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Izuku Midoriya was an odd child, according to the people around him. He was quiet, he kept to himself, and he just seemed to know more than a 7 year old his age should. People especially noticed his eyes, eyes far older than a 7 year old should possess. Eyes that seem to have witnessed things that nobody should.

Shuddering, they recall the dark emerald depths, that seemed to gaze straight through them. What could give a boy those old eyes, people wondered. If only they knew.

The boy in question was currently sitting alone in a forest clearing, with a massive archaeological encyclopedia in his lap. He was sitting at the base of a large tree, almost lazily inclined against it, flipping through the book.

“Wrong… wrong… almost right” Izuku muttered, reading a passage about the fall of the Roman Empire. “These guys never get their shit right”

Flicking along to another page, he briefly chuckled. “Then again, I suppose I do have an unfair advantage.”

He closed the book with a thud, and rested it beside him, leaning back a bit more against the rough bark as he closed his eyes.

“I watched it happen.”

Izuku was four when his reality was upended. His once childhood friend got a quirk, an awe-inspiring ability that allowed him to excrete explosive sweat and detonate it at will. Meanwhile, Izuku received a seemingly mundane quirk, the ability to lucid dream at will.

“That’s your quirk!” Katsuki Bakugou sneered at him, his crimson eyes dancing with malicious laughter. “You can dream really well!” His hands were alit with explosions as he stepped towards the downed boy.

“I’m sorry Kacchan” Izuku cried, scrambling back into the playground’s sandpit, wishing he could just bury himself in it and disappear. He looked around for help, but the other kids were either looking away, or in on it with Kacchan. And as usual, the teacher was nowhere to be seen.

A burning hand grabbed him by his collar, tugging him up, tearing him out of his thoughts. Izuku stared into a pair of burning eyes, even as he heard the words that would haunt him for a long time.

“At least your quirk can let you be a hero in your dreams, because you’re sure as not being one here” With a scoff and a mild explosion, Katsuki roughly threw Izuku to the ground and stormed off.

Izuku didn’t know how long he laid there, covered in sand and burns and bruises, but he knew when he finally got up everybody else had disappeared. Izuku got up himself, making a half-hearted attempt to shake off the sand before leaving.

He limped home, carefully opening the door and sighing in relief when he realized his mother wouldn’t be home. His mother was friends with Kacchan’s mother, and he knew that when she saw his condition she wouldn’t stop until she knew the cause, and then that friendship would quickly come to an end.

Stumbling to his room, he fell on his bed. The stress of the day combined with his recent injuries had taken their toll on the young boy, and he fell asleep almost as soon as he closed his eyes.

And then he Dreamt.

Izuku opened his eyes, and found himself on a reddish brown tiled roof. He walked forward along the roof, absentmindedly noticing that his footsteps made no noise. Even as he watched in disbelief his foot phased through a loose tile that would’ve tripped him. His confusion and wonder was cut short as he looked up and noticed the flames.

He was standing in a magnificent ancient city, full of pristine white buildings with reddish brown tiled roofs. Even to his uneducated mind he could tell it must’ve been hundreds of years in the making. Tiled roads, resembling the roads that Izuku was familiar with, ran through the city. It would’ve been an awesome sight if it wasn’t burning.

The flames were consuming the city, and with it, came screams. Izuku ran to the edge of the roof, and looked down. A horde of wild looking men armed with various medieval weapons were ransacking the city, barging into buildings, and coming out with what were evidently valuable goods. People, obviously citizens, as indicated by their clothing and lack of weaponry, were lying still in their street. Why was there so much red? Izuku looked closer, before stumbling away. If he wasn’t dreaming he would’ve thrown up, but the 4 year old boy gave it his best shot anyways, leaning over and retching.

Evidently he had leant a bit too far, because he lost his balance. His eyes widened even as his small form tipped over. He was falling.


He paid no heed to the voice, no matter how familiar. He was falling! Falling towards the bloody, burning streets!

“Izuku wake up”



Shooting up out of his bed with a gasp, Izuku’s head barely missed the head of whoever was hovering over him. He blinked rapidly, trying to ascertain the situation.

“Mom?” Izuku whispered, his head still full of fire and blood.

“Oh, Izuku, did you have a nightmare?” His mother, Inko Midoryia, asked, grabbing the boy and pulling him into her chest. Izuku’s arms wrapped around his mother as he rested his head on the crook of her neck, returning the hug. His mother must’ve arrived home from work as he was sleeping.

“Something like that” Izuku croaked out, his body still shaking from the terror he had experienced

“Well, I made dinner, if you’re up for it” Inko softly said, stroking the sweaty hair of the boy.

Izuku opened his mouth, and Inko rolled her eyes.

“Yes, it’s Katsudon”

Izuku’s eyes sparkled a bit, and a soft smile formed on his face.

“Thanks mom”

“Of course, Izuku” His mother said, hugging him a bit tighter

Izuku sat at the dinner table, staring at his Katsudon, his chopsticks dangling loosely from his hand.

“Mom” The boy asked, finally looked up at his worried mother.

“Yes, Izuku?”

“I don’t think my quirk is just lucid dreaming.”

“Oh?” His mother inquired, setting her own chopsticks down and looking intently at him. “What do you mean?”

And so Izuku talked about his brief dream, going into more detail than he probably should’ve, given his mother’s horrified visage.

“..I guess, what I don’t understand mom, is if my quirk is lucid dreaming at will, why couldn’t I make it stop? Why couldn’t I escape to another dream, one less… you know?

“I don’t know, but let’s find out together Izuku” Inko said, outstretching her hand and laying it on his own, softly squeezing. “You’ll be fine.”

The next day, a very tired Izuku was dragged along by his mother into the nearest public library.

Inko sighed. “Did you get any sleep last night”

Shaking his head, Izuku replied, “No, I couldn’t. I didn’t want to go there again.” The noticeable bags under his eyes became more prominent as he looked up at his mother, rubbing his eyes.

His mother softly rubbed his back as she guided him into the ancient history section. “We can figure this out, and you will get some sleep, alright?”

Izuku nodded, not sure whether his mother was attempting to convince herself or him, and too tired to care either way.

Izuku looked to his left, and froze, staring at a painting.

“Izuku what is it?” Inko looked at where her son was staring, and froze as well. “Oh.”

“That’s almost identical to my dream” Izuku mumbled, staring in something akin to shock and fear at the painting.

Inko stared at the painting, noting the caption below it.
The Fall of Rome, 476AD

“Izuku, you do realize what this implies, right?” Inko said, gazing at her son.

“I time travel when I dream?” Izuku said, with somewhat more excitement that he’d had all day.

“I think so Izuku… I think so..”

Suddenly, his quirk didn’t seem so worthless after all. However there was still the significant issue of control.

“How can I control it though mom, I didn’t want to see a burning city when I went to sleep” Izuku asked. ‘Although, I was thinking of my injuries and Kacchan’s fire when I passed out.’

“I don’t know, maybe it depends on what you think before you go to sleep? Maybe you just need practise. I can schedule a quirk therapist to help.” His mom said, softly ruffling her son’s hair.

“No mom, it’s alright. I’d rather not become a figure of attention with this quirk, maybe when I’m older?” Izuku pleaded

“...Alright” His mother sighed. “But if you have any more incidents like this, we are going straight to a quirk therapist, understand” Inko said, looking at him sternly.

“Yes, mom.”

That night, he Dreamt.

And this time, it wasn’t all bad. He sat on the roof of the newly constructed Notre-Dame in Paris, 1163, and watched the sun set. The darkening horizon cast long shadows across the roof, the tall spires getting in the way of the horizon.

The past was full of many horrors, but it was equally full of wonder. Every night, Izuku would Dream, and every day, Izuku would train. Izuku would transmute the past and the present to make the best possible future. Afterall, those who do not study the past are doomed to repeat it.

Izuku outstretched his hand so that the last of the sunlight fell onto his hand, and for a second, it seemed like he was holding a ray of light. He looked towards the darkening horizon, and laughed in liberation, tears of joy trailing down his cheeks. For a brief moment, everything in the universe seemed it was going to be alright.

“I can become a hero!”

Inko leaned against the doorway of her son’s bedroom, looking at the sleeping form of Izuku.

“You’ll be a great hero Izuku, I know it!”

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12 year old Izuku sat in the first class of the day, in the far corner of the classroom. Hunched over his notebook, he was dead to the rest of the world.

At first glance, one might assume the boy was diligently taking notes. Upon a brief glance at his notebook, however, this would be quickly upended.

His notebooks were absolutely filled with nonsensical sketches of scenery, vehicles, and people from all sorts of ethnicities and time periods.

Even as he was finishing up the final touches to a particularly well detailed sketch, his name was called.

"Izuku, what is the answer to this?" The teacher inquired, gently tapping her ruler to the edge of the table.

The boy didn't respond, continuing to doodle away. A boy with vivid blonde hair sighed in disgust and outstretched his palm. He ignited an explosion within the palm of his hand, the loud noise causing Izuku to abruptly look up.

"Oh, I'm sorry, did you need something? Izuku inquired sheepishly, flushing red as the class laughed at him.

"What is the answer to this question?" The teacher sighed, gesturing loosely with the ruler towards the board.

Izuku glanced at it, before softly chuckling to himself. It was a simple math question involving the utilization of the pythagorean theorem.

Considering the fact that he had talked with the Greek philosopher that had first written the equation a few nights ago, Pythagoras of Samos, it was a no brainer.

"The answer to that would be 5.23, repeating" Izuku said, beginning to turn back to his doodling even as the teacher nodded in confirmation.

"Thank you, Izuku" The teacher said. "Now if you'd just pay attentio-"

Izuku had already turned back to his doodling, once again dead to the world. The teacher gave a soft smile before turning around. She didn't push it because as far as she was concerned, he was a good kid. Doodling in class wasn't exactly all that bad, as far as she was concerned.

Putting the final touches onto his doodle, Izuku twirled the pencil in his hand before resting it on the desk, staring at what he had drawn. It was a waka, a special double hulled polynesian canoe, built by the Maori people in what would become called New Zealand.

It was a special boat to him, because it signified one of the few people he'd met that he could call friend.

5 year old Izuku stumbled home on a sidewalk, barely suppressing tears.

"It's not fair" the boy angrily muttered to himself, kicking a stray can. "All I wanted to do was stop that kid from being beaten up by kacchan"

His reward? Burns and bruises. "No good deed goes unpunished" Izuku again muttered, briefly looking up to ascertain where he was. Almost home.

Crossing a street, Izuku began to calm himself down. Arriving at his apartment, the boy opened the door, closing and locking it behind him. In what had become a sort of ritual for him, the boy walked into his room, decided on where he wanted to go, fell on his bed, and passed out.

Opening his eyes, Izuku found himself on a beach on a tropical island. Humming to himself, he thought for a moment. He had done this enough times now that telling where and when he was in his dreams was almost like a 6th sense of sorts. From what the sense was telling him, he was in New Zealand in around 1325.

Taking off his shoes, the boy walked along the shoreline, enjoying the sensation of sand between his toes and the tide lapping at his feet. Eventually Izuku sat down, smiling to himself as he watched clouds lazily move through the sky and the waves glimmer in the sunlight, sparkling as if they were blue gold.

Tears trickled down his cheeks as he looked at the sight. Could he really become a hero? Or was it just all a dream? The words of Kacchan echoes through his mind, like a dark bell, and Izuku hugged his knees, pulling them into his chest and resting his chin on them.

"Beautiful, isn't it?" A softspoken voice was heard from behind him.

For the record, Izuku did not scream like a girl. Nor did he jump in fright. No, he definitely calmly turned around to face the man behind him, who wasn't at all suppressing laughter from his scream that never happened.

Izuku studied the man, his keen mind cataloging his features and cross-referencing them to other people he had seen throughout his life. He looked nothing like them. The man was brown-skinned with a large nose. Above it sat kind brown eyes. Frizzy hair surrounded his head, almost like a mane.

Izuku quickly wiped his eyes before properly looking up at him, meeting his eyes.

"Who are you" Izuku asked, wary. He didn't know if being injured or being killed in his Dreams would transfer over to his actual self in 21st century Japan, but he didn't want to find out. The only thing preventing him from Dreaming his way out was the warm and caring aura the man exuded, assuring him that the man meant no harm.

"I am Amiri, child. And you?" The man softly sat down, cross legged. That was another thing about his quirk, it acted as a bridge between languages, allowing Izuku to talk normally and convey his meaning exactly as intended. To him, he was speaking Japanese. To the world, he was speaking Amiri's language, Māori.

It wasn't a perfect system, however, it had its flaws. Bleedover could occur, and while this could allow Izuku to instantly understand languages, it also meant he could have trouble differentiating between languages. A few weeks ago Izuku spent 3 hours speaking Ancient High Germanic, his mind recognizing it as Japanese, until it finally clicked that he was speaking another language, to his mom's thankfulness. It would be hard to explain how her son was speaking a dead language.

"I'm Izuku Midoriya. I came here to look at the sights. I'm… well, I'm not exactly from around here."

No, he was not. Amiri could tell that the small boy was definitely not native to his island, not with his comparatively pale skin and messy green hair. Amiri looked along the shoreline, trying to find what sort of watercraft would allow a child to travel all this way, only to find nothing, as he partially expected.

Perhaps this was a test from the gods, offering him a young child in distress and seeing what he'll do. Well, he wouldn't be one to disappoint. After all, where else could this child have come from, but the realm of the gods, clad in strange clothing and speaking in an odd accent?

Amiri smiled at the boy, even as Izuku continued to wipe away his tears. "What ails you, child?"

"I want to become a hero, but I'm not sure if I can anymore." Izuku said, rubbing his eyes.

"Oh? Why is that?" Amiri asked. An idea was forming in the elderly man's mind.

"I'm too weak, I'm useless, I can't do any-" Izuku was cut off by the man raising a hand.

"That wasn't what I was asking, Izuku" Amiri said. He gently poked the child in the chest. "Why do you want to become a hero?"

"To… to save everyone! Like heroes do!" Izuku said, smiling at the thought of saving everyone, like his idol, All Might.

"How do you plan to do it?" The elderly Maori man asked, looking at him with a smile.

Izuku lost his smile. How could he have been so stupid? He didn't have a plan! His goal to become a hero was ridiculous. It was more akin to a wish, a pipe dream than a solid plan. Izuku looked up at Amiri with panicked eyes.

"I don't know! I don't think I've ever had a plan!" Izuku was spiraling. 'Oh god, Kacchan was right, I am a useless dreamer, I can't even pla-'

The 5 year old boy was brought out of his spiral by Amiri standing up and extending a hand towards him.

"Well then, let's find the path you need to take. Together" Amiri said kindly, hand still outstretched.

Izuku looked up at the kind man, and nodded with a shaky smile, reaching out and taking the hand, allowing him to be pulled up to his feet.

Izuku sat on the beach a few hours later, looked at a strange chart made out of sticks and tied together with thatch.

"What is this" Izuku asked, looking up at Amiri confusedly.

"This is a chart used by my people for generations to teach how to navigate the vastness of the ocean with nothing but the wind, current, and the stars."

Sure, while that sounded cool, Izuku didn't know how this related to him becoming a hero. How would knowing how to navigate help him?

As if sensing his thoughts, Amiri continued. "You are struggling to find your path, you don't know where it is, let alone how to walk it. My people have crossed arguably the largest swathe of water in history with these charts"

"If we can find our paths with these, even across the oceans, then it is my belief that you can find yours." Amiri finished, smiling at the boy.

Plus, he needed somebody to pass the information down to, he had no heir to his knowledge. It was polynesian tradition for a wayfinder to pass his knowledge down to his son. Without a son, this strange child sent by the gods would have to suffice. Not that he would tell it to the child's face.

Izuku's eyes brightened, and he nodded. "Alright! I'm ready to learn."

And he was. Although their first session was short, Amiri was shocked at the deftness of Izuku's mind, at how quickly he picked up knowledge.

They were just going through the basics of navigating using the stars when Izuku suddenly looked up, as if he was hearing something.

It was his mom, calling him. Apparently it was time to wake.

Standing up, Izuku said quickly to the kind man, "Sorry, I have to go. I'll be back at the same time, same beach, tomorrow. Thank you for your help"

Amiri opened his mouth to respond, only to close it when the boy dissipated into thin air. The man snorted. Child sent by the gods indeed. His eyes glimmered with gratitude. He finally had someone to pass his knowledge down to.

Looking up at the sky, Amiri grinned. "Thank you, for sending him to me. I will make him the greatest hero that you have ever seen, I promise"

Izuku woke up from his Dream to his Mom's shouts.

"I'm up mom!" The boy shouted, getting out of bed and walking to the table, where he sat. His mom was already in uniform for work, absentmindedly reading something from her phone.

"Good morning Izuku" Inko smiled at her son. "Have a good sleep?'

"Yes mom. I was in New Zealand in 1095. I met a Maori wayfinder, and he's teaching me how to navigate." The boy said excitedly.

"You are being careful, right son? I don't want to get hurt." Inko said, now looking at her son.

"Yes mom. My quirk can tell a person's intentions fairly easily. It will keep me safe" Izuku responded, recognizing his mom's thinly veiled threat for what it was. He recalled what she said earlier, about if there was another incident it was straight to a quirk therapist.

And it wasn't like he was lying. He had felt something warm and welcoming about Amiri. It was the only reason he had stayed and talked to the man. If he had so wanted, he could've jumped a few centuries in either direction to get away from the man if needed. It was possible for him to change the time period he was in his dream, although the place was static.

He had learned a lot in the year since he had first manifested this oddity of a quirk, and his mom knew it. After all, in his dreams he walked alongside kings and tyrants. He had to learn fast.

"As long as you're careful, Izuku"

"Yes mom"

And with that, the rest of the morning went by as usual. His mom left first, followed by Izuku.

Izuku walked to school, feeling the wind on his face, looking up to see the clouds lazily moving through the sky.

The day before, these would've been meaningless to the boy. Now, they were markers, guides that would send him forward on his path to become a hero.

Izuku sat at the front of a large double hulled canoe, idly staring at the water. The canoe glided through the picturesque clear water, slicing through it like a knife through butter.

Smiling, Izuku leaned down, and stuck his fingers into the water, the sensation of the water flowing past his fingers making him grin. As a Japanese city dweller, he had never really gotten the chance to see the ocean, let alone sail in it.

"Alright Izuku, we're approaching the boundary of the shore. Past this and we're dealing with the oceanic currents. You remember what we discussed earlier, correct?

"Yes Amiri, I remember. Don't worry, I haven't forgotten."

No, he had not indeed. Amiri looked at the boy's back with a fond smile. In the span of three short weeks Izuku's training had exceeded anything he thought possible for a 5 year old boy. The child was like a sponge, soaking in knowledge. He rarely made a mistake twice, and when he did something right, he kept on doing it.

