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A.C.E hentai

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Jun slumbered into the room, carelesly hitting every table possible. It was obvious he was drunk on Donghun his juices. Sehyoon and Byeongkwan were trying to watch "we bare bears" but the constant interuption of noices from the other room made this hard for them.
"Chan it's your turn again"
Jun yelled upstairs. Chan crawled downstairs on all fours, nothing was gonna stop him from pleasuring his forever love.
"Not this again"
Sehyoons grunted as Byeongkwan stared at his beautiful face.
"Shut up and enjoy", Byeongkwan said.
The unpurified noices so far from jesus' grace made him into something he never thoughthe would be. He kissed him with passion. While using the terrifying, yet pleasuring noices from Donghun and Chan as a guideline for his every move.
"This wasn't gonna end well for me, is it"
Sehyoon thought as the kissing got rougher and faster. Then he woke up, with his pants wet and body drained.