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“Move yer fingers for me, Kiryu-chan,” Majima says, hands hovering above the knots he just fastened.

Nishiki takes his gaze from Kiryu’s face just long enough to see Kiryu obediently wiggle his fingers, showing Majima the ropes aren’t too tight.

Majima grins and presses a kiss to Kiryu’s lips. “Good boy. Ya still feelin’ okay, Kiryu-chan?”

Despite how calm he usually appears, Kiryu closes his eyes, not looking at Majima. His flushed face just gets redder, sweat shining on his skin. He looks so embarrassed; Kiryu always gets so adorable when he’s flustered. “Y-Yeah, I am. Thank you, Niisan.”

“Is he always this formal?” Majima says, turning to Nishiki as his fingers run through Kiryu’s hair.

Nishiki nods. “Yeah.” He grins. “It’s cute as hell, isn’t it?”

“Sure is!” Leaning over Kiryu, Majima kisses his closed eyelids and whispers, “Love ya, Kiryu-chan…”

Nishiki watches Kiryu open his eyes and smile at Majima. He never thought he would want to share Kiryu in moments like this, but when he sees Majima’s affectionate smile and how carefully he touches Kiryu, Nishiki knows this was a good idea. To be honest, he expected Kiryu to bring Majima into their relationship a while ago; Majima has always been very open about how he feels about Kiryu, after all. And now it’s finally happening, and such excitement bubbles through Nishiki he can’t quite get comfortable.

The bondage was Majima’s idea, to no great surprise. He and Kiryu have always been pretty vanilla, but both could only nod like horny idiots when Majima suggested bringing ropes into their threesome. To Nishiki’s surprise, however, it was Kiryu who volunteered himself to get tied up; he later realised that it must be because Kiryu likes pressure as a sensory thing.

They negotiated endlessly, and finally came up with a plan. Kiryu would be tied to the bed, Nishiki would ride Kiryu and Majima would control the remote for the vibrator inside Kiryu. And if Kiryu could last without coming, he would get fucked by Majima as a reward. So they all know what to do; it’s just a bit more complicated with three people involved.

All three of them are naked, Majima and Nishiki both painfully hard whilst Kiryu is still only at half mast. Nishiki knows from experience that Kiryu doesn’t get aroused as easily as him.

“Ya ready for me to switch this on?” Majima asks, shifting between Kiryu’s legs. He gently touches the flared base of the vibrator, and Kiryu hisses, his dick twitching.

Kiryu nods. “Y-Yeah.”

“Do you remember the safe-word, Kiryu?” Nishiki asks. He and Kiryu have never used one before, but Majima was very patient in describing safe-words and kink scenes to them the other day (a conversation that left the two of them bright red and Nishiki jerking off in the bathroom afterwards), so he understands how it all works. And he wants to be very, very certain that Kiryu is okay all tied up like this.

“I do,” Kiryu says. “Nishiki, you worry too much.”

“Doesn’t he just?!” Majima says, slotting an arm around Nishiki’s waist so fast he jumps, letting out a humiliating shriek. “Ooh, is that the sound ya make when ya come, Nishikiyama-kun?”

“Shut the fuck up,” Nishiki says, giving Majima a playful, if quite hard, jab in the ribs.

Majima plays it up, letting himself fall off of the bed and screaming like he just got stabbed. “Kiryu-chan, yer boyfriend’s so mean!”

Kiryu chuckles, a delightful smile on his embarrassed face. “Nishiki, don’t bully Majima-no-niisan.”

As Majima howls with laughter, getting back onto the bed, Nishiki places a hand against his chest and lets out the most indignant gasp he can manage, eyebrows raised. “How dare you accuse me of such a thing, Kiryu?”

Another chuckle (he never tires of Kiryu’s laughter). Before Majima can make him jump again, Nishiki shuffles up the bed and gives Kiryu a gentle kiss. “Sorry, kyoudai. Will you forgive me?”

Kiryu smiles, desperately fighting back laughter. “Of course I forgive you.”