Izuku stood up from where he was sitting, and walked to the central mast, upon which he leaned against it, momentarily deciding what to do. Closing his eyes, Izuku immersed himself in the oceanic environment, feeling the breeze ruffling his clothing and the water flowing between his feet.

Amiri sat at the rear of the canoe, watching with pride. It was unheard of for a novice student to be able to navigate using such instinctual techniques. It usually took years upon years of experience to be able to perform such feats. Of course, he never told Izuku about it. Wouldn't want to give the child a big head.

Izuku's eyes snapped open, and he looked to Amiri. "Current seems to be travelling westward, fairly strong. Wind is travelling in roughly the same direction, although it's subject to change. Windspeed is medium."

When Amiri didn't immediately respond, Izuku looked down, rubbing one of his hands with the other in a subconscious nervous tic. "I'm sorry if I'm incorrect, I'm still new at this"

Amiri frowned. Well, maybe giving the kid a few more compliments wouldn't hurt. Honestly, Amiri didn't know what made the mysterious child so eager to put himself down. Perhaps it was a conflict from where he came from?

Amiri leaned forward and rested a hand on Izuku's shoulder. "Do not fret Izuku, you are completely right. To be honest, the reason why I didn't respond to you immediately wss the fact that I was shocked at your intuition at such a young age."

Izuku looked up, wiping a stray tear. "Really? he mumbled.

Amiri smiled at the boy. "Absolutely." Amiri stood up, gesturing to the island they had departed recently

"Now how about you lead the way home, Izuku" Amiri asked. "I have something I'd like to show you"

Amiri disappeared into his dwelling, telling Izuku to wait outside. Izuku had seen it before, but it was no less captivating. Amiri had called it a longhouse. As the name suggested, it was a long house like structure, with creamy white walls and a bright red roof.

Izuku was torn from his admiration of the house when Amiri reappeared with two long sticks of wood. He tossed one to Izuku, and the boy fumbled for a second, before managing to grab a hold of it.

Izuku looked at the object within his hands, studying it. It was unique, to say the least. A flattened, paddle like structure led into the main body of the staff. This was topped by something akin to a spearhead, wreathed in black feathers. The spearhead itself was coloured a dark green, and consisted of a mineral similar to quartz.

Giving it an experimental wave, Izuku was delighted to see the feathers at the base of the spearhead flare out, almost making it look like the staff was leaving behind an afterimage as it cut through the air.

Amiri nodded at the staff that Izuku was holding, and Izuku, noticing the gesture, stopped and looked at him. "That is a taiiaha.

"I'll teach you how to wield it. You don't have to be a victim. Today, you learn Mau rākau, our martial art."

Izuku's eyes widened. "How did you know abou-"

Amiri swung his taiaha at him. Yelping, he stumbled back, instinctively raising the staff. The impact reverberated through his arms, and it was all Izuku could do to not drop the weapon.

"I know what a victim of social oppression looks like, Izuku, I've seen it before. From my view, it is a crime for someone as bright as you to be held back by whatever society you originate from."

Amiri stepped back, twirling the staff idly with a hand. Izuku noticed that his was incredibly similar to Izuku's own, the only difference was the spearhead, Amiri's was a creamy white.

"These past three weeks have taught you how to sense the world around you. How even the minute variances in wind speed, temperature, current, and starlight can mean the difference of life and death. You've successfully navigated the ocean using these skills. Now, we will apply these to your fighting."

Izuku nodded, a grin breaking out on his face as he raised the staff, holding it out in front of him. "I'm ready"

"Good. Wear this" Amiri tossed a blindfold to him.

Izuku caught the blindfold, confused. "How am I supposed to fight with this?"

"How are you supposed to navigate without a map?" Amiri answered with a question.

Amiri watched as Izuku's eyes lit up, the same look he always got when something clicked flashing over his face briefly. Amiri inwardly grinned. 'There you go kid'

Izuku, now with the blindfold on, stood, his taiaha held in a ready position. Amiri swung, and the boy attempted to dodge, only to be hit in the shoulder. Izuku was still a 5 year old boy, so Amiri obviously wasn't swinging hard, but it was still enough to send Izuku sprawling.

Before Amiri could offer a hand, Izuku had alresdy clambered up, impressing Amiri with his dedication. "Focus" Amiri barked. "Where did that perfect intuition I saw earlier go?'

"Nowhere" the boy said, twirling his staff into a ready position. The next time Amiri swung, Izuku blocked it. And the next time. And the time after that.

"This is incredible" Izuku laughed. "I can feel you, predict your movements, it's like the air currents are giving me a cheat sheet!

"Let's test that then" Amiri grinned

Izuku panted, his arms sore. He collapsed to his knees, embedding his taiaha in the sand beside him.

They had be going for 2 hours, and although Izuku's dream body felt horrible, he had never been happier.

He looked up at Amiri, who was sitting cross legged, his taiaha resting across his knees.

Izuku's smile dropped suddenly. He had to tell him. It was unfair to Amiri and himself to keep up this training for a lie. Izuku looked up at Amiri and spoke.

"I feel I haven't been completely honest with you, Amiri." Izuku grimaced. 'May as well get it out there'. "I'm not just from not around here, I'm from the future. When I sleep I can time travel. I'm from the 21st century Japan."

Izuku clenched his eyes shut, expecting anything, yelling, a hit, screaming in disbelief' but laughter. Opening his eyes incredulously, Izuku looked at Amiri laugh.

"3 weeks and you finally tell me" Amiri laughed. "I figured something like that, but certainly not the sleeping part"

"You're just going to accept it, just like that?" Izuku asked, completely bewildered.

"You appear out of nowhere to begin our lessons and then disappear as soon as night falls. I thought you were a godling at first, until you opened your mouth" Amiri said, chuckling.

Izuku sat there, not knowing whether to take offence or not.

Amiri interrupted his internal debate. "So, how does your power work?" He leaned forward.

"When I go to sleep I have the ability to travel to any point in time and space provided that it is chronologically before when I fell asleep. I am able to interact with the world, and my body is able to take damage, but somehow I still wake up feeling like I had slept."

Amiri widened his eyes. "Perhaps I was mistaken, that is a power fit for a godling"

"It's functionally useless ability in combat" Izuku said, looking down, playing with some sand idly.

"Of course. But you have literally every moment of history at your fingertips to learn from, you have the greatest repository of information I have ever heard of. You can become anything, Izuku."

Izuku looked up, tears trickling down his cheeks. "Really?"

"If I didn't mean it, I wouldn't have said it." Amiri stated.

"Thank you!" Izuku yelled, grabbing the elderly man in a hug. Amiri stiffened, before relaxing and returning the hug with an arm, patting Izuku on the back.

"No problem kid." Amiri gently pushed Izuku away from him. "One thing though. You better not limit this ability to me. You have so much more potential. I still want to continue your training, but we can make it less frequent."

"Bu-" Izuku exclaimed, only to get interrupted by Amiri.

"I'm honoured that you want to make me your sole teacher, but you can have so much more. If you can't do it for yourself, do it in the name of our training, okay"

Izuku nodded, wiping away tears. Abruptly looking up, Izuku turned to Amiri.

"I know, I know, it's time for you to wake up". Amiri said, waving him off. "Go on, train, become a hero"

"I will!"

Izuku looked up from his doodle, only to see the rest of the class had disappeared. Looking at the clock, he winced. It was 20 minutes past the end of the school day, he had been stuck in memory lane for far longer than he had originally thought.

Izuku began to pack up his stuff, only to stop abruptly has he caught sight of a sticky bote connected to one of the pages of his notebook.

Retrieving it, Izuku mumbled it aloud, a bad habit he had picked up, from his many years of reading works written in varying languages.

"Meet me outside after class, Deku. If you're late I'll kill you" - Bakugou

'Well shit. Bakugou sounded mad, and now bound to be more mad because I'm late. Better see what the hell is up with him now'

Izuku grabbed his bag, shouldering it, and headed out of class. It was time for a confrontation that had been years in the making.

Chapter Text

Whistling, Izuku strode out of the classroom, heading down the hall. There was a time when a meeting with Bakugo would have paralyzed him with fear.

Now, all Izuku felt was cold fury and cheerful menace. He couldn't believe that there was a time when he was friends with the crude boy, a time when he called him "Kacchan".

Well, friends was a very loose term when it came to the two. As Izuku had long since reflected, with the help of Amiri, among others, it was a bond caused by trauma, a toxic platonic relationship.

Izuku had long since broke up their friendship. Izuku had simply ignored him until the boy finally had gotten the hint and left him alone. What conclusions Bakugo had made out of that, Izuku didn't know, nor did he care.

'I suppose I'll find out soon enough' Izuku thought, unconsciously gripping his distinctive yellow backpack a bit tighter. 'After all this time, Bakugo finally decides to confront me'

Bakugo glared at the airheaded nerd as he finally exited the school, and walked in his direction.

"Fuckin' finally" Bakugo grumbled, shoving his hands into his pants and looking exasperatedly up at the sky as the nerd stopped beside him. "Follow me. We need to talk"

"Alright" Izuku smiled thinly, as he shouldered his backpack a bit more securely.

Bakugo turned, and made for the forest next to their school, walking down a poorly maintained path.

"You do realize this is almost exactly what goes on when people are planning a murder, right Bakugo" chuckled Izuku

"Shut the fuck up nerd, and follow me. We're almost there." Bakugo snarled, continuing to walk forwards.

Eventually they came to a start at an old creek with a rickety makeshift bridge overtop of it. A strange sense of both anger and nostalgia came over Bakugo as he looked down into the creek, remembering that fateful day.

"A-are you okay Kacchan" a voice echoed in his memory faintly, and Bakugo shook his head roughly, banishing it, and the faint feelings of guilt from his mind. The nerd was looking down at him that whole time, and is continuing to do so now, he deserves what's coming to him

Turning around, Bakugo regarded Izuku. The deku had grown up from those days, he was more muscular, and more confident. Unconsciously, Bakugo set off an explosion, growling to himself. 'The bastard is still trying to be a hero. Not on my watch, I'm going to be the number 1!'

Bakugo turned to the nerd, grinning maliciously. "You're not trying to be a hero, are you, Deku?"

The nerd instantly stiffed up, crouching slightly, balancing on the balls of his feet. "I've said it again and again, Bakugo. Don't call me that. I stopped calling you Kacchan a long time ago."

Bakugo yelled in anger, something about that hurting something inside him, and jumped forward, hand outstretched and already crackling with explosions, ready to slam it into the fucking nerd's chest.

The nerd with the useless quirk had the audacity to sidestep, letting him overshoot Izuku.

"We're not friends anymore, Bakugo. I don't think we ever were" Izuku stated, seemingly unnaturally calm.

Baku8gou snarled, and lunged at Izuku again, rotating his body into a sideways kick midair. The nerd grabbed the kick and tossed him into the dirt. Bakugou grunted as he rolled a few feet, immediately jumping to his feet.

"Stop this, Bakugo. It's not going to go anywhere." Izuku paused, and titled his head to the side. "You got two of your lackeys in the forest behind me, waiting to hold me down for you, I assume?"

Bakugo's eyes widened, before he snarled. "What, your fucking dreams tell you that, you shitty nerd!" Swearing under his breath, Bakugo reminded himself to beat it into his minions to be fucking silent, for the tenth goddamn time this week.

"Well no." The nerd gave him a shit eating grin. "From the alignment of the sun and the stars, it was revealed to me… oh and the moon pitched in as well." Izuku looked straight into Bakugo's eyes, smirking. "He says you're a dick"

Bakugo yelled nonsensically in rage as he ran towards Deku, explosions fueling his mad sprint, the fucking nerd having the balls not to flinch or scream.

"Grab him!" Bakugo roared, and his minions came running out of the forest, extenda-finger fucker and the fat winged kid both charging at Deku.

Bakugo smirked as his minions managed to grab hold of his arms. "Let's see you dodge this one" He roared, leaping into the air and using his explosions to fuel a downwards axe kick.

Izuku calmly looked up at the form of Bakugo as he descended towards him, hands wreathed in combusting nitroglycerin, the heel of his shoe aimed for his head.

To his well tuned senses, Bakugo and his cronies might as well be lit up neon.

Izuku bared his teeth in a savage imitation of a grin as he began to pivot on his heel. Of course he hadn't been taken by surprise by the two brown noses holding his arms fast. He had a plan.

Izuku finished pivoted on his heel, sticking a leg in front of the kid with the extendable fingers and yanking forward and sideways the arm he was clutching onto.

He spun around and collided with the winged kid, and stunned, both of them released Izuku's arms. Pivoting on his heel again to finish the motion, Izuku ended up behind them both.

This whole motion took mere seconds. Long enough for Bakugo to finish his descent, and his foot, once destined for Izuku's head, to collide with the heads of his minions.

Said minions immediately crumpled to the ground, and so did Bakugo, nervously leaning over them and checking if they were alright, muttering about his perfect record

"Are we done here?" Izuku asked. "I mean, it's been wild, but look, I gotta go home, my mom's probably going to be worried, and stuff." Izuku started to back away from the three boys "So… I'll be heading out now, yeah?"

"DEKU" Bakugo roared, charging towards him.

Izuku cocked an eyebrow. "Don't you have something you need to attend to" Izuku gestured towards Bakugou downed minions. "Something about a perfect record?"

Bakugo grimaced, as he realized Izuku was right. He had to help his useless minions or they'd snitch on him, and his record would be blown to hell.

Izuku nodded once, and turned to leave, slowly walking out of the clearing that had once held so many memories, both bad and bittersweet.

"You get off easy this time" Bakugo scoffed. "Let me know when your dreams make something happen in the real world, nerd"

Izuku stopped,his back facing Bakugo, and tilted his head slightly to regard the explosion user out of his peripheral vision.

"First time talking in almost 6 years and this is what happens" Izuku said softly, almost too quiet for Bakugo to hear. "Pathetic."

Izuku began to walk away. "Goodbye, Bakugo'

Bakugo looked up, to say something, anything, but Izuku had already disappeared.

Like a dream.

Bakugo snorted at the thought, before beginning to drag his minions to the school to get them some first aid.

Izuku walked down the road, hands in his pockets. As much as he could decry what Bakugo had said, he had to admit, Katsuki did have a valid point.

The fundamental flaw with his quirk was that he could not bring items from the past with him when he awoke. Nor could he bring things from the present with him to the past. (Then again, Izuku supposed, perhaps this was a blessing in disguise. It prevented Izuku passing on whatever 21st century pathogens he had on him to the past, and vice versa). The flaw had probably inadvertently prevented him from accidentally killing his friend Amiri with a stray sneeze or cough.

Izuku had experimented once, attempting to bring some food with him into the past once. His mom was very disappointed in him when she came to wake him up in the morning and found him covered in melted ice cream. His excuse of wanting to eat a tub of Ben and Jerry's on the top of the Wall of China did not fly, and it possibly made Inko even more upset.

Of course, this wasn't to say that Izuku couldn't bring items from different time periods with him while he was Dreaming. Izuku had several staches of weapons hidden across time and space. Everything from his taiaha from New Zealand, 1325, to a M1 Bazooka taken from a US training camp, 1942. He hid them in various places. Really, the ability to pop around in time and space was very helpful. Izuku was careful, of course. Wouldn't want to destroy the timestream by giving a knight in the Crusades an assault rifle.

The point is though, while he had all this, he wasn't able to bring it into the present day.

The only evidence of his time traveling was his bizarrely advanced skills, and ability to speak dead languages. None of which was immediately obvious.

Izuku paused, a grin breaking out on his face. Skills. Smithing. He couldn't believe he hadn't thought of this before! Izuku had learned how to wield almost any common medieval weapon, and some uncommon ones, and many martial arts, but he had yet to pick up smithing.

Maybe Bakugo was good for something after all. Izuku would learn how to smith. First, he needed to find a teacher.

Maybe the Leper King would help him. The king did say he owed Izuku a debt for what he had done for him.

The year was 1177.

Izuku sat in the rafters of a cold, dark castle room, staring at the 16 year old king. The young man was hunched over a map, staring at it, gritting his teeth in concentration.

He had been watching the beleaguered king for hours now, debating on whether or not to help him. He had been warned, by countless people and books to not mess with history. Of the unforeseen consequences of meddling with time.

But Izuku, the quirkless nobody with only his mom to depend on, felt for the 16 year old king, King Baldwin IV, otherwise known as the Leper King, due to him contracting leprosy at a young age. It all came down to luck really. There was only a ~5% chance of being infected by Leprosy after coming into contact with the bacterium behind it.

It reminded Izuku of his own affliction, quirklessness, and the incredibly low chance of being born it. So Izuku made one of the most significant decisions he had ever made in his young life.

Jumping down from the rafters, Izuku landed with a soft thud on the stone floor, creeping along the shadows, staring at the young king.

Evidently the soft thud caused by his landing must've been a tad too loud, because the king instantly responded.

The king stood up from where he had been hunched over his map, and drew his sword. It was a comparatively simple sword to of the kingly swords Izuku had seen before, the only sign of its nobility being the rich blue satin covering the hilt or the sword.

"Who's there" the king yelled, holding the sword out with his left hand. The other was tucked away in his tunic, his right arm and hand having been ravaged by his leprosy, mutilated beyond the point of functionality.

"A friend" Izuku responded, only to instantly gulp and shut up when the king whipped around and placed the tip of his royal arming sword at his throat.

"So you say" He narrowed his eyes. "Talk, while I am still letting you draw air"

Izuku swallowed, and breathed through his nose. If this failed, even Izuku was pretty sure that even for all his skills he wouldn't be able to fight a few hundred men. "I can tell you where the man you are looking for is, Saladin. He is currently in an incredibly vulnerable position."

The king considered this. Saladin had recently attacked his outpost, leaving behind sufficient men to cause him worry. Fortunately he and his knights Templar had managed to fight them off. It was a costly victory, the king was only left with 375 knights Templar, with the rest scattered throughout the kingdom of Jerusalem, either besieged in their own outposts or still on their way, in a vain attempt to reinforce him.

If there was a real shot at intercepting Saladin before he made it into Egypt and was lost to him, this might be the only one the Lord would grant him.

"Prove it" Izuku nodded, and walked to the mapping area, briefly scanned it, and pointed to a narrow stream. "Saladin's army is currently stuck at this river, near the village of Menehem. Their baggage carts are stuck in the soft mud and his men are out raiding the countryside. They are disorganized." Izuku pointed at another section of the map. "They are close to the hill of al-Safiya, you can use this as a landmark to hone in on them."

"How do you know this? You're a child. Are you a spy" The king asked, glaring at Izuku

Izuku glared right back. "You're not the only teenager in the world that's capable of waging wars. I've heard about you, you've been crusading since you were 13"

"Fair enough." The king flicked his wrist, rotating the blade in his hand, and sheathed it at his hip. "Report to the armory, grab armour and a sword."

