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Flower Crowns

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It was a beautiful still night, and the sun had set not long ago, so just like usual, Viago was the first to wake. He clumsily shoved his hand out from underneath the lid of his coffin to silence his old alarm. After a few failed attempts, he finally hit the right button, groaning quietly he pulled back his hand.

Tonight felt different, Viago didn’t want to get out of his coffin today. He couldn’t quite place it, but something substantial rested against his chest. With a sigh, he rolled over onto his side, maybe just this once he’ll sleep just a little longer. It took a few minutes, but he was starting to fall back asleep when the lid of his coffin opened. Hissing Viago curled into himself,” What?”

“You normally call a house meeting,” Deacon stated as he shifted uncomfortably.

Barely lifting his head, Viago rolled his eyes,” And?”

Deacon averted his gaze for a moment before he sighed,” Is there going to be a house meeting or not?”

Flopping back down, Viago closed his eyes in frustration, “No, you all get a day off, I have nothing to say so feel free to sleep in tonight.”

“Oh, okay.”

After Deacon shut the lid, Viago began to relax again, shifting to his other side he felt a small smile creep across his face. Unfortunately, it didn’t last long as he felt his entire coffin shift as Vladislav abruptly opened his coffin lid.

“What’s wrong?” Vladislav asked in his usual monotone voice.

Sighing, Viago grumbled,” Nothing.”

Groaning himself, Vladislav rubbed his eyes in frustration, “Bullshit, Deacon doesn’t barge into my room while I’m having a morning orgy and not join in just for nothing.”

Lifting his head just enough to look over his shoulder, Viago raised an eyebrow,” Like I told Deacon there isn’t going to be a house meeting,” as he laid back down he mumbled,” You all have the day off, sleep in for all I care.”

“Day off? Day off from what?”

Jolting up, Viago waved his hands in exasperation,” Me, I guess, you all have a day off from me! There is no bloody house meeting, I won’t nag any of you about the stupid house chores, and you’re free to go on a Viago free hunt with Nick. Go wild for all I care. Now, will you please leave me to sleep in peace?”


Scoffing Viago ran a hand through his hair,” Why the hell not?”

Appearing out from behind, Vladislav Deacon had his arms crossed,” Cause your acting weird.”

“Oh, my-,” like a child Viago moved until he sat crosslegged,” I am not. I want to sleep in for once in my life. Why is that suddenly a crime? You both do it all the time; hell Nick does it every single night. He’s honestly almost as bad as Petyr when it comes to waking you all up.”

Pointing accusingly, Deacon said,” Exactly, you always wake us up. Always, its like clockwork. Which proves your acting weird.”

Nodding Vladislav chipped in,” This is true, I just figured you could hear the orgy and decided to for once leave me be.”

Glaring at Deacon, Viago crossed his arms,” Normally, your dead asleep in that closet of yours. Why the hell are you even awake.”

“You and your damn schedule are ingrained into my brain, and sometimes I wake up before you open my door.” Feeling even more uncomfortable, Deacon shifted his footing,” Stop changing the subject, your acting weird, and we wanna know why.”

Looking down, Viago moved his hands so he could fidget with them in his lap,” Where is Nick?”

Pinching the bridge of his nose, Vladislav breathed loudly through his nose, “Still sleeping on the couch, now before you can ask Petyr’s in his coffin tightly sealed for his morning nap. Don’t worry, I already through him a chicken so now that you’re all up to date. You can tell us what’s wrong.”

Frowning, Viago looked between both men with wide eyes; after a moment, he finally gave in. Shrugging his shoulders, he muttered,” I feel,” making a face, he scrunched up his nose,” It’s hard to describe.” Resting a hand on his chest, he continued,” I guess I feel heavy like something is weighing on my chest. It’s making my brain feel a little foggy too.”

From the doorway, leaning against the frame while drinking from a bag of donor blood like a Capri sun, Nick cleared his throat.” It sounds like depression, bro.”

“Depression?” Deacon asked.

After taking a long swig from the pouch in his hand, Nick continued, “Yeah, that shit sucks, I have it. A form of it at least, there are many different versions and or types of depression.”

Curious Vladislav asked,” What type do you have?”

Shrugging casually, Nick waved the pouch in his hand, “The one where I constantly want to kill myself.”

Taken aback, Viago nearly lept from his coffin,” Oh my satan, I didn’t know that are you okay?”

“Yeah, why?”

Exasperated, Deacon stumbled over his words,” You just-, you just stated you wanted to kill yourself like all the time.” Pointing at Viago, he let concern slip into his voice,” Does that mean Viago will want to do the same thing?!”

Panic started to creep across Nick’s face as the silence in the room grew thicker the longer he struggled internally to answer.

Finally, Vladislav grew impatient and yelled,” You going to answer or what?”

“Fuck um, I don’t know,” walking further into the room, Nick held the pouch closer to his chest. “How exactly do you feel, Viago?”

Shrugging Viago frowned,” As I said before, I feel heavy. My head feels like I’m walking through a fog.”

“Any like, really, really bad thoughts?”

Shaking his head, no Viago leaned back until his back rested against the lid of his coffin.

Nodding, Nick took a sip from his pouch.” I’m no expert by any means, but I think your not my level of severe.” Pulling a card from his back pocket, he handed it over to Viago,” This is my therapist Seara, Stu finally talked me into seeing her after my suicide attempt. She’s excellent, feel free to go see her whenever.”

While Viago looked the card over, Vladislav asked,” Is there anything we can do?”

“Um, sometimes my mate Stu would do things with me. Usually, to get me out of the house. We did things that normally made me happy, and it sort of worked, it depended on how deep I was. We could try that.”

Nodding Vladislav looked to Viago as he asked,” What is something you like to do?”

A small smile made its way across Viago’s face as an idea popped into his head; it disappeared shortly after, though, as he shrugged it off. “I don’t think you guys would like it.”

“It doesn’t matter; we’ll do it anyway, were family after all.” Resting a hand on Viago’s shoulder, Vladislav asked again,” Now, what is it you like to do?”

Perking up a bit, Viago put the card Nick gave him in one of his pockets. “I’m not very good at it, but I like to make flower crowns.”

Retracting his hand, Vladislav mumbled,” Your right, I don’t wanna do that, but if it makes you happy, we’ll go to the local gardens.” As he started to walk away, he nudged Nick,” You’re coming too, no discussion.”