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There once were some spiders

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(Peter p.o.v)

My spider-sense told me something was wrong, Sade was trying to get out of the classroom in a hurry also hinted at something being wrong. I ignored the girls in front of me and grabbed Sadie's bag before walking out of the classroom right into Sebastian, "I'm sorry sir, I gotta go find Sadie" He seemed slightly worried "I saw her run off into one of the science rooms, Tom's I think, what happened Peter?" I needed to get to her "Something happened, she might've had a panic attack or something far worse. I'm gonna call her Dad to come get her and I'm probably gonna go with her. Our kitchen is clean and our cheesecake is in the fridge in the backroom, whatever Jenna and those girls said happened isn't true." I ran off into the classroom where Sebastian said Sadie was in.

When I walked into the room Sadie looked at me and then passed out, I didn't know if it was the soldier and I didn't know what to do. Last time that had happened Bucky was around to snap her out of it "Sadie? Sadie!?" Silver barked and I ran over, dropping both our bags in the process. "Tuesday? Call Mr. Stark, quickly" The AI didn't respond as a blinking light starting going off on her necklace, I didn't know what it meant but I hoped that someone would be here soon.

Silver had actually closed the classroom door, I just hoped no one came in. Sadie was pale and I wasn't sure what to do, Suddenly there was someone at the door "Peter? Where's Sadie? What happened?" As I was about to check who it was, Silver barked and his iron suit surrounded him "No, no not here, Silver get rid of it" I could hear more voices outside the door "They're just faking it, C'mon Parker, open the door" That voice was Jenna, meaning that Sebastian was the first one that I heard. Suddenly I heard a set of voices I couldn't forget. "Hey kid, open the door" That one was Mr. Stark and I rushed to open the door, meanwhile as soon as I did I heard the smug voice of Pietro? though it was laced with worry "Peter what happened to her? What did you do?" Before I was able to reply I could hear the yelling of Jenna and her group of snobs. "Why is Tony Stark here? That girl is a nobody, hey Tony, wouldn't you like to speak to someone who has money like you?" I was trying to close the door again but she got in before I was able to. "Jenna you need to go" I urged her to leave, Sadie was in danger and if it was really was the soldier, a school is a bad place for it. Of course, Jenna wouldn't listen to me as she approached Mr. Stark and Pietro who was near Sadie. "Tony, why bother with her, she's nothing special, she needs a dog with her for god sake! Plus the dog almost bit me earlier"

Before I was able to get her of the room Mr. Stark spoke up "You listen here, you little shit, first off Sadie has far money than you could dream of, plus I have never seen her dog bite anyone, and second, she is far more special than you will ever be, in fact, she is the most important person to me on this earth, so you leave my daughter the fuck alone" I was speechless but it didn't last for long, Jenna seemed to have been so pissed off that she left, Mr. Stark looked to be really mad but he was able to keep his cool enough to talk to Pietro "Bring Sadie to the infirmary in the tower, I'll be there as soon as I can" I watched Pietro pick up Sadie as gently as he could before he took off out the open door past everyone who had heard Tony get mad at Jenna.

Mr. Stark turned to me "Are you coming, kid?" I was still kinda shocked but I managed to nod as I grabbed my bag and Sadie's as well. He wasn't in the iron man suit but I knew that it was nearby, we ended up leaving out the door past all the students who were amazed that Tony Stark was at the school, luckily Silver kept the students back enough we were able to walk. Once we got outside I was able to put my suit on and Mr. Stark got in his suit. We were now high in the air, and the silence was killing me "I'm sorry Mr. Stark, I should've done something there, anything" He was silent for a long time before speaking "Peter, it seemed like you did all you could considering the circumstances. So do you wanna tell me what happened leading up to that classroom?"

I slowly started to explain from the cheesecake to the girls bothering us about Silver and when Jenna told Sadie that Silver tried to bite her, once I got to the part where Sadie was starting to act off, he seemed like he caught on to the rest of it. "I was freaked out, I didn't know what to do, I called with Tuesday before her necklace started blinking" We were almost at the tower when he decided to speak again "Her necklace has a way to measure her heart and tell us if she is in danger or not, whether it be from the soldier or something else." I nodded and landed on the outdoor garden platform, pulling off the mask as I did. "She should already be in the infirmary with Josh right?" He silently nodded at me once he was out of the suit. I debated between getting out of my spider suit or going right down to the infirmary, I ended up walking to my room and changing as quickly as I could, leaving my spider suit in a pile on the bed where I threw it.