Izuku blinked. "What, I'm no knight Templar!"

"No, but you decided the path. You can lead it." The king smiled thinly. "Whatever happens to my men at the end of that path, will happen to you as well."

The king turned to walk out of the room, clapping a hand on Izuku's shoulder. "If you are right about this, you can consider yourself a knight. If you are wrong…" The king unsheathed his sword slightly. "Then this day will be your last."

"Carp Diem" Izuku said, looking into the king's eyes. "Seize the day"

The king nodded once, and exited the room. "Indeed."

Izuku had never been on a horse before, let alone a horse of the Templar order. The warhorse was massive, easily 1.5m tall at the shoulder. And the bumping. Izuku felt like his organs were going to rattle their way out of his ribcage.

Although to be fair, the rattling part may just be the fact that the warhorse was in a ferocious sprint. Izuku looked behind him, seeing the full force of the 375 knights Templar behind him. The king was in the middle of the formation, the standard bearers surrounding him.

Izuku looked to his left, and saw the coastline. Izuku was leading the knights across the coastline, knowing it was the best and quickest way to get to Saladin's army. The air whipped at Izuku's face, and the time traveller grinned.

'Sorry mom, somehow I don't think that my travels are going to be entirely safe from here on out' Izuku thought.

Izuku's eyes refocused and widened as he saw the hill of Al-Safiya coming up, the distinctive white layering of the hill making it easy to spot.

Raising his cavalry arming sword above his head, Izuku waved it around in a predetermined signal, gesturing to the left, towards where he knew Saladin's army was stuck.

Directing his warhorse to the left, the knights followed him. Izuku waved his sword around again, this time gesturing towards the front.

Again, the knights followed him, and Izuku laughed. He felt like a warrior, sitting atop a warhorse.

He certainly made an odd sight, a 12 year old boy clad in oversized chainmail astride a horse with legs taller than himself.

Leaning off the side of the horse slightly, gripping tightly to the reins, Izuku held the sword out at his side, the tip of the blade nearly scraping the ground. He could see Saladin's stuck baggage train up ahead, the army either gathering supplies or attempting to free the carriages.

Neither would happen this day. Izuku heard the army roar in triumph behind him as they began to truly charge, the thumping of the horses hooves sounding like thunder. Izuku suddenly gained a whole new appreciation for the terror that calvary posed to the mounted soldier.

Screaming, partly from fear, and partly from the excitement, Izuku met the disorganized lines of the enemy army first.

The next few moments were absolute chaos. A arrow glanced off his chainmail, making Izuku cringe at the bruise forming. His sword arm thumped back as the sword impaled itself to the hilt in a soldier before him, before being ripped out from Izuku's momentum.

Soldiers were crushed and trampled before Izuku's warhorse, and more fell before Izuku's blade. Izuku winced, before compartmentalizing his anguish. He could worry about it after. This wasn't the first time he had taken a life, and this likely would not be the last.

If the moment when Izuku had hit the lines of the enemy had been chaos, then when the rest of the men hit, it was downright pandemonium. Men went flying through the air as 375 1400 pound warhorses collided with the lines at once.

The already disorganized lines of Saladin's army, hastily constructed, instantly collapsed and were routed. Supporting infantry to the mounted knights flooded through the rapidly growing gaps in Saladin's lines, and Izuku grinned.

The battle was all but won. A decisive victory against a numerically stronger opponent.

"Attack from where your enemies are not prepared, go to where they do not expect" Izuku muttered to himself, quoting one his mentors Sun Tzu, as he leaned back in his saddle, tired from the excitement.

"Friend!" Izuku heard an exclamation behind in, and he turned to look at the young King Baldwin IV, riding up to him.

Izuku looked at the king tiredly, flicking his sword absentmindedly to clear the blood off of it, and then sheathed it at the warhorse's side.

"Yes, your majesty?" Izuku said, turning slightly in his saddle to face the king.

"You have done me a great service today. The kingdom of Jerusalem owes its continuing existence to you. Ask for anything, and I will grant it if it is within my power"

"I'd like a favour, that I can claim in the future" the king blinked. It was an odd request, but not undoable. "Of course, friend. Tell me, I have never learned of your name!"

Izuku looked at the king, grinning slightly. "The name's Izuku Midoriya". He then vanished before the king's eyes, dissipating into thin air. The only sign that he had been at the battle was a horse with no rider, the saddle filled with a empty chainmail tunic and a blade, still sheathed at the saddle's side.

King Baldwin IV chuckled to himself. "Truly, there is more to heaven and earth than which we know"

Izuku blinked out of the memory lane as he looked up, realizing that he had made it to his apartment.

Opening the door, Izuku entered, and as the door closed, his voice could be heard faintly.

"Mom, I'm home". Izuku paused. "Do you have anything against me building a forge?

The reply was blocked as the door closed, but it was enough to raise the suspicions of someone glaring at now closed door.

"I don't know how you got so strong, but I'll beat it out of you, freak" Bakugo snarled, his crimson eyes glaring maliciously at the spot where Izuku had stood mere minutes ago. "You can count on it"

Chapter Text

Izuku stood before the Tower of David, staring up at the stone citadel.

Taking in the sight of the formidable structure, Izuku felt insignificant. Even now, over a millennium into the past, it looked old. Sections of it had obviously been rebuilt or added onto, no doubt due to the tumultuous nature of the region it was built in. Cracks spanned the walls, and yet they stood strong, unyielding.

Izuku shook his head, continuing to walk towards the cast iron and wood gates. No matter how many times Izuku had set his eyes on the stone structure, it never ceased to have that effect on him. It was an incredible structure.

"Enough sightseeing" Izuku muttered, chiding himself. He had a job to do. Continuing to walk, Izuku came upon two guards standing post at the gate, most likely looking out for people attempting to gain entry, such as himself.

"Halt" yelled the one on the left, even as the other guard walked towards Izuku, aiming a spear at Izuku. Izuku stopped, raising his hands in the universal peace gesture

"State your business here" The guard holding the spear said.

"I seek an audience with King Baldwin IV. Tell him my name is Izuku Midoriya"

The guard holding the spear narrowed his eyes, and inched closer. Izuku rolled his eyes. "The king knows me, tell him that I am seeking an audience with him, and he'll grant me it.'

The guard on the left grinned. "For some coin, we'd be happy to bring the message for you, boy"

Izuku groaned. "How about this?"

Izuku grabbed the spear from the guard on the right and yanked it closer to him, bringing the guard within his reach. Izuku kicked him in his gut, and as the winded guard's grip on the spear loosened, Izuku ripped the spear from his suddenly loose hands. Spinning it around so that the spearhead was aimed at the guard, he spoke to the guards, his calm facade not breached.

"You're going to bring the message to me, because if you don't, I will filet you like a goddamn fish."

The guard on hastily banged on the gate in a series of beats, and the gate opened. "Come with me, I'll escort you to the king."

Izuku grinned. "A pleasure doing business with you". Tossing the spear back to its owner, Izuku followed the guard in.

The king regarded Izuku, eyeing him coolly as he knelt before the king.

"A month after you aid me in the Battle of Montgisard you choose to appear? Why?"

Izuku looked up and grinned, rising from his kneeling position. "Because I'm calling in the favour you owe me"

The 16 year old King of Jerusalem blinked, before narrowing his eyes. "What do you want? I cannot do anything that endangers my kingdom, and I will not do anything that violates my morality."

"Nothing of the sort" Izuku assured him. "I want to learn the process behind making Wootz ingots."

Wootz ingots were the pride of Near East* bladesmiths for easily 400 years, they were used to make the fabled Damascus steel.

Damascus steel was arguably the best steel of the ancient world, able to be used to create blades that were both incredibly flexible and very hard at the same time. A sword couldn't be too hard or it would become brittle and shatter underneath the intense stresses of battle. Similarly, a sword couldn't be too flexible, or it would be too soft and malleable, making it bend easily, and deform in battle.

Somehow, bladesmiths in the Near East had managed to take unpurified iron ore, often in the form of hematite or magnetite, and forge a steel equivalent to modern day carbon steel. Modern science still doesn't quite grasp the processes behind the creation of the steel.

Izuku grinned internally. If everything worked out, he'd be the only one in the modern day that knew exactly how it was created.

The king sighed, and slid a hand across his face. "What you ask is not impossible, but it would take some difficulty to make contact with a Near East bladesmith and ask them to take on an apprentice."

Izuku merely stared at the king expectantly.

Sighing again, the king waved a hand exasperatedly. "Yes, I will find you a teacher within a fortnight."

Izuku nodded. "Thank you. You owe me nothing further, this was my only request."

The king blinked, and when he looked at where the boy had been standing before, he had vanished. The king called for his aide. "Send out a envoy to the Mamluk Sultanate. I seek to hire a Damascus blacksmith. Take as much coin as you think you'll need from the treasury." The king wryly shook his head. "I actually think we might benefit from having one in our court".

Walking along a sidewalk bordering his school, Izuku pondered, glad that it was a weekend and he didn't have to attend school. While he had secured a viable method to educate himself on forging a sword in the past, Izuku still had no means of forging of a sword in the present.

Sure, Izuku could construct a basic blast furnace and forge. The problem was finding a source of iron ore. It wasn't like Izuku could go and mine some iron. Neither could Izuku buy some iron ore, if he had the funds to do that, Izuku may as well have commissioned a sword from the start and avoided all of this.

Stopping abruptly, Izuku stared at the sight before him. It had evidently once been a beach, but now it was a glorified dumping ground for various amounts of trash, whether it be miscellaneous household garbage or discarded automobiles.

His eyes lit up as he saw all of the broken down automobiles and other similar trash. He could get iron from this!

Izuku frowned, deep in thought. Whatever iron could be taken out of scrap metal, it was bound to be ridiculously impure. To get any meaningful amount of iron from it, it would take a lot of scrap metal. At this point, Izuku might as well clear all the scrap metal from the beach and run it through a blast furnace.

Ah well. When the going gets tough, the tough get going.

Izuku walked down to the beach, carefully avoiding all of the obvious sanitary risks and other dangers that came with walking in a virtual landfill. Studying the trash, Izuku pulled out a notebook, cataloguing all the items of trash he could find that were candidates for iron extraction. Basically, anything that was rusty was a go, since rust needs iron to form. Other than that, Izuku had nothing. It wasn't like he had the ability to magically tell what scrap metal contained iron, since a lot of things could be made out of cheap aluminum alloys as well.

He did find a surprising amount though, enough to justify his blast furnace idea. He grinned, cracking his fingers. Time to build a blast furnace in his backyard.

Building a blast furnace in his backyard was apparently a no go according to his mom. Apparently, having a building specifically meant to combust air hot enough to melt metal near the house was "unsafe" and a "fire hazard".

Grumbling to himself, Izuku sighed. Guess he would have to build it in the middle of nowhere. Izuku hoped his mom wouldn't question his sudden shopping spree at the local hardware store.

In the meantime he may as well catalogue the scrap metal, and group it all according to estimated iron content. Should make melting it down into iron a bit easier when the blast furnace is complete.

Shiozaki Ibara wasn't really one to mind other people's business. She kept her head down, and went through life the best she could, according to her parents and the Lord's values.

She never really had much social interaction either, preferring her own company for the most part. It was simpler that way, she felt.

The only major social interaction she got was during her daily walks. She easily could've stayed home on her Christian private school's campus and done all her exercise there, but she preferred to see the world outside her sheltered campus. Besides, the exposure to daylight and fresh air helped her quirk, her vines for hair.

However, when Shiozaki saw a boy with green hair not unlike the color of her vines on the dirty beach, assorting various piles of scrap metal, her curiosity was piqued.

He had a manic look on his face as he rapidly wrote down notes in a textbook, muttering to himself. She was too far to decipher much of the boy's wild muttering, but from what she could hear it was about iron content.

She walked down the beach, minding her step, avoiding sharp bits of metal and other debris as she walked up to the boy, wondering what he was doing. Closing the distance between them, she caught a bit of his mutterings.

" am I going to move all this, sadly I'm too young to drive, not that I don't know how to, barely any legal requirements to drive in the Roaring 20s… maybe if I-"

Shiozaki cleared her throat, attempting to say something, only for the boy to jump, whip around, pointing a… rebar at her. She blinked, looking at him.

"Hi?" She said, awkwardly rubbing her vine covered head. "I managed to make out your problem, I could help you move it if need be?" She flared her vines out behind her, demonstrating her quirks usefulness.

The boy threw aside the rebar, stammering an apology. "Sorry!" The boy sheepishly shrugged his shoulders. "I thought you were someone else… You said you could help me move these?"

His eyes widened and he stuck out his hand, half-bowing. "Sorry for my rudeness! I'm Midoriya Izuku! He looked up, smiling "And your quirk is incredible! How does it work? Are they actually vines or just thick strands of green hair you can control?"

Shiozaki blinked, a soft smile crossing her features as she grabbed his hand and shook it. "I'm Shiozaki Ibara. Thank you for your kind words, and as for your questions, yes, they are vines. They are my Garden of Eden, and I'm blessed to have them as my hair"

Izuku blinked, before rapidly muttering under his breath. She couldn't catch much of it, but she heard something along the lines of "oh, it's another King Baldwin IV"

Before she could comment on that, he suddenly stopped his muttering, affixing his gaze on her. "That's awesome! You can manipulate objects with them, I presume"

She grinned, lifting up a broken refrigerator to the side of her with her hair. "My garden is powerful, it is able to pierce through concrete and lift several tons." It was a sin to have pride, but she had to admit that she enjoyed the wide eyed look on Izuku's face.

Frowning, she thought for a second. "While I do not mind helping you, I must admit I am curious, why do you want to move all this scrap metal? What do you intend to use it for."

Izuku grinned madly. "I'm going to build a homemade blast furnace, melt it down, extract the iron, and use it to make ingots of the like that haven't been seen since the fall of Jerusalem."

Shiozaki blinked.

Looking at her, Izuku's grin devolved into a blank look.

Shiozaki blinked again.

Izuku cracked first. "This is the part where you call me a liar and run away" he stage whispered.

Shiozaki laughed. "You'd have to do a lot more than that to scare me away." Her interest piqued now, she sat down on a seat made out of her vines, her vines puncturing into the sand, spreading out and anchoring the temporary structure. "Tell me more. How did you come across such forgotten knowledge? Are you a member of a church?"

Izuku genuinely laughed. "You're different from the rest. I'm glad." He smiled at Shiozaki. "Well, no, I'm not a member of any church. I just time travel when I sleep."

Shiozaki nodded. "Ah, I se-" Shiozaki's eyes widened, as what Izuku had said suddenly clicked. "You.."


"When you sleep"


She rubbed her eyes. "Do you realize the implications of that, how powerful of an ability that is?"

Smiling, Izuku nodded. "I do, I have trained with a lot of historical figures. I aim to be a hero, I'm going to use this ability to save everyone."

Shiozaki smiled back. "I'm aiming to be a hero as well."

Kneeling down, Izuku began to resume cataloging the scrap metal. "I'm sure you'll make a fantastic hero, your quirk is incredibly well rounded quirk, you could effectively do anything within the industry"

Shiozaki inclined further into the chair, watching Izuku jot notes continually into his notebook, smiling at the compliment. "So, where do you plan to build this blast furnace?"

Izuku looked up, briefly pausing from his note-taking. "There's a clearing in a forest not too far from here. Don't worry, I made sure there's no risk of a fire hazard. Besides, blast furnaces send all their heat straight up, so as long as it's built right there should be little to no risk.

"Little to no risk?" Shiozaki asked, raising an eyebrow.

Izuku pretended to not hear her, picking up several large piles of scrap metal, bound together with cheap bungee cords. He grunted under the weight, steadying himself before walking forwards. "You said you'd help right? Coming?"

Running after him, her hair picked up several piles of scrap metal. "You didn't answer my question!" She shouted.

"You know" Izuku started. "When we first started talking, you seemed familiar. Now I get it." He smirked, looking at Shiozaki. "You remind me a lot of Joan of Arc."

She blushed and stammered, swatting him with a vine from her garden. "Flattery won't get you out of answering my question."

Izuku grinned. "Don't worry, I'm messing with you. There won't be any risk if I can help it. I rather enjoy the forests around here."

Shiozaki and Izuku continued to walk away, both holding various piles of scrap metal, an odd sight to anybody but them.

"Thank you for helping me, again." Izuku said softly, looking at the ground as they walked.

"It's no problem." Shiozaki smiled, looking at Izuku. "No problem at all"

Chapter Text

Leaning back on his haunches, Izuku observed a grey powder in a large blue industrial bin. Grabbing a large stick, he churned the powder with it almost absentmindedly, staring into the powder as he reflected upon his progress over the past month.

Izuku had previously toyed with the idea of making his blast furnace out of stone and mortar, like the late medieval ones commonly found throughout Western Europe but unfortunately, there were a few major problems with that

Firstly, where the hell would he get stone and mortar, and secondly, how the hell would Izuku hide a masonry project from the public?

Masonry took time, was expensive, and all together was just too inconvenient. So Izuku took to reading, trying to find the ideal solution to his problem.

After consulting the local library's historical encyclopedia, which admittedly to him was more of a phonebook than an actual nonfiction narrative, he had found the ideal material.

Roman cement. Well, not exactly, admittedly Izuku had modified the recipe for his own ends, as he wasn't exactly in Rome.

Either way, modified or no, it was an incredibly easy cement to make. Simply add the components, add water, and stir. Roman cement was a hydrated cement, meaning that it would begin to harden upon contact with water.

Using some of his allowance, Izuku bought himself a cheap 50lb bag of lime, and a big industrial bin. Izuku received some odd looks, but nothing major happened as he rolled the big bin into the woods with him. Looking back on it, that might've been a bit suspicious, but what can you do?

Roman cement was unique and so long lasting because it had a special component, volcanic ash. Fortunately, volcanic ash was quite easy to get. Japan was a volcanic island in the Pacific ring of fire. All Izuku had to do was dig a trench a few meters deep, and voila, layer of ash from some volcanic eruption a few centuries ago.

Utilizing this volcanic ash, the lime, gravel he may or not have acquired from several unfinished driveways, Izuku successfully made a concrete mix. Currently it was still sitting in the aforementioned industrial bin that Izuku had modified with a nozzle on the side to spread the concrete when it was time.

However, he still needed to make the frame for the concrete to set properly, and that was the hard part. It wasn't like Izuku could make a hollow mound of concrete by just pouring it out, that isn't how concrete works.

So Izuku began work on the frame, utilizing the scrap metal from the beach landfill. Fortunately, he hadn't had to worry about the questionable structural integrity of it all, as this was only going to be a mold, not intended to be subjected to the intense heat of a blast furnace.

Hammering sounded throughout the clearing, disrupting the previous silence. Izuku grunted as he swung the makeshift sledgehammer at a tall metal board, working on shaping it into a rough curved position.

