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Just hold me, ok!?

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Training with Aizawa was always rough, for whatever reason, your teacher had decided that today he was gonna make it even worse.

You could barely feel your arms afterwards, the early signs of the oncoming bruises blossomed across your shoulders and forearms making you sigh. It was kind of hard to look cute when you were covered in angry red and purple splotches.

Not that you were particularly worried about looking cute normally, usually you couldn’t care less about any of that but lately you couldn’t help but to want to look your best ...for him.

Despite your first meeting being rather explosive, you’d found yourself helplessly interested in a certain ash blonde ( bastard ) boy named Bakugo Katsuki. You thanked your stars that you got to train side by side with him, watching him fight was so exhilarating!

After some intense training and maybe a few arguments here and there, you and Bakugo had come to respect each other, though he was still an unlikable fuck head most of the time. You supposed it added to his charm, he was annoying as hell some days but when you fought together it felt as easy as breathing. Your movements flowed together effortlessly now and you were an unstoppable duo.

Except maybe when it came to challenging your homeroom teacher, even with your new found fluidity and teamwork with Bakugo you still received the ass whooping of a lifetime. After beating you both into the ground Aizawa had lectured you both on keeping your wits even when you think you’ve won.

You were excused and told to go clean up, Bakugo on the other hand was held back. You gave him a backward glance, he looked pissed but ultimately didn’t argue with your teacher and remained in place, when he looked your way you gave him an encouraging nod. Trying to pity him would only end up with the fiery dipshit chewing you out later.

Whatever Aizawa had to say, it wouldn’t take long right? You decided to just hit the showers and meander back towards the dorms, Bakugo would catch up along the way.

Your shower was fairly quick, standard fare. Wash the sweat off, scrub dirt from your hair and brush it out so it wouldn’t be a birds nest tomorrow. Maybe 10 minutes or so and yet there was still no Bakugo once you exited the showers and returned to the lockers.

The ache in your limbs was becoming slightly unbearable but you wanted to at least touch base with the blonde, make sure everything was ok or something. Not that he would tell you anything anyways, you chuckled at the thought, this little crush was making you act weird as hell.
“The fuck are you laughing at?” you nearly jumped out of your skin at the gruff words, Bakugo was sitting on a bench behind you so it’s no wonder you didn’t notice him. He had shed his training outfit but it was obvious he hadn’t showered, his ashy locks were still stuck to his forehead with sweat.

“’s nothing, what did Aizawa want with you anyways?” you tried not to act too interested but your words betrayed your facade, of course you were interested in what Aizawa had to say! Especially if it had something to do with the boy you were so fond of!

Bakugo scoffs at you, turning his glare towards the door to the locker room, you could clearly see the gears turning in his head but what exactly he was contemplating was beyond you.
You opened your mouth to question him but before you could get any words out he snapped his crimson glare back to you.

Even after knowing Bakugo for some time the intensity of those eyes still had the power to freeze you in place, not that you minded that much….

He simply crooked a finger at you, motioning for you to come closer to him. You wanted to question him more but the look on his face stopped you, his cheeks were flushed a deep red that rivaled the ruby hue of his eyes.

You scampered over to stand before him immediately, you’d chastise yourself later for acting like an obedient little puppy. Bakugo can’t seem to bring himself to look you in the face, his eyes are drawn down to your bare feet, the blush staining his cheeks seeming to deepen even more so when he realizes he has an ample view of your cleavage as you lean towards him.

Bakugo’s fingers tremble a little as he reaches for you, gently brushing your arm almost as if he was hesitant to touch you. Even just that little brush of skin to skin contact has your heart nearly jumping out of your throat, heat rushing to paint your cheeks a matching hue to the boy’s in front of you.

Whatever thought has him hesitating is gone in an instant as Bakugo roughly yanks you by your shirt onto him, in your rush to catch yourself you end up awkwardly straddling him and wrapping your arms around his head. Despite the sharp pain of your shins colliding with the bench as you were unceremoniously pulled into his lap you still couldn’t help the way your heart just about exploded in your chest.

You squealed in protest as the blonde smushed his face into your chest, arms encircling your waist and squeezing you even closer to himself.

“B-bakugo?! Dude w-what are you!?” you’re trying not to yell but holy shit? Where the fuck is this coming from?

You feel Bakugo mumble something into your chest but he makes no move to actually properly answer you or release you from his sudden embrace, instead he simply nuzzles his face further into you.

“Mind repeating that for me?”

Bakugo growls lowly, the sound reverberating through your chest and sending a shiver up your spine. He turns his head just enough so his mouth isn’t pressed against your chest, grumbling his words just a tiny bit louder for you to hear.

“I said, just fucking hold me please !”

Not so much a question as it is a command, he doesn’t give you any time to counter him as he buries his head into your cleavage again, arms tightening around you to an almost painful degree.

You don’t hesitate to do as he asks, if only to lessen the vice that is his arms around your waist a little. Placing a hand against the back of his head you curl your fingers through his spiky hair, it’s still slightly damp from his sweat but you don’t focus on it too much.

Instead your attention is drawn to the heavy sigh that falls from your fiery classmate, his body relaxing at your touch and you feel a warmth in your chest.

Emboldened by his reaction you push a little more, bringing your other hand down to rub slow circles into his shoulders, the shiver that wracks his body causing your heart to stutter in its rhythm.

This was….really fucking different from the Bakugo you were used to but you welcomed this little glimpse into his softer side. You’d have time to think about what the hell this all meant later; right now you wanted to just revel in this moment with him.




“Hey, so what the fuck did Aizawa say to you anyway?”

Bakugo clicked his tongue, his famous scowl plastered on his face once more, this time though it was accompanied by another cute blush.

“He said that we’d probably win against him if I wasn’t so busy staring at your ass the whole time we fought together…”

The blonde boy stretched his arms behind his head, grumbling to himself again.

“What the fuck does he know? I can multitask just fine!” he mutters to himself without an ounce of shame as though he didn’t just admit to perving on you in front of your damn teacher.

What a dumbass.