Behind him, Majima retches, contorting his face into an ugly grimace. “Eugh, yer so gross.” But then he combs his fingers through Nishiki’s long hair, his expression melting into a gentle smile. “Anyway, are ya both ready?”

“Y-Yeah, I’m ready,” Kiryu says, his little flustered stutter making Nishiki’s chest flutter.

“So am I,” Nishiki says.

Majima grins and flops onto the bed beside Kiryu, reclining on the pillows. Holding the remote in one hand, he wraps his other around his dick and begins to give himself idle strokes as he says, “Gonna start this show for me?”

Rolling his eyes at Majima’s words, Nishiki straddles Kiryu, placing his hands on his hips. Kiryu stares up at him, never taking his eyes from Nishiki’s hands as Majima tosses him the lube and he rubs the packet between his hands, warming it up. Nishiki tears open the packet and pours lube all over his hands, and then hesitates, waiting for a second in case Kiryu wants him to stop. When he just gets a nod and a smile, Nishiki wraps his hands around Kiryu’s dick, rubbing his hands up and down Kiryu’s shaft, coating him with lube and bringing him to hardness.

“Nishiki…” Kiryu whispers.

“Fuck, Kiryu-chan, ya look too hot like this,” Majima says from beside them. Nishiki glances at him, watching Majima fist his cock as he drinks in Kiryu’s shaky breaths, and tries to match the pace as he jerks Kiryu off.

With Kiryu’s eyes still glued to his hands and Majima watching his every movement, Nishiki reaches between his cheeks and carefully grasps the end of the plug sticking out of him. He put it in an hour ago, fucking himself with his fingers in the bathroom (and coming all over his hand as he thought of Kiryu’s cock buried deep inside of him) until the plug could fit snugly inside his ass. He didn’t want to spend ages on prep once the sex began, and Majima agreed, helping Kiryu get the vibrator in not that long after.

Majima watches him pull the plug out, wincing slightly as the widest part eases past his rim, and Nishiki tosses it towards him.

“What the fuck?!” Majima shrieks as the plug lands right beside him, and he dissolves into hysterical laughter.

Nishiki smirks, satisfied when Kiryu lets out a shaky giggle.

“Yer a little shit, Nishikiyama-kun.”

“I aim to please,” Nishiki says, and Majima gives him a playful glare.

Moving almost too slowly, Nishiki wriggles into the right position, tracing some leftover lube around his entrance before grasping Kiryu’s dick once again. Kiryu shudders, whispering his name, and Nishiki keeps waiting, so worried about accidentally hurting him (they’ve never done bondage before, and what if Kiryu hates it and—), and he can tell Majima is getting impatient but says nothing, just jerking off beside them.

“Nishiki… I’m okay,” Kiryu says.

Nishiki nods, smiling. As Kiryu shudders and Majima moans, Nishiki shifts, letting the head of Kiryu’s dick press against his entrance. Kiryu gasps, the sound becoming a hoarse whine when Nishiki sinks down, slowly taking Kiryu’s dick. He gasps too, once again lost in the wonderful feeling of just how big Kiryu is; his girth always stretches Nishiki more than his fingers or a dildo ever could, and he finds his eyes filling with tears, a smile crossing his face.

“Hey, ya okay over there?” Majima asks, staring at the tears brimming in his eyes.

“Y-Yeah, I’m fine,” Nishiki says, bottom lip wobbling. He always cries when Kiryu fucks him; it just feels so amazing that tears spring to his eyes whenever Kiryu is inside of him (the first time he and Kiryu fucked, Kiryu panicked when Nishiki began to sob, tears running down his face as Kiryu moved with uncoordinated thrusts; Nishiki had to kiss Kiryu and explain how he was just so happy the tears started falling, and then Kiryu understood and kissed the tears from his cheeks). “Just…” He gasps, bottoming out as he sits across Kiryu’s hips. He’s so full. He blinks and the tears spill over, trickling down his face. “…happy.”

“Nishiki always cries, Niisan,” Kiryu says like they’re having a normal conversation, like Majima isn’t jerking off watching Nishiki fuck himself on Kiryu’s dick. “He’s okay. Right, Nishiki?”