Satisfied at it, Izuku briefly nodded to himself, before throwing it into a pile of similarly shaped metal boards. Cracking his neck, Izuku put another similarly sized board onto the tree stump in front of him, before swinging his hammer into it.

The hammer went straight through it, and Izuku scowled angrily, tossing it into another pile full of metal objects with similar damages, mumbling to himself. "Goddamn cheap aluminum alloys".

The sound of a throat clearing caught his attention. Smiling, he set the hammer down, gently resting it against the tree stump. Turning around, Izuku sat on the stump serving as his work bench, looking at the girl sitting on a low-lying branch, leaning against the main trunk of the tree. Her vines were wrapped around both the tree and the branch, securing her, and she was nose deep in a book.

"Sorry Shiozaki" Izuku said, rubbing the back of his head and grinning sheepishly. "Never use the Lord's name in vain and all that"

Shiozaki looked at him, raising an eyebrow. "Why do I get the impression you're just saying that to appease me."

Izuku laughed. "Total mystery. Me, appeasing you? Never. Total sincerity over here."

One of Shiozaki's vines swatted him across his cheek, and he grabbed his cheek, mock pouting "For a woman of faith, you sure are violent towards your fellow man"

Shiozaki glared at him, and Izuku glared back. They both only managed to keep it up for a few more seconds before erupting into laughter.

In between bouts of laughter, Izuku looked at the girl, smiling. "How was your day?"

After that day on the beach, Shiozaki and Izuku had become fast, unlikely friends.

After her school, Shiozaki began to swing by the forest clearing to either help Izuku with constructing the blast furnace, or just sit there, enjoying Izuku's company and vice versa. She would frequently vent about her problems, and Izuku would do his best to lend an ear while hammering metal objects into place. Similarly, Izuku would often vent about his struggles with bullies and the like, and Shiozaki would listen.

Within a week, they were close confidants and close friends.

"It was good." Shiozaki said, leaning further into the tree. "I'm having some trouble with math though, got a test coming up soon.

Izuku grunted as he began to stick the curved pieces of metal into the ground, beginning the formation of a hollow circular foundation. "If you need any help I'm always happy to, you know this, what's really the matter?

Shiozaki smiled softly, looked at Izuku's hunched over form. It never ceased to surprise her how Izuku could cut to the matter of the issue so quickly. "A group of friends in my class were discussing hero costumes, and I showed them my proposed costume."

Izuku prepared his sledgehammer, ready to go to town on another few pieces of scrap metal. "I think your costume is great"

In Izuku's opinion, it was awesome, white robes that flowed down her form, making her seem like some type of deity or angel. When combined with her vines, she looked like a force to be reckoned with.

Shiozaki laughed bitterly. "Of course you do. They don't though. Were saying stuff along the lines of how it would offer no protection. One of the guys said 'good luck when you catch one in the kidneys''.

Izuku paused briefly in his hammering. While he wouldn't have put it in such a crude way, the guy Shiozaki was talking about didn't necessarily not have a point.

"Well, what if we modify your costume without removing the main appeal of it. You can still have your costume, because I think it's awesome, just with some added protection?"

Shiozaki looked at him, confused.

Izuku laughed. "Well, from my perspective, I'm sitting here with a forge, and I have the ability to go back in time and learn anything. What if I were to make you some Polish armor from around the 16th century?" Izuku looked at the beginnings of the forge. "Plus, since I plan to produce Damascus steel, I think it has the potential to be like no other armor ever produced."

Putting down his hammer, Izuku ran over to his bag he had left near the tree Shiozaki was sitting on, and pulled out his notebook. Quickly sketching out his idea, he presented it to her.

Shiozaki's eyes widened as she looked at the proposed design. It would still essentially be her robes, but with the inclusion of a lightweight chainmail underlayer, and some plates of armor going over the white robes. She would have a chestplate, greaves, gauntlets, and elbow and knee pads. The chestplate was connected to a belt cape consisting of scaled armor, protecting her legs while not hindering her movement. She looked like a holy warrior.

Izuku had even included a colour scheme, adding a footnote about possibly dyeing the armor a dark verdant green to match the color of the vines. Previously, Shiozaki had adored her costume. With these additions, she loved it.

Izuku sent a hand through his own green hair, awkwardly laughing. "I hope you like it, if you don't that's alright, I mean -"

His rambling was cut off as Shiozaki wrapped him in a vine assisted hug while smiling widely. "I love it, Izuku".

She kissed him on the cheek, and both of their eyes widened, abruptly realizing what she had done after the fact.

Shiozaki blushed, letting out an undignified "eep" before high tailing it out of the clearing. Izuku would've followed her, had he not been standing there, touching his cheek and grinning like an idiot.

Izuku grabbed his own bag and walked out of the clearing, still smiling like an idiot.

Izuku entered his apartment later that day, still oddly happy. His mother took note of this, and looked at him amusedly.

"You seem happy"

Izuku looked at his mother wide-eyed. "Well yeah, I guess I am, I just had a good da-"

His story was cut short by his mom laughing. "To think that my son, who walks alongside kings and tyrants in his sleep, would be so affected by a girl"

"Mom!" Izuku yelled, blushing.

"Aha, so it was a girl, who was it? Was is that vine haired girl you're always talking about?"

"I plead the fifth" Izuku said, smiling

After an interrogation filled dinner, where his mom grilled him for details until he finally relinquished his dignity, Izuku had stumbled upstairs into his room, falling onto his bed.

And so, he Dreamt.

Izuku had to learn how to make armor and swords, and how better to learn it than to gain the favour of royalty? It worked with King Baldwin IV, Izuku didn't see why it wouldn't work here.

All he had to do was find the ideal time to gain favour. With King Baldwin IV, it was aiding him in his victory in the Battle of Montgisard. Izuku had to find a similar point of time in the history of the 16th century. Searching through his history encyclopedia, Izuku found it.

The Battle of Vienna, 1683. The Ottoman Empire had laid siege to the town in the Holy Roman Empire, and when the combined efforts of the Holy Roman Empire and the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth broke it, they effectively shattered the threat of the Ottoman Empire, and brought about the beginning of the end for the Ottoman Empire.

The siege was broken by one of the largest cavalry charges in history, over 18000 horsemen, primarily composed of Poland's most elite unit, the "Winged Hussars". A little known fact, is that this Polish calvary charge was covered by a smalltime artillery commander who, with no prior experience, had managed to transport 28 field artillery guns through a forest and onto a hill overlooking the battle. His efforts had earned him the attention of the King of Poland, and skyrocketed his career.

Izuku grinned. He had found his man, and the timepoint. The aforementioned artillery commander was named Marcin Kątski. If Izuku helped him direct his fire, and gave him even better positions, he would be, by proxy, recognized by the King, and he would have a very good chance of getting himself an apprenticeship under a blacksmith.

Izuku covered his ears, wincing. They were still ringing after he heard the first fieldgun go off.

Shaking his head in an attempt to dispel the ringing, Izuku walked up to Marcin.

"Tilt all guns by 4 degrees, and left by 2 meters, and fire for effect. You'll achieve the greatest success that way."

Marcin observed this strange green haired boy. When the boy had emerged from seemingly thin air as he was navigating the woods surrounding Vienna, he had assumed the worst, that he was an Ottoman spy.

The boy had told him that he was a native to the region, and his goal was to become an apprentice under a highly trained blacksmith, and the best way to do that, he felt, was to gain the favour of the local governance. Thus, he was show them the way, and help him direct fire.

Shaking his head wryly, he thought the boy was crazy. But when he, on a whim, had followed his first suggestion, he had seen the effect. The resulting impacts had devastated the Ottoman army, ruining any chance of a viable counterattack against the Holy Roman imperial forces as they defended the city of Vienna.

So, with this all in mind, he nodded and relayed the instructions to his men. The cannons thundered, and Marcin lifted his primitive telescope, staring at the impacts. His eyes widened as he watched the impacts destroy a group of sappers.

Sappers were highly trained demolitionists who trained to detonate walls. In a siege, they could decide victory or defeat. If those sappers had been allowed to get through, the battle could've had a very different ending.

Izuku lifted his own telescope, staring at the mouth of the forest further down the hill. Izuku grinned, hearing that distant thunder and recognizing it from his experience in the Battle of Montgisard. It was cavalry.

"The cavalry is going to be arriving any minute now, begin to target groups of Ottoman soldiers with ranged weaponry, we don't want them interrupting the Winged Hussars" Izuku stated, still staring down the telescope.

Marcin nodded, relaying the orders again.

Izuku covered his ears as he watched the guns fire, staring at them as they belched fire, unleashing havoc on the enemy forces a few hundred meters away.

Even as the artillery made impact, Izuku watched in awe as the Winged Hussars charged towards the already routing forces. The reason they were called the Winged Hussars was evident, as the mock wings attached to the back of their chestplate flared out in the wind. Izuku could easily see why they were so intimidating.

The cavalry made impact, and the already routing forces were completely shattered, crumbling. Men ran off the battlefield as others panicked and surrendered. The battle was all but won.

Izuku watched as the first friendly forces enter the city, and grinned. He uttered the same words that they uttered, according to legend anyway. "I came, I saw, God conquered".

Marcin turned to Izuku, grinning in victory. "Thank you, Izuku. We both shall be recognized by the King of Poland for this."

Izuku cocked his head briefly, realizing that it was time for him to wake. Marcin turned back to the battlefield, watching as the friendly forces flooded the city, embracing the exhausted defenders.

"Give the King my regards, I'm afraid I won't be able to see him at this time. I will as soon as I can though"

Marcin turned to Izuku in confusion, only to see him gone.

"I will, my good friend. You will receive the recognition you deserve."

Chapter Text

Sitting on a familiar beach, Izuku talked to his longtime friend Amiri.

"My weapons are almost complete. My test is coming up soon, and I will be ready." Izuku let out a nervous sigh "I am worried though, what if I'm not ready?"

Amiri smiled at the boy he had begun to think of as his own. "I think, with all the skills I've taught you and you've told me about, you'll be more ready than everybody else here."

Izuku grinned. "Thank you Amiri, I owe you for all of this, I have no idea what I'd have done without you."

"And I'd have nothing without you. To think that one of the last Polynesian wayfinders is a time traveller.." Amiri took a long breath, looking out into the horizon. "I think that you will travel far farther than any of us ever could."

To another person, that statement may have seemed like an odd metaphor, or bad poetry, but to Izuku, who knew of Amiri's people, he understood the compliment he'd been given. Izuku subtly wiped his eye.

"The distances that you have travelled are the foundation for my own navigation. I won't forget you."

Amiri nodded, looking up at the sky. "Well, we have a few hours left, want to spar for a bit?"

Izuku grinned, nodding his head as he leaped to his feet.

Amiri grabbed his staff, and Izuku seemingly blinked out of existence before reappearing with his staff in hand. Having caches of weaponry throughout time and space was incredibly convenient.

Amiri adopted one of his martial forms, while Izuku adopted a seemingly unconventional form, holding his taiaha above his head, leaning the spearhead part of it in the crook between his neck and shoulder.

Amiri blinked. "Izuku, that's not one of the forms I taught you."

Izuku chuckled. "I know, I picked it up from the Shaolin Monks in China. They fight with wooden staffs called bo sticks, it's called Kung Fu Staff Fighting. I have no idea if it can be transferred over to a taiaha."

Amiri nodded, well used to Izuku's eccentricities at this point. "Well, let's see how the technique fares then."

Amiri lunged at Izuku, only for the younger and more agile one of the two to leap up and over the other, somersaulting in midair to land behind Amiri, thrusting at Amiri's seemingly unprotected back. Amiri ducked, spinning around and lashing out with his taiaha, forcing Izuku to backtrack, losing critical distance.

Izuku fought to regain the distance, running towards Amiri. Even as Amiri lunged out with his taiaha, attempting to tag Izuku in the torso, Izuku planted his weapon into the ground, using it as a pole vault as he swung himself into the air, coming down with a vicious axe kick aimed for Amiri's head.

Amiri leaned back, managing to make Izuku's heel miss his head. It still hit his chest though, making Amiri stumble back with an oomph.

Izuku closed the distance rapidly, holding his taiaha so that it outstretched in front of him diagonally. Lunging, Izuku put the tip of his weapon at Amiri's throat.

Breathing heavily, Izuku managed to get out, "Looks like I won."

"Not quite"

Eyes widening, Izuku looked down, only to find Amiri's taiaha at his chest. Laughing, Izuku stumbled back, shoving his taiaha into the sand, where it stuck, standing upright.

"I guess I still have much to learn" Izuku grinned.

Laughing, Amiri shoved his taiaha into the sand as well. "Indeed. But for a 14 year old boy, the skills that you do know are incredible, you are going to ace this hero exam, I know it."

"Thank you" Izuku said.

They both fell into a comfortable silence, watching the sunset. When Izuku flickered out of existence, Amiri chuckled, grabbed his taiaha, and headed home. Unlike his charge, he could not teleport through time and space.

Sighing, Izuku wiped a hand across his forehead, leaning against a tree to give his poor back some respite.

The blast furnace frame was complete. Izuku looked to his left, where Ibara was standing, and smiled. "I couldn't have done this without you."

Indeed, in several places, the frame was lashed together with green rope, that upon closer inspection, was revealed to be vines. At first Izuku had been hesitant about using her vines as mere bungee cords, but she had assured him that were about as common as hair was to him, and they could grow back with ease with water and sunlight.

Ibara made eye contact with Izuku and grinned teasingly. "You're the one making me armour, remember? It's not like I'm not getting anything out of this"

Izuku shook his head. "Sure, but you didn't know that when you helped some weird kid lift metal scrap from a beach to a forest clearing. You're a fantastic person, Shiozaki Ibara"

Ibara blushed, looking away, stammering. "Thank you"

"So I want you to do the honors."

Izuku passed her the button, that would start an archimedes screw, funnelling the concrete mix into the frame from the industrial bin, finalizing the construction of the blast furnace. Nodding, Ibara grabbed it, and pressed the button with excitement.

The concrete began to flow, and both Izuku and Ibara let out exclamations of victory. Turning to each other, Ibara lunged at Izuku, engulfing him in one of her patented vine assisted hugs.

"You did it, Izuku!"

Izuku smiled down at her. "No, Ibara, we did it!".

Both of them parted, each still smiling widely.

"So… what now?"

Izuku chuckled. "I have no clue, this project has consumed all my free time, I don't know what's normal for kids these days anymore." The only thing to do really now was to wait, so they may as well pass the time somehow.

Ibara scoffed, swatting him with a vine. "Just because you can travel in time and space when you sleep, doesn't make you magically more mature"

"I'm totally mature!" Izuku shouted out in mock indignation, ruined by his massive grin.

"Come along Izuku" Ibara laughed, walking out of the clearing. "I don't know what kids do either, but I'm sure we can figure it out."

The two teenagers walked out of the forest clearing in a familiar, comfortable silence, the blast furnace reaching completion behind them.

"So, this is what kids are into these days" Izuku said, deadpan, as he and Ibara walked out of a movie theater.

"Kids are unholy abominations, indeed." Ibara solemnly agreed.

"How can they stomach such a blatant rip-off!" Izuku shouted, gesturing towards the poster of the movie they had watched behind them, The Lion King.

"I know right! It's literally Hamlet but with lions" Ibara replied, both of them now glaring at the poster.

Their mock anger lasted roughly half a minute, before both of them devolved into helpless laughter.

"Remember who are, Simba. You have forgotten yourself, and thus forgotten me" Izuku intoned in a mockingly deep voice, before falling back into laughter. "Lets just plagiarize the rest of Hamlet why don't we?"

Their laughter ceased, and they walked out of the movie theater, much to the relief of several people now glaring at the two loud teenagers, not that said teenagers paid them any mind.

A pair of crimson red eyes followed them, full of malicious intent.

Ibara sighed, resting her head against Izuku's shoulder. Izuku's pace changed suddenly before reverting back to his usual one, as he tentatively outstretched an arm and wrapped it around her shoulders.

"Where to now?" Izuku asked softly

Ibara paused, thinking. "What time is it?" She could've just looked at her phone but it was entertaining to see Izuku practically divine the time from the sun's position.

Izuku looked up at the sky, looking at the position of the sun. To most all they'd get from the it would be a vague time, but from Izuku's polynesian teachings, it may as well have been an atomic clock. "4:15PM, why?"

"I have a bit of time before my parents need me back" Ibara decided. "Want to go check out the forge before I have to to go"

Turning, they began to head back to the forest, still unaware of the person following them, hidden in the crowd.

Halfway into the forest, Izuku's back stiffened. He whispered, loud enough for only Ibara to pick up. "There is someone following us. It's a… friend of mine. I'm going to confront him. If things get ugly, please don't get involved."

The way Izuku spat out the word friend instantly had Ibara on alert. She watched Izuku as he turned around, only to get attacked.

It seemed like slow motion, but Ibara knew it must've happened in a fraction of a second. A blonde boy had lunged at Izuku's chest, clapping a hand on it and detonating an explosion, just as Izuku brought his fist up in a brutal uppercut, catching the violent boy in his chin.

Izuku flew backwards, somersaulting backwards as he landed, rolling off the momentum and climbing to his feet. He coughed, spitting up blood.

Bakugo fell over backwards, groaning, before picking himself back up. Blood trailed from a corner of his mouth.

Both were more angered than hurt.

Grinning through bloodstained teeth, Izuku bared his teeth in a facsimile of a smile. "You don't spare any time for pleasantries, do you?"

Bakugo climbed back up to his feet, blood trailing from his mouth, wincing in pain. He spat out a few teeth, before snarling out "Fucking Deku, I haven't seen you over a month, and now you got some fucking girlfriend and a forge. What is going on here, huh?"

Izuku raised his fists, readying himself to fight. "It's really none of your business. I don't want this fight, and I don't think you do either."

"The hell I don't!" Bakugo yelled.

Before he could advance, and before Izuku could retaliate, vines shot out. They wrapped around the violent boy, inhibiting his movement.

"His name is Izuku, and you will not lay a hand on him again" Ibara growled.

Izuku looked at her in awe. She looked like some sort of deity, her hair flared out around her, both ready to defend and attack. He mentally shook his head, returning his mind to the here and now.

He watched in horror as Bakugo snarled, stretching out his hands and detonating the vines. Ibara stumbled back with a cry as Bakugo lunged towards her, her hair now considerably more patchy and uneven. He roared. "Stay out of the fucking way, green hair!"

Izuku lunged out in a textbook taekwondo flying kick, intercepting Bakugo midway, his foot impacting Bakugo's ribs. Bakugo flew back, impacting the tree. Sparing a brief glance at Ibara, Izuku confirmed she was alright.

Bakugo got up shakily, coughing. "Where the hell did you learn that one, shitty nerd"

Izuku ignored the question. "What do you want?" As Bakugo went to answer, Izuku muttered out of the corner of his mouth, looking at Ibara with his peripheral vision. "If you have a phone, call the police. Now."

