


“Please, call me Taehyung, sir.” Without looking down, Taehyung placed his hand on Eros’ thigh. He felt Eros twitch slightly underneath his light touch. Jeongguk’s eyes focused on Taehyung’s hand.


Seokjin smiled, nodding. “Taehyung.” He said, holding up his glass.


Taehyung retrieved his glass from the table, clinking it against Seokjin’s. 


Any remnants of timidity melted away. Taehyung felt like himself – ignited, powerful, and alive .




As the night continued, Taehyung found himself getting accustomed to Seokjin’s company, and his interesting sense of humor – what he couldn’t get used to, though, was the appearance of the two insanely attractive men in leather harnesses. He felt he must have saved an entire country during times of war in a different lifetime, because he wasn’t sure what he had done to be blessed with being surrounded by this.


After numerous shots of tequila, glasses of champagne, and copious amounts of cocaine, Taehyung was convinced he wouldn’t wake up in days – or maybe at all – at the rate he was going. He had never drank so much liquor in his entire life. What he was discovering, though, was that he held the liquor quite well with the assistance of this newfound substance – no wonder his own boss did it. Cocaine was a hell of a drug.


Seokjin caught Taehyung eyeing his dancers more than a few times, and he watched as Taehyung poured himself another glass of champagne. He smirked. “Taehyung,” he said, patting the seat of the sofa. “Come.” 


Taehyung, hesitant to sit next to a man of such authority but aware it would be rude to decline, obliged. Eros shifted to allow him space to sit between him and Seokjin – Jeongguk’s eyes observed Taehyung from the other side of Seokjin, a fierce gaze that burned holes in Taehyung’s chest. Taehyung sat down delicately, crossing his legs and feeling the rush of his high swirling in his head and throwing him slightly off balance. His breath hitched in his throat as he felt Eros settling down, draping himself dangerously close to Taehyung; a moment later, Taehyung felt Eros’ hand slithering up his torso, resting on his chest. Eros’ close proximity sparked a hunger in Taehyung’s body that he didn’t want to restrain.


Seokjin studied Taehyung curiously, a sly smile on his face. “So which would you choose, Taehyung?” He asked, taking a long drag of a cigarette. He held his inhale as he waited for Taehyung’s response.


What? Taehyung turned to him, feeling the hair on the back of his neck raise. “Excuse me, sir?” 


Seokjin eyed him, smirking. He reached for Jeongguk’s neck, hooking his finger underneath the red leather collar. Sharply, he yanked Jeongguk downwards, pulling him close. He exhaled his smoke in Jeongguk’s face; Jeongguk’s eyes watered, and his jaw clenched, but he only resisted Seokjin's hold slightly. Taehyung winced, shifting slightly in his seat. Seokjin smiled down at Jeongguk. “Would you prefer Ares, a personification of gunpowder ready to ignite–,” He took another drag of his cigarette, “or Eros, a delicate blossom of absolute seduction?” Without warning, Seokjin stood up and pulled Jeongguk rather roughly, nearly shoving him on top of Taehyung. Taehyung opened his arm to receive Jeongguk on his left side, grabbing part of his harness to steady him. Almost protectively, he kept his arm around Jeongguk, allowing him to settle into Taehyung’s chest. Taehyung felt Eros’ weight lifting off of him, and he immediately grasped him to keep him close. Where was he going with this?


Seokjin looked at him expectantly. “So, Mr. Kim?”


Taehyung raised his gaze to meet Seokjin’s defiantly. “I’m an open-minded man, sir.” He responded. His mind was racing – being in Seokjin’s company felt like stepping in a field of mines, laying just underneath the ground and ready to explode. “I like my options.” He tightened his grasp on both men on either side of him.


Seokjin’s serious expression morphed as he smiled again, letting out a small laugh. “I like that answer, Taehyung.” A moment later, his phone rang. Seokjin pulled his phone from his pocket, nursing his cigarette in his mouth. He put the phone to his ear; Taehyung tried to listen, but couldn’t hear over the music. He rubbed circles into Jeongguk’s lower back, feeling the tension of the man’s body as he laid against him. He realized, with a tinge of sadness, that Jeongguk had invited him upstairs to spend time with him, and he hadn’t really been able to do so – not after being blind–sighted by Mr. Kim and Eros joining their company. Taehyung silently pulled Jeongguk closer, embracing him with his right arm. Taehyung observed Seokjin closely.


“Ah, I see.” Seokjin smiled. “He loves this place almost as much as we do.” He grabbed his cigarette, putting it out in an ashtray on the table. “Two minutes.” He hung up the phone, and ran his fingers through his hair. “It seems our good lawful friend is paying us a visit,” he said, and looked expectantly at the trio on the sofa. “Ares, come, darling.” 


Taehyung opened his mouth in protest as he felt Jeongguk’s body go rigid at the sound of his name coming from Seokjin’s mouth. “Sir? What is happening?”