“Oh, I get ya,” Majima says, grinning. “My…” The smile fades and he clears his throat. “I mean… back when I was young and handsome, my… boyfriend always got super giggly when we fucked.” The smile returns, a fond smile tinged with sadness (and Nishiki wants to ask why bringing this up made Majima look like he wanted to cry before masking it—but he doesn’t want to push it). “Then it’d make me laugh and we’d piss the neighbours off.”

As Majima reminisces, Nishiki plants his hands on Kiryu’s waist and clenches around him. Kiryu gasps, hips thrusting up on reflex, and the adorably embarrassed expression on Kiryu’s face pulls Majima out of his memories.

“Aww, yer so cute, Kiryu-chan,” Majima says. “Watchin’ ya like this is the best thing ever.”

Nishiki eases himself upwards, only to slowly sink down again, and, like Majima, he gets drawn to Kiryu’s bashful expression. He shifts, trying to find his prostate, and tears drip off of his chin, running down his chest.

“Nishiki… can you… go faster?” Kiryu asks. Nishiki still can’t quite believe that such a polite, quite and submissive top exists, but Kiryu is living proof. And whilst Nishiki loves being dominated, seeing his boyfriend so flustered and vulnerable whilst inside him is even better.

“Didn’t know yer such a sub, Kiryu-chan,” Majima says as Nishiki nods, finally locating his prostate and picking up the pace.

Nishiki starts to slam Kiryu’s dick against his prostate, rubbing the sensitive area again and again, and more tears slide down his face, pre-come dribbling down his dick. Kiryu looks at Majima but doesn’t reply, biting his lip after a loud moan escapes his throat.

“H-Hey, don’t tease him, Majima,” Nishiki says, trying not to shudder at the pleasure flowing through him.

“Not teasin’,” Majima says. “It’s hot as fuck. Seems so dominant when he’s slammin’ my head against the sidewalk, but he’s like this in bed? Hottest thing ever.”

“I, I’m right here, guys,” Kiryu says, voice shaking, but his smile shows he’s not really mad. “But… thank you, Majima-no-niisan. I, I’m glad you like… this.”

“Course I do, Kiryu-chan,” Majima says, beaming.

Nishiki moves faster, lifting himself up only to slam straight back down, grinding Kiryu’s dick against his prostate again and again. He wraps his hand around his own dick, stroking himself as he shifts himself up and down, and he’s already seriously out of breath but doesn’t even think about slowing down. Especially when he looks at Kiryu and sees the wonderful flush of arousal on his face and the way his hands clench fists around the bed sheets, visibly trembling.

“Hey, are ya ready to switch it on yet, Kiryu-chan?” Majima asks after maybe thirty seconds of him not talking, waving the remote around in the air like Kiryu needs to be reminded there’s a vibrator inside him right now. “No rush; just askin’.”

Turning his head, Kiryu stares at Majima. He looks at Majima the same way he looks at Nishiki, tenderness and love in his eyes, but Nishiki can’t bring himself to get jealous. He just wants Kiryu to be happy, and Majima, for some reason, makes Kiryu happy (and add the fact that Majima is rather attractive and incredibly horny, Nishiki can’t complain about him joining their relationship), so all Nishiki can do is smile.

“I…” Kiryu swallows and Nishiki stops moving, allowing him a moment to find his words (Kiryu is hardly the most talkative guy, but he always finds it harder to speak during sex; Nishiki knows he’ll get his words out eventually, so you just need to be patient). “Yeah. I’m ready.”

Majima grins. “Remember the rules, Kiryu-chan. Ya better not come…”

And as Kiryu smiles, amused by Majima’s smirk and taunting tone, Majima fiddles with the remote and switches the vibrator on at its slowest setting. And, in a flash of panic and confusion, everything goes wrong.

“Aah!” Kiryu yelps, his whole body jolting like he just got electrocuted and his hips jerking upwards so hard Nishiki almost falls off of him. And the way his voice explodes out of him sounds less like pleasure and more like pain, and Nishiki’s chest goes tight even before Kiryu splutters out, “S-Sunflower! Sunflower!”

