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Be Careful What You Wish For

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     Deceit hated his scales. He hated them being touched. Hated the way they glittered in the sunlight. Hated the way they made him look like nothing more than a villain. He hated hated hated them. But Roman loved loved loved them and would not stop randomly kissing them whether they be on Deceit’s face, hands, neck, or any other part of his body. He praised them and Deceit hated it. He would shy away from the touches, though Roman didn’t seem to notice, he would cover up the scales to the best of his ability, and would start fights with his boyfriend just to get him to stop touching his scales. Deceit had recently yelled at Roman for being too over dramatic and self absorbed. For not paying enough attention to Deceit even though that was the opposite of what he wanted. When those words had left Deceit’s mouth, he could taste the bitterness of the lie he had spoken. He had yet to apologize to Roman for the yelling and didn’t intend to. Deceit was minding his own business in his room when Remus came storming in, yelling about… Roman’s feelings. Deceit rolled his eyes at the weekly chastising about how Deceit gets into too many fights with Roman. Deceit felt a slap across his scaled side and realized he had not been paying attention for too long.
“What?!” He hissed, cowering back.
“Take this relationship seriously you dumbass! We aren’t in the Dark Sides palace anymore, romances aren’t just something to play around with here!” Deceit bit his tongue to stop himself from saying a stupid remark. At this point, he was used to Remus yelling but it still hurt. To hear the only person who genuinely cared about you for a while yell at you, well it fucking hurt. Deceit hugged himself and clenched the fabric of his shirt with gloved hands.
“I’m not sorry.” Deceit mumbled, bringing his knees close to his chest.
“Don’t apologize to me! Apologize to my brother!” Deceit flinched at Remus’ yelling, who must’ve noticed this for he softened his voice.
“Look, Dee. I just don’t want you to get hurt. If you keep getting into fights with Roman, he’s bound to break up with you.” Deceit’s head shot up at that. He hadn’t ever thought of that.
“Y-you really think he’ll break up with me?” He asked in a small, broken voice. He, sadly, received a nod from Remus who then pressed a gentle kiss to Deceit’s forehead before leaving. Well now Deceit wanted to apologize to Roman but he knew what would lead shortly after that. The kisses. The face caresses. The hickeys that would litter the scaled parts of his neck. Deceit then remembered he wasn’t all too eager to apologize to Roman. He was beginning to think that this whole relationship was a mistake and that it wouldn't be awful if Roman broke up with him.
No no no! Shut up you don’t mean that. You love him. Deceit thought to himself, forcing himself to think about how lonely he’d be.
No I don’t. I wish he would break up with me already. Pushing the thought away, he stood up on shaky legs and hesitantly made his way to Roman’s room, a fluffy yellow blanket draped around his shoulders as he hoped his face wasn’t as tear stained as he thought it was. In reality, his face was bright red and his eyes looked dead and he was clearly sad. Much like the other news channel’s weather from Welcome To Night Vale. God that girl can’t sing. Deceit tapped quietly on Roman’s door, hearing footsteps calmly approach the door. He looked up at Roman who was now leaning in the open doorway. He did not look distraught in any way and actually seemed really happy. Deceit bit back an upset look when he realized Roman’s smile had quickly faded after seeing Deceit.
“And what do you want?” Roman snarled, glaring down at the smaller frame in front of him.
“I-... Please break up with me.” Deceit spat quickly, not having time to stop himself from lying. He prayed Roman would understand anyway.
“Is that an apology?” Roman asked, leaning down to eye his boyfriend. Deceit softly shook his head and flinched away when Roman’s hand rested on Deceit’s cheek.
