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I dream of Jianna

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Ferguson lay on her bed, arms folded across her chest as she stared up at the ceiling, unable to sleep. “Emotions leads to mistakes,” her father’s voice echoed in her mind. Ferguson has let her guard down, therefore it was easy for the prisoners to mock her. How dare they? Ferguson thought in disgust. Wentworth was her prison, not theirs. Joan tolled over time her side, switched off the light and fell into a restless sleep. As she slept, she found herself dreaming about the first prison she worked in, where people had respect for her and called her the Fixer, and when she first met a certain young prisoner named Jianna…

“Teacher’s pet!” A woman snarled as a young woman passed by her in the cafeteria line. “All right Hartnell, that’s enough. Back in line!” a tall female officer barked at the burly hostile prisoner.
The guard was Joan Ferguson, Fixer of Blackmoor Prison, and the woman she was protecting was a prisoner named Jianna. “Thank you Ms Ferguson,” Jianna mumbled as she stood back in line. But after she got her food, Hartnell appeared again and stood in Jianna’s way, glared at her, and flipped over Jianna’s tray, spilling her food all over the floor.
“Oi! Hartnell, that was your second warning. You’re going to the slot,” Ferguson yelled at her as Jianna whimpered behind her. “With pleasure,” Hartnell said with a hateful look at Jianna as two security guards grabbed hold of her arms and led her out of the canteen.
Ferguson nodded in satisfaction before turning to Jianna. But Jianna was gone.