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Midoriya Inko was a short, portly woman, a head of dark green hair fringed with graying hairs peppered throughout her head, sporting a messy bun whenever anyone saw her. She had a warm smile and soft looking eyes to compliment the absolute motherly aura she seemed to emit on a daily basis towards anyone that looked at her.

And paired with that motherly charm she naturally had she was known throughout the block as the nicest, sweetest thing in the otherwise worn down, shady area. Her kindness was something she gave to anyone, no matter if they were a stranger on the neighboring street or a gang member everyone had seen on the news a night prior, she was equally sweet on everyone.

She was known to be especially kind to those on hard times and was often found giving neighbors and recurring faces on the street leftovers from her meal the previous night  already warmed and ready to eat. Whether she knew them or not it didn't seem to matter, always ready to pull them over into a nearby restaurant and buy them a meal and just talk if she didnt have any food on hand at the moment. Or even do the talking herself if her company was more of the strong silent type.

There were rumors going around that someone had spotted her with the leader of the LOV, but those were just baseless rumors. There wasn't any way the leader of that particular gang would be sitting in a small, pastel patterned coffee shop sharing a cake with Midoriya Inko of all people.

And no way she'd associate herself with such a dangerous man.

Would she?

Though her kindness never went unnoticed. It was an unspoken rule that she was an untouchable human.

Shigaraki Tomura make sure everyone knew by example.

Or a few examples.

Inko had been living at the current neighborhood for ten years, having moved there from her previous home for reasons none of the neighborhood gossipers could get out of her. And they had long stopped asking when a blanket of sadness would dampen her mood and her eyes would lose a bit of the glimmer that had previously shone brighter than anything.

Her reasons were her own and would stay that way it seemed.

The children and teenagers in the area that knew of her just knew her as the landlady of one of the older apartment buildings on the block. It was older than most adults that had lived on the block previously, the building itself looking worn, though well maintained. The rent was cheap enough students would flock to snag an apartment as the school year began, the commute to the different colleges in the area close enough that her building was a hotspot for the broke and the pennysavers.

Her only rules were to tell of her of any pets they might bring and that there were to be no wild parties, the last rule being they would stay out of apartment 304, as it was her own.

Rules that were easy enough to follow, most having no problem following such simple directions.

And it was on such an occasion of the school year creeping to the starting line that a whole class group had swooped in to lay waste to the apartment openings she had, claiming each one in record time.

With a smile she had handed each of them their keys, sitting on the stool behind the reception desk, her hair in its usual messy bun. She was dressed in a shirt, some loose sweats, and a warm cardigan that she hugged to herself as she listened to the buzz of conversation her newest tenants were having among themselves.

With each new key she handed out the students bid her a warm thanks before lugging whatever bags or boxes they had on them to their new living spaces, a few of them helping their friends with their move in while others picked up stacks of boxes and walked off like they weren't holding fifty pounds in each arm at least.

The group this year was quite colorful indeed.

She had sat and waited for a moment as each student passed through the double doors and into the halls. And hearing nothing more than their usual chatter she smiled quietly to herself, sifting through the waivers and tenant contracts to sort them for later.

It seems this was a good bunch as well if he was still quiet.


Let's see, demon, tengu, witch it seemed, water nymph, an elemental? No...dragon? Elemental dragon? Hadn't seen one of those as of yet. There was also a kitsune maybe? The energy wasn't whole, maybe a chimera? There was a distinct separation of two energies despite how wrapped together they were.

Oh! And a cat...something. A nekomata maybe? Someone must have cared for them a lot if they refused to kill them before they hit their senior years. They had a bit of darkness on them too, not their own but it covered them like a blanket all the same. Not menacing or hostile just...there.


The lights flickered and buzzed as his excitement grew. So many new interesting people to watch and learn all about! And a few were something totally new to his knowledge as well!

He sensed more than heard the few cries of alarm as a few lights in the building burnt out from his growing excitement, calming himself down to where he wouldn't short out the lights again. The nervous energies of the tenants ebbed down a bit, going back to their previous excitement of moving into their own space, no matter how temporary.

All was quiet now, or quieter than it had been before, finding his mother's anxious energy putter around the front lobby as a few tenants came back and forth through the front doors to bring their stuff in. She was offering to help them settle in though they assured her it was unnecessary.

He'd been a bit worried at first, finding a few energies that weren't hostile per se, but intense all the same. And the worry was more or less for his mother. He didn't tolerate anyone being rude or unkind towards her.

The last few tenants could vouch for that.

Or a few could anyway, from what he knew at least two were still in a coma and the rest had moved away.

But from what he could gather the more intimidating tenants of this bunch were especially kind to her, assuring her they could handle the move themselves and even offering their services should she need anything moved as thanks for allowing them to stay.

His mother was right, this was a good bunch indeed.