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Femslash February

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At the sound of Rainbow Dash's voice, Rarity looks up to see her favorite cyan pegasus peeking at her from the edge of a cloud.


"Rainbow, darling! Your timing couldn't be more perfect; I was just on my daily walk through town. Come down and you can join me!"


"Sure." Rainbow jumps off the cloud and lands gracefully on the ground. "Actually, I have somewhere in mind. Mind if we take a quick detour?" Detour? Though confused, Rarity nods and lets her friend trot in front of her, following behind at a decent pace and pony-watching as she goes.


Everypony looks fine as usual, but Rarity can't shake the feeling that something big is about to happen. Rainbow Dash has that kind of energy about her. The pegasus turns and gives Rarity a small smile as she walks, the kind that makes Rarity's heart jump, makes her dare to hope. But she shakes her head, remembering her train of failed romances with Prince Blueblood and Trenderhoof. Don’t jinx it. Keep it together.


“We’re here!” Rarity wouldn’t have noticed Rainbow Dash’s abrupt halt if she hadn’t bumped into her. She looks up to see a wide, empty field of immaculately trimmed grass that swishes with the rhythm of the wind.


“It’s beautiful! Have I been here before?”


“I’ve shown you guys some of my tricks here, so yeah.” The pegasus flies a few feet into the air, looking down at Rarity. “That’s actually what I wanted to show you today.”


“Oh, I love your tricks! I’ll just--” Rarity pulls her picnic blanket out of her satchel and unfolds it to sit on. “Ready!”


Rainbow Dash nods at her, flying up to do some warm-up laps before actually starting her performance. Rarity gazes at the seamless way Rainbow moves: the torque of her body as she spins and the way her wings curve to catch the wind just right. She’s so entranced by these miniature movements that she almost misses the start of the performance, signaled by a rainbow trail forming behind the pegasus. Rainbow speeds to the left until a visible line has formed, suddenly turning on her back to dive-bomb in a downwards parabola finished by a tight upward loop. Really, Rarity thinks with a fond smile, she could be a model if she put as much effort into walking as she did into flying. But she remembers Rainbow’s notorious clumsiness and belligerence at being forced to stand still and realizes it’s probably for the best that the pegasus is so skilled at flying. Rarity continues to admire Rainbow’s precision in a similar manner throughout and rubs at her slightly aching neck. Just as she puts her hoof on the ground, her ears are blasted with the bang of a Sonic Rainboom and the slam of Rainbow Dash landing right beside her. The sound breaks her out of her trance with a yelp.


“Goodness, you needn’t scare me like that!” Rarity huffs, turning to face Rainbow Dash, who’s panting egregiously.


“Sorry. But, um… how was it?”


“Every time you fly is amazing! Why would you ask such a…” Rainbow points at the sky, and Rarity gasps at what she sees. Emblazoned in rainbow is “I <3 you” in cursive with the Rainboom acting as the heart in the middle. Tears well up in Rarity’s eyes as she turns back to an anxious Rainbow Dash, who she immediately tackle-hugs with unprecedented force. She muffles an overjoyed squeal in Rainbow’s shoulder and beams at her when she lets go.


“I’m gonna assume you liked it.”


“I love it!” Impulsively, Rarity leans in and pecks Rainbow Dash on the lips, leaving the pegasus stunned and blushing. “If this is your way of asking me to be your marefriend, then I accept!”


“Uh…” Rainbow Dash says, then snaps herself out of her haze. “Yes! It is! I’m really glad you feel the same way.”

“Of course!” Rarity links her tail with Rainbow’s -- her marefriend’s -- and trots away, dragging the other behind her. She’s thoroughly convinced that she’ll never be happier.

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Okay, Sweetie Belle, don't freak out, Sweetie Belle thought, pacing outside the Clubhouse. Rarity said this would work, and you trust her. Just… don't mess it up and you'll be fine. In the distance, hooves thumped against the dirt, and Sweetie Belle looked up to see Apple Bloom running towards her.


"Hi, Sweetie Belle!" Apple Bloom panted. "Sorry I'm late; Scootaloo was just telling me that she couldn't make it today."


"So it's just the two of us, then." Sweetie Belle's stomach dropped as she stepped over the threshold of the Clubhouse door. Of course, she planned to confess before Scootaloo arrived, but the thought of being alone with Apple Bloom still made her tense.


"I guess so." Closing the door, Apple Bloom sat down across from Sweetie Belle. "So, what's business for today?"


"Actually, before we start, I have something for you." Sweetie Belle opened her backpack, gingerly removing the red flower that rested inside the front pouch, and held it out for Apple Bloom could grab. "Here."


"Aw, thanks!" Apple Bloom said through the stem, then set the flower down so that she could speak clearly. "What's the occasion?"


"Uh, I like you?" Realizing how brash that sounded, Sweetie Belle covered her mouth and tried again. "Like… I kinda like-like you. A-and Rarity says that I'm not old enough to date, so this is like a promise flower that we'll date when I'm old enough? Hearts and Hooves Day is coming up soon, but that's in a couple weeks, so this kind of doubles as-- oof! " Apple Bloom interrupted Sweetie Belle's increasingly frantic thoughts with a tight hug, which Sweetie Belle made sure to return once she processed what was going on.


"It's so pretty!" Apple Bloom let go and angled her head for Sweetie Belle to put the flower behind her ear. "And I like you too." She paused, then grinned mischievously. "As in, I kinda like-like you too."


"Stop!" Sweetie Belle shouted, collapsing against Apple Bloom in a giggling fit. She knew she would never live that down, but as long as Apple Bloom accepted the promise flower, she could deal with it.

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The drive home from Nation is a tense one. Susannah’s father remains stoic next to her, shoulders visibly tense under his blue collared shirt, while Susannah folds her hands in her lap and stares intensely at the car floor. Even based on the smoke billowing from the ruins of the old building, he doesn’t believe that his incorruptible daughter could have possibly participated in its burning, instead dragging her away from the other “Garbage Girls”.


There are a great many things Susannah won’t tell her father about juvie, most of them pertaining to Miss Asp’s comment that “something queer” was going on. Gentle Kitty who'd taught her how to light her own cigarette is the first one to come to mind in the metaphorical sense. (Susannah still can't figure out whether Kitty was a crossdresser or not, but the girl had taught her about a new term called "transgender," so she supposes that that's what Kitty is.) Ya-Ya, with her Molotov cocktails and weird little inventions, if the second girl she thinks of, though her queerness is in the literal sense.


Who she tries not to think about is Sheila, the badass, black-haired girl who had captured Susannah's heart more than Francis ever had even in the first few seconds of meeting her. That black leather jacket and thick eyeliner stains her mind like Sharpie. It's like a fever she can't sweat out, but it doesn't feel like a disease. The thought scares Susannah when she realizes it. Queerness is a disease because society says so, she tries to tell herself, but it doesn't work. The burning of Nation is physical proof that Susannah can't pretend to care about what society thinks anymore.


She tries to shake herself back to her senses; tries to imagine marrying a man in Sheila's stead. Wait, no, Francis's stead. Maybe Susannah just misses her boyfriend after watching him and Sheila ride into the sunset, bound for a new life in Mexico. The natural light of the sunset and the flames licking the air had shed such a beautiful orange light on Sheila's pale skin, cradling the girl's cheekbones as tenderly as Susannah had when they kissed…


Who is she kidding? She's a queer now, a full-blown homosexual. Maybe Kitty would be proud of Susannah's revelation, but her parents certainly wouldn't be, and Francis especially would feel wounded were he in Jersey to hear the news.


Just… When Susannah was at Nation, Sheila made her feel like she was supposed to feel with boys. Sneaking out with Francis felt like a chore rather than the (luckily metaphorical) electric shock of accidentally brushing hands with Sheila. Every emotion, for better or worse, had been wrung out of Susannah in Nation, from the devastating emptiness she felt at sending Sheila back to solitary to the fire alight in her heart when the other girl confessed that she felt the same way about her. But can she tell anyone now that she's out of the circle of supportiveness and secret-keeping at Nation? No; at least, not until she turns 18 and can get away from home.


What happened to "revolution in the institution"? Judith might snap at her. Are you just gonna leave that behind now that you're gone? I thought we were in this together. They are in spirit, but… well, nowhere is simple for a black girl, much less a homosexual one, but it felt so easy to resist once Ya-Ya's plan was secured. Susannah just doesn't think she can do it alone. Now that she's back in society, she has to step back into the closet that she'd just come out of, has to find another man to marry, has to act the way they want her to act, no matter how much she doesn't want to act that way, because America does really suck for girls.


All the secrecy and sneaking around with Francis made her sick to her stomach; how can she possibly keep Sheila from her parents? God, why can't Susannah just live honestly? She just wants to be herself without being politicized; most pertinently, held up as an accessory to white people's progressivism. Everything she's going through makes her want to hide away in her room and never come out -- not that her parents would notice -- and scream at the top of her lungs at the same time. But beneath all that, Susannah still aches with sha-la-la, na-na-na, rah-rah-rah for the only one she's ever loved, who she might not ever see again, who's left a permanent tread of leather boots on her heart. She'll just have to hope that singing bop-sha-bop will draw Sheila back to her somehow.

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The truth is, Alana also noticed that Zoe scribbled stars on the cuffs of her jeans. She just hates that Evan Hansen got to say it before her. Evan's a nice guy and Alana knows that he probably doesn't know about her crush on Zoe, but still. She wants to be the one to put that tearful smile on Zoe's face. Instead, Alana gets to be Zoe's confidant as she speaks at length about hey, look at what Evan sent, isn't he funny? He said he likes me! Well, he said Connor liked me, but still.


The number of stars on Zoe's jeans stays stagnant until her foundation crumbles once again. Then, Alana sees her scribbling them aggressively, so much so that she worries the other girl will break her pen.


