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Wade's Fault

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Chapter 9

A While Later......


This hurt so bad and it wasn't letting up Zoe was squeezing Wade's hand so tightly she was sure her nails where cutting into his skin. "This is all your fault" she screamed out at him as the Doctor at the end of the bed looked on.

"It's time your at ten now, you can start pushing" Doctor Canon said.

"I can't" Zoe yelled holding Wade's hand even harder. "It hurts to bad, why wasn't I given drugs I need drugs?"

"Zoe baby, there wasn't time for drugs we just got here twenty minutes ago" Wade answered from her side wondering how to get his hand out from her tight grip.

"It's all your fault" Zoe informed Wade "It was your idea to take a walk around the park in Mobile and then you had to get us lost on the way to the hospital"

"If we had gotten here a hour ago when I first started having pains, I could have had my epidural" Wade chose not to reply to that and just let her keep squeezing his hand.

Some twenty minutes and lots of screaming and blaming of Wade later the sweetest sound in the world was heard the crying of a new born baby.

Zoe was holding her little girl smiling all the pain of earlier forgotten as she looked at her daughter. Wade was setting next to her with his hand bandaged from all the nail marks. Watching his two girls they made a matching pair.

"Sorry about your hand, and yelling at you" Zoe said looking at his injured hand "You know how much, I love you."

"You were in a lot of pain I won't hold anything you said against you Doc, and I love you too"

"So do I get a turn holding her?" Wade asked lovely noticing how their daughter had a full head of dark hair the same color as Zoe's.

"Okay I guess I do have to share her with you" Zoe joked as they gently passed her from Zoe's arms to Wade's.

"She's a beauty Doc, thank you for given her too me" Wade whispered as he held his daughter for the first time. Tears were filling his eyes up, when he learned they were having a girl he had been go afraid he wouldn't know how to raise one, but holding her now that idea seemed stupid he would just love her the rest would come with time.

"So about her name" Wade started but Zoe gave him a look he knew well and he stopped for a second "It's just that she needs a name and we haven't come up with one yet. So"

"No Wade for the last time" Zoe said looking ready to kill him "We are not letting our four year old son name his baby sister Cupcake."

"Okay, I just promised Jack I would give it one more try" Wade surrendered not really wanting to name his baby girl after food anyway. "You know how much he wants to name her that"

Jack Hart Kinsella was their son who couldn't wait to be a big brother it's all he had talked about for months. That and cupcakes he loved those as well so he wanted to combine the two and name his sister after the tiny dessert.

"As much as I love our son I don't want our daughter to hate us for naming her Cupcake Kinsella" Zoe said while in BlueBell Cupcake might be a cute name no one would bat a eye at the rest of the world not so much. Besides she wanted to name their daughter something meaning full like they had with their son who was named after Wade's Mother.

"I would like to name her Harley" Zoe admitted Wade had asked her a few times now if she wanted to name their daughter that but she had been stubborn on the matter saying she hadn't knew her birth Father and didn't feel the need to name their daughter after him.

But it truly had been the only name that fit when she was thinking of names for their little girl. If it wasn't for Harley Wilkes she wouldn't be alive and she never would have came to BlueBell and met Wade. So it only seemed fitting that he get honored with his granddaughter being named after him.

"Harley Kinsella, I like the sound of that" Wade replied as he lightly kissed his little girl on the head. "Now about her middle name"

"No Wade she is not having Cupcake in her name" Zoe stated seeing the look in her husband's eyes.

"Okay but you get to tell Jack that" Wade said defeated and letting the name go. "He's out in the waiting room right now, just waiting to get to meet his baby sister."

Zoe did not feel up to a bunch of company right now, but last she knew only Lavon, Earl, and Lemon had gotten to the hospital before they had even. Because Wade had gotten them lost after leaving the park they had taken Jack to. He had called Lavon telling him to tell everyone Zoe was in labor and missed his turn off and they couldn't get off the highway until the next exit. Which was a ways especially for a pregnant woman who was having strong labor pains.

"Go bring them in but just for a few minutes" Zoe said knowing she couldn't wait until their son got to meet his baby sister. "But first give me back my baby"

Wade did as he was told and after handing back little Harley he was off to the waiting room to let their family know his baby girl had arrived.

