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what she deserves

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All he can do is scream, and yet no one seems to hear him.

It's like pressing his face against glass, pounding as hard as he can, and yet nothing changes.

His cleric, trapped in a cage. The one that made him a god, and yet he is not strong enough to save her.

And with every passing day, he thinks her faith might be wavering. He doesn't blame her. How can he, when she handed him all of the tools at his disposal and he doesn't even have the means to free her?

He wonders yet again if he deserves this—if he deserves the faith she puts in him.

And yet—he is still there, even as her strength wanes, as she succumbs to exhaustion. He is beside her with every scream and sob, feeling as though the emotion is caught in his own throat. As though he is the one trapped, screaming, sobbing.

Finally, her friends find her, and he only watches helplessly as they arrive with another cleric, one of Melora, who has left her temple to save his follower.

He watches as they revive her, only to explain how one of their own died in the process.

He does not deserve her, no. He was helpless against even a mortal foe, when she needed his help. When she screamed for him to deliver her.

But she believes in him so fiercely, so he cannot let her go. No, he will not fail her again.

He does not deserve her, but she has bound her fate to his. So he will become the god that she deserves.