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"I never thought I'd die, which is stupid. I never thought I'd get to live again either, which is crazy"

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The familiar sounds of a portal closing and adjusting air pressure fill the room as the flickering form of Oboro Shirakumo enters his friends room. As his white button up shirt settles from the wind of the portal, he looks over at the lanky silhouette of Aizawa sleeping soundly underneath a charcoal gray comforter. The past few times he visited aizawa the young hero woke up almost immediately.

Shirakumo sighed taking everything in. The room, dimly lit by the city's lights through the blinds. The matching simple nightstand and bed set, all of it rather clean from disuse. He sighs again knowing his friend has been working hard, chasing that shared dream they had together years ago. He walks up to the edge of the bed silently gazing down at the scruffy man. His mouth slightly open, hair wavy at the ends, Shirakumo tries to lock every detail down knowing that his final transformation could erase it all.

The sleeping hero in an unusually deep sleep feels a comforting presence in the room as his mind stirs awake. Oboro has returned once again. Over the past six months Aizawa has been haunted by an ever changing version of his deceased friend from high school. First appearing like a zombie sewn together and mostly silent. Then weeks passed and he visited again healed mostly,taller and hair becoming darker. More weeks passed, another visit in the dead of night but this time he spoke. Not very much, just how change is weird.

Most of the time Shouta assumes it's a dream when Oboro visits. The past couple visits however he gained the confidence to touch him. Running his fingers over the scars on his forehead and cheek to see how they've healed so cleanly. He's cold to the touch but Shouta can only feel warmth as if Oboro's kind, caring soul shines through his new appearance. The intimate feeling of his cool skin on his face and neck as Shouta embraced him filled him with bittersweet warmth. He's here and he's not.

Oboro vaguely explained that while he is alive now his life is no longer his own. He was brought back and gifted new powers to protect someone. Some poor kid who had been through some great tragedies and needed a guardian angel of sorts. He owed his life to the man who brought him back. Shouta took it with a grain of salt, blaming some old guilt about his death on the sentiment.

"Don't you ever knock?" He asks without opening his eyes and stretching. Oboro chuckled in his new slightly deeper voice.

"On what? The wall I just phased through" He joked as Shouta finally opened his eyes to meet his gaze. Oboro's iris' almost glowing yellow since the last time they met. A sadness lied behind them. "Hey, Sho?" He pulled himself up to do on the bed next to Oboro.

"Yea?" A cold hand reaches over to his thigh giving it a light pet before resting there.

"You know ever since I came back you're the only one I've felt I could go to."

"Hmmm…" Shouta took his hand lightly. "I doubt Zashi would have taken this as well," he grinned, leaning back on his other arm.

"Heh, you're probably right." He went silent looking at their hands, committing it to memory. A lump formed in his throat. "Sho, I can't come here anymore," he takes a deep breath "I'll have to start protecting that kid and with this last step in making me 'whole' again I might lose what memories I have left and the ones I've made here with you," he grips Shouta's hand hard, shaking and gasping for breath." I've got to help this kid but I don't want to lose you or this- whatever this is." Shouta pulls him close, with a hand on the neck and the other around his back. "I never thought I'd die, which is stupid. I never thought I'd get to live again either, which is crazy but I'm so thankful for this. Thankful for you and how you've accepted me."

All of this is shocking and confusing. Everytime Oboro mentioned what happened after he came back Shouta barely believed any of it. The thought of all of it being real and now losing him was too much. These dreams he cherished, are his real undead friend. He's here. His friend who after tonight he may likely never see again. Shouta almost starts to panic as he's holding Oboro who started calming down. Wrapped up in each other, closer than they had ever been with anyone.

"Can I kiss you," Oboro said shakily. His heart sank for a moment as Shouta pulled away and placed his hands on his shoulders. He was shaking too.

Shouta took a deep breath, then answered pulling him close and kissing him. They moved only as they melted into each other. Both of them relaxing and itching for more. They pulled away looking into each other's eyes. Their joy only interrupted by a sense of urgency for touch.

Shouta lied back pulling Oboro over him and into another kiss, moving their lips naturally against each other. Oboro, careful not to move away from their kiss, he moved his legs in between Shouta's. The looming thought that this was the last time they would see each other fueled a fire between them as they pressed against each other yearning for more touch.