Zoe kissed her baby's head as she watched her, Harley's little eyes were closed but so far they were new born blue. She was perfect and was sure to complete their family. When she and Wade had gotten married over a year ago now having another baby had just been something they had been thinking about. Being a only child it was something that hadn't seemed important to her until she seen how much Jack wanted a sibling. He always was talking about his little friends who had brothers or sisters.

While Wade wasn't close with his brother Jesse now they had been when he was little and he liked the idea of giving that closeness to their son. Earl Kinsella who once he learned he was going to be a Grandpa had changed. He went in to rehab for his drinking and got the help he needed. Little Jack adored his Papa Earl as he called him. He had changed so much his new name around BlueBell was Papa Earl. Earl thought the world set and shined in Jack's eyes, and would let the little boy get away with anything as long as it wasn't dangerous. When they had come back from their Honeymoon they had found Earl and Jack camping out with a tent set up in his living room. The little boy had wanted to camp outside but it had been raining so they did it indoors instead.

Jack was so spoiled being the only child in their group of close friends, Wanda and Tom's baby girl Frodo, Jack loved and would practice being a big brother with her. Helping Wanda or Tom which ever one had the baby when he seen them. Lavon gave Earl a run for his money on who spoiled Jack the most. Lavon Hayes was Jack's godfather and as such spoiled him rotten, he had a bedroom set up at his plantation house that was full of toys for Jack. The man already was teaching the preschooler football and looking into tag teams seeing if any let kids Jack's age play yet. Never mind Zoe told him no.

Jack had changed all their lives, it was because of him that Wade and she were together today. It had not been easy their relationship it had taken a lot of work. Wade didn't feel like he was good enough for her, which Zoe thought was crazy. Being a bartender he felt wasn't a career, Wade wanted to be something Zoe could be proud of. They had a huge fight that night about it and Wade had went to spend the night at the Gate House leaving her alone for the first night since they learned she was pregnant.
Zoe had just entered her second trimester and you could if you were really looking barely see a swollen to her stomach.

She had woke up at two am having stomach pains and when she went to the bathroom there had been a little blood on the paper. As a Doctor Zoe knew it could be nothing or she could being having the first signs of a miscarriage. She had never been so scared in all her life. Calling Wade forgetting all about their early fight she was in tears as she told him she needed him to get dressed and take her to the hospital.

Wade appeared in less then five minutes dressed and ready to go, he just kept telling her the whole way to the hospital that everything was going to be okay. He stayed by her side the whole time she was in the hospital, it was just stress the doctor had said she needed to calm down and stay in bed for a few days. That scare had changed them as a couple they knew they had to talk more less yelling, listen to what the another person was really saying.

While Zoe was on her bed rest that's how she learned that Wade wasn't happy just being a bartender. Bartending was something he had fell into and before the baby and Zoe that was fine but know he wanted more for himself and them. So he told Zoe of his dream to own his own bar. She had listen and told him she loved that idea. When the Rammer Jammer had been put up for sale that had been hard on Wade he would love to buy the place but didn't have the money. He wouldn't let Zoe co-sign for him at the bank either. No matter how many times she asked. Lavon though had just been his usually wonderful best friend in the world self and brought the Rammer Jammer and set up a payment plan for Wade to pay him back. All he asked for was to be named godfather to their baby. Which they were going to do anyway so win-win.

Wade had just made the last payment to Lavon last month so the Rammer Jammer was paid off. Lavon had joked he didn't know what he was going to get them for the holidays now. Every year for Christmas he had taken off a large amount from the Rammer Jammer loan. That didn't stop all the toys he did buy for Jack though. Zoe knew that Harley would get her fair share of toys as well from Lavon. But she feared most of all was all the dresses she would be getting for Lavon's wife the one and only Lemon Hayes formerly Breeland.

Lavon had married the southern belle not to long after her own wedding to Wade. In fact they were so close in time frame Lemon had made sure she knew all of Zoe's plans so they wouldn't share any of the same wedding ideas. Lemon wanted to get married outside the church steps down town BlueBell. Not wanting a big wedding Zoe and Wade decided to get married on the porch of the Gate House at Lavon's plantation. They hadn't lived in either the Gate House or Carriage House for a few years needing more room for their growing family they had gotten a house not far from the Rammer Jammer , or Zoe's practice.