"You know what's messed up?" Zoe asks.


"What's me-"


"I can't even hate him! He just wanted to make things better, and even though he lied to me, I know he actually had a crush on me! And for a while I liked him too!" Sighing, Zoe rests her chin on her knees. "I just want someone that won't disappear on me, y'know?"


Alana says nothing, just nods and presses herself against Zoe for both of their comfort. She picks the pen up and writes A.B. next to the biggest star.


"Look." She taps the spot she wrote on.


"It's your initials." Zoe turns to her, confused. "Why?"


"To show you I'm not going anywhere." It takes a second, but Zoe realizes the weight of the statement and smiles gently, the first real smile Alana's seen since she and Evan were together. She collapses face-first into Alana's arms and stays there for a while, Alana content to hold her even when her back gets stiff.


They start hanging out -- for real this time, with no precedent of a project founded on lies -- and Alana opens up to Zoe as Zoe did to her. This kind of opening up is different, though, because Alana has someone who truly listens to her anecdotes instead of brushing her off at the first flap of a hand or some awkward interruption. Zoe doesn't even run away when Alana mentions her diagnosis. I like you for you, Zoe had assured her. You don't need to hide. Everything about that made Alana fall deeper for her than she's ever thought possible.


Then Zoe buys a denim jacket, and Alana is proven wrong once again -- it is possible to feel this much in love with someone.


"Can I touch it?" Alana asks, fingers twitching as she tries to resist running them over the coarse fabric. "Would that be weird?"


"I've heard weirder things." Zoe sticks her arm out, and Alana immediately starts rubbing the denim between her fingers. It feels just as satisfying to touch as it looks. Sensory heaven. "Is this, like, a sensory thing?"


"How did you know?"


"When you told me about, y'know, your thing " -- Zoe lowers her voice out of respect for Alana's privacy, even though it's just the two of them -- "I read up on some stuff about it, just in case I thought something was weird and I didn't understand it."


"That's the nicest thing anyone's ever done for me!" Alana gasps without thinking.


"Don't sweat it. I'm your friend."


"Friends, huh?" Alana beams, moving the hand on Zoe's jacket into a handshake position. Why a handshake? She doesn't know, but Zoe snickers and shakes her hand anyway.




The two spend the rest of the afternoon like that, chatting about anything and everything. Alana knows that even if Zoe is straight (and she probably is, given Alana's track record with falling for straight girls), things wouldn't be weird between them if Alana confessed her crush on Zoe. But given everything that's just happened to both of them, she decides to leave it for a better day and continues to fidget with Zoe's denim jacket.

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Veronica's not entirely sure of what she's doing when she impulsively scribbles a forged hall pass on a conveniently-sized scrap of paper from her pocket. Why is she helping the Heathers, of all people? Oh well; she's sure she'll get some kind of payoff after Ms. Fleming leaves.


"Um, actually, Ms. Fleming, the four of us are out on a hall pass." The Heathers and Ms. Fleming turn to Veronica, each with the same incredulous look on their face. "Yearbook committee."


Ms. Fleming steps forward and snatches the paper. "I see you're all listed…" she nods after a moment and hands the fake pass back to Veronica. "Hurry up and get where you're going."


That worked? Veronica marvels as Ms. Fleming walks away. She's forgotten about the Heathers until Heather Chandler, beautiful and intimidating as ever, plucks the note from between Veronica's fingers and actually talks to her.


"This is an excellent forgery. Who are you?" She raises one perfectly plucked eyebrow.


"Uh, Veronica. Sawyer. I crave a boon."


"What boon? "


"Um, let me sit at your table -- just once, no talking necessary. If people think that you guys tolerate me, then they'll leave me alone." Heather Duke and McNamara join Heather Chandler in laughing, but then stop abruptly and look at each other.


"You know… for a greasy little nobody… she does have good bone structure." Chandler turns to McNamara.


"And a symmetrical face. If I took a meat cleaver down the center of her skull, I'd have matching halves. That's very important." Veronica gulps at McNamara's too-casual nod.


"Of course, she could stand to lose a few pounds." Duke sneers from behind the two. There's an awkward pause before the three most popular girls in school encroach on Veronica, sizing her up. For what, she doesn't know, but her face burns under their intense scrutiny.


"You know… she could be beautiful. If we put some mascara and maybe some lip gloss on her, we'd be on our way." Heather Chandler grins schemingly at Veronica. "Heather, blush, and Heather, brush. Let's make her beautiful."


"Let's make her beautiful." Heather Duke and McNamara agree.


"Okay?" Heather Chandler asks, and really, who is Veronica to say no?




"Perfect. Veronica, stand over here so Heather can brush your hair." Heather Duke runs her fingers through Veronica's scalp. It feels… nice. Comforting; like maybe this is where she's meant to be. Then Heather Duke says something that instantly breaks her peace.


"Okay, so we've decided that you're going to be our girlfriend."


"What?!" Veronica screeches, nearly knocking over a bottle of Heather Duke's designer perfume as she slams her hands on the bathroom counter.


"Calm down! We won't tell anyone you're a lesbian or whatever. Nobody knows the three of us are dating." Heather McNamara gently touches Veronica's arm, but that only makes her more shocked.


"You guys are…?" Suddenly, everything about the Heathers makes a lot more sense. The way their arms are always linked when they walk the halls, the way their smiles only seem genuine when they're with each other, and especially the way they systematically ruin the lives of people who call them gay.


"Sit down; you look like you're having a stroke." Veronica does sit, only to startle again when Heather Chandler places her hand on her back.


"C-can I really? Or is this just an elaborate prank and you're going to tell everyone in school I'm bi?"


"We've been looking for a fourth for a while. It was Heather's idea to pick you specifically" -- Heather Duke waves from behind Heather McNamara -- "and it was a coincidence that we found you here."


Before answering with an enthusiastic yes , Veronica briefly runs through the pros and cons of dating the Heathers. Pros: social clout (obviously), three beautiful girls who actively want to kiss her (the dream ), impunity from bullying, and something to brag about in the future. Cons: ...none, now that she thinks about it. The Heathers aren't really the type to date anyone as a prank, even if said dating is a secret; they'd be too actively disgusted by the idea of dating someone deemed unsuitable for their echelon of Westerburg to even think about interacting with them. So that leaves her no choice.


"Okay. I'll be your girlfriend. But if you break up with me, you can't out me to anyone . Got it?"


"Sounds like a deal." Heather McNamara kisses Veronica's cheek, which makes her blush brighter than the Rockefeller Christmas tree at night. "Now, let's do your makeup."

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My dearest, Laurens,


How go your endeavors in South Carolina? You know well of my distaste for the place, but I firmly believe that you and your black battalion have the ability to improve it beyond compare to its current paltry state. I only wish I could be there to help, but alas, my duties at Yorktown continue to require my presence. Oh, Joan, how wonderful it is to finally have a command, but I still yearn for your company.


Our Excellency the Marquise is as always blazing her way through Chesapeake Bay. She misses you as well, and wishes for you to return her correspondence, though not as dearly as I wish for you to respond to this letter.


After the war, you should join me in taking up the toga of government. Our combined force could turn this fledgling nation upside down.


Please survive this war, Joan. I can't lose you. My life as it is requires your spirit at home in my heart, along with Schuyler's black eyes. Come back to me soon.


Ever yours,




[Editor's note: There are things in this letter too obscene to show. For the sake of this, I have crossed them out. —J.C. Hamilton]

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Under the cover of a new Equestrian night, Princess Twilight Sparkle soars through the sky undetected by everypony else. She winds through the brilliant beams of light cast by stars to the best of her ability and ducks under the gentle spotlight radiating from the waxing gibbous moon. The moon looks especially clear and beautiful, but it will never be as beautiful as the princess who controls it, in Twilight’s opinion. In the distance appear the royal purple spires of Princess Celestia and Princess Luna’s castle, barely standing out from the inky black sky. Twilight rushes to her destination, eager as ever to see her lover for another wonderful date. Cold winds threaten to freeze the princess as she hits top speed, but she makes it to the castle balcony nonetheless, only shivering when she lands. On cue, Princess Luna runs out and quickly pulls Twilight into a hug.


“You’re late.” Luna murmurs into Twilight’s coat.


“I’m tired .” Twilight pulls away, rubbing her eyes. “Today was long.”


“Well, you know that you can always stay here if need be. Celestia won’t mind.”


“I know, but” -- Twilight interrupts herself with a yawn -- “what about our relationship being a secret?”


“We’re close enough to sleep facing each other. Well, you’ll be asleep; I’ll be in everypony’s dreams as usual.”


“Of course.”


“Did you know,” Luna starts, taking Twilight under her wing, “that you talk in your sleep sometimes?”


“Oh. Uh, really? What do I say?” Twilight’s face reddens as she hears the other princess chuckle.


“Mostly names, mainly your friends’ and Spike’s. But sometimes I hear my name even when I’m not in your dreams.”


“Wow, how weird! What kind of science do you think is behind that?” Nice dodging the subject, Twilight.


“No science.” Twilight feels Luna kiss the top of her head. “Come on, I have something special planned.”


“Hmm?” Growing increasingly tired, Twilight stumbles forward a bit.


“I got a new book recently, and I figured that I could read it to you since you’re too tired to read it yourself.” That wakes Twilight up. Luna’s voice is like a magic of its own, silkier and more comforting than the princess’s infinitely-pillowed bed and thousand-count sheets. She already loves listening to Luna talk, but listening to Luna read just for her? Twilight is bound to fall asleep within minutes of her starting.


“Yes, please.” Twilight leaps into Luna’s bed, letting the other princess follow her and tuck them both in. Her bleary eyes barely catch the title The History of the Universe engraved in the book’s crisp cover before Luna turns off the overhead light.