“Then go away.” Deceit shook his head once more and just entered Roman’s room, sitting himself on the all too familiar bed. Roman sighed and walked back to his desk after closing the door. He knew there was no getting Deceit to leave until he was asleep. When Deceit got like this it was best to just let him fall asleep then simply carry him back to his room and wait for the pounding and tears that would later come from behind his recently locked door. Roman peered over his shoulder at the shorter male on his bed. Deceit was scratching at his scales and letting tears fall freely.
“Deceit.” Roman called out, sparing any pet names.
“Stop scratching, you know it only hurts yourself.” Roman only heard the sound of Deceit scratching at his scales more violently which was not in anyway a pleasant sound.
“That’s sort of the point.” Deceit growled, cringing at the sound for it was disgusting. Roman wheeled his chair over to the bed and gripped Deceit’s wrist, pulling it away from his face.
“Stop it, the sound is fucking revolting.” Roman glared at his lover before wheeling himself back to his desk to continue writing down video ideas. Roman heard the ruffling of his sheets meaning Deceit had curled up under them again, most likely wearing the hoodie he had left on his bed.

~~~Time skip brought to you by Smile Dip~~~

      It had been a few hours since Deceit had walked in. Roman had turned around to see if Deceit had fallen asleep and he had. He was also wearing Roman’s red hoodie that had the words ‘Queen’ and a little crown in gold on it, confirming Roman’s thoughts. He stalked over to Deceit and pulled his hoodie off of his boyfriend before picking him up bridal style and carrying him to his own room. Roman loved Deceit dearly but was getting sick of the constant fighting then Deceit forcing himself into Roman’s room and not saying a word until he realized he was no longer in Roman’s room and would come back crying and screaming like a toddler. This wasn’t healthy and both Roman and Deceit knew it. Although Roman knew Deceit didn’t want to know it. After a few more hours of working in peace and quiet Roman heard the toddler-like fit heading towards his room and he remembered he forgot to lock his door this time. Deceit came in crying loudly, slamming the door shut behind him. Roman spun around in his chair to see Deceit throwing a hissy fit on his bed with the stuffed snake Roman had given him.
“Out. Now.” Deceit looked up at the words Roman had growled out. He had never actually told him to leave before. Deceit vigorously shook his head and clung to the snake.
Now.” Deceit flinched when Roman’s words got sharper and harsher. He only pulled Roman’s blankets over him like a shield that would protect himself from Roman’s anger.
“Deceit. You can’t keep doing this. You keep yelling at me for random things then come to my room with a tear stained face as if I have done something wrong. Then you force yourself into my room and come crying and screaming like a fucking two year old when you realized I’ve brought you back to your room. This isn’t healthy and if you don’t leave my room right now I might just take up Patton’s offer for that date.” Deceit felt tears welling up in his eyes.
“You know what isn’t healthy? The fact that you never thought that something may be wrong with me. That I might be hurting! Never thought to think I might be acting this way for a certain reason, huh? No! All you did was complain to your brother. Well guess what! I fucking hate it when you touch me! My scales are disgusting and I want nothing to do with them and you keep reminding me how fucking awful they are by kissing them and touching them! I only started fights so you wouldn’t touch them!” Deceit hissed, turning his back to Roman who angrily stormed over to the other side, yanking Deceit out of his bed.
“Ever think of vocalizing the fact that you don’t like it?! No! Maybe if you had I would’ve stopped touching them, which I would’ve! But guess what? Now that you’ve decided throwing tantrums and getting into fights is more important than talking to me, we’re through. You can go cry all you want in your room now for I won’t be caring. I’ll go on that double date with Logan and Virgil with Patton instead of you. So out. Now.” Deceit broke down into tears right then and there. He didn’t want this. He never did. He now realized that Roman breaking up with him was awful. It really was. His heart had never ached as much as it did now. Deceit quickly left before realizing a certain cuddly companion, that would really be helpful at the current moment, was left behind.