As much as Izuku hated to admit it, he wasn't going to keep up this for much longer before he keeled over. That detonation to his chest was clearly aimed to knock the fight out of him, and it very nearly did. It hurt a little bit more every time Izuku breathed.

Ibara clearly noticed, because she whipped out her phone, dialing the police.

"I want to know how the hell you're becoming this strong. You're going to stop, and you can't be a hero with that useless fucking quirk!" Bakugo roared, before pausing and looking at Izuku.

"What is green hair doing, Deku" Bakugo snarled, covering a hand with explosions.

Izuku coughed hoarsely, blood coming out of the corner of his mouth a bit more rapidly. "The police. This is… classified as… assault without provocation" Izuku struggled to talk. He collapsed to a knee.

Bakugo backed away even as Ibara rushed over to Izuku, supporting him. Her remaining vines flared out, some pointing menacingly at Bakugo, growing thick thorns on them, and others acting as a shield for the downed boy.

"Fuck…. Ibara, I think one of my lungs is collapsing…. make sure they bring an ambulance."

Bakugo uncharacteristically looked worried, glancing at Ibara. "The shitty nerd is just being dramatic right?".

"You.. applied severe… blunt force trauma to my… chest. ...What do you think?"

Bakugo made to go help, before the sound of sirens was heard in the distance. His eyes widened, realizing how this would impact his record. Bakugo stumbled back, running away, bounding through the undergrowth, cursing himself for being a coward.

Ibara made to follow, but was halted by Izuku collapsing.



His vision darkened. "Ah fuck."

His vision went to black.

Izuku opened his eyes, and he was standing in the middle of a dark muddy field strewn with bodies of both man and animal, and burning, dismembered vehicles, the fires serving to faintly illuminate the field, puncturing the darkness of the night.

Izuku honestly thought that he had died and gone to hell, before his sense kicked in. He was in Flanders, Belgium, 1917.

He immediately dropped into the mud, uncaring to how it covered his form. He was in the middle of the goddamn no-man's land! Who knew how many guns were trained on his position at this moment!

There was a very, very good reason as to why he did not go too far into the present when looking for teachers, guns were the great equalizer. All it would take would be a moment of recklessness or a lucky trigger pull and Izuku would be gone.

The world suddenly started to shake, and Izuku looked to his left to see an explosion erupt in the distance. Night turned into day, and Izuku shielded his eyes from the flash of light. Even from where he was standing, well over a few hundred meters away, he still was splattered by mud and other debris from the explosion.

The ground continued to shake, and Izuku witnessed another explosion blow open the ground, sending mud, animals, bodies, and other debris flying. It was manmade thunder and lightning.

In that moment, Izuku hated his quirk. He really did. He fell unconscious due to violent blunt trauma inflicted via explosion, and his quirk transports him to the Battle of Messines, the site of one of the largest nonnuclear military explosions ever seen.

Izuku had only seen 2 of the explosions. Each were triggered by several hundred tons of TNT buried underneath German lines and detonated by the British imperial soldiers. From what Izuku remembered, they had set 19.

Crawling over to one of the dismembered vehicles he had seen earlier, Izuku took cover in what remained of a British MkIV tank. Closing his eyes, he tried to will himself into a different time period, a different place, anywhere.

Nothing. It seemed he was suffering from quirk exhaustion, his body was out of energy, or worse. Izuku couldn't panic. He had trained for situations like this. Izuku breathed deeply in and out. Four seconds in, four seconds out. It seemed that when he passed out due to trauma he couldn't continuously Dreamwalk, he could only get to one specific place in time and space and stay there until presumably, he regained consciousness.The ground rumbled again as another explosion was set off.

The rest of the explosions passed by in a haze of flashes as Izuku fought back a panic attack. "Okay", Izuku mumbled to himself. "I'm in a battlefield in the first world war. The Battle of the Messines. Think. Where's the safest place to be." Izuku looked to the distance, towards where he knew the british lines would be.

Of course. Behind british lines was Europe, relatively untouched by the war. Izuku made to run towards british lines before digging his feet in and halting himself.

"Dumbass" He yelled at himself. British troops advanced via creeping barrage, they used artillery like a shield. If Izuku ran towards them, he'd be caught in it. Not that Izuku wasn't equally as likely to be shot by a German sniper or a British machine gunner.

He'd have to hold out, and either make a break for it when the British troops advanced past his position, or just wait till he wakes up.

"Who's there!" A voice yelled, and Izuku grimaced. It seemed as though his loud debate with himself had attracted a German fireteam to his position. 1916 onwards, both sides utilized fireteams to launch nightraids and daylight guerilla attacks against each other, skirmishes were common between fireteams. It was the advent of modern squad tactics.

For Izuku however, all it was the advent of was his imminent demise, unless he could find a weapon. Izuku looked around in the wreckage of the tank, searching for a weapon. His hand hit something, and Izuku came face to face with the dead body of a British officer, if the british flag emblazoned on the side of the body's trenchcoat indicated anything.

The footsteps came closer, and Izuku frantically searched the body. His hand hit a scabbard, and Izuku laughed in relief, pulling it out and unsheathing a hilted officer's saber. Izuku's eyebrows raised as he saw the pinfire revolver built into the hilt of the saber. It was obviously a custom made saber, and it must've cost the officer a small fortune

The footsteps growing ever louder, Izuku took both the scabbard and the sheath, apologizing to the body. "I'm sorry, but I don't think you'll be needing this anymore. Godspeed."

Izuku turned around as the first german soldier rounded the corner of the burnt out tank, raising his gun.

Izuku pointed his sword towards the soldier, his hand subtly shaking.

"En garde" Izuku snarked as he pulled the trigger. The 12mm pinfire cartridge ignited, and the recoil jolted his hand back as the it briefly turned the surrounding night to day with its muzzle flash. The soldier slumped down dead. The other two german soldiers quickly came to avenge their fallen comrade and Izuku lunged towards them, slashing his sword.

Sabers weren't made for heavy combat, they were light, flexible swords designed for quick, eloquent moves, but in that moment, Izuku forgot all his training, all of his discipline, reverting to primal instinct out of fear. He slashed downwards, decapitating one soldier and disarming the other.

Yelling in both anger and fear, Izuku began his backswing as the other soldier raised his sidearm, the stump of his other arm bleeding profusely. Both parties eyes widened as their respective deaths neared.

The soldier's gun fired, and Izuku's saber impacted the soldier's neck, beginning to split the skin of the german's neck.

In that split second, that infinitesimal amount of time, Izuku woke up. Izuku vanished off the battlefield of 1917, leaving behind a bloodied officer's saber, two dead soldier, and one wounded soldier in critical condition.

Izuku woke up, gasping in fright, rubbing his hands all over his body, checking for entry wounds. He was okay!

Izuku fell down onto the bed in relief. He was okay.

His euphoric relief subsiding, Izuku took in his surroundings. He was in a hospital room, surrounded by monitors. A breathing tube was stuck in his mouth, and Izuku grimaced at the taste, yanking it out.

Izuku barely registered the door opening as he attempted to get off the bed. His unsteady legs betrayed him, and he fell over. Izuku flinched, expecting to get a facefull of linoleum floor.

No pain.

Izuku opened his eyes, only to see green. Looking up, he made eye contact with the concerned face of Ibara, her vines holding him up.

"Hey, you okay" Izuku croaked out, faintly smiling at her.

Ibara fondly shook her head. "You defend me from a vicious assault, get heavily injured in the process, and you want to know if I'm okay?" Ibara sighed gently. "You're really something else Izuku"

Izuku's eyes widened. "Wait! How long have I been out!

Ibara chuckled. "You've been out for all of 3 hours, relax. All you missed was the ambulance ride and me meeting your mom."

Izuku nodded. 3 hours. He was alright with tha- wait. "My mother?" Izuku asked, in a totally normal pitch.

Ibara nodded, laughing.

"I take it back. Kill me now please" Izuku groaned. "I'll never live this down."

"Why would I do that, when I still haven't gotten the details of the attack?

"Thank you for saving my daughter!"

"Do you have details on your attacker for us, Mr. Midoriya?

"...Is this a bad time?"

Responding to the flurry of voices, Ibara and Izuku looked at the door to the hospital room, seeing Izuku's mother and what could only be Ibara's father, judging by his green vine hair, along with several police officers.

Izuku cracked a grin from where he was leaning into Ibara's vines. They must've been recently regrown, judging by their fresh plant smell. "It's alright, it's not a bad time. As for saving your daughter, it was my pleasure." Izuku smiled softly at Ibara. "She also helped me as well".

Izuku paused, thinking about the attack. Should he expose Bakugo or not? 'I never said his name during the attack, Ibara doesn't know his name!'

Izuku turned to Ibara, only for her to incline her head subtly, non-verbally indicating to Izuku that she'd support Izuku whatever his decision. Izuku was thankful for her support, squeezing her hand softly.

To expose or not to expose, that was the question. Izuku opened his mouth to give his answer.

Chapter Text

Izuku wanted to forgive Bakugo. Really, he did. In a perfect world, Izuku would have denied any knowledge of his involvement in his hospitalization. He still had the potential to be a magnificent hero, Izuku knew it.

'However…' Izuku looked at Ibara, who was still looking down at him softly. Izuku blushed as he realized he was still leaning against Ibara's vines. He extended a hand to Ibara, and Ibara grabbed it, pulling him up so that Izuku could return to sitting on the hospital cot, restoring a bit of his dignity.

It wouldn't be fair to Ibara if he just let Bakugo get away with it all. Izuku may not worry about himself all that much, but he sure as hell is worried about Ibara. Ibara was involved in Bakugo's attack. That was enough justification for him, Izuku felt.

Izuku looked at the assortment of people standing in front of him, and grimaced. 'I'm sorry Bakugo'.

"It was Bakugo Katsuki. He was the one that assaulted Ibara and I."

Ibara squeezed his hand, and Izuku continued to talk, squeezing back.

"He ran away at the sound of the sirens." Izuku grimaced. "I think if you talk to my mother or the school, you'll find that this was not a one time incident."

The policemen nodded, and left the room, already discussing how they'd confront the violent blonde boy. The only people left in the hospital room now, other than Ibara and Izuku were Inko and Ibara's father

Inko gasped, and ran to hug Izuku. "I'm so sorry Izuku, I should've known something was wrong!'

Izuku hugged his crying mother back, rubbing her back. "It's okay, I'm fine. Besides you know I can take care of myself"

"I'm still your mother, Izuku" Inko sniffled.

Izuku shook his head fondly. "Love you mom."

"Awwww" Ibara smirked at him, and Izuku shot her a deathglare, which considerably lost a large part of it's effectiveness due to his crying mother in his arms.

"Shouldn't you have someone to be hugging as well?" Izuku asked, nodding towards her father.

Ibara grinned. "Already done that, you were out for 3 hours, remember? However, I believe he wants to thank you, and talk to you about something."

Izuku's eyes widened, and he turned to Ibara. "He what?!" He hissed out.

Izuku looked at Ibara's father again. 'You know what, maybe No Man's Land wasn't really that bad'

Ibara looking at him, smirking. "Go on then. Don't worry, he raised me, he's not that bad"

"Right, now that's reassuring" Izuku said sarcastically.

Izuku blocked Ibara's light hearted retaliatory punch with an open palm even as he gently spoke to his mother who was still hugging him.
"Hey mom, I'll be alright. I have to talk to Ibara's father about something. I'll be back, don't worry." Gently removing his mother from his person, Izuku stood up on shaky but considerably more stable legs.

Ibara, concerned, made to help him again, but Izuku shook his head, "It's okay, I got this".

Izuku slowly walked to Ibara's father, and managed a bow without falling over. "Hello sir, I'm Midoriya Izuku, your daughter mentioned you wanted to speak to me"

"Hello Midoriya, I am Shiozaki Shouya. I did want to speak to you; I have a question for you." He paused, taking a breath. "Are you dating my daughter?"

Izuku spluttered, looking for Ibara for help, but Ibara was looking at him expectantly, for once offering no help. 'Gee, thanks Ibara.'

He turned back to Ibara's father. 'I am technically a fucking knight Templar, I can handle this' Izuku looked into those steely verdant eyes. '..I think I can handle this'.

"No, we're not dating, but I care deeply for your daughter. She's easily the best friend I've ever had. She's helped me realize a lot of my ambitions, and I like to think that I've helped her realize hers." Izuku paused taking a breath, noticing the man's eyes getting considerably softer. 'That's it, you're doing it'.

"Your daughter is an incredibly powerful, kind person and I am honoured to have her as a friend. Maybe, if I were to be so lucky, the friendship might evolve into something more, but I'm just happy and very privileged to be her friend."

Izuku finished, and took a breath. He looked around at the people around him, unsure as to what the general reaction might be to him spilling his guts out.

His mother looked incredibly smug, and gave him a broad grin. Izuku internally groaned, knowing he was going to have sacrifice his dignity in another interrogation session. Izuku shakily smiled back.

Shiozaki looked stern, before smiling, clapping him on the shoulder, making Izuku look back at the man. "Well said, Midoriya. We can continue this later. My daughter apparently wants to talk to you privately."

Izuku looked at him confused, glancing over to where Ibara had sat, only to see her gone, and the door to the hospital room still slowly closing.

Izuku looked at his mom for permission, only to see Inko smirking at him. "Go get her, tiger". Izuku groaned, turning away from her, and began to walk out the door, his previous unsteadiness largely gone.


Izuku turned to see Shiozaki giving him a small smile. "I think you're alright for her. Treat her well" His vines flared out, not dissimilar to Ibara's hair. "Or else."

Swallowing, Izuku nodded, continuing to walk out. Out of the corner of his eye, Izuku saw his mother beginning to turn towards Shouya, obviously intent on talking to him. Izuku screamed internally. He was so fucked when he got home.

Closing the door behind him, Izuku turned around to see Ibara standing down the empty hospital hallway, her back to him

"Ibara" Izuku asked tentatively. "Everything okay?"

Izuku approached her, only to get entrapped in vines and slammed against the wall. Izuku's breath left him in a woosh, and his eyes widened.

"Ibara, what was that fo-"

He was silenced by a pair of lips over his own. Izuku froze up, looking downwards as Ibara continued to kiss him.

Their lips parted, and Ibara turned to him, gasping slightly. "I like you a lot." Ibara paused, catching her breath. "I'm sorry if this is sudden, but-"

Izuku slammed his lips into Ibara's, returning her kiss. Parting, both of them gasped for air, resting their foreheads against each other.

"I like you a lot as well, Ibara."

Izuku attempted to move, only to find that he was still restrained. He grinned at Ibara.
"Can you let me down from here now?"

Ibara sat on a familiar branch, resting against the trunk. Falling was of no concern to her, she trusted her quirk to keep her stable.

She was reading a book, or trying to at least. The sight of Izuku working on the now well used tree stump, hammering away at the newly forged ingots was something to behold.

Ibara blushed. Her boyfriend. It was still difficult for her to comprehend. She had no idea why she had spontaneously decided to kiss him like that in that hallway, but what Izuku had said had clicked something in her heart.

Even now, thinking about his words made her heart flutter. She shook her head angrily. She was not some lovesick girl, she was a holy warrior! She was a hero!

As if on cue, Izuku turned towards her, smiling. "The majority of your armor is done, it's just cooling. The main part, the chestplate should be cooled enough to touch."

Walking towards her, Izuku hefted a cloth-wrapped object, handing it to her.

Putting her book aside, Ibara rested the large object in her hands, and slowly peeled back the cloth.

It was one of the most incredible pieces of armor Ibara had ever seen.

Ibara ran a hand across the curved metal chestplate. It was still warm to the touch, indicating how recently it must've been forged. Awestruck, Ibara traced the beautiful patterns that covered the metal, random mottlings and bandings resembling flowing water or writhing vines.

Ibara looked at Izuku, eyes wide with wonder. "Are these…'

Izuku nodded. He had asked Ibara to lend a few dozen strands of her vine-like hair for the smithing, and Ibare, while confused, had lent them to him without question. She trusted him.

"In my lessons in the court of Jerusalem, I learned that the secret behind Damascus steel was the addition of herbaceous plants. They added valuable carbon nanotubes to the steel, making them both extremely hard and superplastic." Izuku grinned. "It's honestly quite incredible, it's amazing to think the sheer innovation the original Damascus bladesmiths must've ha-"

Ibara cut him off with a kiss, smiling widely.

"It's beautiful Izuku"

Izuku smiled sheepishly. "Thank you, I think it's fitting too, you know?"

Ibara nodded, smiling, as she caressed the beautiful metal. "It certainly is"

"The rest of the armor is still cooling, but it should be safe enough to carry home with you when we're done here, eh?"

Smiling, Ibara nodded. "I can't thank you enough, Izuku"

"You don't need to thank me" Izuku walked back towards his workstation, smiling. "Having you as my girlfriend is all the thanks I need"

Ibara grabbed her book and raised it to eye level, concealing her massive blush. She caressed the armor. Oh, she could not wait to show her friends her new costume. Ibara softly chuckled to herself. And her new boyfriend.

Now that Ibara's armor had been completed, it was time for his weapons.

Izuku turned to what ingots he had left, and sighted two. Izuku frowned.

He still easily had enough to make a sword, or really any sort of melee weapon, but he didn't have enough to make armor for himself.

True, he could always make more, the issue was with the long process involved in dragging scrap metal from the beach, melting it all down and then carburizing it.

Izuku shrugged. He doubted they'd let him wear armor in the entrance exam anyway, he was already probably going to be walking on thin ice with the UA faculty with the sword.

But what to do with the extra ingot. He could save it… Izuku grinned. A buckler.

A buckler was a small round shield, supported by the fist rather than the forearm. While not offering nearly as much protection as a regular or tower shield, it was still nonetheless incredibly effective, both for blocking blows and for delivering them. In his Dreams Izuku had met many skilled warriors that utilized bucklers to great effect.

Izuku began to heat up the ingot, watching it begin to glow brightly with the heat. What type of sword to forge?

Initially, Izuku had wanted to forge a simple longsword, inspired by the European crusading swords.

However, after his Dream where he was transported to the Battle of Messines, Izuku had found a new inspirational weapon.

Thinking back to the officer's saber he had used, Izuku nodded to himself. As for the attached pinfire revolver… Izuku had a plan for that.

After all, Izuku had spent a few dozen hours with the Nagant brothers, Léon and Émile in 1886. He had memorized the design and the construction of the M1895 Nagant revolver.

The Nagant revolver was incredibly well received by the Russian Imperial Army. It was rugged, and extremely reliable. Impressively, it was also one of the only revolvers to utilize a closed chamber, allowing suppressors to be attached. More importantly, this meant that if Izuku touched the chamber as it fired, which was likely to happen due to the fact that it was being mounted on a sword, the resulting ignition wouldn't injure his hand. It was relatively light as well, weighing in at just under 2 pounds.