“Ready?” Pressing herself flush against Luna, Twilight nuzzles into her soft indigo coat and tangles the princess in her arms.


“As I’ll ever be.”


“Wonderful. So, once upon a time, far before Celestia and I were born…”


True to her thoughts, Twilight drifts asleep halfway through the second chapter glowing with love and encased in Luna’s warmth. She knows she’ll have a restful slumber as long as Luna is there to protect her, and she hopes that Luna feels the same way, because Twilight never wants this to end.

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At any other time, Brooke would love standing in Sephora with Chloe at her side, but right now it couldn't be more awkward. Splinters of their broken friendship litter the ground and crackle in the air, forming emotional poles that force the girls apart. Brooke can't even look at Chloe after everything that's happened; just the sight of her makes her stomach churn. It's probably for the best, anyway. Brooke's eyes well up with tears as she lets her hair fall in front of her face like a curtain. She can't let Chloe see her cry. They haven't even talked to each other since they entered the mall, just walked to Sephora as they always do without needing to speak. One of them has to break the silence. Brooke sighs, preparing to say anything that will make this not awkward, when Chloe points to a sample eyeshadow.


"Here. Try this on." Eyebrows raised, Brooke stares at Chloe as if to point out the audacity of her demanding tone. Chloe sighs deeply, like she's sincerely trying, and Brooke almost feels bad for her. "You're the only person I know who can pull off orange."


"What?" A… compliment?


"Seriously, I don't know how you do it. Orange is ugly as fuck, but you still manage to make it look good somehow."


"Uh… Thanks, I guess?"


"You're welcome." Chloe half-beams, half-smirks at Brooke, clearly proud of her ability to pull off a compliment. "You should try it; I'll put it on you if you want."


"Sure." Swabbing some eyeshadow up with a sample applicator, Chloe steps close enough to put it on Brooke, and it makes her stomach churn for a different reason.


"Close your eyes." Brooke does, thankful that she can't see Chloe's reaction to the blush that's surely growing on her cheeks. She's so absorbed in the warm breath brushing against her cheek that she doesn't even flinch when the applicator touches her eyelid. Chloe's lips are in perfect kissing distance, a fact that Brooke has to purse her lips to not point out, because she knows that doing so would ultimately reveal her underlying crush on her best friend. Finally, Chloe pulls away, and Brooke loosens her stance. She looks in the mirror to see her newly applied makeup and gasps softly. The sunset orange Chloe chose complements Brooke's deep brown eyes and brings out the warm undertone of her skin, along with matching the orange parts of her shirt.


"It's beautiful!"


"Of course it is, it's me who picked it out," Chloe jokes. "Let's go show it off. Should we get yogurt? I'll pay."


"Sure, if you're paying," Brooke teases. She moves to walk next to Chloe, much happier exiting than entering Sephora. With a sprouting confidence that their friendship will regrow -- maybe even turning into something more -- Brooke again ducks her head, but this time, it's to hide a blush instead of tears. It'll take a long time for her to truly forgive Chloe, but that's perfectly okay. At least Brooke knows that Chloe's making an effort.

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Satisfied with your progress on Little Homeschool's administrative work, you stuff the paperwork in its appropriate folder and slide the folder back in its drawer. In theory, you could keep going until you finish, but Steven likes it when you "take it easy," and you've found that doing so greatly improves your concentration in subsequent working sessions. So you decide to finish up for the night and try to find Lapis. She'd finished her own work about two hours before you, and had mentioned she was "going somewhere," but you were so engaged in your work that you can't recall where she said she'd go.


Lapis is usually at the Temple when she's not at the barn, so you take the warp and are quite pleased with your logic when you see her standing on the porch. You knock to let her know you're there before stepping outside.


“Hey, Peridot.” You stare at the other gem, who gazes intensely at the stormy ocean in the distance. In the nearly black water, a full moon reflects, its gravity stirring up high spring tides.


"What are you… doing out here? I thought you didn't like the ocean anymore."


"Well..." Lapis tears her gaze away from the ocean and looks at you instead, and the glint in her eyes from the starlight makes your nonexistent heart metaphorically pound. "Out of every newcomer to Earth, you understand most how hard it is to break away from what you were made for."


"Now that you mention it, yes, I do understand that the most."


"When Steven and I went to stop the other Lapises from terraforming, I was worried about how they were mistreating the Earth. I didn't know what to expect from them, or from myself. But when I got to where they were working, Steven pointed out how beautiful everything was, and it was like I was seeing organic life for the first time all over again. It hit me all at once how much I've changed since I came to Earth. Then we saw the other Lapises cut a cliff perfectly down the middle with water, and that made me realize that even though I have issues with the ocean, it's still part of the Earth I've come to appreciate.


"Other planets have oceans too, but Earth's is so… different. Everything in it just works on its own. Nobody has to artificially control the life in the ocean like Lapises had to do in space; it works everything out by itself. Everything about Earth's oceans is so unique -- everything about Earth is unique. I can see why Pink Diamond wanted to protect it. But at the same time, it's hard to adjust to life on Earth, even though I've been living here for… almost five Earth years. And the other Lapises are right: without orders from the Diamonds, I feel kind of aimless. We have Little Homeschool and I have my morps, which I love, but the concept of freedom and breaking the mold is still hard for me to grasp. Gems are made to do certain things and forced to be satisfied with doing them.


"So, to answer your question, how I feel about the ocean is complicated. I still feel like I have to like it, but I do genuinely like it, but at the same time it reminds me of all the terrible things that Jasper did to me and that I did to Steven and the Crystal Gems when I was freed from the mirror. It's gonna take me awhile to figure it out." Lapis takes a deep breath, and all you can do is continue to stare at her, because breaking the silence now feels disrespectful. You turn to the ocean and watch the waves crash on the shore below, forcefully pulling the sand back into the water. Lapis looks at you expectantly, so you say the only thing that you can think of saying, even though you've said it before.


"Well, no matter how you feel, I'll be there figuring it out with you." Suddenly, you feel warmth engulf your left side, and you start to thrash before realizing that Lapis is hugging you. You wrap your arms around her and savor the rarity of the moment. She looks down at you with so much appreciation when you break away that you think you might explode, and it hits you: this is what being in love feels like.


"Thanks, Peri. I'll be there for you too."


"You're welcome." You warp back to the barn with Lapis, and all you can think about is the moon, the ocean, and your best friend.

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Rushing as fast as her Mary Jane-clad feet can take her, Nagisa hurries to catch the last of the Étoile competition. Her classmates wave at her as she runs up the stairs to the top of the viewing tower for the horse race. She almost trips several times, one instance causing her to twist her ankle a bit, but she still rushes until she reaches the top floor. Nagisa dabs the sweat from her forehead with her kerchief before finally arriving at the safety railing. Where, oh where, is her knight in shining armor? No signs of her appear immediately, so Nagisa leans over the railing a bit more than necessary to get a better look. They should be at least halfway around the track right now, she muses, so I should be able to see her. Nagisa takes the risk of stepping onto the first rung of the railing -- she really doesn’t want to miss the sight of her lover on a horse -- but realizes too late that the railing isn’t quite as corrugated or as tall as she thought. Her footing slips, and her sweaty hands let go of the railing by instinct, which sends her tumbling to the ground.


Nagisa shrieks, at first in surprise, but then in terror as she distantly hears hooves thunder on the ground. The contestants are getting closer, and she’s falling faster, and what if none of them see her? What if she falls right under the horses’ hooves and gets trampled to death? What if she gets a concussion from hitting the ground too hard?


I should have kissed her, Nagisa frets as she continues to scream. I should have told her I loved her. I shouldn’t have worried about Kaori. Hands clasped in prayer, Nagisa looks to the sky in one final hope for salvation.


Please, God, send me an angel. The nicest angel you have…



With a rush of wind, Nagisa’s back thumps against hard leather, and her body collides with that of another girl as she lands in her lap. Shizuma’s pale green eyes flit from Nagisa’s face with a look of concern to the track ahead of her with a look of intense concentration. Everything blurs for Nagisa as Shizuma’s horse thunders forward at an impossible speed and eventually screeches to a halt, the cheering of audience members surrounding the pair from all sides. Shizuma, ever graceful even in distress, dismounts her horse, and Nagisa takes her offered hand once her vision clears. No sooner than Nagisa’s feet hitting the ground does Shizuma pull Nagisa’s body flush against her own.


“What were you thinking? ” Shizuma hisses in her ear.


“I’m sorry,” Nagisa responds. “I just wanted to see you.”


“I could have lost you.”


“I wasn’t thinking.” Shizuma shoves Nagisa by the shoulders a bit, which causes Nagisa to grimace. What if Shizuma doesn’t love her anymore? Then, in front of God and everyone, Shizuma pulls Nagisa up by the collar and kisses her with unprecedented force. Nagisa tenses with surprise, but melts into the kiss as it continues, feeling fireworks alight in her chest. Nagisa stands there in a daze when Shizuma pulls away, more enraptured by the elegance and mystery of the girl in front of her than she’s ever been.


“Looks like we have an audience.” Shizuma smirks, tilting her head to the circle of girls around them, most of whom have started screaming in delight.


“Um… yeah.” Nagisa clings to Shizuma’s hand as an anchor, then remembers part of the reason why everyone is screaming. “Wait. You won!”


“Oh, right, the competition. Guess I was so busy kissing you that I forgot.”


Shizuma… ” Nagisa buries her face in her hands. Someone taps her on the shoulder, and she spins around to see Hikari smiling at her.


“Hi, Nagisa! Congrats about the competition, and about Shizuma.” Hikari winks.


“Thanks. And you too with Amane.”


“Thank you. I’m really happy…” Hikari, enamored and pink in the face, turns her head to where Amane is shaking hands with Shizuma as the second place winner. The other pair of girls heads back to Nagisa and Hikari.