~~~What’s this, what this? Another time skip~~~

      It had been a month since Roman broke up with Deceit. Deceit soon realized that Roman wasn’t joking about that date with Patton. Roman had ended up dating Patton then the two of them went on to join Logan and Virgil’s relationship with Remus as a happy fifth wheel, while Deceit had an empty hole in his heart. Remus had defriended Deceit shortly after hearing the news of the two breaking up. Now, Deceit barely left his room and cried almost every day about how he could’ve done so much better for Roman. All of the light sides hated him now. They didn’t show it but when Deceit asked about it and they said that they didn’t, all Deceit could taste was the disgusting bitterness of lies. No actually, that itself was a lie. He wanted to taste the bitterness but never did. Why did they still care for him? He didn’t know.
“Kiddo! Breakfast!” Deceit heard Patton call up the stairs like he did everyday. That same call let Deceit know not to come downstairs for water until he heard everyone disperse. He intended to do just that again but soon the angry stomps up the stairs alerted him that Roman was coming. Deceit made a quick dash for his closet, hiding in the way back. Roman must have had a sixth sense or something because he found him immediately.
“Out. Now.” Roman’s voice growled, bringing unpleasant memories of the day they split to Deceit.
“No. This is my room, not yours. You can’t tell me what to do.” Deceit meant to sound brave but he sounded the exact opposite. Roman’s face softened at the voice. Deceit saw Roman gently reach out for his hand so he jerked his arm back, accidentally hitting his elbow against the wall behind him.
“Please just go away…” Deceit mumbled, crying like the toddler Roman apparently saw him as. He felt a warm kiss pressed against his scaled side before soft footsteps and the click of his door being shut. Deceit realized how much he wanted Roman to touch his scales again. He realized how much he missed and craved the caressess, the kisses, the hickeys. If there was any one thing Deceit learned from this it was, be careful what you wish for. You might just get it.

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    Deceit was indeed touch starved. He missed all the little kisses Roman used to give him even though he swore he hated them. Remus had started dating him but didn’t give Deceit that much attention. So that left him here, Deceit sitting next to Remus just wanting cuddles. Deceit was curled up, watching Disney movies while playing games on his phone, ever so slightly leaning into Remus. Roman and his boyfriends were also there and Deceit felt very awkward. Deceit had barely left his room and Remus just got him to leave and eat for once. He had become extremely skinny and quiet and Remus had become very protective. 

“Baby. Would you rather jump off a cliff, or fuck me?” Deceit looked at Remus, puzzled.

“I guess, fuck you?” Deceit’s voice was very tiny and quiet but Remus still heard him and pressed a kiss to his head while putting an arm around him. 

“How about this. We don’t talk about sex in the living room.” Roman growled, his arms around Patton and Logan with Virgil sitting in between his legs on the floor. 

“But RoRo! You four have had sex out here and talk about it!” Remus whined, getting a soft giggle from Deceit who was currently happily cuddled into his side. Deceit purred as Remus ran his hands through Deceit’s hair while peppering kisses to his face every so often. Deceit often wondered how they got here from where they were after Roman dumped him. After they split, Remus hated Deceit with a burning passion and there were parts of Deceit that wondered if he still did. He also wondered if he was even enough for Remus or if he was cut out to be in a relationship at all. Deceit was pulled out of his thoughts when he felt Remus’ warm, soft lips against his own chapped ones. 

“You’re thinking too much again, baby.” Remus knew Deceit all too well and that made him feel some sort of comfort for some reason. Deceit flinched when he heard Roman slam his hands on the coffee table in front of him, his arms bracketing Virgil who just looked confused. 

“Do you guys always have to make out in front of us?” Remus rolled his eyes while Deceit just cowered in fear. Roman’s words and actions had a lot of affect on Deceit now. 

“One, we were most certainly not making out. Two, we rarely even show affection to each other, much less publicly.” Remus growled, glaring at his brother with icy cold eyes, getting the same glare back. Deceit tugged on Remus’ shirt softly, like a scared toddler trying to stay close to their mother. 

“What is it baby?” Remus asked softly, his face softening when he looked at Deceit. 

“I’m hungry.” Deceit said in barely a whisper. Remus smiled softly.

“And you want food?” Deceit nodded, which was a shock to Remus. Deceit never actually wanted to eat. It always took Remus tons of begging and crying to get him to eat even one mouthful of food. 

