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A Fortunate Misunderstanding

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Anna opened her sleepy eyes to the sun shining through the curtain. She looked at the alarm clock that rested on the nightstand, reading 6:47 AM. This was the first time in what seemed like forever that she actually woke up before her alarm went off. It was probably because the sleeping Alpha behind her pulled her closer while she slept.

The Omega slowly craned her neck to look at the body next to her. Elsa laid on her side, one arm around Anna’s waist, holding her close, the other was underneath her resting head. Platinum blonde locks elegantly fell on the pillow, making Anna jealous as her hair looked like it went through a vacuum cleaner mere moments ago. The warm comforter of Elsa’s bed hid their bare bodies, legs tangled together, and the Alpha’s deflated member pressing against the Omega’s ass.

It was Monday morning, only two full days had passed since Elsa’s rut took over her mind and body. Two days since Anna gave herself over to her sister, letting her mate and mark her as nothing else mattered in the world. It was the best night of their lives, and while the next morning left them second-guessing their predicament, they came to their senses and learned that no matter their relation, they were in love, and they would make the most out of their new life.

Each evening and night was like the first, clothes falling apart, beds rocking wildly, howls of euphoria echoed throughout the neighborhood. They would lose all sense of self-control, and ravish each other like wild animals; biting, scratching, the Alpha rutting her Omega as if her life depended on it.

A big part of Anna wished they could stay like this, but she knew she needed to get up to go to school. The redhead placed a gentle hand on Elsa’s wrist, hoping to carefully move it away from her waist, and slink out of the bed without waking the sleeping Alpha, much to her failure.

The instant she began to tug at the blonde’s arm, it quickly tightened around her belly, and a soft growl rumbled in Elsa’s chest.

“No… Stay…” The Alpha mumbled sleepily. Anna chuckled and rubbed small circles with her thumb on Elsa’s hand.

“Elsa, I have to get ready for school.” The Omega could feel Elsa open her mouth to protest, but the groan escaping her lips proved she knew Anna was right. “Fine,” The Alpha whined.

The arm around Anna’s waist slinked away, allowing Anna to sit up and get a good look at her mate. The big bad Alpha, for all her dominance, smiled adorably back up at her Omega, blinking the sleep from her eyes. Anna gave her a quick peck on the lips before Elsa began to sit up, untangling their legs, and raising her arms high to stretch her tight muscles.

“You don’t have to get up, I’ll just walk-” Elsa shut her Omega up by pressing a finger to her lips.

“Don’t even think about it. I’m not letting my beautiful sister walk to school when I’m more than capable of taking her.”

Anna ducked her head and a rosy blush covered her cheeks.

“Your Omega. Don’t think I’ll ever get sick of hearing you say that.”

The blonde Alpha grinned and kissed her Omega. “Good, cause I won’t ever stop saying it.”

Anna gave a stupid grin and climbed out of the bed, naked as day, and walked over to the bedroom door, eager to hop in the shower and freshen up. She was just about to reach for the door handle when slender hands wrapped around her body, pulling her close to Elsa’s nude front.

“Elsa, come o-o-OHH,” Anna let out a shaky breath as the Alpha dipped her hand down south, and started rubbing ever so gently at Anna’s clit. Elsa practically purred into Anna’s shoulder, her hardening cock wedging itself between her ass cheeks.

“E… Elsa, I gotta… get ready for school,” Anna whimpered. The Alpha let out a throaty chuckle and rubbed her cheek along the Omega’s shoulder. “A-and I know once we start, we won’t be able to stop.”

Elsa pondered this and thoughtfully hummed in Anna’s ear, “Fine, how about just a quick shower, and I’ll take you to school.” Anna bit her lip when Elsa removed her hand from her entrance, trying not to show how badly she wished for her sister to continue.

“Just a shower, nothing else. Promise?”

“I promise.”

“Gods Elsa y-you’re - fuck! Such a l-l-liar!”

“If you didn’t tease me with that- Nnn! That fucking perfect ass of yours…” Elsa was at a loss for words now. Anna had her front pressed against the cool wall of their shower, the Alpha, hands clenched around her hips, rutting her from behind.

“D-don’t pretend you’re not enjoying this Anna,” Elsa growled as she gave a hard thrust into her mate. Anna let out a tip and tangled her hands in Elsa’s wet hair.

“B-but you… oh fuck it, yes I’m enjoying it a lot! I just don’t wanna be late-”

“I’ll write you a note excusing you,” Elsa snarled, fucking the Omega at a now furious pace, trying to take her mind off of other concerns. The acoustics in the bathroom were tremendous, as each of Elsa’s grunts, and Anna’s moans rang like a song.

The Alpha could feel the Omega’s pussy clenching, so she knew she would have to cum soon without knotting her. She wanted nothing more than to draw this out, show their love for one another all day, but she knew Anna had her studies and couldn’t completely interrupt that. If she were to knot her sister now, she would end up missing too many classes.

The Alpha grunted and moaned as she heard her mate pant and heave, loving every single moment of this. The wolf inside of her was wanting more, to show her Omega once again who she belonged too.