“Congrats, Nagisa.” Amane wraps her arm around Hikari, who instantly cuddles up to her. “I bet you and Shizuma are gonna be really happy.” Nagisa giggles as Amane ruffles her hair.


“We will.” Shizuma pulls Nagisa back by her side in a possessive gesture. “Amane, we should go to the stage and find Chikaru. I bet she came in third after we finished.”


“Right; we should go. Hikari, come on.” Nagisa watches as Amane takes Hikari’s hand and practically drags her away. Hikari waves goodbye at Nagisa, which she mirrors before turning to face Shizuma.


“What do you say? Want to get out of here?” Shizuma asks. Nagisa grabs her hand and nods determinedly.

“Let’s go get your crown, Étoile .”

Chapter Text

Miah arrives at Christine's house to see her girlfriend on her couch smirking mischievously, something clearly behind her back.


"Um… whatcha got there?" Miah asks, Christine's infectious smile spreading onto her face.


"A smoothie." Christine fires back.


"Oh, really?"


"Okay, no, but I wanted to do something." Christine unveils her phone as the mystery object. "I have a theory involving you, but I want to record my experiment and put it on TikTok. Do you trust me? It won't be bad."


"I guess so. What do I do for the experiment?"


"C'mere, you." Christine pats her lap and rearranges herself so that Miah can sit comfortably in it. Miah's face heats up at the close proximity, despite the fact that they've been much closer than this. Navigating to TikTok, Christine opens a new video and switches to selfie mode before pressing record. "Hey, guys! It's Christine again, and this time I'm here with my girlfriend Miah."


"Hi, everyone. Nice to meet you." Miah gives a mini-wave to the camera.


"Check this out." Christine's soft hand cups the back of Miah's neck, pulling her face closer until she's able to give her a quick kiss. Miah's jaw goes slack and her face feels like a pool of lava. Grinning widely, Christine finishes the video, and Miah resettles next to her on the couch.


"W-what was that?" Miah stammers. "If you wanted to kiss me, you could've just asked!"


"Your face gets really red when I kiss you and it's adorable, so I wanted to show everyone." Christine pulls the TikTok up on her phone, and sure enough, Miah sees her face go beet red after Christine's kiss.


"Christine! It's embarrassing !"


"False! It's cute, and you can't prove me wrong."


"Hmm… Well, maybe so, but I can do this ." On semi-impulse, Miah swiftly leans in to land a solid peck on Christine's cheek, watching in satisfaction as her girlfriend's cheeks turn pink.


"You kissed me? In my good Christian home?!" Christine gasps, acting affronted.


"First of all, you're not Christian, and secondly, if these walls could talk--"


" In my good Christian home! "


"If you say so." Cuddling up to her girlfriend, Miah sighs calmly, ready for another chill date filled with many more kisses.

Chapter Text

In another world, Pink Diamond becomes Rose Quartz.


In another world, Rose Quartz decides that diamonds and pearls are equal life forms.


In another world, Rose Quartz runs off with her a terrifying renegade Pearl who makes her heart sing with excitement and possibility.


In another world, Rose and Pearl lead an ever-expanding group of gem rebels in a war against the Diamonds, and win by an almost invisible margin.


In another world, Rose spends an era by Pearl's side, watching clouds drifting through the endless sky. There is no war and there are no secrets, just an ordinary Rose Quartz and an ordinary Pearl who decided to be together.


In another world, Rose discovers a new species: humans. These organic life forms are different from the rest; they write, they study, and they love endlessly. Many humans pass through Rose's life, each as appealing and entertaining as the next, and Pearl gets put to the sidelines in Rose's games of love. Even so, Rose assures Pearl that she is the only one for her at the end of each day.


In another world, Pearl demands things from Rose Quartz. She would never have demanded things from her Diamond on Homeworld, but now that they’re free, Pearl can be as possessive as she wishes. She steals rough kisses from Rose, running her hands down Rose’s body and delighting in the way Rose tells her how amazing it makes her feel. Maybe it’s a bad idea, doing the unimaginable with a former Diamond, but the young renegade is determined to make Rose see that she’s a better lover than any human or other gem could ever be.


In another world, it’s just Pearl and Rose for several centuries. Pearl is the center of her Diamond’s leader’s attention for an unbroken two hundred Earth years. Nights spent with Rose during that period are the best: no humans for Rose to worry and feel guilty about, so Pearl is the sole witness and tester of everything that Rose can do with her form. It's everything Pearl could ever hope for, both as a Pearl and as an independent being. Sometimes, though, Garnet looks at Pearl like she's a storm cloud on the verge of bursting, and only shakes her head when asked why. Were Pearl a human with need for rest, she'd be sleepless with her thinking at night.


The end of Rose's two hundred year-long "break" from humans comes to an abrupt end in 1988 with one Greg Universe. Pearl despises the relationship: what is a Diamond, of all things, doing with a human whose prefrontal cortex is barely past development? Rose, however, tells Pearl to lighten up, because she thinks Greg is "funny" with his music about space and his bending over backward to please her. What Rose apparently fails to remember is that she and Pearl were actually in space for millennia and that Rose has been the central focus of Pearl's entire existence in one way or another. Greg, Pearl realizes from Rose's endless talking, is too similar to her, so it's her mission to remind him of his place as a fleeting human plaything, not a gem good enough to be a former Diamond's lover.


Rainbow Quartz does nothing to drive Greg away. In fact, it only brings Rose and Greg closer, and drives Pearl away from Rose with her now unhidden jealousy. Nights once filled with pleasure have turned into distressing scream-filled fights about Rose and Greg's relationship and how Pearl should stop interfering because apparently this human is different, and Rose is pregnant now, so Pearl has to give her up.


Rose is… pregnant. Due to die in nine months. She's giving up her life for a human who will inevitably die instead of choosing to stay with Pearl, who is immortal and has made her happy for seven thousand years.


So much for all Rose's talk about how much Pearl meant to her, Pearl thinks as she watches Rose go to a human doctor with Greg.


So much for all of Pearl's support and loyalty, Pearl thinks as she feels Rose's son kick.


So much for our love, Pearl agonizes as she screams. Rose's diamond flashes with a blinding light, eventually implanting itself in the navel of a newborn boy who joins her in her screaming.


But this is not that world. This is Homeworld, where Diamonds must rule and Pearls must serve, and the two must never fall in love. So Pink Diamond mourns for everything that could be, instead choosing to ignore her Pearl when she asks if she's okay.

Chapter Text

Amethyst can't go anywhere in the house without Holo-Pearl accosting her, and it's really annoying. For example, she just got back from an outing with Garnet, still relishing in her buzz, only to see Holo-Pearl standing in the doorway.


“DO YOU WISH TO ENGAGE IN COMBAT?” Holo-Pearl draws her sword and stares blankly at Amethyst.


"Ugh, gross ." Amethyst swats at Holo-Pearl's form, but her hand just phases through it. "Go away." She slinks off to her room, the one place she knows Holo-Pearl can't come, and collapses in her trash pile.


It's not like Amethyst misses the real Pearl or anything; Holo-Pearl is just so unwelcome that dealing with Pearl seems like a walk in the park. Also, the other gem actually helps with things instead of constantly talking at Amethyst, and she has more than a one-track mind when they do talk. The compliments she sometimes gives aren't exactly unwelcome either…


Fine, she misses Pearl, but it's not like missing her will bring her back anytime soon. Neither will pining for her even though she's clearly not over Rose, but that's apparently coming back now that Amethyst's mind is unoccupied. Her cute poof of pastel pink hair that Amethyst loves to ruffle, the graceful way her slender figure moves in battle and the synchronicity of her spear with her opponent's movements… geez, even her anger at Amethyst is endearing. 


More than that, Amethyst misses pre-Greg Pearl. Her teammate actually had a sense of humor and mischief unlike the stuck-up gem that she is now. Amethyst would get into all kinds of shenanigans, watching as Pearl led by example, and she'd look up at Pearl through rose-colored glasses, because the other gem is just so great .


There's no more pretending that it's a case of Amethyst having her wires crossed and wanting to be Pearl instead of wanting to be with Pearl. Nope, this is full-on stupid sappiness. The thought of telling Pearl how she feels when the other gem reforms crosses her mind, but she quickly dismisses it, because there's no hope of confessing now if she's been saying she'll get to it centuries. Either way, she's stuck with an invasive robot version of the real Pearl for now. Maybe Amethyst can persuade Garnet to go to Funland with her later. After all, messing around in a park with a different gem might reignite the spark in her heart.

Chapter Text

Knock knock-knock-knock knock, knock knock.


Pearl sets her teapot on a heat absorber before going to answer the door. When she opens it, Spinel is standing on the doorstep, hands folded in front of her.


"Oh! Hello, Spinel. Come in; I was just making some tea for myself."


"Tea? What's that? Can I have some?" Spinel inquires.


"It's a human beverage. I'll make you a cup while you make yourself at home."


Counterintuitive as it may be to welcome someone who wiped the gems' memories into their home, it's not as if Pearl hasn't done similar things before. Peridot has tried to shatter the Crystal Gems on more than one occasion and Lapis nearly drowned Steven, and they're now Crystal Gems themselves; even the Diamonds are no longer trying to recolonize and destroy Earth. But all of those events were triggered by one common denominator: Steven's want for peace. And he's no longer here. So… why is Spinel here?


"What brings you all the way from Homeworld?" Pearl asks, bringing each of their cups of tea to the dining table, the requisite coasters underneath. "I think Steven is with Greg right now, so he's not available if that's who you--"


"Actually, I wanted to talk to you." Spinel replies. Her expression is uncharacteristically serious, and Pearl realizes why when the other gem elaborates: "About Pink."