“Ares. Come.” There was a slight strain in Seokjin’s voice.


Taehyung looked at Jeongguk, who looked up at him with sparkling, apologetic eyes. Jeongguk nodded towards him, squeezing Taehyung’s thigh before quickly ripping himself from Taehyung’s grasp. Jeongguk said nothing as he joined Seokjin’s side.


“Eros, darling. Attend Mr. Kim to another room – take the champagne with you.” He pulled a key from inside his suit, and tossed it to Taehyung. Reflexively, Taehyung caught it in his free hand. “You have less than a minute. Lock this room, won’t you, Taehyung?” He smiled deviously as he turned around to leave, putting a finger to his lips. “The key will be between us for now, yes?” Without waiting for an answer, he turned and exited the room. Jeongguk looked at Taehyung for a few seconds, before looking down and exiting the room, not too far behind Seokjin.


Taehyung looked down at the key in his hand. “…What?” His head was beginning to throb. 


Eros, on the other hand, had already risen from his seat, fetching a champagne bottle and placing it in an ice bucket along with two glasses. He held out his hand towards Taehyung. “Mr. Kim? We need to leave.” 


Taehyung, in a daze, nodded and took Eros’ hand, leaving the room and locking the door in confusion behind him. 




Taehyung allowed Eros to lead him to another champagne room – a smaller, less extravagant version of the first, not too far from where they had just been. Taehyung left the door slightly ajar upon entering. He relished the crisp, clean air – free of Mr. Kim Seokjin’s cigar smoke. He rubbed his temples, trying to ease his headache.


Eros took his arm lightly, tugging at his jacket. “Mr. Kim, do you feel alright? Please, have a seat.” 


Taehyung blinked – he’d forgotten he had company for a second. He nodded, slipping the key into a pocket inside the lining of his jacket. He took a seat on the sofa, shrugging off the jacket. He cracked his neck, feeling relief from shedding a layer of clothing – his shirt stuck to his skin from his sweat. He draped the jacket on the sofa to his left, and he felt Eros sit down to his right. Taehyung relaxed, leaning into the back of the sofa. He let out a large exhale, closing his eyes. He was confused, had no idea what had just happened, and his head hurt. “Taehyung,” he said, after some moments of silence. 


Eros looked at him curiously, cocking his head. “I’m sorry?”


“You can call me Taehyung.” He smirked, eyes still closed as he rested his head on the back of the sofa. “You don’t need to call me Mr. Kim.” He paused. “Maybe just in front of your boss, but otherwise...” He paused. “It’s okay, it’s just us two.” He didn’t hear a response from Eros, but he felt him get up and heard the sounds of him pouring champagne into glasses.


A moment later, Taehyung heard commotion outside of their room. He opened his eyes, raising his head and straightening up. He peered at the frosted glass of the doors to the room, and leaned to look through the gap of the doors left ajar. He raised his eyebrows. “Yoongi?” He hadn’t seen Yoongi or Hoseok all night – what time was it? He looked down at his wrist, realizing he had forgotten to wear his watch. Shit. He looked up, trying to get a view of the person Yoongi was with – it was a man, but it wasn’t Hoseok. This man was taller than Hoseok, and he could see that his build was different. Realizing they hadn’t turned on any music since they entered, Taehyung could faintly hear their conversation. His breath hitched in his throat as he saw them approaching the champagne suite they had exited minutes ago. Taehyung listened intently.


“All of the rooms seem to be open except this one. Is it occupied?”


“No, officer Kim. We don’t allow locking of the rooms with patrons and entertainers inside.” That was definitely Yoongi’s voice. Taehyung’s eyes widened. Officer?! 


“Why is it locked, then?” 


Taehyung heard Yoongi respond without skipping a beat. “It’s a luxury suite, sir, and we don’t leave it open outside of use. No patrons have it booked at the moment.”


“Is that so?” Taehyung strained to listen to the officer’s deep voice. “I’d like to take a look anyway, if you will.”


Taehyung’s heart began to race. He had the key – surely Yoongi had a copy of the key as well, right? Or was the ‘luxury suite’ an excuse to deter the police – did anyone use that room besides the owner? Taehyung felt like pistons were firing off in his head; his eyes darted from side to side as thoughts ricocheted wildly in his mind. His tongue felt thick, his mouth felt dry. If they opened that room – Taehyung thought of the chains, the cocaine all over the table, and the remnants of things that confirmed that Yoongi was most definitely lying about the room not being in use. Taehyung had to do something, and quickly. His blood boiled in his veins as he acted on impulse.


He grabbed a crystal champagne flute, downing its contents in a second. Immediately, he snatched his jacket from his side, tossing it over Eros’ frame. Eros jumped in surprise, opening his mouth to speak before suppressing a scream as Taehyung brought the champagne flute crashing down onto the glass of the cocktail table in front of them. The shattering of the crystal against the glass rang out sharply in the champagne room, echoing into the hallway. The blood that felt so hot in his veins spilled from a cut on his hand, unbeknownst to Taehyung – he did not feel it at all.


