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Promise Are Meant To Be Broken

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Everyone thought that she only cares at her perfect winning record, like her father. Everyone thought she forged evidence, like her father. Everyone thought she's cruel, like her father. Everyone thought she wish to become like her father.

However, that wasn't the truth about her.

She never cares at her perfect winning record as long as she found the truth, but she doesn't have a choice. She never use a forged evidence to get a guilty verdict, but no one believes her. She doesn't wish to be a cruel person, but she knows that she doesn't have a choice. She never wish to become her father, but she doesn't have a choice.

Since the day she was born in this world, all freedom that everyone has, has been removed to her. She needs to be perfect (that's what her Papa told her) and playing toys and befriending others at her young age isn't part of Perfection. That's why she learn to read, count numbers and write at the age of 3. As she reach the age of 4, she was already reading and studying law books as she attend a school as a 3rd Grader despite of her young age.

She wished to have a 'friends' like those kids she saw at her park, while she sit at their car watching the scenario with the use of the car's window. Her father noticed her and said, "A Von Karma always strive for perfection, Franziska. Those foolish 'Friendship' is merely a distraction and a waste of time. You wish to carries the name of Von Karma, aren't you?" She gave him a nod as she stared to him with determination burning at her small eyes.

"Yes Papa," she answered him. Manfred Von Karma nodded his head as he stared to the people outside of their car window.

"Then don't bother befriending that kind of fools, befriend those peoples who is more useful than them. Those fools are just a puppet and they should fear us," he told her. She just nodded her head as she watch them play with their other friends.

At the age of 6, she saw her 15 years old sister holding a bag after her big sister and his father got into a huge argument ended up Manfred slapping her big sister.

It looks like she's running away.

No, she's really going to run away from their family.

"Große Schwester, warum rennst du weg ?! Das ist nicht wie du!" (Big sister, why are you running away?!This isnt like you!) She angrily shouted in German, making her big sister turned to look at her. She smiled, sadly at her little sister.

"Ich kenne Franziska, aber das ist das Einzige, was ich bei diesem Problem tun kann ... Wenn ich gehe, muss ich nicht perfekt sein," (I know Franziska, but this is the only thing i could do in this problem... If i leave, then i don't need to be perfect) she answered in German, knowing that her sister still have struggles when it comes to speaking in English.

"Aber Sie sagten, Familie ist wichtig und wir müssen in jedem Problem, mit dem wir konfrontiert waren, zusammenhalten...." (But you said Family is important and we must stick together in every problem that we faced) Her lips started to quiver, tears threatening to fall at her pale skin. Her sister heart ache as she saw Franziska in this kind of condition. However, her decision is final and she must do it.

"How we could solve that if the problem is inside of our family?" Franziska curled her fist as she gritted her teeth.

"Then I'll try! I help solving it! Don't go. Don't go. House is will not same if someone left. Don't be Mama. Don't be Mama, Big sis," her tears started to fall down her cheeks as she struggled to speak in English.

"I'll be back, Franziska and when I go back... I will take you away from this house," she said as she wiped her sister tears away. Franziska sniffed as she stared to her, hopes and sadness fill her blue eyes.

"Versprechen?" (Promise?) Her sister smiled to her and said the words that is her reason to wait for her return.

"Ich verspreche," (I promise)

But she never came back.

Her big sister will never go back to fulfill her simple promise to her.

8 years old Franziska heard those message from her own father. She knows that she will forgot about her family, knowing that she already created a new family with a farmer.

Her big sister broke her promise.

The next day, she saw a boy and a little dog next to her father, once he got home from his work.

"Franziska, This is Miles Edgeworth. He will stay with us for a while as we wait for someone to adopt him. You must behave yourself and show him to the guest room," he said to her, Franziska nodded her head.

"Yes Papa," her father nodded his head as he walked away leaving them alone.

Franziska was about to say something to the boy in front of her but the dog next to him, jumped at her. She squeal as she lost her balance and fall to the ground while the dog gave her a lick on her cheek. She giggled before she pat the dog's head. The boy quickly carries the dog and help her stand up.

"Are you hurt?" He asked her.

"I'm not, What's her name?" She asked as she watch the furry creature trying to escape from the boy's grip in amusement.

"Her name is Pess, I believe she takes a liking to you," he told her then Franziska remember her father's order. She gripped Mile's hand and lead him to his room.

"This way, little brother!" She chirply said.

No one can describe how happy she was when she met Miles Edgeworth. One time, she dress Pess up to make him smile but he didn't, it doesn't stop Franziska trying to make him smile.

