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What Mulder Saw

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Mulder’s apartment,
Alexandra, Virginia

“That’s it,” Mulder exclaimed softly as Scully showed him the piece of metal later that afternoon.
Mulder had been discharged from hospital and Scully had taken him back to his place. Now he was sitting on the couch dressed in sweatshirt and sweatpants, while Scully was dressed In a blue suit and white top, her shiny golden crucifix necklace shone in the afternoon sunlight.
She placed the metal in Mulder’s outstretched hand and he examined It, eagerly and carefully. He was thrilled, as soon as he saw the object he was beginning to remember what he saw and what happened that night. He closed his eyes.
“I remember, Scully,” he confided in his partner. Scully breathed a sigh of relief. “You do?” she asked hopefully. “What do you remember?” she asked. Mulder looked up at her. “I remember going to Area 51 for the usual hang out,” Mulder began. “I was just minding my own business when I spotted something fall from the sky. It was an object, cold and hard, and It fell right by my feet,” he continued. “I picked it up and, next thing I knew, cammo dudes came charging at me over the hill. They let me go with a warning, and I managed to open a storage unit to hide this In.
Pressing my luck I decided to go In again and this time I snuck in through the weeds like before. But they spotted me, drugged me, and took me to the hospital,” Mulder concluded. “What did you see in Area 51, Mulder?” Scully prodded.
Mulder sighed. “I saw the dark silhouette of a round shaped aircraft sitting on the runway near area s-4,” he told her. Scully raised an eyebrow. “Round aircraft?” she asked. “Don’t trll me you think you saw flying saucers, Mulder,” she said skeptically. “Oh yeah? Explain this then,” Mulder said, holding up the object and passing It to Scully.
“I can’t,” Scully admitted, “but I think I know who can,” she added. Mulder was about to ask who when at that moment there was a loud thud at the door, and Mulder and Scully jumped in surprise to see three men in dark suits barge their way into the apartment, whichh each of their guns pointed directly at Mulder and Scully.
“On your knees,” the first man demanded. “We’re FBI!” Scully shouted. The man only cocked his gun before replying harshly, “I don’t care. On your knees. Now!” he repeated. The second man shoved Mulder to the floor and the third man did the same with Scully. Now they each had a gun pointed at their foreheads.
“What do you want?” Mulder demanded angrily. “The object you have in your possession,” the first man said as he held his other hand out, ready to grab the metal object. “Give it over, then no one gets hurt,” he said. “And if we don’t?” Mulder challenged. Scully wanted to kick him for either being very brave or very stupid for picking an argument with this man. “Then we’ll blow your head off. Which is a shame- Id hate to have your blood wreck the walls of this cream coloured apartment,” the first man said with a sneer.
Mulder shook his head. “No. I’m not giving it up,” he said. The first man shook his head. “Oh dear,” he said as he and the other two men held their guns in each of their faces. “Then I’m afraid we’ll have to shoot you both,” he said. “Aim…,” he began to get his men ready to shoot.
“Wait!” Scully yelled. The first man out his hand down and the men lowered their guns. “I’ve got It,” she said finally. “Give it over,” the man said as he held out his. hand. Scully managed to get it out of her pocket as her fingers were trembling with fear. “No Scully. We can’t let them,” Mulder protested. “You just don’t know when to shut up, do you, FBI?” the second man asked Mulder with a sneer. A minute passed as Scully reluctantly gave the man the object. Afterwards the man looked at it closely and nodded. “Do you have anymore?” he demanded of Scully. Mulder wanted to punch him for talking to Scully like that.
“No. No more,” Scully told him in a quavering voice. Mulder could tell she was trying to hold her nerve. “Good. Keep it that way. And stay away from Area 51,” the first man barked to Agent Mulder, before nodding at his men and following them out of the apartment.
Once they were gone Mulder managed to get up and lock the door behind them before flopping back down onto the couch. “Looks like you dug up some forbidden treasure there Mulder,” Scully said after she got her breath back.
“I can’t believe we lost it,” Mulder moaned. He rubbed his eyes tiredly. Then he saw Scully was smiling at him. “What is It Scully?” he asked.
“Don’t worry, Mulder, that’s not the only thing we got from that area,” she said. Mulder looked at her hopefully. “We got something?” he asked. Scully nodded. “Before I went home last night I took a few pictures of the object and I also put those photos In a file In the office, so it’s there ready for us when we go back to work,” Scully told him quietly. Mulder smiled. “Scully,” he said, “you’re a genius! Wait til Skinner hears about this!” He exclaimed.