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Above the Ocean Blue (Draft)

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Damen had never seen such a beautiful creature. He'd been warned to turn tail at the sight of any and all humans, but when presented with such beauty how could he possibly resist? It took only a few strokes of his powerful tail to swim towards the human and, oh, he was even prettier up close.

Hidden amongst the coral reef, Damen peered up at the human as his legs kicked through the water. Long tendrils of beautiful golden hair floated around his head and his skin was a delicate white so pale it seemed to glow underwater. And his legs! Long and slim and undeniably graceful. Damen wanted to run his hands along them, feel the muscles move beneath his touch.

But as Damen came closer the human's eyes closed and his movement stilled. He was sinking deeper, dragged along by the current.

Damen looked at the sparse trail of bubbles rising to the surface and frowned. Just how long had this human been underwater? Why wasn't he trying to swim to the surface for air?

Reaching out, he gathered the human up into his strong arms and swam them up to the surface, using his hand to try and tilt the human's head up so that he could breathe.

The human jerked awake, coughing violently as he clung to Damen.


Damen transforms to help Laurent defeat the regent