Silence fills the rest of the house for the first time in ages. Not for the first time, everything in Pearl's field of vision reminds her of Pink, because most of it was here when she gave birth to Steven. Now that Spinel is probably going to prompt Pearl to recall memories that she's tried to repress for sixteen years, all the emotions tied to those memories are rushing back. There's no point in wiping off the tear running down her face.


"Um. What… about Pink?" The question comes out obviously strained.


"It's not… really about Pink, except it kind of is. We both feel really strongly about her, and it's obviously causing some tension between us. I thought it would be nice to talk it out so we could be friendlier. Kinda like in the old days, but not exactly like the old days, because you would still be Pink's Pearl instead of just Pearl."


"I understand." It would be nice to regain Spinel's friendship; she was always the star next to Pink's sun at court, and Pearl never failed to have fun when the other gem was nearby. "You should speak first, because you're the one who had this idea and I'm not sure what exactly you want to talk about."


"Pink abandoned me." Pearl gasps sharply, hand flying up to cover her mouth. Even after everything she's learned about her former lover, Pearl can't believe Pink would do something so cruel, especially to a gem who seemed so close to her.


"Oh my stars! Spinel, I'm so sorry." Spinel only smiles ruefully at Pearl before continuing.


"It started like any other day. We went out to the garden to play, me holding Pink's hand and her… waiting. I thought she was waiting to play, but obviously I know that wasn't the case.


"Pink took me to the spot where we usually played games and said she had a new one to play. 'This'll be so much fun!' I said back. 'Stand very still,' she told me, 'I'll show you how it's done.' She was my Diamond and my friend- well, I thought she was my friend- so naturally, I copied her standing still. And do you know what Pink did next? Smiled; she smiled. I was made to make Pink smile, right? I'd fulfilled my purpose as a gem. So, still standing there, I watched-- she-- Pink just-- left me there! Warped away like I was nothing. What a joke! The worst part is that I thought she'd be right back, but that was the last time I ever saw her.


"Then I waited. I just… stood there for 6,000 years. Was I playing the game wrong and that's why Pink hadn't come back yet? Every night I wondered the same thing, staring up at the sky as I looked for a warp signal. But I was still happy because I thought I was making Pink happy." Spinel pauses, searching for words, and Pearl instinctively reaches her hand out to comfort the other gem. She squeezes it with a vengeance.


"And then… Pink's Diamond Line rang. Finally, she was calling me, telling me when she was coming back! I would see her again! And then… Steven came on screen, broadcasting to everyone in the entire universe that the war was finally over. It all came together: Pink didn't exist anymore, survived by her son, Garnet, Amethyst, and you ." Furious tears streaming down the black streaks on her face, Spinel glares at Pearl. "Isn't that lovely and cool ? And P-Pink was so cruel , I couldn't process it, so I just came to Earth, because all I could think about was how much of a fool I had been! F-for 6,000 years , I waited for her, and she treated me like I was nothing !" Punctuating the last word with a pull of her pigtails, Spinel ends her story, then adds with a doleful smile: "Anyway, you know the rest."


"I do. Spinel, if Pink had told me about any of this, I would have made her come back, I promise ." How could she? Pearl thinks, not for the first time. Spinel looks so small and helpless that Pearl’s protective instincts kick in. “Here, why don’t you drink some tea? It might make you feel better.” Lifting the cup to her lips, Spinel takes a sip and immediately scrunches her nose.


“Gross! Tastes like leaf water.” Even in these circumstances, Pearl can’t help but giggle, still smiling as she drinks her own tea. Still warm enough to calm her down. Before she knows it, she’s had half a cup. She continues to drink when Spinel starts to talk again.


"You know, I kind of hated you." Pearl chokes on her tea mid-sip at the sudden statement and covers her mouth with one hand. "When I came to Earth, you were my least favorite of the gems besides Steven, and that’s only because he was Pink once.”


“Um. Why?”


“Pink loved you. She looked at you like you were precious, even when I was around. You were the one taking up all her attention- I mean, she left me to be with you on Earth! I didn’t like her like that, but still, she meant a lot to me, and you took her away from me. It’s because you were there that she left.” Oh. Oh. Spinel feels about Pearl the same way Pearl once felt about Greg. Luckily, Pearl is cordial with Greg now, but it took her decades to even consider talking to him.


“I understand. In fact, I felt the same way about Steven’s father when he came into Pink’s life, because he was keeping her away from me. But we managed to overcome it by, well, talking, just like you suggested. If you still hate me, it’s okay.”


“Actually… I don’t hate you anymore. Sure, you took her away, but she didn’t leave just because of you. She was selfish, and it hurt both of us. Like I said, I really want to be friends again, or at least talk like we did back then.” Shapeshifting an extended arm and a giant but still shakeable hand, Spinel reaches out, smiling sheepishly. “So… Can we be friends again? I really like you.” Pearl laughs at Spinel’s antics, taking her hand and shaking it firmly.


“Friends.” There’s a single tear running down Pearl’s face, but this time, it’s from the relief of her chest relaxing.


“Hey, don’t cry! I taught myself a song for when I cry, wanna hear it?” Spinel walks to the area between the living room and kitchen before Pearl can answer and forms a heart over her head. “It goes like this: Right here, right now, I’ll love again; I’ve already found someone. Sing it with me!”


“Well, okay!” Pearl moves in front of Spinel and forms a much more rigid heart over her head. “Right here, right now, I’ll love again; I’ve already found someone.”


“Just like that!” Spinel grins radiantly at Pearl, opening her arms for a hug. Once Pearl nods, Spinel practically lunges at her, wrapping her arms around her five times. Pearl’s insides are filled with warmth as she hugs Spinel back, reminding her of how she used to feel around Pink. But this time, there’s no risk behind her feelings, because there’s no question that the gem in front of Pearl has more than enough love to spare for her.

Chapter Text

Veronica wakes up from last night’s party tired as hell, only being slammed with the force of her hangover headache when she tries to sit up.


“Jesus, Jesus, ow. ” Veronica rubs her eyes intensely as if the action will make her remember what happened last night. Actually, she knows what happened -- she threw up on Heather Chandler’s heels and was promptly ousted from the party -- but doesn’t know where to go from there. She instinctively reaches for the phone at her bedside, and, before she knows it, dials Heather's number.


"Who is it." Chandler deadpans, voice still raspy with sleep. That's kind of hot.


"Hi, Heather." Veronica responds casually.


"What do you want? I told you last night to get out."


"Actually, I wanted to apologize for last night." There's a pause on the other end of the line, which presumably means that Chandler is considering Veronica's offer.


"Make me a prairie oyster and I'll consider it."


"Gotcha. See you in a bit."


The sight of the Chandlers' mansion-house always makes Veronica feel underdressed, even when stopping by for quick visits like this, where Her Majesty herself will probably only be in a robe. Images of Heather's pale, smooth skin and endless legs barely covered by pink silk flash through Veronica's mind, and though she manages to stop her thoughts before they escalate, the twisting sensation in her stomach doesn't fade away. Jesus.


Veronica's been to Heather's house so often that she knows exactly where everything to make a prairie oyster is located. She mixes the hangover cure without delay and makes her way to Heather's room, determined to get this apology over with as soon as possible. Though Heather probably knows she's here by the noise in the kitchen, Veronica knocks anyway, stepping past the threshold after Heather shouts "come in!" The blonde is posed luxuriously on her king-sized bed in the same robe she always wears when lounging, kick-starting Veronica's heartbeat to a steady trot.


"I knew you'd come back to me." Heather sneers.


"Yeah, whatever." Veronica rolls her eyes, bringing the mug of prairie oyster to Heather's night table. "Look, I really am sorry about the lip gloss Gestapo comment. It was extreme, I shouldn't have said it, and I just want things to be cool between us again. Okay?"


"...Fine. But if it happens again, I won't let you off so easy." Heather quickly swallows the drink, makes a face, and hands the mug back to Veronica. "See you at school."


"You too." Once she's sure she's out of earshot, Veronica sighs with relief. She's genuinely relieved that she and Heather managed to work things out before school tomorrow. After washing the mug and putting it back, Veronica steps back into her shoes at the front door, leaving the Chandler house for now.


When she arrives home, Veronica immediately collapses back into bed. Because she finished her homework before the party, she has all of today to relax, be relieved, think gay thoughts about Heather, and scream into her pillow because she can't be out to the public in 1988. How very.

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Eleanor isn't cock-shy by any means, but she's still a little barfy as she waits at Tahani's doorstep. It's just a hookup, she tells herself. That's all. You're not in love with her or anything. Just to be sure, Eleanor reaches deep inside her soul, finds the possibility of romance, and represses it, putting the bottled emotion on her psychological shelf. Perfect. The enormous door creaks open a moment later, Tahani standing behind it.


"Come in." Eleanor steps inside, takes one look at Tahani, and knows she's a gone woman. That forking white robe hides absolutely nothing, especially not the cleavage Eleanor can't stop staring at. She slams Tahani against the wall and kisses her with more hunger than she's felt for anyone in years, hands feverishly feeling over the other woman's body, and Tahani responds in kind once she gets over the shock. Everything melds so quickly into the rush of silk and flame that Eleanor almost forgets she's still downstairs. Hands cup her shoulders, pushing her away, and Tahani nods toward her spiral staircase with a bemused smirk.


"Bedroom." Eleanor commands.


"Of course." Tahani takes her hand until the two of them reach the stairs, then releases it with a lingering pull. She starts walking, but Eleanor is standing stock-still, because damn . Those long legs, flexing with each step, go on forever , and the curve of Tahani's ass just will not quit. "Are you coming?" Eleanor's mouth goes dry at Tahani's look of satisfaction, and all she can do is nod and continue to follow. Eventually, they reach Tahani's bedroom, and Eleanor immediately closes the door.


"What do you have under there?"