Only seconds passed before the door swung open and in burst the officer that Taehyung had yet to identify.


“What’s going on here?” Officer Kim Namjoon barked, surveying the room. Taehyung froze. He knew he’d had to interfere, but he didn’t really think about what he would do after he broke the glass. Eros blinked, looking down at Taehyung’s jacket draped over himself, covering his body. He looked back up at Taehyung, a million thoughts flooding his head. 


Behind him, the smaller frame of Yoongi appeared. “Taehyung?!” He glanced at Eros for a second, before looking down at Taehyung’s bleeding hand. “What the fuck happened?” He entered the room, nudging past Officer Kim and getting on his knees. He grabbed Taehyung’s wrist, attempting to see the severity of the wound in the low light. 


Taehyung’s main focus was not looking at the officer, because he knew that there was no way he looked remotely innocent or sober right now; instead, he focused on Yoongi. He smiled sheepishly, attempting to maintain composure while the voice in his head screamed at him to panic because he was really, extremely, way too in over his fucking head . “I’m sorry, Mr. Min. My glass slipped.” He bowed his head. “I wasn’t able to catch it. I apologize for the damage. I will cover it, if you’ll add it onto my tab, please.”


Yoongi raised an eyebrow at him. They locked eyes, and Taehyung could see Yoongi calculating his thoughts quickly. He got up, going to the small bar inside the room and grabbing some things from behind it. He returned with a clean towel and a bottle of water. “Here, apply pressure.” He said, pressing the towel down on Taehyung’s hand. Taehyung winced as the pain shot through his hand. “I’ll send Hoseok up to help you.” He stood up, pulling his phone out and turning to Namjoon. “I apologize for the inconvenience, Officer Kim. If you will, the security footage you requested is ready downstairs.” 


Namjoon looked at Yoongi suspiciously, glancing down at Taehyung, then back up at Yoongi. “Right, the tapes. Okay.”


Yoongi gestured for him to exit the room, following behind. He paused in the doorway, looking at Taehyung. Taehyung smiled up at him; Yoongi nodded before exiting. Taehyung didn’t know if that was Yoongi being thankful, but he assumed maybe it was. 


As soon as Yoongi and the officer had exited the room, Taehyung let out a deep breath and slumped back into the sofa. “Holy fucking shit.” He took a second to regain himself – he felt his brow drenched in sweat, and the sting of the cut on his hand. All of the physical impediments that he had been unaware of since that first taste of cocaine suddenly began to creep upon him and make their presence known. After a minute, he felt a shift of the sofa, and his eyes shot open – he straightened up, quickly noticing Eros jolt in reaction. Taehyung’s expression softened. “Shit, Eros. I’m…” He raised his hand to placate him. “I’m so sorry. I’m not–, I didn’t mean to scare you.” He offered a smile. “Are you okay?”


Eros blinked, sitting up. Taehyung’s jacket was warm and comfortable on his skin. He stared at this man in front of him, feeling a mix of emotions that he couldn’t quite identify surge through his body. What was it about Taehyung that Eros couldn’t quite understand? Eros looked down at the jacket on top of him. “I’m okay.” He nodded, looking back up at Taehyung. His mind wrapped around Taehyung’s actions, and he melted into the realization that Taehyung might have covered him to keep him from appearing exposed or indecent to new company – which happened to be in the form of his manager and a police officer. Eros was pretty sure the amount of coverage that leather straps and a thong provided him could have easily landed him in trouble with law enforcement; even in this kind of environment, there were still quite a lot of laws to abide by. Eros smiled. He knew it wasn’t a huge gesture, but it was a kindness that he had never experienced extended to him by a client – nor by Master Seokjin, in fact. Master Seokjin preferred him quite exposed, at all times, and Eros had never questioned it. He never felt the need to – at least not until now. 


Taehyung was busy wrapping the towel around his hand, trying to get it to stay. Eros quickly rose from his place, placing Taehyung’s jacket delicately on the sofa. He got on his knees in front of Taehyung, taking the towel politely from his hand. He worked to wrap the towel around Taehyung’s hand. 


“You can keep it on, Eros.” Taehyung said, watching him. “The jacket, I mean.”


“Jimin,” Eros replied, keeping his eyes down and focusing his attention on tying the towel around Taehyung’s wrist. 


“Hm?” Taehyung raised his eyebrow.


“My name,” Eros continued, “is Jimin.” He looked up at Taehyung; his face softened with a smile, and he looked almost bashful.


Taehyung mirrored his smile, nodding. “Jimin.” The name rolled off his tongue nicely – something about it made him feel warm and at ease. The next moment, Taehyung furrowed his brow as he felt what seemed like the floor being pulled out from underneath him. He looked at the towel, red and soaked with blood, before his vision began to become black on the edges. 


The last thing he saw were Jimin’s piercing eyes, widening as his vision cut to black.