Elsa reaches her hands around to the front of Anna’s hips, and pulled upwards, lifting her feet off the ground, albeit just by a few inches. Her ass pulled slightly from the wall, Anna screamed as this new angle allowed Elsa to plow right into her sweet spot. The Omega tried to tell her Alpha to go faster but her voice was shaky and hoarse from her screaming.

Elsa leaned her forehead on Anna’s shoulder, her mouth hovering over the scar of her mating bite. She moved her teeth to a new spot on her neck and bit hard, not enough to draw blood, but enough to make Anna tumble over the edge.

The redhead loved it when the blonde bit her, it always gave Elsa the best reactions. The Omega locked up and groaned as her orgasm shook her muscles, locking her inner walls around Elsa’s throbbing prick, making the Alpha join in her in an intoxicating wave of pleasure. Spurts of semen filled the Omega’s pussy, signaling Elsa it was time to pull out quickly before the beast inside took over, and shoved her knot inside her sister.

Releasing the hold on her sister, Elsa backed up to the other side of the shower, running a hand through her wet hair, panting and admiring the view. Her Omega was leaning against the wall, knees wobbling profusely as she struggled to catch her breath.

Elsa snickered at the sight, making the smaller girl pout and huff.

“Elsa how the fuck am I supposed to walk today?” Anna whined.

“Sorry,” Elsa lied, “I guess you’ll just have to make due.”

“You’re mean.”

“I know, now come on, let’s get you to school.”

“Oh, now you’re in a hurry?”

Anna’s day was a tad different than she’s used to.

First off, her legs were shaking constantly up until her second to last period of the day, so students looked at her weird when they saw her walking funny.

Second, her friends were all acting very strange at first. She had absolutely no idea as to why until she finally went in the bathroom and saw a rather large, albeit faint, bite mark on her collar bone. Anna ducked her head in embarrassment and cursed under her breath to get back at Elsa fo that later tonight.

Lastly, she hadn’t heard from Kristoff, which was very odd. Usually, he would try to talk to her during class or lunch, but the big blonde was nowhere to be found. Not that she was complaining, she was rather glad she wouldn’t have to have yet another awkward conversation with him regarding their relationship he so desperately wanted to be in.

It was now the end of the day, Anna dodging other students as she made her way to the side exit, breathing a sigh of relief as the coast seemed clear of annoyances.

Wow, for once no one’s gonna bug me before I get - oh fuck me, are you serious!?

Kristoff was sitting on the curb, his foot tapping away at the pavement. He looked worried and scared. His head shot up and looked to Anna as she stepped out of the doorway. She was going to make a u-turn and run back inside, but he was already up and walking to her.

“H-hey Anna,” He started, rubbing his neck. Anna tightened the grip on her pack strap and gave him another half-assed smile.

“Heeeyy Kris, what’s um... what’s up?”

“Well, I don’t really know how to say this Anna,”

I swear to all the gods, if he asks me out again I’m gonna kick him right in the nuts

“And I wouldn’t really bring this up if we weren’t such good friends,”

At this point, are we though?

“But did you get a mate?”

Say what?

Anna sucked in a breath and her eyes grew wide as she stared at the boy. “Do I have a - w-why would you ask that Kristoff?”

The Alphas eyes grew sorrowful, and his tail would surely be drooping right now.

“You do, don’t you? Merida talked about how she saw a bite mark on your shoulder in the locker roo-”

“Kristoff what the hell!? So what if I do? It’s none of your business about that stuff!”

“I thought that you and I were going to-”

“Kristoff! I told you already that you and I are not happening!” Anna snapped sternly, folding her arms over her chest defiantly. He just wasn’t getting this and it was pissing the Omega off to no end.


“Is there a problem here Anna?”

Anna’s gaze snapped to look behind Kristoff, and a sigh of relief left her lips as Elsa, in all her beauty, was walking up to them, clearly not happy with the other Alpha trying to make a move on her Omega.

“No Elsa, I believe we’re done here, let’s just go home,” Anna huffed, walking past a flabbergasted Kristoff and towards Elsa’s car. Before Elsa followed Anna, she turned to look at the male Alpha and took a step towards him. Despite the fact she was half his size, her menacing stance was enough to send a chill down Kristoff’s spine.

“Kristoff, I’m only going to say this once, so listen carefully: Do not pursue Anna anymore. If I find out you give her any more trouble, I’m going to rip your throat out. With my teeth,” She added quickly, her eyes flashing a bright blue, to show him she was not an Alpha to screw with.

Kristoff mumbled incoherently and ran away, tail tucked between his legs.

Elsa smiled triumphantly and walked back to the car, and her waiting Omega.

As she buckled herself in, Anna leaned over to plant a loving kiss on her cheek, grinning as she thanked her sister.

“My hero.”

“You could’ve handled him yourself, he’s not a very intimidating Alpha.”

“Don’t have to tell me twice,” Anna giggled. As they drove in the direction of home, the Omega tongued her cheek and blushed. “You know, I still have to get you back for this morning.”

The Alpha cocked an eyebrow and used her free hand to massage Anna’s leg.

“Oh really? Tell me, how do you plan on that? After all, I’m the big bad Alpha,” Elsa chuckled.

“Yeah well, I promise you’ll be wishing you hadn’t made me late for school.”

“I hope you’re better at keeping your promises than I am.”