"Well…" Carefully undoing the large bow at the front of her robe, Tahani lets it teasingly slide off her lithe shoulders, until finally the thing opens. A black lace bra cups her perfect breasts, and matching panties made of only lace cover her lower half.


"Oh, fork me , that's hot." Tahani collapses onto her queen-size bed before Eleanor can push her down. "I feel underdressed." Eleanor pulls off her own jeans to reveal a simple pair of clingy gray boxers. She starts to undo her pale blue flannel, but realizes hey, dumbash, there's a hot girl in front of you and stops halfway through. Settling between Tahani's legs, she sees how wide they're already spread, and looks between them to find a wet patch already forming on the crotch of her panties. Entranced by the wetness, Eleanor starts rubbing Tahani through the front of the lace. The breathy moan she gets in return is so wonderful that she just rubs harder.


"So good, Eleanor, it's so good." Tahani praises.


"You're already so wet for me, aren't you?"


" Yeah ."


"Well," Eleanor says, spreading Tahani's perfect, smooth inner thighs with one hand, "let's see if you can live up to all your teasing."

Chapter Text

Sapphire is made from ice, but Ruby ignites the flame hidden in her core. She's always rising higher, burning along with the stars that twinkle every night, with Ruby as her Polaris. When Sapphire feels frozen in place, Ruby is there to melt away the ice and push her to take the risky path. It's the perfect yin-yang balance that everybody strives to achieve.


All that makes Garnet even better. Ruby's fire and Sapphire's ice combined make for an electric combination—literally and figuratively. Everything about being fused with this wonderful gem of fire certainly electrifies Sapphire, setting her ablaze with passion, both to preserve the Earth and to do right by Ruby.


Of course, things don't always work out in the heat of passion. Ruby and Sapphire's fights can make entire rooms freeze over and burn down all at once just because they care so much. Things, as they always do, end up normal in the end, something Sapphire can easily see, but sometimes it's fun not to play the part of stoic clairvoyant that Homeworld demanded of her so long ago. Then Ruby literally swept Sapphire off her feet, involuntarily fusing into Garnet for the first time, and both of their lives changed forever. So Sapphire decides to convert her smoking anger back into fiery love and re-fuse with Ruby, because she would be nowhere without her.


Sapphire promised to stay with Ruby for better or for worse on their wedding day, a promise that she knows she'll keep regardless of any fights the two may have. She's looked into the future after every fight, and each path shines brighter than any beacon on Earth, blinding with hot white flame. There are no futures without Ruby in them, and Sapphire's life is so much better for it.

Chapter Text

As both a lover and a former Diamond, you feel helpless to protect your Pearl. Not that she needs protection—she's a fantastic swordswoman, elegant and light on her feet in battle—but with her freedom comes a recklessness you've only seen during your collective impulse decision to escape Homeworld. The problem is that Pearl has started throwing herself in front of you to protect you from being poofed because you're "too important." You can't convince her otherwise, and it's not for lack of trying. Every single argument you can think of, you've brought up for Pearl's consideration, but she's managed to rebut you at every turn.


Just because I'm the leader of the Crystal Gems doesn't mean you're not important, Pearl. was met with Exactly! I'm your subordinate; I should be the first one to be poofed if someone attacks.


I know you know how to fight; you can poof any gem before they hurt either one of us. Pearl had shaken her head and responded Yes, but I'm just a Pearl. I'm not built for fighting.


But I love you. You'd insisted, pleadingly grabbing her lithe hand. I love you too, Rose. On bended knee, Pearl had kissed your hand, looking up at you with a sad smile and watery pale blue eyes. Everything I do, I do it for you. I'm your knight.


Oh, stars, thinking about that makes your heart flutter, even though by all accounts you should feel deeply disgusted with yourself. After all, it's your fault that Pearl is fatally dependent on you. You felt the selfish need to give her that one final order—to not speak of your true identity to anyone else—and you're still so selfish that seeing Pearl's unhealthy declarations of devotion to you makes your chest warm. Still, you don't want her to keep getting poofed, because you hate seeing her hurt and you hate waiting weeks for her to reform.


But… do you love her as a Diamond or as an equal? You always want her around, and her sacrifices still please you. You'll always be a Diamond at heart. The thoughts cross your mind, and you shake them out. Your love is something between equals; if it weren't, you wouldn't spend hours listening to her passionate talks about whichever subject is on her mind, and you wouldn't want to hold or kiss her. Besides, it doesn't matter how you love Pearl, just that you love her enough to want to protect her. Pearl is your knight, but even the best knights need a shield, and you'll keep making that shield as long as you feel like your love needs protecting.

Chapter Text

As with many emotional states Catherine has found herself in, this particular one is Anne’s fault. During No Way in the queens’ latest performance, Catherine felt someone’s fingers brush against her lower back while the others were backup dancing behind her, and turned around to see Anne wink and blow a kiss in her direction. That had gotten her flustered for the rest of the show. Her feelings had only intensified when she, intending to hurt Anne, decided to pull her hair as revenge during their fight scene, but had only gotten a small moan instead of an ouch from the other queen. Now Catherine’s stuck in the changing room with Anne post-stagedoor, because the others had gotten to leave early, having fewer fans that wanted to speak to them. Her eyes are glued to the bewitching brunette’s body, lingering on the black lace bra cupping her tits just the right way.


“What?” Anne questions. Catherine looks up to see her head cocked to the side, an “innocent” smile on her preppy red lips. A temptress indeed. Crossing the room, Catherine stops just inches from Anne, poking the tip of her nose with a gold-painted fingernail.




“Me? What did I do this time?”


“I know you know what you did. What was that touch during No Way for? Personal space is a thing, Anne, and you need to respect it!”


“Calm down , Catalina. I was just teasing. Plus,” Anne gestures to Catherine, who only has her bra and panties on, and then to herself, still shirtless, “I think this is much more intimate.”


“Don’t-don’t say it like that. And don’t think I didn’t notice you using my Spanish name to appease me!”


“I know you noticed it; that’s why I said it. Hang on, I’m gonna get comfy.” Walking to the nearest table, Anne hops back onto it, Catherine quick to follow. She steps between Anne’s dangling legs and glares at her with as much authority as possible… then pulls her in for a swift kiss. The other queen gasps against Catherine’s lips, but returns the kiss with the same amount of force once she realizes what’s going on. Long nails rake at Catherine’s scalp as Anne pulls her in to deepen the kiss, Catherine grabbing Anne’s smooth shoulders to steady herself, moaning once she feels Anne’s tongue prod at her lips. She gladly lets her in, caressing her own tongue against Anne’s. Catherine only pulls away from the kiss once her lungs call out for oxygen. The two queens pant against each other’s lips, their foreheads pressed together. Anne’s mouth hangs open in bewilderment, her hazel eyes wide, blushing a pretty pink.


Damn .” she says, echoing Catherine’s thoughts. “You have, uh, some of my lipstick on your lips.” Gently lifting Catherine’s chin, Anne licks the tip of her thumb and smudges it against Catherine’s lips, showing her the red remnants.


“You’re a really good kisser.” Catherine says. “No wonder Henry liked you so much.”


“Ew, ew, ew , can we not talk about our ex when we literally just finished making out?” Anne wrinkles her nose, blushing again at her own wording.


“Sure, sure.” Catherine smiles at her and steps away to get dressed. The two of them silently change into their street clothes, gather their things, and head out, locking the door behind them. When she’s sure her smile has faded, Catherine speaks up again. “Oh, and Anne?”




“This doesn’t change things between us. I still hate you.” Anne laughs uproariously by Catherine’s side, linking their arms together. Catherine gives a hidden smile, just for a bit, before the queen opens her eyes again.


“Okay, sure, Catherine. That’s definitely the impression I got when you shoved your tongue down my throat completely unprompted.” Anne snarks, and Catherine rolls her eyes a little. “...But, um, you should definitely do it again sometime.”


“Oh, I will. Don’t worry, Boleyn, you’re too good of a kisser for this to be a one-time thing.”


“Well, thank you, Aragon. I’ll keep that in mind for next time.”


Next time. The thought that there will be a next time makes Catherine giddy, and when Anne isn’t looking, she grins the whole ride home. Kitty is the first to greet the two of them when they step inside.


“Anne, Catherine! You were gone for so long- well, only half an hour, but still. What were you doing?”


“Just taking care of some stuff, Kitty. Don’t worry about it.” Anne gives Catherine a secret smile, which she returns, and they head to the couch hand-in-hand.

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If Cady has learned anything from “getting socialized,” it’s that humans, especially teenagers, aren’t that different from the animals she observed in Kenya. The sexy costumes currently donned by the Plastics are no exception. They’re silent mating calls used to attract the boys at Aaron’s party, and, due to the Plastics’ position in the school hierarchy, are extremely effective. Speaking of which… where is Aaron? Regina said that she would talk Cady up to him, but she should be done by now, and Aaron should be falling into Cady’s arms for that dramatic movie kiss she’s been waiting for. Just in case Regina’s acting on impulse and taking Aaron for herself—even though she promised not to—Cady decides to check on the situation. With liberal “excuse me”s, she eventually makes her way through the crowd and returns to where Regina and Aaron are.


What she sees makes her intestines flutter. Regina struts around Aaron like a stork guarding its nest, preening with every step. She’s putting all 5’6” of her body to good use, stretching her fabulously toned legs, swaying her hips, and pressing her chest against Aaron’s as she speaks. Regina’s obviously flirting with him. A spark of hurt ignites in Cady’s chest, quickly turning aflame with jealousy as Regina smirks at her before pulling Aaron in for a long kiss. As Cady watches their lips press together, she has a realization: she doesn’t know which one of them she’s jealous of. No! I can’t be attracted to Regina! Cady tries to reason with herself. She stole my not-boyfriend even though she said it was okay for me to be with him! Nonetheless, her chest burns when she thinks of how Regina reeled Aaron back in, and she curses herself for wanting to replay the scene in her mind.