“I can make you some pasta if you want.” Deceit nodded eagerly. Despite what you would think, Remus was actually an amazing cook and made something as simple as pasta taste like Gordan Ramsay made it. He was a better cook than Patton which was a surprise to everyone at first. 

“Okay. Just watch your Disney and don’t let Roman be an ass.” Remus kissed Deceit’s forehead before walking into the kitchen. There was now only Logan in between him and Roman and when Logan went upstairs to continue work or whatever, there were only two empty spaces between him and his ex. He pushed himself against the side of the couch, hugging the blanket, Remus had put it around him a while ago, tightly. Deceit stared at the movie currently playing which was Aladdin and occasionally looked at his phone. It was hard for him not to cry at the memories of him and Roman watching this, especially when said man was next to him, singing and quoting the whole movie like he did then. God he just wanted his boyfriend to be next to him again. Just wanted the warmth of someone who cared about him pressed against his side. He just wanted someone to touch the scales that he used to hate. Well, used to is not the way we should put it for he still hated them. Deceit just wanted it to feel like how it was when he was with Roman. He wanted the kisses, caresses, the hickeys, the adoration. He wanted all of it. Roman and Virgil had yelled at him for only dating Remus because it was the closest thing to Roman. Deceit had cried for he knew that it wasn’t true but wondered if maybe it was. No. He loved Remus for Remus. Not because he looked like Roman. Deceit felt something drip down his face and he realized he was crying. About his ex. In front of his ex who was now looking at him for apparently, he’d been crying for a good amount of time now. He felt Remus at his side, setting down the bowl of pasta and just cradling Deceit in his arms. Deceit remembered why he had asked Remus out now. He was the most caring person in the world and did nothing but love Deceit unconditionally. So why did Deceit still think Remus hated him? Because of fear. The fear that he would one day end up picking a fight with Remus for the same reason he always did with Roman, and then lose him as well. So the truth is, Deceit was scared. Scared out of his mind that Remus would two leave him and then he’d have nobody and that he’d wither away for what was the point of eating if there was no one to eat for? Deceit shook the thoughts away as Remus kissed him over and over again, whispering sweet nothings into Deceit’s ear. He would worry about the harm to come later but for now, he’d focus on the good. The fact that he was with someone who would love him no matter what… Or at least that’s what he thought. 

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    Deceit did this… thing. He regressed in age. It made him feel more comforted when no-one was there for him and most of the time, nobody was there for him. Ever. Who would care about a useless, snake-like, lying side? No-one. That’s how it was for at least six months until he and Remus started dating but Remus was the only one who even remotely cared for him anymore. But now that he was with Remus, he didn’t regress in age. Not because he didn’t need to because he still did, but because he didn’t want to chase Remus away. Didn’t want the only person who still loves him or even likes him, to leave because of the way he coped. So he just hid it. But he’s been hiding it for so long, too long. Deceit just needs to age regress right now. There is too much stress, worries, anxiety in his brain right now. Besides, he’s in his room alone so nobody is around to see him. Remus is hanging out with his brother right now as well so he shouldn’t be back either. Deceit was fine. So here he was, curled up in a ball of blankets in his closet with a coloring book laid out in front of his tiny tiny form. He was shaking, crying all while hugging a stuffed octopus Remus had given him close to his chest as if his life depended on it. Deceit was hurt. Roman had yelled at him for the final time. He couldn’t handle all the awful words his ex threw at him anymore. He needed an escape. The only escape was locking himself in his room again so he would do just that. He had been hurt for the last time. There was a loud knock on his door, ripping him away from his thoughts.

“Baby? Can I come in?” Remus’ voice was worried, and maybe a bit… mad? Deceit’s eyes widened. No. He had to say no. Remus could not see him like this. He was going to say no.

“Yeah.” Fuck. God, he had one job. The door slowly opened, light flooding into the room. Deceit prayed Remus wouldn’t check the closet. 

