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Wade's Fault

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Wade's Fault

Chapter 1


"This is so Wade fault" Zoe whispered to herself as she tried to get up off her bathroom floor. He just had to spread his flu he caught last week to her. He should not have been working at the Rammer Jammer sick. Never mind that he hadn't come into work until he had stop showing signs of being ill. It had to be Wade's fault no one else in town was sick with the flu.

Zoe just knew it was pay back for starting to date George right after the night she shared with Wade. It didn't matter that Wade had been a real gentlemen about the whole thing. He didn't make her feel like a slut for sleeping with one man then the next day dating another. Besides Wade had told her he knew she had feelings for George when they hooked up so he had no hard feelings about her dating George.

As her stomach ached again Zoe just leaned on the toilet bowel trying not to think about how unfair she had been to Wade. He wasn't just a playboy he had feelings and she had used him to try to get over George. Yes he knew that, but still it didn't make her feel any better about that.

Wade was her friend he was there if she really needed him, and in return she wasn't a good friend at all. She knew he liked her and wanted more then just a one night stand with her if she was being honest with herself. And what had she done, she had used him.

She deserved to catch his flu. She had been so awful to Wade and that wasn't right. It made her feel worse then her stomach ache.

But Wade had just taken being treated poorly by her like it didn't matter. He had just went with the flow and even started joking with her about her romance with George calling it a Junior High one because they were taking things slow. They had only held hands and kissed. George would walk her to her door at night and kiss her. It was really sweet, he was such a nice guy.

Zoe knew George wasn't ready yet to just jump into bed with her. He needed time to get over Lemon. And taking things slow also give the town of Bluebell time to get use to Lemon and George not being together any longer.

It really had nothing to do with Zoe not wanting to be that girl, okay maybe it did have a little to do with Zoe not wanting to be that girl that spent the night with one man then the next with a different man. She wasn't that girl, so time between bed partners were a must.

Also lately she just did not feel like it, she was tired all the time. This flu was the last thing she needed. Work was just starting to be busy again people finally seem to stop blaming her about the aborted Wedding.

Pulling herself up finally she went to grab a washcloth to wet to wipe her face with. When Zoe saw the box of tampons that got her thinking she hadn't needed them for awhile. With everything that had been going on she had not noticed before.

When had her last period been she was usually like clockwork. Thinking Zoe could clearly remember two week before Lemon and George's aborted wedding she had gotten her period. That was over six weeks ago.

"No way" Zoe whispered as she remembered the night with Wade. And her stomach started to turn again. She barely made it to the toilet in time to empty her stomach again.

"It can't be" Zoe was trying to convince herself. It was just all the stress she had been under lately. It wasn't easy being the girl or woman that a man had stopped his wedding for. And it wasn't easy slowly realizing that while she thought she had loved George Tucker it wasn't true. She really did like George, and it was fun being wine and dined by him. But at the end of each date they had when he kissed her goodnight she was never tempted to invite him in for more.

They were good as friends, they liked the same movies and could talk about books and New York together. Being honest though neither one of them had pushed for more then a Junior High romance. George really wasn't over Lemon yet. And Zoe herself had being having pretty steaming dreams about a certain neighbor of her's.

And staying on the topic of honesty Zoe knew she had all the signs of pregnancy she was tired all the time, her breast were sore, and now morning sickness.

First thing first, she had to get to work and get one of the clinics pregnancy test take it and see what that said. Then if it was positive Zoe had to decide what to do? Only as a Doctor who tried to help people, save people, she knew she could not, not have the baby if their was one. If she was having a baby it would change her whole life. Not to mention she wasn't in a relationship with the baby's father. She was dating George, who didn't know about her night with Wade.

Then there was Wade who could possible be the Father of her unborn child. Zoe closed her eyes she had made a big mess of everything. She should have just turned George down and stayed with Wade, they might have been in a relationship right now. Instead of finding out they were gonna be parents for their one night together.

As her stomach ached again Zoe once again whispered "This is so Wade's fault".