“Hi, Cady.” Regina coos, startling the girl out of her reverie. “I guess he didn’t want you after all. Oh well.” No words come out of Cady’s mouth when she tries to respond, so she runs, away from the party and from her feelings and from the hypnotizing charisma of her newfound crush. Cady doesn’t actually know where she’s going until she reaches Janis’s house, and despite her inner turmoil, she smiles a little at the thought of getting to see her and Damian, even though she definitely can’t tell them about her revelation. Well, time to crash their party, Cady thinks, and kicks down the door with a wail.

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On the day of Sweetie Belle's Sweet Sixteen, Apple Bloom tries with all the fashion sense she has to look her absolute best. This is the day she's been waiting for since Sweetie Belle gave her that promise flower so long ago. Sixteen, Rarity and her parents had agreed, is a good age for Sweetie Belle to start dating, and Apple Bloom is determined to ask her to be her marefriend without messing up. In her nervous excitement, she almost forgets Sweetie Belle's present, but grabs it immediately once she realizes her almost-mistake.


Apparently, the world decided to mock Apple Bloom's situation, because she sees just about every couple she knows on the way to Sweetie Belle's party. Lyra and Bon-Bon are sitting on a bench sharing a sandwich, a stallion and a mare are watching their children play in the sand, and even Fluttershy's parents—who Apple Bloom makes sure to wave to—have come down from Cloudsdale to get lunch together. Picturing herself and Sweetie Belle in the place of any of these couples clouds Apple Bloom's mind instead of making her warm and fuzzy, so she switches her imagination to Applejack giving her encouragement. I know she'll say yes! She's the one who gave you the promise flower way back when. You'll be fine, sugarcube. And, hey, if she says no, Big Mac and I will be ready with plenty of fresh-baked pastries. That clears much of the fog from Apple Bloom's head, and she feels far more prepared to ask Sweetie Belle out. She's regained her confidence by the time she gets to Sweetie Belle's house and steps right through the door.


"Apple Bloom!" Sweetie Belle calls out, rushing to give Apple Bloom a hug. Just like that, the pit in Apple Bloom's stomach reappears, but she ignores it and hugs Sweetie Belle back.


"Hi, Sweetie Belle! Happy birthday! Where should I put your present?"


"Over there." Apple Bloom trots to the present table and gently sets hers down. Then, she notices that there's only three other presents on the table, from Rarity, Pinkie Pie, and Sweetie Belle's parents. She must be the first one here. Oh, great, it's just the two of us until someone else shows up. Luckily, Rarity appears from down the hall and comes to greet Apple Bloom.


"Hello, darling!" Rarity hugs her, and Apple Bloom reciprocates with much less difficulty than she did with Sweetie Belle's hug. "Sweetie Belle, do you mind if I borrow Apple Bloom for a moment?"


"Uh… sure." Sweetie Belle gives Rarity a puzzled look.


"Thank you! We'll be back soon. Come along, Apple Bloom." Apple Bloom follows Rarity's lead, and the two end up in the guest bedroom. "Here, sit." Rarity motions to the bed, and Apple Bloom obeys, unsure of what Rarity wants to talk about.


"Not that I don't love spending time with you, because I really do, but what's going on?"


"Well… it's Sweetie Belle's sixteenth birthday today, and I know you like her very much." Oh no. This is absolutely the last pony that Apple Bloom wants to have this conversation with, but she nods along nonetheless. "You're going to ask her to be your marefriend today, right?"


"Y-yes," Apple Bloom gulps, "unless you have a problem with it, in which case—"


"Oh, dear, no! I don't have a problem with it at all. Quite the opposite, actually. You're a very good pony, and I trust you to make my little sister happy. I just wanted to tell you that you shouldn't be worried about Sweetie Belle accepting. She feels the same way about you, and I know she'll say yes if you ask her."


"That's exactly what Applejack said." Apple Bloom chuckles with relief.


"Well, your sister is a very smart mare. Now, go back to Sweetie Belle and make yourself shine. I know you can do it." Rarity hugs her again and urges her back out to the party.


Eventually, every guest has arrived, and the party is in full swing. Apple Bloom spends time with everypony, but mainly sticks with Scootaloo and the birthday filly, sitting between her two best friends during Sweetie Belle's Happy Birthday song and staying there for the duration of cake eating and present opening. Time slows down as Sweetie Belle opens everypony's presents, and all Apple Bloom focuses on is what present is in front of Sweetie Belle. She has to wait through five whole presents before Sweetie Belle slides over her little pink box.


"This one's from Apple Bloom!" Sweetie Belle announces, smiling at her.


"Um, actually, can you, uh… open that one later?" Apple Bloom asks timidly. "I-it's really… important."


"Okay, sure thing." Well, that was easier than I thought, Apple Bloom marvels, but thank goodness that part is over.


The second half of the party rushes by, and before Apple Bloom knows it, Sweetie Belle is hugging guests goodbye, Apple Bloom joining in. Once Scootaloo leaves, the two of them are alone once again. Rarity must've snuck out. I'll have to thank her later.


"So…" Apple Bloom starts. "You should open my present now."


"Yeah, let's do it!" Sweetie Belle opens Apple Bloom's little pink box to reveal a pink and purple ribbon the same shape as Apple Bloom's own ribbon, the shades of pink and purple matching those in Sweetie Belle's mane.


"What do you think?"


"It's so cute!" Sweetie Belle squeals. "I'll put it on right now!" Hovering a mirror in front of her, Sweetie Belle clips the ribbon behind her ear, admiring her reflection. "Thank you so much!" Sweetie Belle puts the mirror down and envelops Apple Bloom in a tight hug. "Hey, wait, you didn't get me a card!"


"I-I didn't get you one because… um… I wanted to ask you something alone."




"A-a few years ago, you got me a promise flower for when we were both old enough to date. I pressed that flower in a book so that it wouldn't wilt, and I make sure to look at it every day, remembering the promise you made to date me. Well, today I want to make good on that promise. Sweetie Belle, will you… be my marefriend?"


" Yes! " Sweetie Belle exclaims, once again throwing herself at Apple Bloom. "I thought you'd never ask! I've been wanting this for so long, I can't believe it's finally happening."


"Me neither." Apple Bloom leans into Sweetie Belle's mane and breathes in the scent of her strawberry shampoo. "Um… can I kiss you?" Instead of answering, Sweetie Belle pulls back and crashes her lips into Apple Bloom's, Apple Bloom basking in the glory of the moment as she kisses back with years of unexpressed passion. The two pull back after some time, Apple Bloom staring into Sweetie Belle's pale green eyes full of love.


"I really like you, Apple Bloom, even after all these years."


"I really like you too, Sweetie Belle. I'm so happy that we're finally together."


"Marefriends forever?"


"Marefriends forever."

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"Amethyst." Arms folded, Garnet stands over Amethyst's makeshift trash pile bed, gazing down at the resting purple gem. "It's time to get up."


Ugh. ” Amethyst rolls onto her side, covering her eyes. “Why? It’s Saturday.”


“It’s our date day.”


“Oh, shoot!” Sitting bolt upright, Amethyst’s eyes widen, and she glances fearfully at Garnet. “Garnet, I’m so sorry, I swear I didn’t mean to forget!”


“Just kidding.” Garnet grins. “I just wanted to see you.”


“Aw, Garnet! Don’t scare me like that.” Amethyst gently swats Garnet’s arm, laying back down. “Can I go back to sleep?”


“Not unless you can survive this! ” Hands lunging for Amethyst’s sides, Garnet tickles her intensely, hearing her squeals and laughter ring out through her room. Amethyst tries to wriggle away, but to no avail. Garnet ensnares Amethyst in tickles for another ten seconds before having mercy on her gemfriend.


“Okay, I survived! Can I go back to sleep now?


“Sure, let’s take a nap on the couch together. Well, you can sleep; I probably won’t.” Garnet lifts up Amethyst, carries her out of her room, lays herself and Amethyst on the couch, and pulls a blanket over both of them. Amethyst cuddles back into Garnet, who wraps her arms around Amethyst.


“Night, Garnet.” Smiling, Garnet moves a piece of white hair away from Amethyst’s temple and gently kisses it, burrowing her face in her gemfriend’s shoulder.


“Goodnight, Amethyst. Have a great nap.”

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Oh, Harriet . Strawberry blonde hair, blue eyes, and a smile with rosy lips shining like the sun. She's dead, her ghost hugging the girl's neck. Three weeks in solitary and three days in death, and the girl already can't take it anymore. How could anyone be so cruel as to kill their own daughter? Even Miss Asp, biting and harsh as she is, didn't seem that bad before now. And now the girl was doomed to die just like her lover.


She sits on her bed, legs tucked under her, as she roots through Harriet's things. A loose, flowing maxi dress from outside Nation, some hair ties, a single earring, and…


A glass plate.


Harriet had told her it was an Asp family heirloom passed down from some great-great-grandparent of hers. She painted pictures out of words of giving it to her own child one day, hands reached towards the ceiling as the two laid on Harriet's bed. A future. And now Harriet is dead.


Then the girl gets an idea. Who knows what Miss Asp would do with the plate? She'd probably crush it because of its ties to her daughter, break the innocent thing like she had done to Harriet. It should be put to good use before it's destroyed, and this would be the perfect time to use it. Nobody would be awake for a while.


With tense arms, the girl squeezes her eyes shut and slams the plate against her bed frame. The fragile thing shatters into a million pieces on impact, scattered on the floor and stabbing into the girl's hands. It hurts, it hurts, it hurts ; she can't take it anymore, she can't . So she shakily grabs the biggest piece and makes an impulse decision.


