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Beauty and The Beast AU

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Once upon a time, in a land far far away... The kingdom of Camelot sat in a perfect little valley, with a perfect little river and was a perfect little place, with all the gold and riches one could ever dream of. They threw splendid parties that lasted days, and It’s citizens were colorful and lively. Camelot shined as a beacon of hope and glory for all people, good and evil alike. And at the center of it all was the kingdoms golden boy. Thier treasure. Tedros, the heir to the throne of Camelot, was their prized possession. Anyone who met the young boy was disarmed by his charm and confidence. He could do no wrong in the kingdoms eyes.

So it’s understandable that some people would hate him.

Including a certain Sader who happened to be a deranged sorceress. They say she went crazy after the birth of her sons, claiming them to be better then the Golden boy of Camelot could ever be. But how could they, being nothing but the sons of a madwoman and a butcher who had managed to cut three fingers off. Evelyn Sader was a determined woman, and she would not be stopped. She vowed that the Tedros boy would fall to her sons hands, if she didn’t ruin him first.

If that wasn’t enough bad news, tensions in the castle were rising. Arthur had found Gwenivere and Lancelot in the act. Whoops. They wanted to keep it together, for thier son. They tried, really, they did. Of course, it rarely works out that way, so Gwenivere left.

It was like the world came crashing down. The kingdom was thrown into a deep despair. The golden boy lost his glow. What had he done? He should have made her stay. Wasn’t he enough? And what was sadness became anger, as it normally does, especially in children. And what was once the most splendid kingdom in the land became nothing but slightly above average.

To sum it up, it sucked.

A few years later, just hours after the Kings passing, there was a knock on the door. A distraught Tedros answred it. Barely coherent at the loss of his father, he mumbled a few words and went to close the door. Unfortunately, that was the wrong response to a certain Evelyn Sader knocking on the door in the middle of the night. She did the usual curse thing, you know, the works. One bippity boppity boo later, the boy had become a beast. Just like she planned it. It was an ugly and gruesome transformation, and was torture for the poor child. What was once blonde hair that would make rapunzle jealous, was now a matted coat that would put to shame the rattiest stray. Once perfect posture was now hunched and aggressive. Once blue eyes were now slits, and once a perfect smile was now a sharp toothed grimace.

Upset and confused at the woman’s crazy ramblings, glowing fingers, and quick departure, the child turned beast wondered the halls, to find no servants to be found, only random furniture and utensils he couldn’t remember having. Odd.

Tired, confused, in pain, lonely, and in grief, he fell asleep, right on a couch that had very little couch left in it.

And in the tallest tower there sat a single golden rose, the boy’s last chance at love

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Agatha hiked to the town, lugging a heavy satchel behind her. She had far to many errands to run, but when one is given a chance to procrastinate, one does with their whole heart. Agatha was, unfortunately, no exception. So Agatha burst into Dovey’s bookshop, grimacing as her legs almost gave out beneath her. Why had she decided to read such an immense amount?

Upon returning her books and scanning the shelves, her face fell.

“What’s the matter love?” Dovey asked.

“I’m afraid I’ve run out of things to read.”

“No matter, you can just read your favorite again,” she said, handing Agatha a worn blue book.

“Oh Dovey, you’re my fairy godmother!”

Dovey chuckled. “No love, it’s you who is mine. You’re a very special girl, don’t you forget it! This town is too small for someone like you anyway. I’m afraid that my bookshop is no different. You are meant for much more.”

Agatha just cackled her witchy little cackle, and bid Dovey a goodbye. Then she perched down on the side of the fountain in town square, determined to read as much as she could before she was faced with her inevitable chores.


Just then, a certain blonde passed by and waved to her sister. She then strutted her way into Mme. Beauté’s salon to purchase who knows what. Afterwards, Sophie headed back home, hoping to avoid her mother and not be dragged into doing chores again. She did them once this month, and she chipped a nail! Poor baby. She was not going to risk that again.

Once she arrived, she did her usual morning face mask and drank her scarily green smoothie. How she managed to make that with no blender, we aren’t sure. Maybe it was magic.

Ha! As if.

This isn’t a fairytale.



After a much needed beauty nap, Sophie was surprised to awake to find a crowd gathered around her house. She was even more surprised when Rhian and Japeth, his lackey, waltzed in like they owned the place.

And even more surprised when Rhian got down on one knee.

And even...

This it getting old.

Basically, Rhian leaned in closer, pushing Sophie against the wall. “Of course, it might be best for you to to marry out soon. And who would be a better option then me? The most beloved man in town.” That was the most important part of the interaction anyway. Meanwhile, Sophie stood there internally screaming and ripping her hair out. Then, he made it known that the whole town was waiting for her to marry him.


So, Sophie gulped, swayed back and forth, and came up with a plan.

It went something like this...

“I... I feel faint,” and then she fell. It was rather dramatic, but it got the job done. Though she had hit her head rather hard on the wooden floor, and was starting to feel faint, for real.

That’s when Callis showed up, and quickly shooed the crowd off her property. She then tended to her daughter, and Agatha arrived, tired from a days work of procrastination and rushed chores.

They all went to bed, exhausted after the strange days they had all had. And in the morning, Callis headed off to an event up in Neverland. They have the best seaweed around, don’t you know? She had said, and was off.

And then, we all know what happens next.

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To say that Sophie was surprised when she was almost run over by Philip was an understatement. The horse had been panicked, and was moving like a maniac.
“What is it boy? It’s Callis isn’t it! I told her not to go on that stupid trip!”
And with that she made the impulse decision to follow her mother. After a few failed attempts at mounting her horse, and some not very graceful flops in the mud, she was off.