They finally pulled away, Oboro leaning up slightly only to remove his shirt with Shota close behind pulling his long sleeve black T-shirt over his head, then pressing against each other once again. Shouta barely had any time to feel out Oboro's scarred bare chest before two cold hands found his small breasts causing him to let out a gasp. He wrapped his hands around each one and rubbed both nipples with each of his thumbs making Shouta whimper.

Oboro trailed kisses down Shouta's body without letting up on his breasts, until he crawled off the edge of the bed and met with the waistband of his sweatpants. He gave a quick glance upward to meet Shouta's eyes for confirmation. He leaned up onto his forearms and nodded, panting, ready for more.

He watched as Oboro hooked his hands under the waistband of his boxers pulling them down slightly to leave more kisses before exposing him completely. Shouta recoiled slightly as Oboro ran his hands up to his thighs and pushed them apart. Never having done it before, he leaned in close to to Shotas slicked folds and licked, gently parting them with his tongue.

For a moment Shouta nearly lost the strength to hold himself up. The pleasure of getting eaten out blurred as Oboro pulled his legs up and teased his wet hole, dipping his tongue deeper.

"Please-ah! More please," Shouta begged as he watched Oboro buried his face between his legs, trying to go deeper with his tongue alone. He looked up, bottom half of his face covered in spit and Shouta's juices, then pulled his ass to the edge of the bed. Resting one leg on his shoulder, he took his now free hand and slipped one finger all the way to the knuckle. He felt his cock start to throb as Shouta's sex clamped down.

"Does it really feel that good?" Oboro asked huffing having lost his breath watching Shouta writhe in pleasure. He nodded, gasping for air as Oboro twisted and moved his finger in and out. "Do you still want more, Sho?" The warm wetness around his finger tightened.

"Hah- I want... you," he grunted leaning up and pulling Oboro's hand free. He pulled Oboro's pants lose having the button come loose and the zipper undo with a quick jerk of his hand. He pulled down his pants getting a first look at Oboro's cock hard and pressing against his boxers briefs. Shouta leaned forward looking up into Oboro's bright eyes and took one long lick across the fabric to tease. His cock visibly throbbed against Shouta's face.

It was too much, Oboro pulled him back onto the bed and pulled his cock free. Shouta hadn't seen many in his time but all he could think was how big Oboro's seemed as he crawled between his legs.

Their lips met once more when Shouta felt Oboro line up blindly at his entrance and slide in. The new feeling of being stretched around Oboro's cock had him reeling. The mixed sensations of relief, pain and longing swirled in Shouta's head as Oboro pushed in to the base of his cock.

Oboro panted as he waited for Shouta to relax. He chuckled breathlessly looking down at their bodies "I love being this connected with you."

"Oh don't say that," He said throwing his arm over his face to hide his blush. Oboro took that arm by the wrist and held it by his head, repeating the motion with the other arm.

"Please let me see you. I want to remember this." He pulled out slowly, watching Shota turn even redder and losing his breath. He thrust back in faster, moaning as he did. Keeping his lovers arms pinned, he picked up speed, gently fucking Shouta. The harder he went the more wet noises began joining their moans, embarrassing Shouta even more.

Oboro relished in every skewed, blushing expression as Shouta began to lose himself. He tried to make sure he remembered this but lost focus as he pounded into Shouta's tight, slicked hole. A familiar pressure built in his gut. Pulling Shoutas arms above his head, he closed the distance between their bodies and started thrusting in short fast bursts, grinding against his clit every time.

Shouta closed the short distance between their faces, moaning into Oboro's mouth. His cock, suddenly gripped tight as they kissed, throbbed inside on the brink of release.

"Oboro please... inside," Shouta begged on the very edge.

"Hah.. yeah y- eah.." Oboro grunted, almost yelling as he came buried deep in Shouta's folds. Almost eleven huge spurts of cool cum shooting into him sent him over as his body drank every drop, making him feel even more full.

Oboro lay breathless, cock still half hard plugging his cum inside. Shouta catches his breath and wraps his arms around Oboro, not able to pull him any closer but able to hold him tight in his arms. He almost starts crying coming down from the high of his orgasm back to the reality of their situation. The man he felt so deeply for would be gone, again. They held each other in near silence until just before daybreak.

Oboro Shirakumo waited till his lover began nearly drifting off to sleep to give a final kiss goodbye and phase into a portal leaving Shouta Aizawa alone.