“Dee. Baby, why didn’t you tell me?” Deceit felt Remus next to him. His small, toddler form. 

“Scared.” Was all Deceit could choke out. He clutched the blanket around him tightly.

“Don’t leave me…” He muttered quietly, biting on his lower lip. He felt warm arms around him, pulling him into Remus’ lap.

“For this? No. For something I was just told by my brother? Maybe.” Deceit’s eyes widened at that. What had Roman told Remus? Was he going to be alone again? Did Roman just fuck everything up once again?! 

“Dee we’ll talk about that later. When you’re you again. Right now I’m focused on getting you calmed down.” Deceit nodded and showed Remus the octopus.

“Yes baby. I see her.” Remus cradled the little side gently as he walked out of the closet, picking up the coloring book and box of crayons. Deceit was set on the bed, Remus sitting next to him. Deceit watched as Remus opened to a random page of the coloring book and opened the crayon box. 

“Color away, mon amour. I’m going to go get you some juice and a snack. I’ll be right back, promise.” Remus kissed Deceit’s head and walked downstairs. He entered the kitchen, pouring apple juice into a sippy cup he snapped into existence while looking for the animal crackers.

“You talk to him?” Roman asked, looking up from his phone.

“Yes. Not about what you said but I did.” Remus replied, opening a cabinet. 

“You have to at some point. I just don’t want you getting hurt like I did.” Roman sighed, glancing over at Virgil who was sitting next to him. 

