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Oh no!

I hope that I won't be late again!

Today is a very important day. 



Because today I am FINALLY gonna confess to my crush!

The most popular guy in my school who is as gay as you can get!

At least that is what he said.

The one and only. 


Also known as Bakugou Katsuki. 

Katsuki is a year older than me and he is the reason why I realised that I liked guys.

It all started when our classes had gym together. 

He just got out of the shower and yeah, I got a huge boner.

Those abs... 

This thighs... 

That big dic-


The point is that I have been in love with him for almost 3 months now!

Well 3 months and a week if you count the days when I stalked him. 

I tried so many times to confess to him but I just ended up getting too embarrassed so... 

Here I am again. 

By his locker. 

Oh boy... 

I am nervous. 

"Hey! You're in the way!" 

I turned to my left to see him. 


I think I might faint after all. 

Cause oh my God. 

He is even hotter when he is right in front of me. 


Isn't this that weird guy who keeps staring at me? 

What the fuck is up with him? 

He always blushes when I talk to him. 

Not to mention that he just leaves without really saying anything. 

"Ummm... Senpai... Sorry for bothering you... But..."

But what? 

I swear that he takes ages to talk. 

"Just say it already you idio-" 

"I like you! Please go out with me!" 



The fuck? 

Wait a fucking second. 

He likes me? 

That is why he acts so weird? 

I smirked. 

Now this changes everything. 


Oh my God! 

Oh my God! 

I did it! 

I told him! 

I am so proud of myself! 

Senpai got closer as I was celebrating in my head. 

I blushed even more. 

"Wanna come over after school cutie?" 

Oh God... 


"Sure! Would love to!" 

He nodded and left. 



Senpai's house. 


We got to my house a few hours later. 

Might as well have fun. 

"Hey nerd! What's your name?" 

"M-Midoriya Izuku..." 

"So Deku then." 


I smirked and started to undress him. 

He blushed. 

"Wanna have sex Deku?" 

He just froze.

Well I mean I know everyone thinks that I fuck anyone but the truth is that I only gave a few hand jobs but I do wanna fuck someone and a cutie like him is just what I need. 




Not that I don't want to but isn't it too soon!!!? 

Then again if senpai wants to then I guess I should...

So I nodded and let him get all of my clothes off.

We started to kiss and it was nice. 

But then he opened my legs. 

"Don't worry Deku. It will only hurt for like 5 minutes."

I blushed but nodded and then put my hands on my face cause this is too embarrassing. 

Senpai didn't mind it, he just continued.


After an hour Deku and I were done. 

Fucking finally!

I am so glad that I lost my fucking v-card!

Deku looked embarrassed. 

And like he was about to cry. 


I forgot that this guy really likes me. 

I mean... 

He is cute but I am not really into cute types. 

And the sex was alright, nothing amazing. 

So I don't want him as a fuckfriend.

"Ummm... Senpai? You still haven't replied to my confession..." 



"Yeah... Look nerd... You are cute and all but you are not what I want."

He looked down but nodded. 

And then he left.


I don't think I ever felt as shitty as now. 


This was his first time too! 

And he was probably thinking that I wanna be with him since we fucked and all...


Oh fuck this! 

I ran as fast as I could! 

The nerd should still be close. 

And then I saw him. 

Crying on a bench in the park. 


I really am stupid... 

But at least I got to touch him... 


This sucks. 



I saw Katsuki-senpai run in my direction. 

Why is he here? 

"Senpai? What's wron-" 

I couldn't finish my sentence cause he was kissing me. 

Oh God! 

"Fuck! Listen! I was just being a coward cause that was my first time and I was always scared about getting a boyfriend-" 





I am so red right now. 

But at least now I understand. 

I smiled softly. 

"It's alright. Then... How about we get to know each other and then we will see about the dating part. Is that alright?" 

Senpai nodded embarrassed. 

I smiled and have him a hug. 

He is so cute right now. 


After two month me and Deku are dating. 

He is such a fucking cute piece of shit! 

And his ass is so damn thick. 

He moans so fucking loud and he fucking loves to take a ride on my dic-

*Bip bip*

Oh got a text. 

Deku is almost here. 

I am waiting for him so we can go to school together. 

We decided to do that every morning so we can make out before class. 

And maybe even have a taste of that sweet fucking as-


Ah there is my nerd. 

"Hey Deku! Come on babe! We are going to be late!" 

Deku smiled softly and fuck those lips are perfect. 

I can't believe that I said no to him the first time. 

Now I know that he is exactly what I need. 

"Yeah! Sorry!"

We kissed for a minute and then went hand in hand to school. 


Oh and he calls me Kacchan cause I am tired of alll that senpai shit.