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Trample my heart

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床を踏み この世をも踏み 妹が足
病みたる者の 心も踏まなむ
Yuka o fumi kono yo o mo fumi imo ga ashi
yamitaru mono no kokoro mo fumanan
Your feet that step on the floor and on the world, won't they also step on the heart of this lovesick man?

Yasusada was disturbed out of his sleep by the rustling of the mattress and the blanket accompanied by barely restrained whimpers and moans. Instantly he could tell it was his friend returning from a particularly long mission and finally filling the empty half of the futon at last, but that didn't stop him from being annoyed at being woken up at dead midnight. He groaned, "Damn it, can't you see I'm sleeping? For the love of me, can you just get in bed with your mouth shut, or do I have to chop your head off to stop your mouth from functioning?"

"Well, I'm sorry, I guess." Kiyomitsu apologized completely unapologetically before bending down to land a playful kiss on the corner of Yasusada's lips that immediately colored his cheeks a dusty pink. He carried on afterwards, "But you gotta cut me some slack, man. My feet hurt as all hell, and they still hurt even after I dipped them in hot bath water. You better count yourself lucky for getting to stay at home while I literally had to run and fight around on heels non-stop since dawn."

Yasusada was about to chide his friend about not heeding all-too-frequent warns to not go into battle on pointy heels, but his attention was soon drawn to Kiyomitsu's perfect feet that he was still soothing the pain of. Beautifully shaped and perfectly pedicured, as stylishly elegant as his hands or even more so, those feet were almost a porcelain masterpiece in their loveliness. They looked lovely in almost anything, from tabi socks to sheer stockings, from proper geta to racy stilettos, but Yasusada liked them bare, with all their slim toes and polished nails on full display, even more so during one of those nights, as those toes curled delightfully at the moment of his crisis…

Naturally, Yasusada took the opportunity. "Then let me help you soothe them." he said, sitting up. He forcefully grabbed his friend's foot, pulling it towards him, causing Kiyomitsu to lose balance and fall back on the mattress. His friend's confused expression didn't trouble him; he was too wrapped up in a hungry sort of gratification as he drew his foot closer to his face and caressed it to notice. A spark of all-consuming desire in his eyes, he started taking one toe into his mouth and was soon lavishing the entirety of his friend's foot with loving attention, licking and sucking the toes as he would Kiyomitsu's cock, holding his ankle in a vice-like iron grip to keep him from wiggling free. It was as though he was driven to madness, he didn't notice his friend's noisy protest until he ended up greeted by the sudden jerking of the foot he was licking out of his mouth and its sole forcefully planted onto his face.

"What are you doing?" came Kiyomitsu's annoyed yelp.

"I said I'd help you soothe your foot pain." Yasusada breathed his answer against his friend's sole. It didn't take long for Kiyomitsu to get the hint, and in less than a second, Yasusada found his friend's foot out of his face and his back thrown against the mattress, Kiyomitsu looming above him as he pressed him down, a twisted delight in his ruby eyes and a devilish smile on his lips.

"So you have that kind of fetish." he said in a velvety voice that set his friend on fire every single time, "I should have known I have a pervert for a friend sooner, but too bad I still have another sore foot…" he finished, licking his lips.

"You don't have to tell me twice." Yasusada said.