“Shit!” Majima cries, almost dropping the remote in his haste to switch it off.

In less than a second, Nishiki springs to his feet, letting Kiryu slide out of him so fast he pulls a muscle somewhere in his ass—and wobbles precariously as he stands on the mattress. And when Majima springs across the bed to untie Kiryu’s wrists, Nishiki wobbles worse than ever, staggers to the side and falls off of the bed.

“Fuck!” Nishiki hits the carpet with a thump, pain jolting up his leg and through his back.

“It’s okay, Kiryu-chan,” Majima says, voice so unnaturally soft as he unties the knots (knots he specifically chose due to the easy, fast way to untie them) and Kiryu’s arms flop onto the pillows.

Kiryu doesn’t speak, and nobody notices how Nishiki sprawls on the floor, groaning in pain. But he doesn’t care, more worried about Kiryu right now. Once the shock of the fall has worn off, Nishiki drags himself to his feet, wincing when he puts too much weight on his left leg—but only looking at Kiryu.

Poor Kiryu has tensed up, eyes screwed shut and discomfort contorting his face. And Nishiki has seen this reaction many times (but never during sex), able to recognise Kiryu in distress instantly; Kiryu’s sense of touch is much more sensitive than Nishiki’s, and when touch starts to hurt, he reacts like this, just like how loud noises still hurt his head. But despite his expertise on Kiryu, Nishiki never expected something like that to happen during sex.

“Kiryu, are you okay?!” he says, collapsing onto the bed. Only when his breathing shudders does he realise the tears have started to fall again; however, he can’t call them happy tears this time.

Majima sits beside Kiryu, not touching him, and continues to mumble soothing words. Nishiki joins him, suddenly very mindful of his erection—but any thought of sex has vanished from his mind.

Slowly, carefully, Kiryu props himself up, letting his eyes open. He looks away from his two partners, embarrassment making even his ears go bright red, and fumbles to pull the vibrator out of him with shaky fingers. He hisses in discomfort and flops onto his side the moment it is out, heaving for breath and bringing his knees up to sort-of curl up. His gaze casts around, still not looking at them both, and focuses on Nishiki’s incredibly obvious and slightly painful erection.

“I’m so sorry,” Kiryu says, voice barely above a whisper.

“What the fuck’re you apologisin’ for, Kazzy?” Majima says, and even the ridiculous nickname doesn’t make Kiryu smile.

Kiryu swallows hard, drags in a shaky breath and brings a hand up to his head. He stokes his fingers through his sweaty hair, and his voice actually cracks as he says, “I r-ruined it.”

“Kiryu, don’t be stupid,” Nishiki says, whilst Majima nods and points at Nishiki as if to say, what he said.

“All ya did was use the safe-word,” Majima says, hand hovering in the air for a few seconds before dropping back onto his thigh (was he deliberating whether to touch Kiryu or not?). “That’s what it’s for.”

“I’m really sorry. It just… it was so much so fast and… it hurt, so I…”

“Ya said the safe-word, Kiryu-chan.” Majima settles with slinging an arm around Nishiki’s shoulders, and Nishiki doesn’t pull away. “Remember what I told ya? If it gets too much or hurts or anythin’ ain’t right, we should say the safe-word—and that’ll make the others stop dead so ya can calm down or explain what’s wrong or just stop.” He sighs. “You didn’t do anything wrong,” Majima says, and Nishiki could swear his accent just slipped.

“Niisan…” Kiryu finally looks up at them, reaches out a shaky hand and clasps Majima’s wrist. He turns to Nishiki and adds, “Kyoudai… Can we… can we hug?”

Nishiki smiles, wiping tears from his face as he gets off of the bed and rushes around the other side. “Sure we can.” He climbs on the bed at Kiryu’s other side and lies beside him, snuggling close. His dick rubs against Kiryu’s thigh and Kiryu flinches—and Nishiki bites back a moan, refusing to acknowledge that right now.

Kiryu manages a smile, resting his head on Nishiki’s shoulder and squeezing when Majima clasps their hands together. “Thank you…”