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Femslash February

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At the sound of Rainbow Dash's voice, Rarity looks up to see her favorite cyan pegasus peeking at her from the edge of a cloud.


"Rainbow, darling! Your timing couldn't be more perfect; I was just on my daily walk through town. Come down and you can join me!"


"Sure." Rainbow jumps off the cloud and lands gracefully on the ground. "Actually, I have somewhere in mind. Mind if we take a quick detour?" Detour? Though confused, Rarity nods and lets her friend trot in front of her, following behind at a decent pace and pony-watching as she goes.


Everypony looks fine as usual, but Rarity can't shake the feeling that something big is about to happen. Rainbow Dash has that kind of energy about her. The pegasus turns and gives Rarity a small smile as she walks, the kind that makes Rarity's heart jump, makes her dare to hope. But she shakes her head, remembering her train of failed romances with Prince Blueblood and Trenderhoof. Don’t jinx it. Keep it together.


“We’re here!” Rarity wouldn’t have noticed Rainbow Dash’s abrupt halt if she hadn’t bumped into her. She looks up to see a wide, empty field of immaculately trimmed grass that swishes with the rhythm of the wind.


“It’s beautiful! Have I been here before?”


“I’ve shown you guys some of my tricks here, so yeah.” The pegasus flies a few feet into the air, looking down at Rarity. “That’s actually what I wanted to show you today.”


“Oh, I love your tricks! I’ll just--” Rarity pulls her picnic blanket out of her satchel and unfolds it to sit on. “Ready!”


Rainbow Dash nods at her, flying up to do some warm-up laps before actually starting her performance. Rarity gazes at the seamless way Rainbow moves: the torque of her body as she spins and the way her wings curve to catch the wind just right. She’s so entranced by these miniature movements that she almost misses the start of the performance, signaled by a rainbow trail forming behind the pegasus. Rainbow speeds to the left until a visible line has formed, suddenly turning on her back to dive-bomb in a downwards parabola finished by a tight upward loop. Really, Rarity thinks with a fond smile, she could be a model if she put as much effort into walking as she did into flying. But she remembers Rainbow’s notorious clumsiness and belligerence at being forced to stand still and realizes it’s probably for the best that the pegasus is so skilled at flying. Rarity continues to admire Rainbow’s precision in a similar manner throughout and rubs at her slightly aching neck. Just as she puts her hoof on the ground, her ears are blasted with the bang of a Sonic Rainboom and the slam of Rainbow Dash landing right beside her. The sound breaks her out of her trance with a yelp.


“Goodness, you needn’t scare me like that!” Rarity huffs, turning to face Rainbow Dash, who’s panting egregiously.


“Sorry. But, um… how was it?”


“Every time you fly is amazing! Why would you ask such a…” Rainbow points at the sky, and Rarity gasps at what she sees. Emblazoned in rainbow is “I <3 you” in cursive with the Rainboom acting as the heart in the middle. Tears well up in Rarity’s eyes as she turns back to an anxious Rainbow Dash, who she immediately tackle-hugs with unprecedented force. She muffles an overjoyed squeal in Rainbow’s shoulder and beams at her when she lets go.


“I’m gonna assume you liked it.”


“I love it!” Impulsively, Rarity leans in and pecks Rainbow Dash on the lips, leaving the pegasus stunned and blushing. “If this is your way of asking me to be your marefriend, then I accept!”


“Uh…” Rainbow Dash says, then snaps herself out of her haze. “Yes! It is! I’m really glad you feel the same way.”

“Of course!” Rarity links her tail with Rainbow’s -- her marefriend’s -- and trots away, dragging the other behind her. She’s thoroughly convinced that she’ll never be happier.