Agatha, after returning home to find the house empty, was very concerned. But she fought down her feelings of unease, knowing it would just make her freak out. She started prepping for dinner, trying to keep her mind off of Sophie’s absence. Surely she had just been caught up talking to...
“Hey! Open up!” Hester grumbled, and Agatha rushed to greet her. “Finally, you won’t believe what I just saw.” She said as Dot and Anadil shuffled in behind her.


Sophie was staring at the castle of her dreams. The tall spires and golden lions sculpted into the structure took her breath away. There were rose bushes and shrubs that were surprisingly well taken care of, considering the castles clear age. She hiked up her skirt, and marched up the ridiculous amount of stairs. As she opened the main door and walked into the main hallway, she head some shuffling up ahead.
A movement. She stepped forward and the castle doors slammed shut behind her.


Tedros was not a happy person. In many other circumstances, he would have been positive and bright. Unfortunately, this is not that story. As he sat there brooding for the tenth time that day-it was his main pastime- he became shocked to see a blonde girl approach. He was even more shocked when she walked right in. Rude much? Instead of moving, he sat still. Chaddick and Hort would take care of this.


Chaddick did not ask for this, thank you very much. He had been perfectly content to try to approach a grouchy Tedros. It was a daily routine at this point. Ten years. He had been a candlestick for ten years. Him and Hort, surprisingly, were the main leaders at this point. He wasn’t quite sure how it happened, but the servants and nobles all wanted one leader as representatives. He had been proud at first, but when a bratty blonde stomped into the castle, he wished that Yara had taken the position.
Alas, him and Hort were left to deal with Sophie. Poor souls.


Agatha was kicking Reaper far harder then she needed to, but they had to hurry. Sophie had hours on them. There was no telling what she had gotten herself into! Agatha had been tracking her, and was surprisingly good at it. It may have been because she had done this far to many times before. But those are stories for later.

As she rode, a golden glint caught the corner of her eye. A spire. She had heard that there was a long abandoned castle here. They say Camelot was once once the richest and most glorious place in the wood, but it was now nothing more then a shell of a once great kingdom. She had believed those were just tales. She had even written her own gory stories of what she believed happened to the cryptic prince. The golden boy. But now, as she stared at the castle from miles away, all she could feel was pity for the people who once called it home.


Sophie had found her way into a plush, warm parlor. Of course, she hadn’t done it by herself. A lovely little clock that insisted she call him Hort had helped her. He was quite stout, and only had what could be considered the idea of a mustache, but he was relatively charming.

Oh my. She had just called a clock charming. Was this a fever dream? Maybe she was dying on the side of the trail, and Philip had run back home. To Agatha, she hoped. Agatha would know what to do when a candlestick and a clock started talking. Agatha could help her get back home. But Agatha wasn’t there. Dang it.

She would have to get out of this madhouse herself.

Oh, was that Callis? Funny...

Why... is sh...e...

And then she passed out.


Tedros would have been willing to let the one woman go. She seemed pretty harmless, and most likely had some sort of fever. She had been stumbling all over the grounds earlier. He had no idea how she got inside, much less stood. She had been carrying a lot of bags, and seemed like she would just spend the night, no big deal. It happened occasionally. Not like anyone would believe her if she mentioned it.

But when a blonde haired girl strode into his castle, he was done. Two people in one day? What the heck? Was the universe trying to set him up? He had given up a long time ago, and he wasn’t planning on dating anyone now, much less a girl that looked like she just rode a horse though the woods for five hours. (She had, but he didn’t know that).

And since Hort and Chaddick clearly couldn’t be trusted to scare people off like he told them to, he would do it himself. It’s not like they could stop him.

And with that, he grabbed the unwanted guests and threw them in the dungeons.


When the door creaked open for the third time that day, Hort almost screamed. Chaddick did. But once they started talking to the girl, there was a flicker of hope in thier weary hearts.


That was, until Tedros saw her.


He might have over reacted.


“Where are they?”
“You mean the worn down moon faced trespassing brats that came into my castle?” Agatha hesitated. Could he be the prince?
“ No, I mean the fairy godmothers. Of course I mean them!”
“They’re in the dungeons, which I where you’ll be soon if you don’t leave!”
“ Try me.” It was that moment when Tedros paused. Nobody had defied him since he had last seen his mom. Nobody had tried, ever since he became this. Maybe it was that statement that made him calm down, or maybe it was the fierce look in her eyes that kind of scared him.
“They... they’re um, uh, this... uh, this way.”
“Thank you very much. Was that so hard?”


Chaddick and Hort gaped.


They walked in silence.


“Sophie! Callis!” They all hugged through the bars. A family. Tedros might of cried, if he wasn’t so confused as to why he had decided to help the girl. He had no fondness for her. But there was something in his gut. Something that would be impossible to describe, but he knew had had to at least get her name.
“Well, its time for us to go. So let them out now.” Tedros was shocked out of his thoughts. The big eyed girl started at him expectantly.
“One of you stays.”


Of course she stayed. Of course she had a stupid prissy pink room. Of course the dresser could talk. Her name was Beatrix, and she was lovely, but spoke far to much for Agathas liking.
She really hoped Callis and Sophie were okay.
Beatrix had been yammering on about this dress that would make her look divine. After and hour of being tossed around through various dresses and corsets, she was exhausted. Unfortunately, they were just getting started. This was going to be a long imprisonment.