“I won’t.” Remus said, grabbing the animal crackers and sippy cup then walking upstairs. He gently pushed the door open, smiling to himself when he saw his boyfriend frantically coloring, Ollie tucked under his arm. Remus sat next to Deceit, setting the sippy cup and bag of animal crackers next to him. He ran his fingers through the smaller sides hair, smiling as he felt the side lean into the touch. They’d talk later. Remus was more focused on getting Deceit to be an adult again.

~~~Time skippity flippity brought to you by Flippy (rip Flippy)~~~


    Deceit was back to normal after a couple of hours. Thank the gods. 

“So. We need to talk.” Remus said, lookin at Deceit with a serious look.
“ ‘Bout what?” Deceit asked quietly, looking up from his phone.
“Roman and Virgil said that you were only dating me because I was the closest thing to Roman and you wanted to make him jealous. Is that true?” Remus sounded upset. 

No ! Gods why do they have to make me sound like an ass?! That’s not true! I love you for you …” Deceit coughed, realizing he had lied. Remus noticed it too. But… he did love Remus for Remus… right?

“But I’m not lying!” He hissed. 

“Sure sounds like it!” Remus snapped. At this point, Deceit didn’t know if he loved Remus for being himself or because he was like Roman. He just ended up falling in love with him for unknown reasons. 

“Just- Let’s take a break.” Deceit whimpered. He knew that ‘take a break’ really meant ‘leaving each other for good because I want to get as far away from this creepy snake side as possible’. His lower lip quivered as Remus pushed back the hair out of his eyes.
“I’ll come back. I promise.” And with that, Remus got up and left after leaving a kiss on Deceit’s cheek. 


    The words flooded Deceit’s brain. ‘I’ll come back. I promise’. Why didn’t Deceit pick that up as a lie? Four years. Four long, empty years of Deceit crying, breaking, hurting himself for what? For nothing. He had a hope that Remus would come back one day. Had . That hope quickly dissipated when he saw how happy Remus was without him. Deceit knew when he wasn’t needed. He knew that he was only an annoying rock in the stream. A burden. So most of the time he stayed locked up in his room, a majority of the time, he was little. Deceit wasted all of his days watching Disney, eating junk food, not taking care of himself, and crying. ( A/N- Sounds like a normal Sunday to me.) None of the sides came to check on him. Ever. So yeah he was a little more than surprised when he heard a knock on the door. 

“Baby?” The familiar voice and pet named made his heart ache. Deceit hugged himself tightly, forcing out a small, broken response. 

“Not here. Your baby died four years ago.” He heard a soft sigh outside of his room.

“Well tell him to resurrect his ass and unlock this door.” Remus said, trying to open the door as a reminder that it was locked. Deceit groane and shakily stood up, his skinny form making its way to the door. He unlocked the door and opened it to see a Remus with a small snake plushie sitting atop a bouquet of yellow roses. 

“A promise is a promise.” Remus went to step inside but Deceit moved in front of him. 

“And four years is four years.” Deceit hissed, closing the door and locking it again. 

“Baby-” Deceit turned back to the door and cut Remus off, glad he didn’t have to look at him.

“As I said before, your ‘baby’ is no longer yours! You decided to believe in something that your ass of a brother said out of spite! That’s your fault. Everything that’s ever happened to me in the past four fucking years is because of you! Just leave me alone. Leave me to die. Leave me to cry! I don’t want to see your stupid face ever again! I hate you!” Deceit bit his tongue on the lie. He didn’t want to love Remus. He didn’t want to even like him. Not after all he and his brother had put Deceit through. Deceit was done with being pushed around. He was done. Done done done done. Done! All he had wanted was a healthy, stable relationship but fat chance. Besides, why would the world waste a happy life on him? On a creepy, evil, awful snake-like side as himself? It wouldn’t. Deceit knew he would never be happy. And Deceit knew, he may not trust any other side again and he was fine with that. He didn’t need love, happiness. He just needed life. He could get through this. He would get through this for he may be scared, he may be hurt, and he may be little, but he was strong. Deceit Sanders, was strong. 

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Deceit was strong. He could do this. He would be fine.

"Ugh! I can't do this!" Deceit cried, chucking that stupid octopus Remus gave him at the wall. He slumped down at his desk with his head in his hands. Deceit was going to go downstairs but upon hearing Remus' and Roman's laughter, he thought better of it. It had been two weeks since that dick had asked for Deceit back. All Deceit wanted was to go downstairs and snatch some animal crackers and a box of crayons he knew Patton had in his desk. And it wouldn't be stealing because they were there for him. After Remus had left two weeks ago, Patton entered to find an age-regressed Deceit. Ever since, Patton kept extra crayons around, extra coloring books, and always came to check on Deceit. At this point, Patton was his only friend. He didn't mind that. He just wanted some crackers. Deceit had already taken a shower upon Patton's request so why couldn't he go down to get those somewhat sinister snack? Because while yes Patton was down there, his three boyfriends were as well and so was Remus. Sooooo, no. To be fair, Logan knew as well and sometimes read to Deceit so would it be too bad?
"Yes! Why am I even considering this?!" Deceit asked himself. Well, I guess I'd only be down there for a little bit. Deceit sighed and pushed himself off of his bed, standing up. 