By modern standards, it was unwieldy, the long barrel and unconventional grip making it hard to use.

The long barrel was of no issue to Izuku. He was mounting it to a sword. As for the grip, it wasn't as if he was going to use it anyway. He was going to integrate the trigger system into the hilt, so that the trigger was neatly tucked away underneath the hilt, easy to access while wielding the sword.

Izuku considered the blade of the actual saber. He shuddered as he recalled those frantic moments during the Battle of Messines, as he desperately slashed at those German soldiers. Izuku decided on a heavier, stouter blade. Heresy in the eyes of combatants who were trained in the saber, but pragmatic to Izuku.

Izuku's weapon would be like no other on the planet. Neither would his fighting style. A gunblade and a buckler. What an odd combination.

Shaking his head mirthfully, Izuku set to making it real.

Bakugo was angry. Apparently the nerd had snitched, and now he was being denied the ability to apply for UA, or any hero exam, without undergoing heavy anger management therapy.

Strike that, he was furious. He had a powerful quirk, and the ideal underdog background! How the hell could the shitty fucking nerd with a goddamn lucid dreaming quirk get into UA and he couldn't?


What if it wasn't just a lucid dreaming quirk?

Bakugo recalled his fight with Izuku, recalled that flying kick that the nerd had performed. A move like that required years of training, years of finesse and skill. Training and skill that Bakugo knew for a fact he'd never gotten.

He scowled. Fucking Deku was hiding his real quirk. All this time he had been looking down on him! His crimson eyes narrowed. He'd get to the bottom of this.

His angry musings came crashing to a halt as he was swatted upside the head by his mother.

"C'mon brat, you have an appointment to get to"

"I'm going, hag" Bakugo roared, heading to the car, getting into it and closing the door.

Bakugo crossed his arms, glaring at the back of the seat. Deku better watch his fucking back. Bakugo was not about to let this go.

He'd become a hero, become Number 1, and show the fucking nerd his place.

Aiwaza was bored out of his mind. Here he was at the board before the UA entrance exam, watching as the irrational children came in to attempt to get their various support items approved for use.

Of course they couldn't let anybody into the practical exam with any support gear, there had to be a test of capability. And of course, certain gear was banned. For example, firearms. They would make the whole thing pointless. Not that foolish idiots hadn't tried of course.

Aiwaza groaned internally, sending away the kid who had tried to get a semiautomatic pistol approved, apparently to make up for his weak quirk. "Next."

A tall, green haired boy walked in, and glanced around for a moment, before making his way to the table where Aiwaza sat.

The boy rested a long, cloth wrapped object on the table, along with a small, round object, similarly wrapped. "Hi, my name's Midoriya Izuku, I'd like to get this gear approved."

Aiwaza internally rolled his eyes. 'Here we go, another idiot child with zero potential who took a few lessons in kendo and now thinks they can effectively use a sword and shield'

Unwrapping the cloth, Aiwaza was struck by the uniqueness and beauty of the weapon. It was certainly no katana. It was reminiscent of an officer's saber, although the blade was far more robust. It was made out of some sort of unique steel. His eyes traced the mottled patterns down, struck by their similarity to flowing water. He looked at the hilt, and then at Midoriya.

"Firearms are banned, kid. Attaching it to a sword doesn't change that." Aiwaza was almost angry at the fact that this kid ruined a beautiful weapon for this.

"It's not a firearm legally". Izuku smirked. "It's a revolver over 300 years old, technically it's an antique."

Aiwaza rolled his eyes. "You got your loophole then, kid. Why did you attach it to a sword?"

The kid grinned. "That was intentional. I made it, inspired by the 19th century Belgian gunsabers. The gun is involved in it's usage”

"You made this!" Aiwaza tried his best not to let his incredulity seep into his voice, but some of it got through anyway. Maybe this kid had some potential after all.

"Yes, I did."

Aiwaza looked up, a thought occurring to him. "Who taught you to wield this?"

Izuku rubbed his head awkwardly, not willing to depart with the secret of his quirk just yet. Only when he was inside the political fortress of UA would he feel comfortable doing so. "I… kinda taught myself?"

Aiwaza looked at him blankly. "Kid, we only accept blades if you have proof of education. The ability to make a sword doesn't justify your ability to wield it."

"Wait!" Izuku looked alarmed. "Can't I have a practical test to prove my ability then?"

Normally Aiwaza would've denied this practical test, this plea of desperation. Normally. The kid had potential.

Aiwaza looked at Midoriya. "Report to Gym Gamma." His eyes glowed red and his hair ethereally hovered above his head. "If you can last 5 minutes against me, I'll approve your gear."

Izuku grinned savagely. "You're on."

Aiwaza returned the grin. 'This kid!'

Chapter Text

Izuku grinned, almost absentmindedly twirling his gunsaber at his side in a loose figure 8, raising his buckler so that it covered his torso.

Across from him, Aiwaza calmly stood, his scarf writhing on his shoulders. "Well, whenever you're ready, problem child."

Extending a finger along the hilt, Izuku pulled the hammer of the attached revolver back, cocking the revolver. The harsh click of the hammer racking into place served as something akin to a signalling bell, commencing the duel.

Both combatants rushed towards each other. Aiwaza crossed his arms in front of him as his scarves shot out, writhing through the air towards Izuku.

Izuku was temporarily struck by the similarity between Aiwaza's capture weapon and his girlfriend's vines. Shaking his head, Izuku returned his mind to the present even as he launched himself into a slide, skidding across the laminated gym floor, raising his saber in front of him.

The majority of the scarf missed him, except for a strand, which Izuku cut, the pieces drifting to the ground, blowing through the air as it was displaced by the movement of Izuku.

He had to close the distance, if Aiwaza kept him at a distance this would devolve into a war of attrition, one that Izuku would lose.

The scarves rebounded, somehow performing an about turn in the air and flying towards him. Scowling, Izuku raised his buckler, stumbling as the capture weapon slammed into his defence. 'How the fuck does that thing even work!'

Raising his sword to point at Aiwaza, he smirked, and pulled the trigger, even as he continued staggering back, kept off balance by the capture weapon.

Izuku had loaded the revolver with non-lethal rubber tipped 7.62x28mm cartridges. They'd bruise, but not kill. Izuku's hand was propelled up by the recoil as Aiwaza stumbled back, groaning as the rubber round impacted his torso.

Izuku gave a warcry as he charged towards the faltering hero, the capture weapon temporarily abating as Aiwaza doubled over in pain. He leapt through the air and slashed at Aiwaza.

The man spun around the attack, his scarf beginning to writhe once more.

Aiwaza's eyes widened. Who the hell was this kid? He was somehow going toe to toe with him, a trained underground hero!

Gritting his teeth, Aiwaza ducked another wild slash and outstretched his hand, sending his capture weapon flying towards Izuku. His eyes widened as Izuku somehow jumped up, pivoting through the air horizontally like a corkscrew, making his way through a minuscule gap in his capture attempt.

Perhaps some reflex or martial quirk? Aiwaza's eyes flashed red as Izuku rolled out his landing, getting up to charge. The boy didn't even blink as he rushed towards Aiwaza, cocking the revolver attached to his saber once again.

No. Not a quirk. Could this actually be raw potential? Despite himself, Aiwaza found himself grinning. What had begun as a desperate fight in a bid for the kid to prove himself had now become a sort of dance, that both were equally enjoying.

Izuku laughed out loud as he sliced another strand of the capture weapon in twain, aiming his gunblade and firing once more.

Aiwaza was not so foolish as to be caught by the same trick again, however. Pivoting on his heel, Aiwaza spun, falling into a crouch as he did so, the bullet whizzing through the empty air his torso had once been in. He smirked as his tattered capture weapon shot through the air, wrapping around Midoriya's saber. 'Got you'.

Izuku's eyes widened as his weapon was yanked out of his hands, before they narrowed. If Aiwaza thought he was useless without his saber he had another thing coming. His saber clattered to the ground as Izuku rushed on without it.

Spinning around an attempt at entrapping him with his opponent's capture weapon, Izuku slipped his fist out of his buckler, grabbing by the edge. Finishing the spin, Izuku came to face Aiwaza once again, hurling his buckler like a discus at the beleaguered hero.

Aiwaza's eyes widened at the incoming projectile, ducking under it. Relieved at the close miss, he rose to his full height only to come crashing down as Izuku swept his legs out from under him, having successfully managed to close the distance.

Rising to his elbows, Aiwaza attempted to rise to his feet, only to see Izuku not giving him a moment of respite, lunging down towards him, fist cocked back in what only could be a knockout blow. His eyes widened as he rolled to his side, inwardly grinning as he heard Izuku curse as his fist impacted the hard floor.

"Fuck!" Izuku grimaced at the pain in his hand, already rising onto his feet and backing away, preparing for a retaliatory strike.

Aiwaza came at him with a second wind, launching jabs, kicks, and grapples. Izuku closed his eyes, and felt the air around him, falling back to his earliest teachings.

Seemingly with ease, Izuku weaved through the punches and kicks, looking for his opening. He pretended to fall back, giving the impression of faltering resistance. He was going for his sword that he had discarded earlier.

Aiwaza grunted, throwing his kick. Just who the hell was this kid? He could make out evasive maneuvers from at least 3 separate martial arts, and a few more he couldn't recognize whatsoever.

Aiwaza threw a punch, grinning as Izuku ducked under it. He had fallen into Aiwaza's trap. With a grunt of exertion, Aiwaza launched a brutal knee, aiming towards Izuku's face, aining to end the fight.

Instead, Aiwaza watched in awed disbelief as Izuku utilized a move he faintly recalled from Okinawan Karate. Izuku launched himself backwards with a grunt, performing a backwards handspring, landing right beside his discarded saber.

Kicking the hilt of the saber, Izuku launched it up into the air, grabbing his sword and pointing it at Aiwaza with a flourish.

"En garde" Izuku managed to get out, his chest heaving, a massive grin across his face.

Aiwaza was similarly breathing heavily, a smaller grin across his face.

Aiwaza made to utilize his capture weapon, but a click caught his attention.

Izuku cocked the gunblade, still aiming it at Aiwaza. "There are 5 shots left in this. I will send them all in the general direction of your head if that scarf moves one more time."

Izuku continued to broadly grin. "So tell me Aiwaza, are you feeling lucky?"

Aiwaza sighed, and the scarf fell limply across his shoulders. "Well played, problem child. Consider your weapon approved"

Izuku grinned, nodding his head. "Thanks, Eraserhead." He lowered his weapon, sheathing it at his side in a minimalist belt scabbard.

Aiwaza stared intently at Izuku, slightly alarmed. "How do you know that identity?"

Izuku adopted a blank face, raising three fingers, closing each one after each consecutive point. "You wear all black. Your capture weapon. And last but not least, your cancellation quirk." Izuku chuckled. "It really wasn't all that hard to figure out."

Eraserhead shook his head in dry amusement. "You have potential kid. If you tell anybody I said this I'll kill you, but I hope you pass the exam." He then proceeded to walk out of the gym, beginning to close the doors.


Izuku looked up at the underground hero. "Call me Izuku, sensei."

Aiwaza blinked. "Alright, Izuku." He grinned abruptly. "In the future, watch your language when you fight."

Izuku spluttered, trying to find a comeback, but the doors closed, leaving Izuku standing there alone in the gym, grinning to himself despite it all.

He got his weapons approved!

Two days later, the practical entrance exam began. Izuku walked alongside Ibara towards UA.

Izuku turned to Ibara with wide, excited eyes. "I can't believe we're here!" Taking in Ibara's appearance, he grinned. "And I can't believe they let you wear your armor!"

Ibara strode confidently toward, clad in her casual wear, jeans and a t-shirt, her armor resting overtop of it, now dyed green. The innate patterns were still very visible, of course. Ibara had made sure of that.

Izuku walked alongside Ibara, his gunblade and buckler at his belt, along with a pouch for the extra ammunition. Other than these items, he was dressed fairly casually, just as the rest of the examinees were.

His foot hit a bump, and Izuku stumbled, but not falling. "Ouch."

Ibara rolled her eyes, not slowing down. "Come on, we can check the damage later. We got an exam to beat, remember?"

Izuku nodded, rushing to catch up. "Right!"

Making their way into the exam hall, the two looked around the interior of the school, amazed at the sheer scope of everything. "Think this is for people with size shifting quirks?"

"Perhaps" Ibara responded faintly, amazed as well.

Entering the auditorium, Izuku and Ibara sat down towards the back, watching the orientation lecture. A man came striding out, grinning widely.

"Hello, I'm Present Mic! Hero candidates, are you ready! C'mon, lemme hear ya!"

Izuku shot up, ready to yell, only for vines to cover his mouth and drag him down.

"You are not embarrassing me in front of everybody, Izuku" Ibara hissed, a faint blush dusting her cheeks.

"But, Ibara, the man asked for it!" Izuku whined, looking at Ibara with wide, soulful eyes.

"Ugh, fine. For the record, I don't know you" Ibara retracted her vines, pouting.

Izuku grinned even as he stood up again. "Don't be like that Ibara, you like me too much to forget me"

Ibara blushed, and ducked her head just as Izuku belted out. "YEAH"

Present Mic looked towards the section of the audience, stunned. 'Someone actually did it!'


Izuku sat down, turning to Ibara. "See, it wasn't bad, now I got brownie points with the instructor"

Ibara looked up from her bowed head. "At what cost?" She groaned.

Izuku laughed. "Only your dignity, don't worry, it's overrated anyway."

Izuku dodged Ibara's lighthearted attempt at a jab, smiling. "Shh, the nice man is speaking now".

Ibara rolled her eyes, and both began to pay attention.

"There are 4 types of robots, the 1 pointers, the 2 pointers, and the 3 pointers. Each robot name corresponds to the amount of points neutralizing each robot nets you.

"Excuse me!" A tall, blue haired teen stood up. "On the pamphlet provided, there are 4 types of robots, and yet you have only provided 3! This seems like a most egregious oversight!"

Spinning around to face Izuku and Ibara, the blue haired teen frowned. "And you two have been disruptive this whole time. Leave, if you're not interested!"

Mortified, both Izuku and Ibara shrunk into their chairs. "Kill me now" Izuku groaned.

"Only if you take me with you" Ibara muttered back.


Bowing in apology, the teen sat down promptly.


Various noises of affirmation or confirmation were made by the audience, and Present Mic began to walk off the stage.


Ibara and Izuku compared their pamphlets. Both were in the same examination site, examination site B.

Izuku grabbed Ibara in a hug, spinning her around. "Yes!"

Ibara blushed madly, half-heartedly trying to push Izuku away. "I'm happy as well, but this is a bit excessive!"

Izuku grinned as he let Ibara down. "This exam won't know what hit it!"

"Overconfidence is a sin, but…" Ibara grinned back. "It's not overconfidence if it's simple knowledge, right"

"Nope!" Izuku laughed.

Triumphantly, both walked out of the auditorium and towards their respective bus, grinning all the way.

The examinees clustered outside the gate to the examination site, quietly chatting to each other, awaiting the start of their test.

A countdown started, and Izuku grinned, unsheathing his sword, and unattaching his buckler from his belt. He looked to his right, where Ibara was praying.

Clapping a hand on Ibara's shoulder, Izuku smiled at her. "Don't worry, we got this. You take mid-long range, and I'll deal with anything closer."

"Besides, as Napoleon Bonaparte once said, 'God fights on the side with the biggest artillery'". Izuku grinned, gesturing to her hair. "I'd say your concrete puncturing vines are an artillery battery all on their own"

Ibara smiled faintly, and nodded, her nervousness abating. She finished her prayer.

"Amen" Izuku said, alongside Ibara. They looked at each other, sharing a determined nod.

He may not necessarily be religious, but Izuku understood the act of praying before battle all too well.


Ibara's hair swirled around her as Izuku flourished his sword, both of them sporting wide smiles.

"Let's begin, shall we?"

Aiwaza sat in the judging area with the other UA faculty, watching the first years in their entrance exam.

The area was a dark room, filled with monitors depicting different perspectives of the UA exam from the cameras scattered all over the examination site.

Some of these perspectives were noteworthy.

Nezu, the intelligent rodent that was the UA principal laughed delightedly, clapping his paws. "We have a fine batch of first year candidates this year indeed!"

"Some rely on information gathering" A screen changed to show a tall masked teen with 6 arms, each tipped with a sensory organ.

"Some rely on sheer speed" Another screen flickered to depict a familiar tall blue haired young man speeding through the streets of the mock city.

"Some rely on remaining calm under pressure, a valuable trait" Yet another screen depicted a french looking boy shooting a laser from his stomach, winking at the camera.

"And the best.. rely on all of these and more." Numerous screens changed to the problem child and a vine haired girl working in tandem, steadily being surrounded by destroyed robots.

A few of the faculty in the room gasped in awe, and Aiwaza himself had to admit he was impressed. The way the two teens were fighting was reminiscent of veteran pro hero teams.

Even as he watched the screen, enraptured, Izuku ducked under a wave of vines emitting from a young woman as he knocked a 1 pointer that had been getting a bit too close onto its side with a well placed buckler smash. Yelling something, Izuku thrusted his saber hilt deep into the robot's main eye, discharging a round into it to keep it down.

Izuku threw his buckler like a discus, decapitating a 2 pointer, and Aiwaza grimaced, remembering how close he'd come to being hit by that a few days ago.

As Izuku continued his rampage around the vine haired girl, the vine girl singlehandely intercepted all long range robots that were an immediate threat, her vines easily spearing through 1, 2, and 3 pointers alike.

It was clear what they were doing to the faculty, they were establishing a foothold in known hostile territory and keeping it. Nezu clapped delightedly once more. "Such tactical thinking under pressure is normally beyond first year applicants."

"It's risky, could lead to them getting overrun" Snipe leaned back into his chair.

Midnight chuckled. "I think they're alright." Onscreen, the vine haired girl had disemboweled two 3 pointers with her quirk as the teen protecting her had similarly slaughtered 3 2 pointers, utilizing his weaponry.

All might, in his weakened form, smirked a bit. "Now it's time for the real test."

Nezu pressed a button. The zero pointer was unleashed.

Izuku panted, looking around. His clothing was pockmarked and burnt, and his arms were covered by small cuts and burns. Engaging robots at close range was not fun at all. His blade was splattered with oil and lubricant and Izuku knew he'd be spending the next few days wiping it off.

"How we doing?" He called out to Ibara, who was standing on the top of a a small pile of destroyed 3 pointers, giving her a prime overwatch position.

Ibara was similarly tired, her vines blackened and twisted from all the combat they've seen. Her armor was littered with small abrasions, and her clothes were slightly ripped. Izuku thought she never looked more beautiful.

