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I dream of Jianna

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Ferguson arrived back at work the next morning after a restless sleep. She had been trying to think of a revenge plan against Bea, but nothing suitable of satisfactory came to mind. Ferguson sighed in frustration as she swiped her card twice.
Then she entered the building through the check point before making her way to her office. “Know your enemy,” she murmured to herself as she smiled at one of the guards. She decided to look again at Bea’d prison record to see what else she could be hiding.
Ferguson unlocked the door to the office only to see Mr Channing sitting there. “Mr Channing,” she said in surprise. “What brings you here?” she asked as she sat behind her desk. “Joan,” Mr Channing said brightly, “I haven’t got much time so I’m going to get straight to the point. After a few trips to this prison I’ve gathered that the inmates have a nickname for you. Are you aware of this?” he asked.
Joan frowned. “Yes, I believe I am,” she answered. “Well we heard that some of the prisoners, particularly the women on H block refer to you as the ‘freak’, correct?” Mr Channing asked. Ferguson grimaced at the word ‘freak’. “Where are you going with this Mr Channing? Isn’t this my problem?” she pointed out. Mr Channing smiled an infuriating smile again.
“Well the senior staff and I don’t think it’s fair for them to call you that. We’re giving you permission to slot anyone who does. We believe the prisoners need to show respect to the Governor. You deserve their respect Joan. You run this prison,” Mr Channing told a surprised but pleased looking Ferguson. “Well thank you Mr Channing,” she told him gratefully as she stood up and so did he. “Anytime Joan. You really should have told me about this predicament earlier you know. Teach those women to give you some respect. Well good day, Joan. I’ll see you around,” Mr Channing said as he left the office, and leaving Ferguson with a grin on her face.
Today was the last day anyone in the prison would call her freak again.