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A First Time for Everything

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He had carried her to his bed effortlessly, laid her over the sheets there and wasted no time removing the remaining clothes that prevented their skins from fully touching. There was no uneasiness of movement, no hesitancy of touch, and even though they were not yet fully coordinated, they had explored the unknown territory of each other’s bodies without rush.

Now, with his head still framed by her legs, his lips brushed lightly over the sensitive skin there and the muscles of her inner tights went on spasming from recent pleasure, her hand remained firmly attached to his hair.
Nic felt a sting of embarrassment from the echo of her loud moans still ringing in her ears, but when his mouth started a blazing trail over her navel and upwards, stopping only to capture a nipple between his lips, the gentle suck vanished all worries. Driven by the need for more, Nic reluctantly detached Conrad from her breast and brought him closer until their lips met, the kiss hasty in their hunger for one another.

His eyes met hers eventually, dark and soft in the faint moonlight that shone through the large windows of his apartment, then he slid deep into her all at once. Air left their lungs in matching gasps, their foreheads met, but no movement followed.

It took a few seconds for her body to accommodate to the novelty that was him, and once it did, Nic rolled her hips, begging silently for him to move, which made him slip inside another inch with a low grown.
At first the motion was unsteady, though not at all unpleasant, but soon enough they found an inner rhythm when she wrapped him securely in the cradle of her legs. His skin burned hot as a furnace and their bodies became rapidly slick with a thin layer of sweat, while her hands traveled over the expanse of his chest, then his back, feeling the muscles contracting underneath the skin.

Encouraged by her moans, that grew longer and louder, he thrust with abandon again and again so all she could feel was him; inside, above, all over her body, consuming all that was her until there was nothing left. She sought his lips briefly, turning them red and sore with her own yearning, while his hands scratched and groped the softness of her skin.

By now, Nic could almost grasp the edges of a familiar throbbing sensation that would soon rise from where their bodies met and spread like liquid fire in her veins. All she wanted was to postpone the inevitable ending only to have him just a little longer, but then his body rose, a creature in shadows looming above, clearly on the brink of losing control as well.

His arm surrounded her hips, rising them slightly from the bed and closer to him. It was then that Nic finally gave into the illusion of being one and was reduced to incoherent gasps, deaf and blind at once, with his name continuously on her lips. She pulsated like a warm heartbeat around him until Conrad buried his face on her neck and shuddered loudly as he too dissolved, blissfully emptying his mind and body into her. Her nails dug onto his back, leaving half-moon marks in the skin there, anchoring herself least she drifted away with pleasure.

Conrad rested motionless on his stomach as soon as he fell ungracefully back onto the bed, breathing a deep sigh of satisfaction. Nic lay close by, halfway turned to him and struggling to supply air into her lungs.

Without the shield of his body against the cool air of the night, her skin erupted in goosebumps while the heat that had consumed her whole body only a few minutes ago evaporated into the air around them. Conrad stared at her for a long while, pupils large in the dim light.

“You alright?” he asked in a gruff voice, deeper than usual.

Nic only nodded in reply, unable to find coherent words to express how she felt, if such thing was even possible.

Exhaustion was evident in his face and Nic watched him blink repeatedly until his eyelids closed over those dark eyes she had grown to adore, and moved no more. Light lashes lay against his cheeks and his features acquired a relaxed tone, a glaring contrast with the permanent worry lines hatched deep in his face during the day. While sound asleep, he looked so at peace that she could not avoid reaching out to touch him.
The tips of her fingers were light on his cheek, the beard soft to the touch, and they made a path along the skin until they reached the letters branded on his back. There, her fingers followed the outline of the letters closest to her, over and over again, until the steady sound of his breathing lulled her to sleep as well, feeling thoroughly sated and with a pleasant ache all over her body.