Being thin, the piece doesn't quite get through her neck the first time, so she has to stab herself again to achieve her goal. Warm blood streams down her collarbone and spurts from the wound. The world starts to fade, and she reaches up to the sky, smiling as she embraces the increasingly defined figure of Harriet Asp floating down to meet her. It's the warmest she's felt in almost a month.


Hi, honey. I'm home.

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Ruby is made from fire, but Sapphire’s freezing cold is always there to keep her from burning out. With Sapphire, she has the energy to rise higher, burning along with the stars that twinkle every night. When Ruby’s emotions are burning out of control, Sapphire is there to extinguish the flame and steer her away from danger. It's the perfect yin-yang balance that everybody strives to achieve.


All that makes Garnet even better. Ruby's fire and Sapphire's ice combined make for an electric combination—literally and figuratively. Everything about being fused with this wonderful gem of ice certainly electrifies Ruby, keeping her ablaze with passion, both to preserve the Earth and to do right by Sapphire.


Of course, things don't always work out in the heat of passion. Ruby and Sapphire's fights can make entire rooms freeze over and burn down all at once just because they care so much. Things, as they always do, end up normal in the end, something Ruby knows that Sapphire can easily see but chooses not to tell Ruby. Then Ruby literally swept Sapphire off her feet, involuntarily fusing into Garnet for the first time, and both of their lives changed forever. So Ruby decides to convert her scalding anger back into fiery love and re-fuse with Sapphire, because she would be nowhere without her.


Ruby promised to stay with Sapphire for better or for worse on their wedding day, a promise that she vows to keep regardless of any fights the two may have. She can't see the future, but Sapphire can, and she's said that each path shines brighter than any beacon on Earth, which Ruby interprets as the bright white albedo of Sapphire's ice and snow. There are no futures without Sapphire in them, and Ruby's life is so much better for it.

Chapter Text

Knock, knock, knock.


Setting down a sketch of her latest passion project, an even newer set of weapons for the Crystal Gems, Bismuth opens the door of her forge to see Pearl standing at her doorstep, clutching Pink Diamond’s sword.


“Pearl! Nice to see you!” Bismuth gives her a quick but strong-armed hug.


“Hi, Bismuth!” Pearl returns the hug, her thin arms a light pressure around Bismuth’s waist.


“What brings you here? Need me to fix that sword?”


“I do, actually.” Bismuth grabs the sword from Pearl and strides over to her work desk, hiding her sketch before Pearl can see her surprise, and carefully unsheathes it for inspection. “Steven sent it back to us because he figured it could use some refurbishing after centuries of you not being here to fix our weapons. Nothing’s broken, but anything you could do to help would be greatly appreciated.”


The sword has gotten tarnished over time- it's not as sharp as it was when Bismuth made it, and it's soiled and dented from previous battles. Other than that, nothing is seriously wrong with it, so Bismuth figures that fixing it will be quick.


"Sure, sure. Like you said, nothing's broken, so it'll just be a little update when I'm done. You wanna sit and watch me work?"


"Oh! Yes, that sounds interesting." Pearl pulls over one of the chairs laying around the forge and sits at a safe distance to watch Bismuth work. The chair somewhat dwarfs Pearl in size, which Bismuth has to bite her nails to refrain from saying is adorable. She gathers herself enough to redirect her attention from her crush to her work, gathers her tools, and sets to work on Pink's sword.


"I never thought I'd be doing anything for an upper crust after leaving Homeworld." Bismuth mutters.


"I'm sorry for not telling you sooner."


"It's fine, Pearl. Pink Diamond giving you an order isn't your fault. We're all programmed to follow the Diamonds' orders, and you were under Pink's control for so long that you obeyed her until she gave it up."


"Still…" A pause, and then, "I'm beginning to think that Pink Diamond wasn't all that I imagined her to be."


Wow, you don't say? "Oh, really? How so?"


"I don't know, she… Well, first, she bubbled you and lied to us about why you were poofed."


"Mhmm." Bismuth grits her teeth at the memory, but lets Pearl continue.


"Mostly, I don't think she really appreciated all that I did for her. Sure, she cared about me on the surface whenever I was poofed defending her, but she would act… almost patronizing about it when I'd come back. She'd tell me to never put myself in harm's way for her again, but it was in the tone of voice meant for a pet instead of an equal. I… I don't think she ever really saw me as equal to her. It's like she never truly got over being a Diamond."


"I'm really sorry, Pearl. I know you had feelings for her for practically your whole life, and I know how hard it is when the rose-colored glasses come off about that person."




"Oh! I made a pun and I didn't even know it." Chuckling, Bismuth lets silence fill the expanse of the forge. She can't really think of how to respond, so she just keeps working in the hopes that Pearl will say something else, preferably not about Pink Diamond.


"I think I need to move on." Pearl says, and Bismuth's heart jumps. Yes, yes, yes, please say to me! "But with who? Sheena and I already went on a date, but we didn't really work out, and I don't think I click with humans that way."


"Well…" Bismuth hesitates, not wanting to seem too pushy. "I might know someone for you."


"Really? Who?"


"She's tall and buff, she likes to wear stars, she has rainbow hair… She's right here…" Carefully watching Pearl's expressions, Bismuth waits until the other gem figures out what she wants to say.


"You mean… You'd like to go on another date?"


"Another?" Bismuth squawks. "When was our first date?!"


"I thought we went on a double date with Steven and Connie! We danced to my favorite song and everything! Did you not consider that a date?"


"No, not really, not in that way, but I was hoping for it!" Laughing incredulously, Bismuth puts the sword down, placing her hand on her forehead. Once she settles down, she says, "But yes, I would like to go on another date."


"Then I accept." Pearl walks over to Bismuth, wrapping her in a tight hug, and Bismuth pulls her close to press a kiss to the top of her head.


"Well, that's an awkward miscommunication."


"I'd say so, yes."


"So… Can we try this?" Bismuth motions to the two of them. "I know I'll never be able to live up to Pink Diamond, but I promise that I'll try to do right by you."


"We can try." Pearl agrees. "And don't say that about yourself, Bismuth. You're a wonderful gem."


"You are too, Pearl." Hugging for a few more moments, the two walk back to their previous positions and start to discuss the details of their second date over Pearl's ex-lover's sword.

Chapter Text

At first, Angelica doesn't expect much from this ball. The soldiers are decent company so far, but none of them want to keep up with a woman like her, and most of them are too scrappy to be appealing. Nevertheless, she flirts and dazzles the room in her own way in the hopes of finding a husband soon; Daddy calling her an old maid whenever the topic of marriage comes up is grating on her nerves. She's made it about halfway through the lineup of soldiers to talk to when the ballroom doors creak open. Through them walks the most beautiful woman that Angelica's ever seen, the surrounding candlelight illuminating her face like a halo. Her deep brown eyes shine with intelligence, but her bony figure betrays her soldier status, along with her newly fluffed blue uniform. And she's headed right for Angelica.


"You strike me," she says, "as a woman who has never been satisfied."


"I'm sure I don't know what you mean; you forget yourself." Does this woman not know who she's talking to? Angelica hates the British monarchy as much as anybody, but her family's massive wealth makes the Schuyler sisters practically American princesses, well-known all over New York. For this- this common woman to come up to Angelica and say something so brash would be unforgivable… but something in Angelica makes her want to give this woman a chance.


"You're like me- I'm never satisfied." Ah. So that's it- she's flirting with her. To Angelica's own surprise, she finds that this woman is quickly finding a way into her heart. The lack of a ring on her finger means that she's an eligible bachelorette, and, true to her word, that she would never be satisfied with only one person to love for life.


"Is that right?"


"I have never been satisfied." Bending into a curtsy, the woman kisses Angelica's hand, and she can't hold in the small gasp that whooshes through her lungs.


"My name's Angelica Schuyler."


"Alexandra Hamilton."


"Where's your family from?" In all the people she's met, Angelica has never met a Hamilton before. Alexandra fidgets uncomfortably with her battle skirt before replying.


"Unimportant. There's a million things I haven't done, but just you wait."


The two find themselves at the bar inside the ballroom, exchanging ideas and wits faster than most could comprehend. Everything passes so quickly and freely between them that Angelica loses track of time talking to Alexandra- wonderful, unabashedly handsome, wickedly smart, freeing Alexandra. She's about to grab her and whisk her somewhere nobody would find them, but then she returns to Eliza to see her utterly helpless and staring at…




Oh no. That's the catch. Nevertheless, Angelica has to do Eliza this favor. She returns to Alexandra, grabs her arm, and leads her in the direction of her sister.


"Where are you taking me?" Alexandra asks.


"I'm about to change your life."


Well, Angelica thinks to herself as she walks, as the oldest, I'm the one who has to marry rich, but that doesn't mean I want Alexandra any less. Oh, Lord. The two arrive to where Eliza is standing, and Angelica steps aside so that Eliza can introduce herself.


"Elizabeth Schuyler, it's a pleasure to meet you."


"Schuyler?" Alexandra's eyes light up.


"My sister." Angelica says.


She's after me for status. They always are; I should've known. Maybe she'll get her status with Eliza instead.


"Thank you for all your service." Eliza says.


"If it takes fighting a war for us to meet, it will have been worth it." Alexandra curtsies again, kissing Eliza's hand, and Eliza turns bright red.


"I'll leave you to it!" Angelica exclaims, a fake smile plastered on her face as she walks away.


If I just tell Eliza that I love her, Alexandra would be mine in an instant, but… it's not worth Eliza lying and saying she's fine. Nobody deserves true love more than Eliza does, she's the most trusting and kind person in the world.


So… that's it. Angelica just introduced her one chance at satisfaction to her sister, and now she can never come that close to happiness again. Even with Eliza, Alexandra will never be satisfied, and Angelica will never be satisfied either.


She may as well drink her worries away for the night.