Of course both weddings did still have a lot in common, the wedding parties Lavon was best man at theirs and Wade was his best man. Jack was ring bearer at both and looked so cute in his tux. Rose was her maid of honor, but she did have Lemon as her one bridesmaid, because Lemon had asked for her to be a bridesmaid at her wedding. Earl was his son's only groomsmen.

"Mommy Mommy is she really here?" a little excited voice asked driving all thoughts of the past from Zoe's mind as her hospital room door opened. In came a little ball of energy that looked just like a mini Wade Kinsella except for his brown eyes that he had gotten from his mommy.

"Yes she's is but you have to be quiet she's sleeping" Zoe advised her son as he made his way to her bedside. He climbed onto the chair that was next to the bed then stood up on it to get a good look at the baby in his Mother's arms.

"She's so little" Jack stated in aww of his new baby sister.

Wade entered the room a second later and when he seen Jack let out a breathe he had told Jack not to run ahead but he had let go of his Papa Earl's hand and took off as soon as he knew which room was his Mother's.

"Jack what have we told you about running off like that?" Wade asked as he walked to the seat his son was standing on. He then lifted the boy up and return to the seat setting on it with Jack on his lap.

"Shh Daddy the baby is sleeping" Jack said with his little finger up to his mouth. Zoe couldn't help but giggle some at how precious her son was being right now. She felt like crying she was just so happy.

"Knock Knock can we come in pretty little doctor?" Earl asked holding a pink string that belonged to a balloon that was also pink with the words ITS A Girl on it.

"Yes come in and meet the newest Kinsella" Zoe answered smiling at her Father in law, then at Lavon and Lemon who entered after him. Lemon was holding a pink teddy bear and Lavon had some flowers.

"Did you guys buy out the gift shop?" Zoe joked as they laid their present down and Earl tied the balloon to the vase on Lavon's flowers.

"Will Cupcake wake up soon?" Jack asked eyeing the baby. Wade and Zoe shared a look over his little blonde head.

"Jack the baby's name isn't Cupcake, her name is Harley" Zoe said which earn a squeak from Lemon who had also been pushing for that name. She had been campaigning for it since she learn Zoe was pregnant for the second time. According to Lemon, Harley was the perfect unisex name it could go for a boy or girl. Lemon wanted a baby so bad and hadn't fallen pregnant yet so she had latched on to Zoe's pregnancy as if it was her own. She planned the baby shower, helped with the nursery, brought so many tiny dresses Zoe wasn't sure Harley could even wear them all before she out grew them.

"But she looks like a Cupcake, Mommy" Jack plead with his sad little eyes.

"She sure does" Earl agreed with his grandson after walking up closer to Zoe's bed to get a better look at his new grandbaby.

"You want to hold her Papa Earl?" Zoe asked holding her arms up towards her him.

"I would love too, come to Papa baby girl" Earl said as he held his granddaughter. She was just so tiny and had a lot of hair on her little head. "She is beautiful, you two did good"

Wade smiled at his Father's words of praise "Thank you, we think so too"

"My turn now" Lemon said walking up to Earl holding her arms up wanting the baby. Earl shook his head but gave the tiny baby over.

"You are so beautiful aren't you baby girl?" Lemon was telling the baby as Lavon came closer to get a good look at his new godchild.

As Harley opened her little eyes Lemon had tears of joy in hers. "I promise I will be the best godmother ever"

Zoe turned and looked at Wade who still had Jack in his lap and mouthed 'godmother' to him. He shrugged his shoulders and gave her that cocky smile of his as he whisper "Doc it's kind of hard not to make Lemon godmother when she's married to the godfather of our kids"

Lemon was not someone she would have ever picked as godparent for her child but looking up she could see just how happy Lavon and Lemon looked as they were getting to know little Harley. And if Lemon loved you she could be a force of nature and Zoe found the thought of Lemon loving Harley like that as a good thing.

Laughing Zoe just shook her head and looked at Wade, all of this was his fault, she had given up her dream of being a heart surgeon, to become a mother to his children. Something she had never truly dreamed of being before, but he have given her something better then a dream he give her a reality of a family like she had never had before and always wanted. He had given her himself truly and completely and she had never known such love and devotion. She owed all her happiness to him it was all Wade's doing, it was all Wade's Fault.

The End.