She grinned down to him. "I think that was the end of that wave, we got time"

Izuku sighed in relief, taking the chance to reload his gunblade. He kept the spent cartridges, planning to utilize them to remake the ammunition. The cartridges he was using didn't come cheap, and were not easy to make.

As he inserted the new rounds into the revolving chamber, he grinned up at Ibara. "How many points are you at?"

Ibara laughed. "52 points here, you?"

"Nice!" Izuku laughed. "I'm at 50, keep up the artillery!"

"God fights with us, indeed, Izuku"

With a flick of Izuku's wrist, the newly loaded revolving chamber satisfyingly clicked back into the hilt. Walking forward, he planted his foot on a downed 2 pointer, wrenching his buckler out of the wreckage.

He nodded up to Ibara. "I'm read-"

The ground started to shake, and Izuku fell to a knee. Ibara steadied herself with her vines, looking from her perspective with horror.

"What, what is it!" Izuku asked, alarmed.

"The zero pointer!"

Izuku quickly scrambled up the pile to stand beside Ibara to analyze the situation. He looked up at the zero pointer, his eyes widening.

His analysis was complete. "We're fucked, move out".

Ibara nodded. "Perhaps our strength should be saved for an easier foe."


Izuku and Ibara turned to each other, before slowly turning towards the zero pointer, seeing s brown haired girl struggling to free herself from a collapsed concrete bit.

"Ibara, you up for a rescue mission?" Izuku said, cocking back the hammer of his gunblade.

Ibare nodded, her hair writhing once more. "I cannot think of a more noble cause."

Izuku grinned, and began to run, Ibara running beside her. He pointed towards the trapped girl. "Free her, I'll keep the zero pointer occupied."

"How!?" Ibara yelled, even as she sent her vines to begin piercing the concrete to pull the beleaguered examinee out.

Izuku flourished his saber. "I'll think of something. Deus Vult."

Ibara nodded, focusing on getting the girl out. "I trust you Izuku, take it out!"

Izuku ran towards the approaching zero pointer, his sword out beside him. He looked up at the massive robot, and remembered a quote he'd heard from an American GI during the Battle of the Bulge, 1944.

"If you can't knock it out, do the next best thing and immobilize it'

Izuku grinned and stabbed his sword into the massive robot's tracks. Yelling with effort, Izuku pushed the blade into the tracks. The metal squealed as the blade slid in to the hilt.

Izuku looked up at the zero pointer and bared his teeth in a vicious facsimile of a grin. "Say goodnight to your ankle, bitch"

Izuku pulled the trigger, again and again and again until the sword clicked, practically injecting 7 7.62x28mm rounds into the massive robot's equivalent of a foot. The rounds ricocheted around in the metal shell of the track, destroying vital systems and causing it to stutter to a halt.

Izuku grinned, sheathing his sword. He hadn't knocked it out, but he had neutralized it. All the robot could do now is turn. Spinning around, Izuku saw Ibara helping the brown haired girl out of the pile of debris.

"The zero pointer is neutralized." Izuku announced with a wide grin, even as the zero pointer angrily went around in a continuous circle behind him. "Let's get out of here, shall we?

Izuku supported the brown haired girl with one arm, while Ibara supported the other. "So, what's your name?"

"I'm Uraraka Ochako, thank you guys so much for saving me, you guys are amazing!"

"No problem, Uraraka." Izuku smiled, before introducing them. "I'm Midoriya Izuku, and this is Shiozaki Ibara"

Ibara nodded coolly. "Hello."

"Hi guys!" Uraraka said cheerfully

Their conversation was cut short by Present Mix shouting over the intercom. "TIME'S UP UA HOPEFULS"

A crowd of awed students began to form around them, and all of the trio blushed as they heard the gossip rapidly spreading.

"They beat the zero pointer!"

"That kid has a gunblade, holy shit"

"Damn, those girls are cute!"

Thankfully, for Izuku's blood pressure and their continuing existence, a hero arrived, pushing pushing through the crowd.

"It's Recovery Girl!" Izuku said, grinning. "You're an incredible hero! I've read so much abo-"

"Yes yes, you can fanboy later, I have wounded students to treat"

Izuku nodded, undeterred. "Could you help our friend here, Uraraka? She hurt her leg pretty badly"

Recovery Girl nodded, snapping her fingers. Two robots came up, forming a stretcher, and Ibara and Izuku helped the wounded girl onto the stretcher.

"See you later, Uraraka" Izuku smiled at her.

"Call me Ochako"

"Alright, see you later, Ochako!"

Together, Recovery Girl and the stretcher left the way they came, leaving behind a few scattered students.

Izuku sat in the bus as it travelled back to the UA highschool, watching the scenery fly by.

Ibara sighed tiredly next to him, resting her head on Izuku's shoulder. He smiled gently, stroking her hair.

"Tired?" Izuku asked softly

"Mmhm" Ibara said, closing her eyes.

Izuku smiled, before going back to looking out the window, pondering to himself.

"That girl seemed cute" Ibara suddenly said, startling Izuku.

Izuku chuckled. "I didn't actually notice".

"How so?" Ibara said, still learning on Izuku's shoulder.

"Because you are so much more beautiful, Ibara." Izuku smiled, planting a kiss on Ibara's forehead.

Ibara snuggled closer to Izuku. "You're not so bad yourself, Izuku"

Izuku squeezed her hand softly. "Thanks, Ibara."

The rest of the trip back from the UA examination site was spent in a comfortable silence, the two of them leaning against one another.

Chapter Text

Izuku leaned further into the bench he was sitting on, tiredly blinking his eyes. Briefly,n he looked around himself, to confirm where he was. He was in a relatively quiet park, fairly isolated from the bustle of the city. Reclining into the bench, Izuku took in the sight of the tall willow tree overlooking him, casting pleasant shade over him.

It was a Sunday morning, and Izuku was waiting for Ibara to finish her weekly service at a nearby church so they'd hopefully be able to celebrate their performance at the UA entrance exams yesterday.

Sure, they hadn't got their results back yet, but Izuku was confident that they had passed. With their performance, Izuku was sure they had. And worst case, Izuku knew that even if he had failed, Ibara must've passed. No way could she have failed. Izuku was still awestruck by the sheer power she had exuded during their melee with the robots.

Izuku nodded off, and jolted back up to alertness, looking around him once again to confirm he wasn't actually asleep. That had been happening too often over the past hour. He was tired. He'd pulled an all nighter cleaning his weapons and refilling the spent cartridges from his gunblade. It had taken hours, and the next thing Izuku knew it was dawn.

A church bell rang in the distance, and Izuku blearly ducked his head. 'Well… what's the worst thing a short nap could do?'

Izuku briefly thought of an old friend from the past as he succumbed to fatigue, a smile covering her face. 'I wonder how she's doing'.

Izuku opened his eyes. The year was 1432, and he was in Normandy, France, standing in a forest clearing in front of a large, rustic oak cabin.

Smiling in anticipation, Izuku walked up to the cabin, knocking on the door.

"Go away" A harsh, young female voice was heard from within.

"It's me, Izuku" he called out.

Izuku heard rapid footsteps, and the door erupted open. Izuku grinned.

"Hello, it's been a while, hasn't it, Jeanne?"

The woman surged forward, enwrapping him in a hug. Izuku grinned and hugged back with equal strength, the two standing there, engulfed with emotion.

The woman was known as Joan of Arc. Izuku had assisted her in the incredibly vital role she had played in breaking the siege of Orléans, helping to prevent the collapse of the French Kingdom during the Hundred Years War, and later, Izuku had saved her from the stake.

Lifelike wax models were very convincing, especially in the 13th century. Apparently her body melting into a white puddle was further proof of her witchcraft.

Unfortunately, this meant that she had to live in hiding. Of course, as Jeanne had assured him, it was much better than burning to death in front of a jeering crowd. Plus, it meant that she was consistently available to train Izuku, and she had quickly distinguished herself as one of Izuku's most revered teachers.

Jeanne let go of the hug first, holding Izuku by his shoulders. "Look at how've you grown!" She grinned. "Last I saw of you you were a tiny thing!"

Izuku rolled his eyes. "You were only 17 then. A 5 year age gap doesn't constitute me being tiny"

Jeanne laughed. "Of course. Besides, all of us are tiny before God"

Fondly shaking his head, Izuku laughed. "Apparently some of us more than others"

Jeanne started. "Pardon me, where's my manners! Come on in, Izuku." She held open the door for him, and the two walked in, the door closing shut behind him.

Izuku admired the weapon strewn walls. "Your collection has grown" Izuku noted, idly grabbing a longsword off of the wall and balancing it on his palm, testing the weight of it.

"Well, some people apparently still want the head of 'The Maid of Orléans'" She laughed bitterly. "I deal with them."

Izuku's eyes widened, hanging the longsword back onto the wall. "Are you okay here, do you need to move? I can arrange so-"

"No, no, it's alright Izuku. I knew what I was signing up for the moment I gave my services to the French King and God." Jeanne sighed. "No matter where I go, there'll always be someone gunning for me. Alas, God spares no blows to His servants."

Izuku approached what had become somewhat of a big sister to him, resting a hand on her shoulder. "I'm sorry. Things will get better" They would. After the conclusion of the Hundred Years War, which would be in another year, the Church would canonize her, making her a saint, making her untouchable.

Jeanne shrugged and forced a smile. "So, how has life treated you?"

Izuku noticed the attempt at a subject change, but didn't push it. If Jeanne wanted to talk, she'd talk.

"I'm good, I-"

Rough knocking on the door interrupted the two. "Open up!" A man's voice harshly barked. "We know you're in there!"

Izuku looked to Jeanne, and she turned towards him, all signs of her kind persona gone, dropping it favour of her business persona. Before Izuku stood not the spinster that had supposedly received a vision from God to help her country, before him stood his teacher, the woman that had led the charge that broke the siege of Orléans, the woman that had reversed a century long war and revived a kingdom. Before him stood Joan of Arc in the flesh.

"Grab the bow on the wall, Izuku, aim it at the door. Fire it when I say."

Izuku nodded, running to the wall, grabbing the English Longbow, nocking one of the massive arrows that were alongside it. "Yes Sensei!"

Izuku grabbed the bow, his shoulder muscles groaning as he pulled the massive bowstring back. Izuku aimed the arrow towards the door even as the harsh knocking abated. He grunted with the effort of maintaining the pressure on the bow.

"Steady…" Joan of Arc hissed, now clad in her armor, her infamous sword held loosely at her side, ready to spring to action at any moment. Izuku knew just how deadly she was with that sword, she had trained him after all.


The man on the other side, who could only be a mercenary or part of an English remnant force kicked down the door.

"FIRE" Joan of Arc roared.

Izuku let loose on the bowstring, and several things happened at once. The longbow bucked in his hands as the bowstring snapped back into a taut position. The arrow surged forwards, speared through the chest of the surprised man who had knocked the door down, launching the man back. Even as the man fell back, the massive arrow kept going, piercing through another man before finally hitting the ground, carving a furrow in the earth, still quivering from the sheer kinetic energy.

Joan of Arc darted forward, moving at a speed that belied the fact that she was in full plate armor, taking advantage of the chaos wrought by Izuku's arrow.

Even as the small group of men attempted to reorganize themselves, Joan of Arc was among their ranks, two of them falling at her feet, maimed by her sword.

Joan of Arc turned to her left, readying her sword, only to see the remaining half dozen men charging towards her, several aiming crossbows at her. "It's her! The witch!"

"Izuku!" She barked.

"Aye" Izuku shouted, skidding to a halt in front of her, his heels digging into the soft earth as he raised a shield taken from Joan of Arc's collection.

Stumbling back, Izuku gritted his teeth as three bolts impacted the shield. Joan of Arc steadied him, resting an armoured hand on his shoulder as she nodded at him.

Izuku nodded back, inconspicuously changing his grip on the shield. He intended to hurl it like a giant discus, similar to his buckler. "I'll take the ones on the left, you take the ones on the right?"

Joan of Arc grinned savagely. "Let's show them why Orléans held fast."


The church doors closed behind Ibara as she exited. Stretching her arms idly, she groaned at the audible pops and cracks.

Sunday church services were long indeed. While she understood the importance of them, she couldn't help but long for the services to be a tad shorter.

Crossing the street, Ibara approached a park nearby the church, a relatively silent one surrounded by forest, one that Izuku and her had frequented on Sundays. It had become something of a tradition of theirs.

Ibara smiled to herself, remembering the events of yesterday. Fighting with Izuku had been something else. Sure, she had been nervous initially, but clad in her armor and letting her quirk run wild, Ibara felt nothing but liberation during the exam.

Sighting a green haired figure sitting on a bench overlooked by a willow tree, Ibara grinned, sprinting towards him.

"Izuku!" Ibara came up to the bench.

The only response she received was light snoring.

Ibara fondly shook her head, gazing at Izuku's bowed head, his defined chest slowly rising up and down. This wasn't the first time her boyfriend had overexerted himself, and it likely would not be the last.

She bit her lip, debating on whether or not she should wake Izuku up.

Another look at Izuku's sleeping form and his peaceful face and her mind was made up. It had been a while since she had seen him so relaxed, she had no intention of changing that.

Sitting down on the bench beside Izuku, Ibara leaned against him, staring at the park, comforted by the peaceful environment and the sound of Izuku's breathing.

"I wonder where he is?" Ibara wondered aloud, smiling softly as she glanced at Izuku.

With a yell, Izuku threw the shield. Even as the shield hurled forth, his comrade, Joan of Arc, charged forward, sword outstretched at her side.

Izuku charged as well. He was halfway to making contact when he realized he was lacking a weapon, and his idiotic self had thrown away his main source of protection.

Fortunately for him though, his gamble had paid off, and two men had went down sprawling, the shield knocking them off their feet. Disregarding the downed men for the moment, Izuku ran for the lone standing man on his side. Even as the man lashed out with a spear of some sort, Izuku dodged to the side, grabbing the spear and pulling the man towards him. As he stumbled forward, Izuku let loose a vicious hook, knocking him out.

Shoving him to the ground, Izuku grabbed the spear for himself, twirling it. By now the men he had knocked down via shield had got back up to their feet and were ready for more.

Sparing a glance to his left, Izuku checked how his comrade was doing, and found her standing over two men, either dead or otherwise neutralized, and steadily advancing towards the last man on her side.

Izuku grinned. These men had no chance against Joan of Arc.

Bringing his attention back to the fight, Izuku lashed out with his spear almost as if it were a quarterstaff, bringing one of his attackers to their knees with a slam to the gut from his spear.

The other attempted to take advantage of Izuku's occupation, and swung his sword at the boy. Izuku leaned back, the blade passing his forehead by a hairsbreadth, and as the man overextended, Izuky thrusted his spear forward, impaling the man.

With a flourish of the spear, the man was on the ground bleeding from his throat, and the other downed man was out cold from a jab to the back of the neck.

Planting his spear on the ground, Izuku rested against it for a moment, surveying the battleground. Joan of Arc had been more than match for her three men, and Izuku hadn't done any worse.

"You take lives so easily now, Izuku."

Izuku turned around, to see Joan of Arc looking at the bodies laid at his feet with an unreadable expression.

"When we last met you never killed, only injured. What changed, what has darkened your heart?"

Izuku sighed, a sound that should have come from a far older man than he. "This ability I have… is both a blessing and a horrible curse."

Izuku looked back at the cabin, a wry smile spreading across his face, yet it held no humor. "You know, effectively I'm conscious in some form or the other at all times. Sure, this ability ensures that I somehow get sleep while in this state, but for all intents and purposes, I'm conscious. I experience life differently than everybody else. I'm older, far older than I appear. Sure, physically, I'm barely 15. Mentally? I'm probably somewhere in my late 20s, I've never done the math."

Turning around, Izuku looked at Joan of Arc. "I learned a while ago, from multitudes of people, and my own experiences, that to save a life, sometimes you have to take one." Izuku gestured towards the downed man, still breathing. "I try not to kill unless absolutely necessary, I do not enjoy the act, nor do I despise it. I see it as…" Izuku shrugged sadly. "Something that must be done. If it's not me, it's somebody else down the road. I've seen too much to dissuade myself otherwise."

Izuku and Joan of Arc stood in silence for a few moments.

"You know, the first thing I dreamt of was the Fall of Rome, right? I was 4 years old when they started."

Shaking her head, Joan of Arc sighed.

"Be careful Izuku, this is a fine line you are walking."

Joan of Arc walked past Izuku, headed towards her cabin.

"Don't stare into the abyss for too long, you might not like what stares back."

"Jeanne, wait" Izuku called out, raising a hand.

Jeanne smiled sadly at Izuku. "We can talk later, Izuku. I don't like to see you so cold. For now, you should wake up. "

"What?" Izuku looked down, only to see his body slowly becoming translucent. Guess he was really waking up.

Izuku looked up, back at Jeanne. "We can continue this anytime. Thank you for caring so much."

"Of course, Izuku. Where would you be without me?"

Izuku gave a grin, repeating an old joke between the two of them. "Probably dead."

Jeanne smiled, slightly happier this time. "Godspeed, Izuku."

"Same for you, my friend."

Izuku slowly opened his eyes, and met Ibara's as she stared into his.

A million things went through his mind, but all Izuku could think was "Ibara, am I a bad person?"

Ibara blinked, surprised.

Chapter Text

Ibara frowned, looking at Izuku. "What do you mean? Why do you think you're a bad person?"

Ibara recalled the past few years she had spent with the green haired boy, and she couldn't imagine him being anything else but the kind, supportive person she'd always known him to be.

Izuku looked down, rubbing his hand on the bench, letting the rough wooden texture ground him for a moment.

"I've killed before, Ibara. I was talking to one of my teachers in the past, and she mentioned that I've become cold, that I'm walking a thin line being right and wrong." Izuku clenched his hands, feeling an unusual wave of self-hatred hit him.

"Have you ever killed an innocent, Izuku?"

Izuku looked up in shock, only to see Ibara looking back at him with an indecipherable expression. "No, of course not! Why would I? Ibara, I want to be a hero!"

"Why? Is it to be the strongest, to be the best?"


Izuku was confused. Why was Ibara asking him these questions? They've talked about this before!

"Then why, Izuku?" Ibara asked gently, resting a hand on Izuku's shoulder.

Izuku reached up, grabbing Ibara's hand, letting the feel of her hand clear his mind. "Before, I wanted to be a hero like All Might, to save everybody with a smile. But, I've seen too much, fought too much, to believe that's possible."

Izuku looked down to his left fist, where his buckler would be held. "I want to be a shield. I want to be the man that stands guard at the gate, the unwavering pillar."

Ibara gently removed her hand from Izuku's grasp, resting it on his clenched fist, her other tilting Izuku's face toward hers. "You aren't a bad person Izuku. Life isn't black and white. Sometimes, there are only bad choices. It is our duty, both as future heroes, and as warriors of God's battalions, to choose the best one."