When I got to the waiting room Mr. Stark was sitting in the chair in the corner and Pietro was a few chairs down from him. Clint was sitting away from them, I ended up sitting near Clint, Pietro was glaring at me so I was trying to ignore him by petting Silver who had ended up sitting at my feet. Josh walked out of the room and spoke "Peter? Could you come and help me" I stood up and Mr. Stark immediately jumped up as well. "Something wrong Josh?" He shook his head "I just need to ask Peter a few questions about what happened." He hurried back into the room so he didn't have to answer any more questions, I walked in quietly behind him and closed the door behind me. "So what's up Josh?" I glanced over to Sadie who looked better than last time I saw her, she just looked to be asleep. "It's Sadie, it seems like she just had a mild panic attack and then passed out from lack of sleep" I immediately questioned it "So she's gonna be alright?" He nodded "She just needs to sleep for a few hours, long term effects of someone your age not sleeping for a set amount of time can be bad, Tony goes till he passes out completely but it has a different effect on him. In Sadie's case, she would've been fine until later had something not triggered a panic attack, because of her lack of sleep it made it worse until she couldn't handle the stress and she passed out, scaring the life out of everyone because symptoms for the soldier are extremely similar to this." I knew that considering it's why I thought she was going soldier when she ran. "It doesn't help that Bucky's gone" He agreed "So are you gonna tell Mr. Stark what's wrong?" He thought for a moment "I tell him something but what he doesn't know won't kill him" I smiled "I have to go call my aunt and tell her what's up, I'll be right back" We both walked through the doorway and I ran off as Josh started talking to the others about what happened.

I ended up back in my room, I had seen Silver run into Sadie's room in the infirmary. I called aunt May, I'm pretty sure she wouldn't mind that I left because something actually happened. The phone rang twice before it was picked up "Hello?" I had to think slightly before I spoke or it barely would've been English "Hey aunt May, It's Peter, you're probably gonna get a call later saying that I wasn't in class. Sadie passed out in the middle of class after we kinda fought with a group of girls, they were picking Sadie and me, the doctor says she had a panic attack and then fainted. We're at the infirmary at Stark tower, Mr. Stark is a good friend of theirs so he's helping her out." I waited for her to respond "Someone must be seen you leave right? You didn't just leave right, Peter?" I answered pretty quick "Yeah...There was a whole big thing, something about it might be on the news later, but my food teacher saw us leave" I could tell she was smiling "Ok that's good enough for me, but keep me posted on Sadie ok? Love you Peter" I smiled "Love you too" I hung up and flopped onto my bed yawning in the process.

I wasn't really tired but my sleep schedule is kinda messed up with Spider-man patrols taking up most of the night almost every day. "Who were you talking too?" a thickly accented voice asked. I opened one eye and looked at Pietro. "May, my aunt. I'm skipping school again and I don't want her to think it's not for a reason, Sadie probably won't be up for a while now anyway but I was gonna go back down in a few" He spoke again as he glared daggers at me. "She's awake now, that doctor guy says she should go back to bed but she's refusing." That sounds like Sadie for sure. I was gonna go see her but I really wanted to know why Pietro seems to hate me.

As much as it scared me to speak up I questioned Pietro "Why do you hate me so much? I barely know you" He made a quiet noise that sounded like a "tch" before speaking "I never said I hated you small spider, I just don't trust you" With that, he left me in my room alone. I rolled my eyes "Maybe I don't trust him" I mumbled to no one other than myself, before slowly making my way to the infirmary bumping into Clint on my way in. "Sorry kid" He walked by me and I continued to the infirmary where Sadie was trying to leave though Josh didn't want her too. Mr. Stark had taken Josh's side because you could tell by looking at her that she was tired. She was fighting them anyway "I have to find Bucky, Dad let me go"

He held her and spoke words that I couldn't hear to her, she stopped struggling against him and sat on the floor, I walked in after that. "Don't let her leave kid, I'll be back" He left the room and it was just Josh, Sadie, and I. "Could I talk to Peter? Alone please Josh, I won't try and leave" He looked at me and then nodded at Sadie, "Ok, I have a few tests I need to run at the lab anyway, I'll be down the hall if you need me" I watched him leave the room and close the door behind him.

(Sadie p.o.v)

I waited for Josh to leave before I started to talk "I'm sorry if I caused a big commotion at school, anytime there's a mission I kinda get messed up, plus with Bucky..." I didn't wanna think about it. "I just gotta bring him home before everyone gets back, I mean Steve has lost Bucky at least 3 times throughout his life already. I don't wanna worry him." I slowly started towards the door before Peter stopped me "Sadie you know everyone says that you need to get more sleep, I'm sure Bucky will be back, we just have to give it time." Peter doesn't get it, I have to be the one to find him, bring him home. "Peter, You don't get it, Bucky left, he's gone" I didn't wanna cry. "Bucky took off in the middle of the night, as a soldier or someone trying to hide, you have bare minimum meaning only possible a small bag with a few things, I know what it's like, I know what's happening"

He kept talking, he was telling me Bucky was fine and he'll come back when he's ready and I snapped, not enough to let to soldier go but I just needed him to get out. "Please Leave" his brown eyes widen slightly "Sadie I'm just trying to-" I yelled at him "Just get out and leave me the hell alone!" He backed away, frightened by my sudden outburst "I'll go" I heard the door close and I spoke though I knew he wouldn't hear me "I-I'm sorry" I got up on my bed and pulled my knees to my chest. I didn't mean to yell at him but it was about Bucky. I should have gotten up, should've gone to find him. Instead, I stayed in the bed with my head on my knees crying. I had hoped someone would come in, Pietro or Dad though I knew he was busy probably with his presentation today. I knew it wouldn't happen but I hoped Bucky or Peter would walk into my room, I needed to apologize to him. The door slowly creaked after I sat in my own self-hate for a while.

The last person I expected to walk in was Steve.