After all, seeing those person she cared about happy is enough to make her happy.

But like her sister, he left.

He left Germany to become a prosecutor in America but he promised her that he will return to meet her if he lost ("If that will ever happen," he said as he gave her his infamous smirk).

But he didn't.

He disappear after he lost in that man named Phoenix Wright.

Her Little brother broke his promise.

At the age of 16, she saw the lifeless body of her father, of Manfred Von Karma inside the black coffin.

She gripped her arms tightly as she saw those mans lowering the coffin down the dirt.

... Next to her Mother.

She wanted to be angry, she wanted to yelled how much she hate him for driving her sister away, she wanted to scream and blamed him for not giving her any choices or a freedom to be who she was.

But she just blankly stared and leave the graveyard.

She couldn't do it because she love and respect his father. She can't be angry to him since nothing will change. He was still her father.

And it won't change the fact that her father is dead.

Hot tears falling down from her eyes again, she blinked and rubbed it off.

Its been 10 years since she lost control of her emotion, she thought to herself.

She could hear her father scolding her from losing control of her own emotions.

"A Von Karma doesn't show weakness to everyone!" He will tell her.

She just let out a bitter laugh.

Her Papa broke his own rule.

"A Von Karma should not lie, huh," she muttered to herself. But deep inside she know that it wasn't just his rule that he broke.

"I didn't kill him, Franziska. What kind of foolish question is that?" His father growled through her, Franziska just stared to him.


"Foolish Girl! If it will stop you for asking then i promise!"

She's not dumb not to know it. Her Papa being shot on that day, Mr. Gregory Edgeworth dying and Miles being part of Von Karma, there are patterns already but she doesn't believe it and ask her father. But when her father answer her, she knows that he's the murderer. But still it won't change everything, right?

Her Papa broke his promise.

"Promises are meant to be broken," she simply said at the woman in front of her. The woman smile turned into frown.

"That's not true!" But Franziska huffed in annoyance.

"Yes it was, Maya Fey. Now, stop annoying me and leave me be. Stop saying such foolish promises to me like you love me," she said to her making Maya look to her, sadly.

Franziska doesn't want seeing her sad since she was foolishly in love to her. But, she know this woman was playing prank at her and she doesn't want to fall for it.

Since, it hurts and she's done with pain and broken promises.

She clutched her whip as she watch Maya starting to tear up.

"But Franzy! I really love you! I-I'm not pranking you! I promise that I'm telling the truth!" Maya said to her as she gripped her acolyte clothes tightly.

"......" Franziska doesn't know what to do or what to say. Maya slowly grabbed her hands tightly and stared to Franziska's blue eyes.

"I really love you, Franziska... Its fine if you don't love me back since i've just wish to tell you what I feel. But please believe me, I'm not lying to you, I really love you so, so much..." She said to her, the stale-gray haired woman look away.

".... I, too was in love with you..." She softly said, making Maya eye widen.

"Wait, you love me too?! Really? Oh my god!" Maya squealed in delight as she gave Franziska a hug. Her face flushed as the spirit medium grinned to her.

"I love you, I love you, I love you, Franziska!" Maya grinned to her, cutely.

... Ah, this cuteness overload from Maya Fey might be the cause of Heart attack and death of her, she thought to herself.

"Ich liebe dich," (I Love you) said by Franziska with a smile on her face.

"Love you too and wait! So we're like a couple now?" Maya asked her.

"I believe we are or I am wrong?"

"No! Is just that, I didn't ask you formally to become my girlfriend. Oh shucks! I'm such a fool!"

"My one and only fool," Franziska said making Maya face turned red.

"Smooth Fran smooth,"

"Thank you, and if ever you wish to ask me formally to be your lover then my answer will be yes," Maya giggled on what she said.

Franziska Von Karma knows that she might felt pain once again and more painful than the others.

But she still take a risk.

And so she hold on to Maya's promises.

"Whatchu thinking?" She snapped on thought as her wife lay her head at her lap. She closed the journal where she write all the memories she wish to be forget in, she decided to gather her strength and read this again, she must say that she doesn't regret reading it. She gave her wife a quick peck on her lips before she answer.

"Just my past, mein Schatz," she said to her, Maya then stared to her sleepily with that cute smile of hers.

"I've told you, promises are not meant to be broken," Franziska chuckled before she gave her wife another kiss.

"... Perhaps not," she whispered as she watch Maya falling asleep at her lap.

Franziska smiled and let the darkness consumed her.

Her Maya Fey fulfill her promise.