"How do I know which one is the best?"

Ibara sighed, a soft smile spreading across her lips. "There is no certainty in anything we do, Izuku. You of all people should know this. What I do know, is no matter what, I will stand beside you Izuku, and I will not let you fall."

Izuku grabbed Ibara, pulling her into a hug. "Thank you, Ibara. I don't know where I'd be without you."

"Of course, Izuku. You'd do the same for me."

For a long while, the two sat on the bench in the quiet park, enjoying each other's company.

A thin, scrawny man with long, dangling, blonde hair watched the two in silence. He'd only arrived recently, but he'd caught the tail end of the conversation between the two teens he recognized as being from the UA entrance exam.

He turned away from the children, also relishing the tranquility of this small park, hidden away from the bustling of the city. A pondering expression came across the man's face, as he went through the words again. 'A shield, huh'

Toshinori Yagi chuckled quietly to himself. He had a feeling Nezu would find this pair interesting. They seemed far more mature than their age would indicate.

Ibara walked out the doors of her private school, letting them slam closed behind her.

Her pace quickened as she strode down the path towards the road. She had not had a good day. Nothing happened, it was just a tiring and stressful Monday, especially with everyone talking about the UA entrance exam.

Despite everybody's assurances that she, with her powerful quirk and keen mind, would have easily aced the exam, she couldn't help but worry.

Ibara looked up as she reached the end of the path, now standing at the edge of the road. Usually, either her father or mother would pick her up and give her a ride home, but she saw no signs of their respective vehicles.

Instead, an old beat up green truck began to drive up to her from the queue of vehicles in the school's parking lot, and Ibara's eyes narrowed at the unfamiliar vehicle. She held her hand over the metaphorical trigger, ready to unleash her quirk.

The window rolled down, and a familiar green haired face popped out of it, grinning at her.

"Get in loser, we're going shopping!"

Ibara laughed in disbelief. "Do you even have a license?"

Izuku grinned, holding up a sheet of paper. "It might be expired a bit, but I do have one!"

Ibara squinted at it. It was dated to the 1920s."Izuku, that's over 3 centuries old" Ibara deadpanned.

"Close enough, get in!"

Ibara rolled her eyes, before getting in, wincing at the creaking noise the action made. "If we get pulled over, for the record, you kidnapped me, and I never met you before this."

Izuku grinned. "Agreed."

He floored the car, and it accelerated instantly, zooming away from the high school and onto the freeway.

"And if we die, I'm haunting you for the rest of eternity you jackass!"

"Again, agreed," Izuku laughed.

Ibara could only close her eyes and pray for their safety as Izuku cheerfully weaved through traffic, driving to their destination.

"How the hell did you get that license anyway!"

"Nobody gave a shit to who had a license back in the Roaring 20s, I got one, and it's been archived in the system ever since! Found it this morning and printed it out!"

"I'm fairly sure that's illegal, Izuku"

"So is crossing the street outside of an indicated crossing zone, but people do it anyway" Izuku protested.

"Those are two completely different crimes!" Ibara yelled, even as Izuku changed lanes, surprisingly using indicator lights.

"Hey. It's only a crime if I'm caught." Izuku grinned.

"What happened to being a shield for society!" Ibara asked, as Izuku exited the freeway, entering Mustafu district.

Izuku deepened his tone, speaking in a rough, deep tone, imitating a voice a seasoned veteran would have. "We get dirty, and the world stays clean"

"How is this a necessity" Ibara screamed, partly from outrage and partly from amusement.

"Because I made something for you this morning and I was too impatient to wait for you to come visit later this week!"

Ibara blinked. "Thank you, but… do you go to school?"

Izuku smiled cheerfully. "I tested out yesterday. Was meaning to tell you when we got to my place, but I guess now works as well."

"Congratulations, Izuku" Ibara exclaimed, temporarily forgetting their situation.

"Thanks Ibara" Izuku grinned, pulling up to his house.

Izuku and Ibara exited the vehicle. "Don't worry, I let your father know that I was getting you." Izuku rubbed his head sheepishly. "I may have left out the part where I was the one driving?"

Ibara shook her head in fond exasperation, walking towards the apartment complex and opening the door to Izuku's unit, leaving it open for her boyfriend to enter behind her.

"Hi Inko" Ibara smiled, walking over to hug the older woman.

"Hello Ibara, it's been a bit hasn't it?"

I saw you last week" Ibara laughed.

"Oh no, that's fine, I'll just mind my own business here." Izuku deadpanned, closing the door behind him.

The two green haired women turned to Izuku, and laughed, before conversing quietly with themselves. Izuku shuddered a bit. Whenever his girlfriend and his mom started talking, it was never good. He winced as he recalled the baby photos incident.

"I'm just getting something from my room, I'll be down in a minute." Izuku told the two women, receiving affirmative noises as he ascended the stairs two at time, racing to get his creation he'd made for Ibara.

When he came downstairs, the package in hand, Izuku smiled as he saw his mom and Ibara sitting in the living room, mugs of tea in hand, quietly chatting to each other.

"Hi mom, Ibara, sorry if I took too long."

Inko smiled. "Not at all Izuku, you finally got what you spent the last few days on?"

Izuku grinned. "Yup"

He walked over to his mom, giving her a hug, before sitting on the sofa beside Ibara, wrapping an arm around her, careful not to disturb her too much as to prevent her spilling her drink.

Even as Ibara leaned into him, Izuku gently placed the package on her lap. When Ibara looked at him questionably, Izuku grinned, gesturing for her to open it.

As Ibara did so, Izuku began to explain. "When I was making your armor, I realized that a regular helmet would do nothing but hinder you, seeing as your quirk involves your vine hair. So, I made a unique helmet with this in mind."

Ibara opened it, and gasped. She gently wrapped her hands around it, smiling wildly as she picked it up, turning it his way and that to admire it, and to show it off to Inko.

Izuku smiled at the sight. "It's based on the Polish zischägge helmets, used by the Winged Hussars, one of the most formidable cavalry forces in history."

Ibara turned the helmet around, and where the back of the helmet would usually be was a series of armoured hinges loosely connected by thick strands of rope.

Izuku noticed her questioning look, and grinned at her "Usually those armoured hinges would be bolted together to serve as a mold for the neck, but here I separated them in order for it to act similarly to an armoured flap. It'll simultaneously protect your head and allow you to use your quirk."

Ibara plopped it on her head, and frowned when she couldn't see.

"Ah sorry!" Izuku exclaimed, leaning forward and pulling the mouthguard down from where her eyes were. "Your eyes are left bare because a full face visor would make the helmet too cumbersome and hard to use, so instead the helmet protrudes above your eyes, and you have the mouthguard."

Izuku grinned slightly, leaning forward to move the mouthguard fully up. "When not in use, the mouthguard can be moved entirely up the helmet to fold upwards, so that it almost resembles a crown. I thought it was fitting."

Ibara promptly folded the mouthguard up, and Izuku smiled softly at the sight.

"You look amazing, Ibara"

Ibara leaned forward and kissed Izuku, and Izuku leaned back, deepening the kiss.

The two parted, and Ibara smiled, slightly panting. "Thank you Izuku."

Izuku smiled. "It was my pleasure."

The two began to lean forward again when somebody clearing their throat interrupted them.

"Ahem" smirked Inko, looking at the two of them. "If you are quite finished, I believe we have another thing to discuss."

"Izuku, what's this I hear about underage driving."

Izuku looked at Ibara betrayed, and Ibara shrugged.

"Sorry, your mom is impossible to lie too."

"Yeah, that's fair" Izuku muttered, as he looked at his mom, slightly frightened.

"Well… it's a long story." Izuku rubbed the back of his neck

Inko leaned forward. "We've got time."

Izuku gulped, and Ibara couldn't help but fear for her boyfriend's life. Of course, she didn't dare intervene. The only thing that could stop Inko at all would be divine intervention.

5 days later, Izuku flopped onto his bed, sighing. "Ibara, that was torture. I was grounded for an entire week, I couldn't do anything but stay at home."

Ibara rolled her eyes amusedly, placing a hand on her hip as she watched Izuku sprawl out over the bed. "Izuku, you travel through time and space when you sleep, I don't see the issue."

Izuku groaned. "Sure, but I can't do anything with it though! I tried practicing some HEMA with my gunblade and my mom told me not in the house." Izuku sat up, looking at her with wild eyes "I have been banned from my weapons for 5 days. Do you know the agony, what I have gone-"

"Do you want to open our results or not?" Ibara asked, holding out an envelope.

Izuku blinked. "Right."

Ibara looked at Izuku. "Together?"

Izuku nodded, and they opened the envelopes together.

Two metal disks fell out, sitting on the table. Izuku reached for one, fiddling with it until he found a power button. A hologram flared to life, and Izuku yelped in shock, tossing it back onto the table.

Izuku glanced at Ibara, who was grinning widely at his display.

"Shut up Ibara"

"I didn't say anything."

"I can hear your judgement."


As Izuku went to affix her with a glare, the hologram spoke. Izuku looked at the hologram, unsurprised to find it to be Eraserhead.

"Congratulations. You passed the exam with a decent 50 points. Plus rescue points, you're at 65 points. Good job problem child. You are enrolled in class 1A in UA."

With an underwhelming blink, the hologram turned off. Izuku looked at Ibara, gesturing towards the results. Ibara took a deep breath, turning on her disk.

It was also Eraserhead.

"Congratulations, Shiozaki Ibara. You passed the exam with a decent 52 points. With added rescue points, you're at 67 points. You are enrolled in Class 1A in UA."

Deafening silence took over, as Izuku and Ibara turned to look at each other. Slowly, a wide grin split their faces.

"We did it!"

"We're in the same class!"

"Plus ultra!"

"I just realized I'm still grounded for another few days. I'm not feeling so Plus Ultra right now"

"Shut up"


"So here we are, first day of hero school." Izuku remarked staring up at the massive doors signifying class 1A.

"The door seems excessively large" Ibara chuckled.

"From my experiences, important places mean big doors" Izuku shrugged, walking forward and opening the door.

Instantly, Izuku was met with a host of characters. He scanned the room, spotting a boy with two toned hair, a frog girl, and a boy with the head of a bird, among other similar interesting students.

Ibara walked in beside him, and was similarly struck by the exotic nature of the class.

"Please get to your seats."

Ibara started while Izuku frowned at the familiar face. He looked down, to meet a face poking out of a yellow sleeping bag.

"Really?" Izuku asked, amused.

"Yes. Now go sit down, problem child."

Izuku gave a mock salute, walking to his chair. He grinned when he noticed that Ibara was to sit in front of him. He gestured to the seating arrangement with a massive smile, and Ibara rolled her eyes, sitting down in her spot.

A familiar tall blue haired man came to discuss this, and Izuku's eyes narrowed. He remembered the boy from the entrance exam briefing.

To both Ibara and his surprise, the boy bowed. "Hello, I am Tenya Iida, I'd like to apologize for my previous actions, you figured out the secret behind the entrance exam."

Quickly shooting a glance to Ibara, Izuku responded. "Hey, it's alright, we all were nervous during the entrance exam. I honestly didn't figure out any secret, just did what any hero would've."

Tenya attempted to respond, but Aizawa had made it to the podium in front of the classroom, making the students rush to their desks.

It took all of 8 seconds for Ibara and the rest of the class to sit down and shut up, but apparently that was 8 seconds too long for Aizawa.

"It took 8 seconds for you all to quiet down, that's not rational."

Izuku's eye twitched. 'Maybe if you weren't lying in a sleeping bag in the doorway that wouldn't be a problem'

His internal musings were interrupted as Aizawa tossed a stack of blue uniforms onto the podium he stood before.

"Grab a pair and get dressed, we'll be doing an evaluation on your skills."

As the class got up to grab a uniform, Izuku heard a pink skinned girl complain, asking about an orientation. While he didn't care either way, he had to admit, it was odd.

"Such things are not rational. You're in the hero course now."

Internally shrugging, Izuku grabbed a uniform and made his way to the changing rooms, joining the crowd of teenagers.

"Hey, my names Kirishima Eijiro yours?"

Izuku looked up to see a red haired boy extending his hand to him as they walked. With a smile, Izuku grabbed his hand, shaking it. "I'm Midoriya Izuku, it's great to meet you. You know anybody here?"

To his disappointment, the Kirishima shook his head. "Nah, only Mina"

When Izuku cocked his head curiously, Kirishma clarified. "The pink horned girl"

Recalling the girl asking about the orientation, Izuku asked. "The girl asking about this evaluation before, right?"

Kirishima grinned. "Yup, that's the one."

"She seems… eccentric." Izuku commented blandly.

Kirishima laughed. "Yeah, but she's a great friend. I'll introduce the two of you when I can, I think you'd get along great."

Izuku nodded, glad he had met someone willing to help him network in the class. He had a feeling that networking would be very important in the future. "That'd be great, but I think we should put a hold on that, we're here."

Kirishima looked ahead, seeing the male changing room, also with massive doors.

"I swear, the more important the place is, the bigger the doors it has. I think it's a law of proportion or something." Izuku mumbled, pushing the door open.

Kirishima laughed, clapping a hand on Izuku's shoulder. "I think we're going to get along great"

Ibara lagged behind the main gaggle of teenagers, lost in her thoughts.

She cast her gaze around herself, still somewhat shocked that she was here. After working so hard to get here, it was almost underwhelming. Looking down at the uniform clenched in her hand, Ibara shook her head wryly. Their new homeroom teacher seemed to have a chip on his shoulder.

"Hey, there, how are you doing?" Ibara looked up, torn out of her musings, to meet.. nothing? Looking down, she caught the collar of an upright uniform.

"I'm doing well… invisible woman?" Ibara commented dryly.

The girl laughed. "My name's Hagakure Toru. I get that a lot. What's your name?"

Eccentric characters indeed. "I'm Shiozaki Ibara. It's nice to meet you."

"Hey, Shiozaki, you and that green haired boy saved me! Thank you!"

Ibara turned her head away from the invisible girl, meeting a familiar brown haired girl. She smiled. "Hey Uraraka, you got in!"

Hagakure looked between the two. Although Ibara couldn't see her face, she could assume the girl was smiling. "You two know each other?"

"Yeah, we met at the entrance exam. They totally destroyed the zero pointer!" Uraraka exclaimed, stabbing her hand forth, miming Izuku stabbing his sword into the tracks.

Ibara laughed. "I wouldn't say destroyed, more like disabled."

"It was still totally awesome" Uraraka grinned.

Ibara rubbed the back of her head sheepishly. "Thanks?"

"Your welcome" The brunette smiled.

Hagakure made to say something, but was interrupted by a tall black haired girl announcing that they had arrived.

"Well, see you both on the other side." Ibara remarked dryly, entering the girls change room with the rest of them.

Ibara and Izuku had made it out of their respective change rooms first, and as they shared a nod as they walked towards the main field.

Ibara looked at Izuku's hip, before looking up at him with a deadpan expression. "Must you bring your saber everywhere?"

"Never leave home without it!" Izuku declared, idly grasping the hilt.

Ibara rolled her eyes, smiling fondly. "You are overly attached to it, should I feel jealous?"

"I try to bring it to a restaurant one time!"

Laughing, Ibara shook her head. "Only once?"

"Good, some of you have some sense of urgency"

Aizawa looked at the sword sheathed at Izuku's hip, raised an eyebrow, but chose ultimately not to comment on it. From his experience with the boy, he knew he was somewhat well trained with it. He could trust him.

Izuku and Ibara ceased their banter, looking up at the teacher. Behind them, the rest of the students began to exit the change rooms, walking toward the field.

Once they had all clustered together in a somewhat coherent group, Aizawa began to speak.

"This is a physical test of your potential in the hero system. Midoriya, get up here."

Raising an eyebrow, Izuku nevertheless agreed, walking up to the teacher. "I thought I told you to call me Izuku" He muttered, only loud enough for Aizawa to catch.

"Would rather not show evidence of favouritism this early" Aizawa muttered dryly, tossing Izuku a ball.

"Aren't you already technically doing that? Ibara scored higher than me on the entrance exam" Izuku muttered.

"How far could you throw without your quirk back in school?" Aizawa asked, in a louder voice, ignoring him.

"Somewhere between 60 and 70 meters" Izuku shrugged, grinning.

"Do it now, but utilize your quirk. You can do anything, as long as you stay within the white circle."

Briefly surveying the area around him, Izuku spotted the circle, walking into it

Aizawa was eager to see the boys quirk in person, as he didn't recall any quirk being utilized in their brief duel before the entrance exam.

Izuku regarded the ball in his hand for a moment, evidently pondering something. He nodded, then unsheathed his sword, twirling it around, drawing surprised exclamations from those in the class who had not seen it.

"Holy shit dude!"

"Is that allowed?"

"How come he gets a sword?"

Glaring at the class with glowing crimson eyes, Aizawa sighed, closing them as the class quieted down before dryly looking at Izuku with his regular eyes.

"Whenever you're ready" Aizawa drawled.

Izuku nodded, tossing the ball up in the air. Izuku held his saber with two hands as if it were a baseball bat, rearing back. Gritting his teeth, Izuku began to crouch down, one of his heels digging into the grassy earth. If Aizawa wanted him to send this ball across the field with his quirk, by God he was going to.

As the ball came back, Izuku gave a shout of exertion, pivoting on his heel to gather momentum before lunging up and swinging the flat of his blade forward at the exact same time.

With a ring of metal, the ball was sent flying up. Aizawa would have called it, but Izuku was still pivoting. Even as he watched, the boy cocked back the hammer on his gun blade, and Aizawa grinned, realizing what Izuku intended to do.

Izuku finished his pivot, holding his saber with his right hand and resting the blade on his left. His eyes tracked the ball's flight as he cocked back the hammer on the attached revolver, and aimed towards the ball.

He steadily breathed. A trained marksman would find such a shot challenging with a normal revolver, let alone one mounted on a sword, but Izuku was no ordinary marksman. He'd trained with his sword for hours upon hours, both in his dreams and in the real world.

In the space between breaths, Izuku fired. A rubber round discharged from the revolver, shooting upwards. As the ball began to decline in momentum, heading towards the ground, the rubber round impacted it, forcing it back up and adding a few hundred extra meters.

Turning back towards Aizawa, Izuku grinned, sheathing his sword with a flourish. "How far did I get it, sensei?"

Aizawa wordlessly held out the monitor. 751m.

Izuku nodded, and made his way to join the gaggle of teenagers.

"Holy shit, that was awesome man!" Kirishima declared, grinning at Izuku.

Izuku grinned back. "Thank you I try"

"Wow, this looks fun!"

"Yeah, we get to use a quirks and everything"

"Should be easy"

Aizawa turned to them, eyes flashing once more.

"Fun? Easy?"

He grinned menacingly.

"If this is too easy or too fun, I guess I'll have to make it a bit harder"