"Fine. I'll get the stupid snack. Why do I let you talk me into these things?" He asked, pointing at his head as he scolded his brain. Yeah, maybe it was good he come out of his room. As he waddled down the stairs, wrapped in a blanket, he forgot one key thing. This bitch was age-regressed right now. Which is a key sign to not go downstairs! Deceit entered the kitchen and was a little confused as to why everything was so big. Oh shhhhhoot. He heard footsteps coming towards the kitchen.
"Kiddo? What are you doing down here like this?" Deceit looked up at Patton who was now holding him. Deceit just pointed to the cabinet and Patton opened it, letting Deceit grab what he wanted. Once the snake-like side had a grasp on the animal crackers, Patton walked him to the living room.
"No." Deceit hissed, trying to wiggle out of Patton's hold. Patton loosened his grip but didn't let him leave. 
"Sorry Dee but I don't want you alone like this." Patton spoke softly and Deceit just pouted but looked at the plastic teddy bear filled with crackers he held. 

"Speaking of that, what the hell?" Virgil asked, holding his hands out in confusion.

"Nobody else is questioning this?" Roman raised his eyebrows. Remus, Logan, and Patton shook their heads. 

"I already knew and Patton clearly did." Remus stated, shrugging like it was nothing.

"As did I." Logan responded, picking up Alice In Wonderland and placing it next to him in case Deceit wanted to someone to read it to him. That might happen later for the latter was currently unscrewing the top of the animal crackers or well, trying to. Remus sighed and went to open the container, the other side flinching away then shifting back to his original position on Patton's lap when he realized what Remus was doing. Roman had gotten up and left a bit ago and was now walking back down the stairs holding something familiar. Deceit saw what it was and his eyes widened, his tiny toddler hands reaching for the item. Roman handed the raggedy, yellow snake plush to Deceit.

"You left Stephie here in my room a while ago." Roman said softly before muttering, "Yeah four years ago" under his breath.

"So, I would like to talk to-" Remus was cut off.

"No. Not even when he's older." Patton muttered.

"He can make decisions for himself." Remus snapped back.

"Well I'm not letting him talk to you. You have hurt him and so has Roman so both of you will not be talking to him regarding relationships at all." Logan stepped in, his motherly side getting the best of him. Patton smiled and kissed Logan's cheek, patting Deceit's head who wasn't paying attention to anything but his snake and crackers. Deceit only broke his attention from those things when Patton put on a show on Disney+ and had Logan lay out the blanket Deceit had come down in.

"Ooo!" Deceit jumped from Patton's lap and onto the blanket, letting Patton put his snack and snake down next to him, Logan putting the book down shortly after.
"Ooo!" Roman smiled as well, lying down next to Deceit who's eyes were wide and bright. Virgil snickered.

"You two are dorks." He laughed, sitting cross legged next to Roman. 

"Babe, it's Stuck In The Middle. That's a funny show." Roman said.

"I mean, come on. You just don't get us." Roman scoffed, putting his hand in Virgil's face dramatically. The other rolled his eyes and shoved the hand away with a laugh.
"Yeah Virgil!" Deceit said, doing the same hand thing he had just seen Roman do. This time, Logan chuckled, closing his laptop.

"I suppose it is a rather humorous show." Logan sighed, pushing his glasses up even though it wasn't needed. 

"Aww Lo-Lo it is funny!" Patton squealed, snuggling close to Logan who sighed and put his arm around the other.

"Kitten, don't you think it's funny?" Patton asked Virgil who looked at his other boyfriend.

"Sure, Sugar. The epidemy of humor." Virgil replied, making the ok hand thing. Deceit looked over at Patton.

"He was being sarcastic." Virgil fake gasped.

"Damn. This smart snake is going to get me in trouble." Deceit flashed him a smile and looked back at the screen, eating more crackers. 


     It had been at least five months since Deceit bonded with everyone again. He was now more comfortable going downstairs and talking to Roman and Virgil. He was not comfortable talking to Remus. The other still tried to get back together with him and stuff like that. Thankfully, Remus stayed in the Dark Sides Palace more now. So here Deceit was, enjoying another pizza and movie night with the light sides in a snake onesie. Remus was there (and clothed) but he didn't let it bother him too much. He wasn't age regressed right now meaning they could watch stuff like Happy Death Day upon his and Virgil's request. Deceit was just curled up next to Patton, the fatherly side's arm around him, the other around Roman. Logan was sitting on the other side of Deceit and Virgil was in his lap. Remus was on the floor because he didn't want affection. So after all that happened with the creative twins, Deceit realized he didn't need a lover or lovers. He just needed friends. While there still might be times he misses Roman's kisses and praises or cries over the loss of Remus snuggles and the late nights together, he'll always have the memories. Good and bad. And the bad will help him see why they weren't the right match for him. He might find someone one day, he might never find anyone ever again. All that matter was this dumb, funny 'family' that he had. And yeah, they were great. Over these past years, Deceit had learned many things, what doesn't kill you makes you stronger, love isn't something you need for your life to be complete, carrots aren't trustworthy, and be careful what you wish for.